List of poems by Wallace Dean LaBenne 1,846 total

Iraq's Freedom 23 ViewsRate it
Habits 17 ViewsRate it
Birthday 16 ViewsRate it
Eyes Of Dogs 15 ViewsRate it
Eulogy Hyperbole 13 ViewsRate it
Xenophobia 12 ViewsRate it
Young Tarts, Old Farts
 12 ViewsRate it
Dreams Jobs Of Childhood 9 ViewsRate it
A Knife Cannot Cut Itself
 8 ViewsRate it
 8 ViewsRate it
Faces Of Funny 7 ViewsRate it
The Sunray Still Shines 7 ViewsRate it
Betrayal 6 ViewsRate it
Dance In The Rain
 6 ViewsRate it
Good Humor 6 ViewsRate it
Hold My Hand A Little Longer 6 ViewsRate it
Lift Voices To Las Vegas 6 ViewsRate it
Sports, Travel And Gambling 6 ViewsRate it
Hear God 5 ViewsRate it
Sexual Consequence 5 ViewsRate it
Accept Me As I Am 5 ViewsRate it
Aging Body, Boundless Soul
 5 ViewsRate it
Butterfly 5 ViewsRate it
Chimerical Visions 5 ViewsRate it
Heat Waves Of A Mirage 5 ViewsRate it
 5 ViewsRate it
A Sweet Honey Bee Carries a Sting 4 ViewsRate it
All That Really Matters 4 ViewsRate it
Animals Should Train Us
 4 ViewsRate it
Belief 4 ViewsRate it
Childhood Memory
 4 ViewsRate it
Fluid Motion
 4 ViewsRate it
Galaxies Explode 4 ViewsRate it
Games Of Sport 4 ViewsRate it
Grace And Grandeur
 4 ViewsRate it
Guidelines 4 ViewsRate it
Never Cook One's Goose 4 ViewsRate it
Now You're All But Gone
 4 ViewsRate it
Odd Parlance 4 ViewsRate it
Olympic Games 4 ViewsRate it
Pacific Ocean 4 ViewsRate it
Play The Game 4 ViewsRate it
Speed Of Light 4 ViewsRate it
Timeless And Eternal 3 ViewsRate it
911 Has Come And Gone
 3 ViewsRate it
After That Our Past 3 ViewsRate it
Anarchy 3 ViewsRate it
Angels And Demons 3 ViewsRate it
Break Up Cloudy Skies
 3 ViewsRate it
Choice 3 ViewsRate it
Dancing In The Dark
 3 ViewsRate it
Fade Away 3 ViewsRate it
Fault Found In Others 3 ViewsRate it
Forget God
 3 ViewsRate it
Galactic Collision 3 ViewsRate it
Gamble Frisk 3 ViewsRate it
Grandma Is Never Dead
 3 ViewsRate it
Hard Evidence 3 ViewsRate it
Heaven And Earth 3 ViewsRate it
 3 ViewsRate it
In The Midst Of Chaos 3 ViewsRate it
Internal Self-Talk 3 ViewsRate it
Invisible Scythe
 3 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day
 3 ViewsRate it
Loyalty 3 ViewsRate it
Made In Paradise 3 ViewsRate it
Made Of Money 3 ViewsRate it
Negative Sound-bites 3 ViewsRate it
New York 9.11.01 Within And Without 3 ViewsRate it
Questions About Duality 3 ViewsRate it
Rest In Peace Dear Grandma
 3 ViewsRate it
Separate Lives
 3 ViewsRate it
Silent Listen
 3 ViewsRate it
Stand Up And Take A Stand 3 ViewsRate it
There You Are
 3 ViewsRate it
True Colors 3 ViewsRate it
Turn Off The News 3 ViewsRate it
Wedlock Or Hemlock 3 ViewsRate it
Within And Without 3 ViewsRate it
Abandoned 2 ViewsRate it
Act Your Age 2 ViewsRate it
Aftermath (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) 2 ViewsRate it
Another Day For Living 2 ViewsRate it
Answers To The Riddle 2 ViewsRate it
Audible Rainbow 2 ViewsRate it
Average 2 2 ViewsRate it
Ax To Grind 2 ViewsRate it
Borderline People 2 ViewsRate it
Carrot Cake 2 ViewsRate it
Cats, Dogs And People 2 ViewsRate it
Charity Scams 2 ViewsRate it
Chutzpah 2 ViewsRate it
Claim The Fame 2 ViewsRate it
Coming Home 2 ViewsRate it
Constant Trust 2 ViewsRate it
Deeply Heartfelt
 2 ViewsRate it
Do It Now Or Wish You Had Forever 2 ViewsRate it
Doppelgangers 2 ViewsRate it
Each time Is The Time 2 ViewsRate it
Ego 2 ViewsRate it
Elysium Fields
 2 ViewsRate it
Erotic Love
 2 ViewsRate it
Everybody Lies 2 ViewsRate it
Evidence Shared 2 ViewsRate it
Existence After Life 2 ViewsRate it
Expect Surprises 2 ViewsRate it
Face The East 2 ViewsRate it
Faces Abandon Their Names 2 ViewsRate it
Fair Principles 2 ViewsRate it
For One Another
 2 ViewsRate it
Freeze A Smile 2 ViewsRate it
Friends Are Chosen Family
 2 ViewsRate it
Gain Perspective 2 ViewsRate it
Happiness 2 ViewsRate it
Happy Together 2 ViewsRate it
Happy-Go-Lucky 2 ViewsRate it
Headlines 2 ViewsRate it
Humans Being 2 ViewsRate it
I Looked Into My Father's Eyes 2 ViewsRate it
I Miss Missing You 2 ViewsRate it
I Want To Die 2 ViewsRate it
Imagination 2 ViewsRate it
In Juxtaposition 2 ViewsRate it
In My Dreams 2 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 2 ViewsRate it
Insanity 2 ViewsRate it
 2 ViewsRate it
It Is Outrageous 2 2 ViewsRate it
Life Changing Events 2 ViewsRate it
Lonely In My Freedom 2 ViewsRate it
Lost 2 ViewsRate it
Machines Are Out To Get Us 2 ViewsRate it
Medieval Times Much Was Like Today 2 ViewsRate it
Memorial Day
 2 ViewsRate it
Merely Living 2 ViewsRate it
Milk And Honey 2 ViewsRate it
Mind Travel 2 ViewsRate it
Misplaced Trust
 2 ViewsRate it
Mussitation 2 ViewsRate it
My Pride And Joy
 2 ViewsRate it
My Sister Died Today
 2 ViewsRate it
Never Gild The Lily 2 ViewsRate it
Obesity Kills 2 ViewsRate it
One Two Ten 2 ViewsRate it
Pass It On Or Mark It Gone 2 ViewsRate it
Peace And Goodwill 2 ViewsRate it
Peace Of Mind 2 ViewsRate it
Public Lust And Private Trust 2 ViewsRate it
Question 2 ViewsRate it
Question And Debate 2 ViewsRate it
Regret 2 ViewsRate it
Simulacrum 2 ViewsRate it
Spiritual Exemplars
 2 ViewsRate it
Struthious Denials Cause Greater Later Pain 2 ViewsRate it
Take Time 2 ViewsRate it
Talking To The Wall 2 ViewsRate it
The Man In The Moon Is Santa Claus 2 ViewsRate it
Till Harvest Time 2 ViewsRate it
Travel Advice 2 ViewsRate it
Triskaidekaphobia 2 ViewsRate it
Truth 2 ViewsRate it
Tsunami Tragedy
 2 ViewsRate it
Ubiquity 2 ViewsRate it
Unlimted Perfection
 2 ViewsRate it
Value That Is There
 2 ViewsRate it
You Touch My Heart
 2 ViewsRate it
Your Birthday Is A Holiday 2 ViewsRate it
Your Family's True Colors
 2 ViewsRate it
A Kiss Is Mysterious
 1 ViewRate it
A Peaceful World 1 ViewRate it
Abandon The Shackles 1 ViewRate it
Absurdity And Lucidity 1 ViewRate it
Act Like Yourself 1 ViewRate it
Acting Much The Same 1 ViewRate it
Admixtures Shape Our Lives 1 ViewRate it
Afraid to Try 1 ViewRate it
After All Hope Is Gone 1 ViewRate it
All Of These Are Happy Themes 1 ViewRate it
All The Difference 1 ViewRate it
Almost Imperceptibly
 1 ViewRate it
Always In My Heart
 1 ViewRate it
Alzheimer's Disease 1 ViewRate it
An Action Boomerangs 1 ViewRate it
Angels Found
 1 ViewRate it
Another Reality 1 ViewRate it
Apart Together
 1 ViewRate it
Aping Me 1 ViewRate it
Appraise Your Possibilities 1 ViewRate it
Around The Bend
 1 ViewRate it
Around The Corner 1 ViewRate it
Art Is An Opinion 1 ViewRate it
As Near As Ever
 1 ViewRate it
As Woman She Is Whole 1 ViewRate it
Ataraxia 1 ViewRate it
Be A Happy Fellow 1 ViewRate it
Behind The Blind
 1 ViewRate it
Between Cup And Lip 1 ViewRate it
Beyond The Gloom
 1 ViewRate it
Big Brother 1 ViewRate it
Big Red Wagon 1 ViewRate it
Biggest Little Things
 1 ViewRate it
Biochemistry Of Love 1 ViewRate it
Birds 1 ViewRate it
Birth Family 1 ViewRate it
Blessed And Cursed 1 ViewRate it
Bliss 1 ViewRate it
Bloviation 1 ViewRate it
Bogomil 1 ViewRate it
Bondage 1 ViewRate it
Bottle-Up Your Feelings 1 ViewRate it
Bubble Up With Fun
 1 ViewRate it
By-Your-Leave 1 ViewRate it
Call It God 1 ViewRate it
Call Me 1 ViewRate it
Can Faith Your Trust Restore?
 1 ViewRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine
 1 ViewRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 2 1 ViewRate it
Cause 1 ViewRate it
Celebrate Good Fortune 1 ViewRate it
Chance And Luck 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Character 1 ViewRate it
Chicanery 1 ViewRate it
Child Destructiveness 1 ViewRate it
Child Lying 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Circles Inside Of Circles
 1 ViewRate it
Clap Your Hands
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Critic 1 ViewRate it
Cupid Is Stupid As A Marriage Broker 1 ViewRate it
Daisy And Lily 1 ViewRate it
Dance Mania (Tarantism) 1 ViewRate it
Danger Signs 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Dead Horse Run 1 ViewRate it
Deadly Deed
 1 ViewRate it
Death Is A Silent Partner 1 ViewRate it
Death Is Tenacious
 1 ViewRate it
Dementia 1 ViewRate it
Depression 2 1 ViewRate it
Desires Contradict 1 ViewRate it
Detached 1 ViewRate it
Dirt And Flowers 1 ViewRate it
Discover The Meadowlark 1 ViewRate it
Distance 1 ViewRate it
Dive Into A Dewdrop
 1 ViewRate it
Drop The Matter 1 ViewRate it
Ducks In A Row 1 ViewRate it
Dumb It Down 1 ViewRate it
Early In The Morning 1 ViewRate it
Elsewhere 1 ViewRate it
Energy 1 ViewRate it
Enigmas 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Equals 1 ViewRate it
Euphemisms And Misnomers 1 ViewRate it
Every Bee Has Its Bonnet
 1 ViewRate it
Expect The Unexpected 1 ViewRate it
Eyes To See 1 ViewRate it
Face And Figure
 1 ViewRate it
Facial Expressions
 1 ViewRate it
Faithfulness, Humility, Moderation 1 ViewRate it
Fantasy 1 ViewRate it
Feel The Presence After loss
 1 ViewRate it
Finally Accepted 1 ViewRate it
Find Your Way Around 1 ViewRate it
Fine Print 1 ViewRate it
Flattery 1 ViewRate it
Focus On The Brighter Side
 1 ViewRate it
Focus On The Future 1 ViewRate it
For Forever 1 ViewRate it
Frankie, my twenty year old cat 1 ViewRate it
Fresh Brewed Coffee 1 ViewRate it
Fried Nest Eggs 1 ViewRate it
Fudge The Truth 1 ViewRate it
Fulfill Anima 1 ViewRate it
Gentle Goodness 1 ViewRate it
Gifts From Guilt 1 ViewRate it
Give Up Resentment 1 ViewRate it
Glamorous Forbidden Fruit
 1 ViewRate it
Global Scope 1 ViewRate it
Glorify The Soul
 1 ViewRate it
God's Hands
 1 ViewRate it
God, Mary, Adam And Eve 1 ViewRate it
Godforsaken 1 ViewRate it
Golden Trophy
 1 ViewRate it
Gone But Lingering 1 ViewRate it
Good Enough 1 ViewRate it
Good Old Days 1 ViewRate it
Grass And Hair 1 ViewRate it
Grief And Relief
 1 ViewRate it
Halloween 1 ViewRate it
Hand Grenades 1 ViewRate it
Hang On A Little Longer (Utah Miners, August, 2007) 1 ViewRate it
Happily Ever After 1 ViewRate it
Happy Chatter 1 ViewRate it
Happy Or Not, Here It Comes 1 ViewRate it
Hard To Find 1 ViewRate it
Harsh Realities 1 ViewRate it
Hatred Is A Heavy Load 1 ViewRate it
Have A Ball 1 ViewRate it
Heartaches Slowly Numb
 1 ViewRate it
Heat Of Passion 1 ViewRate it
Held To Her Breast 1 ViewRate it
Hi 1 ViewRate it
Higher Power
 1 ViewRate it
Hilarity 1 ViewRate it
Horse Sense 2 1 ViewRate it
I Don't Know You Anymore
 1 ViewRate it
I Don't Want To Dance Alone
 1 ViewRate it
I Know You Know I Like You 1 ViewRate it
I Let You In 1 ViewRate it
I See You In The Bluebell
 1 ViewRate it
I See You In The Story
 1 ViewRate it
If Dumb Were Dirt
 1 ViewRate it
If I Had Known
 1 ViewRate it
If It Takes Forever 1 ViewRate it
In One Heart
 1 ViewRate it
In Your Heart, Mind And Soul 1 ViewRate it
Incessant Indecision
 1 ViewRate it
It Can Make The Day 4 1 ViewRate it
It Is Outrageous 1 1 ViewRate it
Jane Cordova Doe (Killed In Las Vegas 1/12/06) 1 ViewRate it
Jug Of Wine
 1 ViewRate it
July Fourth 1 ViewRate it
Junk Or Treasure 1 ViewRate it
Just A Peck 1 ViewRate it
Just Say 1 ViewRate it
Just Us Justice 1 ViewRate it
Kibosh By Gosh 1 ViewRate it
Kitty Heaven (for Daisy) 1 ViewRate it
Knowledge And Wisdom 1 ViewRate it
Kosmos 1 ViewRate it
Landfalls 1 ViewRate it
Legend And Legacy 1 ViewRate it
Let Me Die The Death Of The Righteous
 1 ViewRate it
Let Me Die The Death Of The Righteous*
 1 ViewRate it
Let The Healing Now Begin 1 ViewRate it
Life Hereafter
 1 ViewRate it
Life Is Meant For You 1 ViewRate it
Like You 1 ViewRate it
Little Imperfections 1 ViewRate it
Live With Intention 1 ViewRate it
Live With Uncertainty 1 ViewRate it
Look Into The Looking Glass 1 ViewRate it
Loser 1 ViewRate it
Love Again 1 ViewRate it
Love Of My Life 1 ViewRate it
Lurking In Shadows 1 ViewRate it
Lust And Love 1 ViewRate it
Make Each Moment Matter 1 ViewRate it
Make Me Real 1 ViewRate it
Making Hay 1 ViewRate it
Medieval Times 1 ViewRate it
Memories Of You
 1 ViewRate it
Mexican Riviera Stops 1 ViewRate it
Miles Without Distance 1 ViewRate it
Miracles And Hope 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Mud Fondues 1 ViewRate it
Mud In Your Eye
 1 ViewRate it
My Enemy 1 ViewRate it
Nascent Lust 1 ViewRate it
Nature's Supermarket 1 ViewRate it
Nightmares With You
 1 ViewRate it
No Regret Could Prey
 1 ViewRate it
No Time To Weep 1 ViewRate it
No Wonder 1 ViewRate it
Nothing Lasts Forever 1 ViewRate it
Nothing Stays The Same
 1 ViewRate it
Off Spring Of Spring
 1 ViewRate it
Off The Hook
 1 ViewRate it
On This Small Planet
 1 ViewRate it
Once More We Can Fly 1 ViewRate it
One Glimpse Of Heaven
 1 ViewRate it
One Source
 1 ViewRate it
One True Christian
 1 ViewRate it
One Year Ago 1 ViewRate it
Oneness 1 ViewRate it
Out Of Order
 1 ViewRate it
Over The Border 1 ViewRate it
Oxymoron 1 ViewRate it
Pandora's Box 1 ViewRate it
Partisan 1 ViewRate it
Pearls 1 1 ViewRate it
Personal Authority 1 ViewRate it
Picture Imperfect 1 ViewRate it
Ping Pong People 1 1 ViewRate it
Piranhas, Vultures And Tsetse Flies 1 ViewRate it
Pixilated People 1 ViewRate it
Pond Of Pleasure
 1 ViewRate it
Popeye's Spinach 1 ViewRate it
Possessions 1 ViewRate it
Reason 1 ViewRate it
Redeem A Royal Flush
 1 ViewRate it
Relationships 1 ViewRate it
Remnants 1 ViewRate it
Revolution 1 ViewRate it
Right Or Wrong 1 ViewRate it
Rip Van Winkle Took A Nap 1 ViewRate it
Rules 1 ViewRate it
Sad-Mad 1 ViewRate it
Scuttlebutt, Gossip And Rumor 1 ViewRate it
Scythes, Boomerangs and Wingspans 1 ViewRate it
Sensing You 1 ViewRate it
Seven Deadly Sins
 1 ViewRate it
Sham 1 ViewRate it
She Has No Ransom Pulchritude
 1 ViewRate it
Show Some Cheer
 1 ViewRate it
Signs Of Life 1 ViewRate it
Signs Of Time 1 ViewRate it
Silent Knocking
 1 ViewRate it
Slavery 1 ViewRate it
Slipping Away
 1 ViewRate it
Snakes In Your Head 1 ViewRate it
Snakes Swallow Their Tails 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Soaring Solo 1 ViewRate it
Solstice 1 ViewRate it
Some Children Shock Their Parents
 1 ViewRate it
Some Will Live 1 ViewRate it
Something Stupendous 1 ViewRate it
Soul Refulgence 1 ViewRate it
Sounds Like The Meaning 1 ViewRate it
Space In Your Head 1 ViewRate it
Speaking Eyes 1 ViewRate it
Stars Are Falling 1 ViewRate it
Stock-In-Trade For Politicians 1 ViewRate it
Sunny Sky Smiles 1 ViewRate it
Sunshine Glazed A Planet
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Superman Died Today (A tribute to Christopher Reeve) 1 ViewRate it
Tabula Rasa 1 ViewRate it
Tails, Whiskers And Paws 1 ViewRate it
Take Off 1 ViewRate it
Take Time To Wonder Why 1 ViewRate it
Tell Me No Lies 1 ViewRate it
The Bear Not There 1 ViewRate it
The Storm
 1 ViewRate it
The Vulpine Caitiff 1 ViewRate it
The World Is Upside Down 1 ViewRate it
The Writing On The Wall 1 ViewRate it
They Won't Be Home Tonight (Memorial Day, 2007) 1 ViewRate it
Three Hundred Million, Population USA 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
To Know You 1 ViewRate it
Trust 1 ViewRate it
Tumble 1 ViewRate it
Tumble Over Upside Down
 1 ViewRate it
Unique You Are
 1 ViewRate it
Unlimited Perfection 1 ViewRate it
Up A Thumb For Freedom 1 ViewRate it
Urn Of Ashes
 1 ViewRate it
Victual 1 ViewRate it
Virtual Reality 1 ViewRate it
Volcanic Reaches Of Hawaii
 1 ViewRate it
Wake Your House 1 ViewRate it
Waves 1 ViewRate it
We Worship Money 1 ViewRate it
We're All Serving Time 1 ViewRate it
Weapons Of Mass Destruction 1 ViewRate it
What Can Make You Happy?
 1 ViewRate it
When Someone You Love Is Gone
 1 ViewRate it
When You Say I Love You
 1 ViewRate it
Wind Up Your Body
 1 ViewRate it
Wipe Off The Frown 1 ViewRate it
Words You Can't Recall 1 ViewRate it
Yarns, Hands, Tears And Touch 1 ViewRate it
You Are Me, I Am You 1 ViewRate it
You Are Transparent
 1 ViewRate it
You Must Be
 1 ViewRate it
You Must Be Feeling Tired From Running Night And Day
 1 ViewRate it
You Never Did
 1 ViewRate it
You Taught Me How My Heart Could Feel
 1 ViewRate it
You Waste Me 1 ViewRate it
You're A Raven
 1 ViewRate it
You're Funny
 1 ViewRate it
A Good Person 0 ViewsRate it
A Heady Feel 0 ViewsRate it
A Hundred Million Dollars 0 ViewsRate it
A Little Stone-Blind Schnauzer
 0 ViewsRate it
A Little Taste 0 ViewsRate it
A Lover To Discover
 0 ViewsRate it
A Song Is Not A Song 0 ViewsRate it
A Sparrow Dies (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
A Synthetic Creation 0 ViewsRate it
A Thousand Reminders
 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 1 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 2 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 3 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 4 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 5 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 6 0 ViewsRate it
Aberrations 0 ViewsRate it
About To Change 0 ViewsRate it
Above It All
 0 ViewsRate it
Absence 0 ViewsRate it
Abstract Nouns 0 ViewsRate it
Accounts, Monies And Religions 0 ViewsRate it
Actions Boomerang 0 ViewsRate it
Acts And Reactions 0 ViewsRate it
Acts Of Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Adulation 0 ViewsRate it
Adults Trust In Fairy-Tales 0 ViewsRate it
Adverse Side Effects 0 ViewsRate it
Advice 0 ViewsRate it
Affection Denied 0 ViewsRate it
Afflatus 0 ViewsRate it
After Death Remembered Love 0 ViewsRate it
After Routine Years 0 ViewsRate it
Ageless Wisdom 0 ViewsRate it
Airbrushed Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Alabaster Statuette
 0 ViewsRate it
Alibis And Lullabies 0 ViewsRate it
All About Nothing 0 ViewsRate it
All And In All 0 ViewsRate it
All And In All (Colossians 1:17)
 0 ViewsRate it
All Is As In A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
All Is Fair In Love And War 0 ViewsRate it
All Or None 0 ViewsRate it
All To Show My Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Alliterated Happy Hogs 0 ViewsRate it
Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Although It's Clearly Time To Go 0 ViewsRate it
Although You're Gone
 0 ViewsRate it
Altogether Matchless
 0 ViewsRate it
Always Have, Always Will
 0 ViewsRate it
An Honest Love Is Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
An Internal Warning 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Anahedonia 0 ViewsRate it
Angel Tears 0 ViewsRate it
Angels Fashion Cosmic Strings
 0 ViewsRate it
Angels With Whiskers
 0 ViewsRate it
Animate Cheer 0 ViewsRate it
Another Day Of Sameness 0 ViewsRate it
Another Solar System 0 ViewsRate it
Answers Lie In You 0 ViewsRate it
Antaeus 0 ViewsRate it
Antics And Capers
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Ants, Fleas, Worms And Bees
 0 ViewsRate it
Anywhere Love Is True
 0 ViewsRate it
Around Corners And Bends
 0 ViewsRate it
Arrive Without Going
 0 ViewsRate it
Articulate Brevity
 0 ViewsRate it
Artistry In Heaven
 0 ViewsRate it
As If To As Is
 0 ViewsRate it
As Much As Hearts Allow
 0 ViewsRate it
As You Carry On
 0 ViewsRate it
Ashes By A Tree
 0 ViewsRate it
Assembly Required 0 ViewsRate it
At Seven Life Is Heaven 0 ViewsRate it
Atmospheric Angels 0 ViewsRate it
Attracting A Mate
 0 ViewsRate it
Attraction Is Inherence 0 ViewsRate it
Attractive Traits
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Autumn Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Average 1 0 ViewsRate it
Average American 0 ViewsRate it
Awaiting 0 ViewsRate it
Awaiting The News 0 ViewsRate it
Awake In Las Vegas 0 ViewsRate it
Away From You
 0 ViewsRate it
Awed By The Awful 0 ViewsRate it
Balderdash 0 ViewsRate it
Balderdash And Falderal
 0 ViewsRate it
Ballerina Fable
 0 ViewsRate it
Balloons And Flowers 0 ViewsRate it
Band-Aids And Pick-Axes 0 ViewsRate it
Barely Out Of Reach 0 ViewsRate it
Bathe In A Rainy Cloud
 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty Is As Beauty Does 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty Returns 0 ViewsRate it
Before It Melts Away 0 ViewsRate it
Before Our First Hello
 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Last Goodbye 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Last Goodbye (Your personal bucket list) 0 ViewsRate it
Before Time Lined Our Skin 0 ViewsRate it
Before You
 0 ViewsRate it
Before You Call Me Friend 0 ViewsRate it
Behaving Properly
 0 ViewsRate it
Behind The Veil 0 ViewsRate it
Believe In Stones 0 ViewsRate it
Belly Laugh 0 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Boundaries
 0 ViewsRate it
Biblical Questions 0 ViewsRate it
Big Bang To Big Crunch 0 ViewsRate it
Big Measures Once Imagined 0 ViewsRate it
Bill and Char, my good neighbors 0 ViewsRate it
Bizarre Leaders 0 ViewsRate it
Bizarre Things To Say 0 ViewsRate it
Blackjack Drove Me 0 ViewsRate it
Blackout 0 ViewsRate it
Blame 0 ViewsRate it
Blank Page 0 ViewsRate it
Blood Test 0 ViewsRate it
Blotchless 0 ViewsRate it
Blow Her Trumpet 0 ViewsRate it
Blue Danube
 0 ViewsRate it
Bodacious 0 ViewsRate it
Bodies In Bikinis
 0 ViewsRate it
Body Outlines 0 ViewsRate it
Body, Mind and Soul 0 ViewsRate it
Borborygmus 0 ViewsRate it
Born To Be Playful 0 ViewsRate it
Bounce 0 ViewsRate it
Brainstorm 0 ViewsRate it
Brand-new Perspective 0 ViewsRate it
Break Bread
 0 ViewsRate it
Brevity Of Beauty 0 ViewsRate it
Bridges To Cross Or Burn 0 ViewsRate it
Bring Us To Our Knees 0 ViewsRate it
Bullies (Osama/Saddam) 2003 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Buried Still Alive
 0 ViewsRate it
Bust Of Moses 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Buying A Car 0 ViewsRate it
Cacophony 0 ViewsRate it
Calling Glory 0 ViewsRate it
Can't Be Called 0 ViewsRate it
Capricious Connection 0 ViewsRate it
Cardboard Cutout 0 ViewsRate it
Cash To Ash 0 ViewsRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 1 0 ViewsRate it
Castles Of Sand
 0 ViewsRate it
Cat Talk 1 0 ViewsRate it
Cat Talk 2 0 ViewsRate it
Caught Red-Handed 0 ViewsRate it
Cause For Pause 0 ViewsRate it
Celebrate Each Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Celebrate The New Year 0 ViewsRate it
Cell Phones 0 ViewsRate it
Centipede Tripping
 0 ViewsRate it
Chalice And Blade 0 ViewsRate it
Change Your Mind (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) 0 ViewsRate it
Changed Perspectives 0 ViewsRate it
Charm And Skill 0 ViewsRate it
Charms 0 ViewsRate it
Chatterbox 0 ViewsRate it
Child Eating Problems 0 ViewsRate it
Child Fighting 0 ViewsRate it
Child Sleep Problems 0 ViewsRate it
Child Thievery 0 ViewsRate it
Child Word Expression 0 ViewsRate it
Chinese Year Of The Pig, 2007 0 ViewsRate it
Choke And You Choke Alone
 0 ViewsRate it
Choose The Blues 0 ViewsRate it
Choose What Truly Rates
 0 ViewsRate it
Choosing Not To Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Chosen Lover 0 ViewsRate it
Chosen People 0 ViewsRate it
Chugalug 0 ViewsRate it
Civilian Charity 0 ViewsRate it
Claptrap 0 ViewsRate it
Cliche 0 ViewsRate it
Clipped Wings
 0 ViewsRate it
Close Enough
 0 ViewsRate it
Closer Than Your Skin 0 ViewsRate it
Clothes Hanger 0 ViewsRate it
Cloud Nine
 0 ViewsRate it
Cockahoop Feelings 0 ViewsRate it
Colors Of The Day 0 ViewsRate it
Come Back When I'm Ready 0 ViewsRate it
Come To Stay
 0 ViewsRate it
Comeback 0 ViewsRate it
Comic Relief
 0 ViewsRate it
Commanders In Chief And Regular Plebeians 0 ViewsRate it
Compare Fairly 0 ViewsRate it
Compatibility 0 ViewsRate it
Competition 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Complete Acceptance 0 ViewsRate it
Conditions 0 ViewsRate it
Conduits Of Pure Love 0 ViewsRate it
Conflagration 0 ViewsRate it
Conflict 0 ViewsRate it
Conflict Resolution 0 ViewsRate it
Conscience 0 ViewsRate it
Conscience Keeps 0 ViewsRate it
Contemplate Your Navel
 0 ViewsRate it
Continue To Hold 0 ViewsRate it
Control 0 ViewsRate it
Cool Downs 0 ViewsRate it
Cooler In The Shade
 0 ViewsRate it
Cops And Robbers
 0 ViewsRate it
Corners And Bends 0 ViewsRate it
Cosmic Symmetry 0 ViewsRate it
Count As Taste 0 ViewsRate it
Count Each Blessing 0 ViewsRate it
Count To One
 0 ViewsRate it
Couples Choosing 0 ViewsRate it
Course Of The Source 0 ViewsRate it
Cover For Your Sin
 0 ViewsRate it
Cranberry Sauce
 0 ViewsRate it
Crapshoot 0 ViewsRate it
Create 0 ViewsRate it
Creature Talk
 0 ViewsRate it
Creatures Of Habit 0 ViewsRate it
Cringe 0 ViewsRate it
Crowd Of Wanderers 0 ViewsRate it
Cry With A Laugh 0 ViewsRate it
Cues Evoking Memory 0 ViewsRate it
Curatives 0 ViewsRate it
Curiosity And Indifference 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Curtains 0 ViewsRate it
Cuter Than A Teddy Bear
 0 ViewsRate it
Cycles Of The Sun 0 ViewsRate it
Cyclonic Wrath 0 ViewsRate it
Daisy 0 ViewsRate it
Dangerous Enemy 0 ViewsRate it
Dark Cruise
 0 ViewsRate it
Dawn Of Victory 0 ViewsRate it
Day To Day 0 ViewsRate it
Day To Die
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Days Of Leisure, Nights Of Pleasure 0 ViewsRate it
Deadlines 0 ViewsRate it
Death Can't Steal A Soul
 0 ViewsRate it
Debating 0 ViewsRate it
Deep Sleep 0 ViewsRate it
Deepest, Darkest Secret 0 ViewsRate it
Defenses 0 ViewsRate it
Degenerates 0 ViewsRate it
Deified And Reified 0 ViewsRate it
Delayed Gratification 0 ViewsRate it
Delicacies Worldwide 0 ViewsRate it
Denial 0 ViewsRate it
Denigration Stabs Eclat 0 ViewsRate it
Depression 1 0 ViewsRate it
Desert Snow 0 ViewsRate it
Despots (Iraq 3.18.03) 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Did You Fall In Love?
 0 ViewsRate it
Direct Me To Easy Streets
 0 ViewsRate it
Direct Threat 0 ViewsRate it
Disappointment 0 ViewsRate it
Discover The Meadowlarks
 0 ViewsRate it
Disengagement 0 ViewsRate it
Display The Clown 0 ViewsRate it
Distortions 0 ViewsRate it
Diversion 0 ViewsRate it
Divide The World In Two 0 ViewsRate it
Divided Slates Of America 0 ViewsRate it
Divine Attributes
 0 ViewsRate it
Divorce 0 ViewsRate it
Do It While You Can
 0 ViewsRate it
Do We Love Each Other Much? 0 ViewsRate it
Do-Gooding 0 ViewsRate it
Does The Question Have Answers? 0 ViewsRate it
Dog Days 0 ViewsRate it
Dog Star Sirius 0 ViewsRate it
Doing Well 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Argue With A Fool
 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Ask 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Assume I Like You 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Explain, Don't Complain 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Go Back To Sleep 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Make Yourself A Victim 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Negate Me
 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Say Grace 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Wait For Better Odds 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Wait To Die 0 ViewsRate it
Done While Driving 0 ViewsRate it
Double Bind
 0 ViewsRate it
Double Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Down To Earth 0 ViewsRate it
Drain The Swamp 0 ViewsRate it
Drama, Status And Stories (Haiku Verse) 0 ViewsRate it
Drama, Status And Stories (in Haiku verse) 0 ViewsRate it
Dream Of Me When You're Asleep 0 ViewsRate it
Dreaming 0 ViewsRate it
Dreams And Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
Dreams Really Can Come True
 0 ViewsRate it
Drop Your Silk Gown To The Floor
 0 ViewsRate it
Drosophila 0 ViewsRate it
Drowning Man 0 ViewsRate it
Dumb Minds Smart Minds 0 ViewsRate it
Dust And Rust
 0 ViewsRate it
Dynamic Commitment
 0 ViewsRate it
Each The Other Gainsays 0 ViewsRate it
Early Morning Passions 0 ViewsRate it
Earth Station 0 ViewsRate it
Easy Streets
 0 ViewsRate it
Eater Beater 0 ViewsRate it
Ebb And Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Ebbing Tides 0 ViewsRate it
Eccentric And Wise 0 ViewsRate it
Economics 101 0 ViewsRate it
Eggs 0 ViewsRate it
Egocentric Selfishness 0 ViewsRate it
Egotism Is Selfishness 0 ViewsRate it
Either Side 0 ViewsRate it
Embrace Oblivion 0 ViewsRate it
Emotion Or Volition 0 ViewsRate it
Emotional Vacuums 0 ViewsRate it
Emotions 0 ViewsRate it
Encyclopedic Pedants
 0 ViewsRate it
Ends And Means 0 ViewsRate it
Enjoy Cloud Nine 0 ViewsRate it
Enveloped 0 ViewsRate it
Epicurean Delight 0 ViewsRate it
Equal 0 ViewsRate it
Equal Worth 0 ViewsRate it
Equalizer 0 ViewsRate it
Erased By Waves 0 ViewsRate it
Eve And Mary
 0 ViewsRate it
Even Though We Know it 0 ViewsRate it
Every Day's A Holiday
 0 ViewsRate it
Every Person Needs A Lift
 0 ViewsRate it
Every Unspent Penny 0 ViewsRate it
Everybody Lies, Tries, Cries and Dies 0 ViewsRate it
Everybody's Had A Past 0 ViewsRate it
Everyone's An Author
 0 ViewsRate it
Everything But Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Everything I've Ever Dreamed 0 ViewsRate it
Everything's Okay
 0 ViewsRate it
Evident 0 ViewsRate it
Exaggerate A Frown
 0 ViewsRate it
Excuses Keep You Handcuffed
 0 ViewsRate it
Expiration Date 0 ViewsRate it
Exquisite Design 0 ViewsRate it
Extra Mile 0 ViewsRate it
Extremes 0 ViewsRate it
Eye For Eye 0 ViewsRate it
Eye Of God
 0 ViewsRate it
Eye To Eye And Hand In Hand 0 ViewsRate it
Faces 0 ViewsRate it
Fading Dreams
 0 ViewsRate it
Fading Rave 0 ViewsRate it
Fail To Hear 0 ViewsRate it
Fair Warning
 0 ViewsRate it
Faith 0 ViewsRate it
Faith And Doubt 0 ViewsRate it
Faith Has Inward Light 0 ViewsRate it
Faith Of Childhood 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Faithful Loving Friend 0 ViewsRate it
Fake It 0 ViewsRate it
Fall By Recall 0 ViewsRate it
Falling 0 ViewsRate it
Falling Snow 0 ViewsRate it
False Positives 0 ViewsRate it
False Security 0 ViewsRate it
Fame And Blame 0 ViewsRate it
Family Birds 0 ViewsRate it
Family Of Strangers 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy Of The Muse
 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy Of The Muse (in memory of Karen, my sister)
 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy-Free 0 ViewsRate it
Farewell Michael
 0 ViewsRate it
Fear The Dark 0 ViewsRate it
Feel The Loving Presence
 0 ViewsRate it
Feel The Presence 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Are Dancing 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Are Meant For Feeling 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Slip Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Femininity 0 ViewsRate it
Few Worries Come True 0 ViewsRate it
Fiasco 0 ViewsRate it
Fickle Is The Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Fickle Tickle 0 ViewsRate it
Fidelity, Compulsion and Sleuth 0 ViewsRate it
Figment Of The Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Final Answer 0 ViewsRate it
Find Love 0 ViewsRate it
Find Selfworth 0 ViewsRate it
Fine Spun 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
First And Last 0 ViewsRate it
First Burst 0 ViewsRate it
First Chosen 0 ViewsRate it
First Cry To Last Tear 0 ViewsRate it
First Glance
 0 ViewsRate it
First Hand Witness 0 ViewsRate it
First Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
First Times 0 ViewsRate it
First-Hand Experience 0 ViewsRate it
Fish Don't Wear A Bathing Suit
 0 ViewsRate it
Fist Of Nature
 0 ViewsRate it
Flash Floods (Las Vegas 8.19.03) 0 ViewsRate it
Flight Announcement 0 ViewsRate it
Flight Plans (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
Flights Of Fancy 0 ViewsRate it
Flowers Beautify Our Lives
 0 ViewsRate it
Focus 0 ViewsRate it
Footnote 0 ViewsRate it
Footprints And Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
For You 0 ViewsRate it
For You I Waited 0 ViewsRate it
For You I Would Sacrifice
 0 ViewsRate it
Forever Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
Forget, Forgive 0 ViewsRate it
Four Brothers In Business 0 ViewsRate it
Fourth Born Of The Litter 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Free Choice 0 ViewsRate it
Freedom Isn't Carefree 0 ViewsRate it
Freeze-Frame Slices 0 ViewsRate it
Frenzied Oceans 0 ViewsRate it
Fresh And New
 0 ViewsRate it
Friends Don’t Give A Damn
 0 ViewsRate it
From Blades Of Grass To Galaxies
 0 ViewsRate it
From The Other Side 0 ViewsRate it
Frowzy 0 ViewsRate it
Full Measure 0 ViewsRate it
Furry Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
Future Past 0 ViewsRate it
Gather Tiger Lilies
 0 ViewsRate it
Gavin's First Birthday 0 ViewsRate it
Genes 0 ViewsRate it
Genetic Link 0 ViewsRate it
Genuflect 0 ViewsRate it
Getting Rid Of What I Wanted 0 ViewsRate it
Gifts 0 ViewsRate it
Give And Take 0 ViewsRate it
Glitch 0 ViewsRate it
Gloss And Dross 0 ViewsRate it
Go Ahead And Break Bread
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
God Is 0 ViewsRate it
God Is An Aspirin 0 ViewsRate it
God Is In The Neighborhood
 0 ViewsRate it
God's Green Earth 0 ViewsRate it
God's Supermarket
 0 ViewsRate it
God's Unending Love 0 ViewsRate it
Going Places 0 ViewsRate it
Golden Calf 0 ViewsRate it
Gone Is The Familiar 0 ViewsRate it
Good And Right 0 ViewsRate it
Good Looks And Personality 0 ViewsRate it
Good Morning
 0 ViewsRate it
Good News Bad News 0 ViewsRate it
Goodbye 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Goombah 0 ViewsRate it
Goose Bumps And Hair Bristling 0 ViewsRate it
Goose Egg
 0 ViewsRate it
Grace 0 ViewsRate it
Grand Mosaic 0 ViewsRate it
Graveyard Shift 0 ViewsRate it
Gravity Theory 0 ViewsRate it
Great Is The Mystery 0 ViewsRate it
Great Romantics Say 0 ViewsRate it
Greatest Adventure 0 ViewsRate it
Greed 0 ViewsRate it
Grocery Cart 0 ViewsRate it
Grounds 0 ViewsRate it
Guillotine 0 ViewsRate it
Half A Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Halloween Dream 0 ViewsRate it
Hand-Wringing 0 ViewsRate it
Hands 0 ViewsRate it
Hanky Panky
 0 ViewsRate it
Hannah 0 ViewsRate it
Happiness Planet Wide
 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Hobby 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Outlook
 0 ViewsRate it
Happy, Thankful and Content 0 ViewsRate it
Hard Times Token 0 ViewsRate it
Hard-Times Token 0 ViewsRate it
Have It All 0 ViewsRate it
Hawaiian Islands
 0 ViewsRate it
He Didn't Laugh Or Weep 0 ViewsRate it
He Died Of A Broken Heart 0 ViewsRate it
He Died Today
 0 ViewsRate it
He Took, She Gave 0 ViewsRate it
Heart Reasons
 0 ViewsRate it
Hearts On Fire 0 ViewsRate it
Hearts Set The Beat
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Held In Confidence 0 ViewsRate it
Hello And Cheerio
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Her Bones Had No Marrow 0 ViewsRate it
Her Features 0 ViewsRate it
Her Girly Amplitude
 0 ViewsRate it
Her Grace And Grandeur
 0 ViewsRate it
Hereafter 0 ViewsRate it
Hermeneutic Overload 0 ViewsRate it
Hide And Seek 0 ViewsRate it
Hieroglyphs And Petroglyphs 0 ViewsRate it
Hill And Dell 0 ViewsRate it
Hill Of Beans 0 ViewsRate it
Hill, Mountain And Sky 0 ViewsRate it
Hints 0 ViewsRate it
Hints Without Shadows 0 ViewsRate it
Hit The Switch 0 ViewsRate it
Hobgoblin 0 ViewsRate it
Hobson's Choice 0 ViewsRate it
Hog Heaven 0 ViewsRate it
Holding Her
 0 ViewsRate it
Holiday Eternal 0 ViewsRate it
Homeless In The Homeland 0 ViewsRate it
Homesick 0 ViewsRate it
Honeysuckle 0 ViewsRate it
Hootenannies 0 ViewsRate it
Hope 0 ViewsRate it
Hope, Faith And Trust 0 ViewsRate it
Horse Sense 1 0 ViewsRate it
Hot Tears
 0 ViewsRate it
How And What Do You Do? 0 ViewsRate it
How Brief Is Forever? 0 ViewsRate it
How Deep The River
 0 ViewsRate it
How Deep The River 2 0 ViewsRate it
How The Story Ends 0 ViewsRate it
How Vast The Canyon 0 ViewsRate it
How Weird The Ostrich 0 ViewsRate it
Human Race 0 ViewsRate it
Humility 0 ViewsRate it
Hypochondria 0 ViewsRate it
I Can't Explain Heart Reasons
 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Care How Brave You Are 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Want To Cry Alone 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Want Your Money 0 ViewsRate it
I Ever Want You For A Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
I Find The Bed Is Empty and Think It Can't Be True
 0 ViewsRate it
I Grieve Alone 0 ViewsRate it
I Have Walked On City Streets 0 ViewsRate it
I Hope You Like Me As I Am 0 ViewsRate it
I Just Can't Believe It 0 ViewsRate it
I Know You Know
 0 ViewsRate it
I Like Your Way 0 ViewsRate it
I Looked For You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Love The Way You Thrill Me
 0 ViewsRate it
I Love You Now 0 ViewsRate it
I Love Your Kiss
 0 ViewsRate it
I Loved The Person I First Found 0 ViewsRate it
I Made It To The Starting Line 0 ViewsRate it
I Miss You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Must Be 0 ViewsRate it
I Must Be My Own Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Cared So Deeply
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Knew You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Loved So Deeply
 0 ViewsRate it
I Promise You 0 ViewsRate it
I Remember The First Glance 0 ViewsRate it
I See Me 0 ViewsRate it
I See You In The Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
I Still Hear My Mother's Voice
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Get To Know
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Have It All 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Lift Your Spirit
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Write A Happy Song 0 ViewsRate it
I Will Not Resign 0 ViewsRate it
I'd Like To Do It Over 0 ViewsRate it
I'd Rather From Ten Stories Fall
 0 ViewsRate it
I'm Becoming More Like Me 0 ViewsRate it
I'm No What I Used To Be
 0 ViewsRate it
I'm Not What I Used To Be
 0 ViewsRate it
I've Been With Me So Long 0 ViewsRate it
If 0 ViewsRate it
If I Had The Might And Power Of God
 0 ViewsRate it
If I Knew How I Would 0 ViewsRate it
If I Live One Thousand Years 0 ViewsRate it
If It Were You 0 ViewsRate it
If It's Just A Game 0 ViewsRate it
If Love Could
 0 ViewsRate it
If There Be Any Virtue 0 ViewsRate it
If There Were No Santa Claus 0 ViewsRate it
If You Believe In Heaven
 0 ViewsRate it
If You Had Not Been Born
 0 ViewsRate it
If You Have A Penny 0 ViewsRate it
If You Love Her Let Her Know
 0 ViewsRate it
If You're Always 0 ViewsRate it
Illusions Of Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Images In My Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Impatience Is A Glower 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Impersonation 0 ViewsRate it
Importance 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream The Spirit's Free
 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream The Spirt's Free
 0 ViewsRate it
In A Jar 0 ViewsRate it
In Common 0 ViewsRate it
In Escrow 0 ViewsRate it
In Our Lives 0 ViewsRate it
In Spirit 0 ViewsRate it
In The Awe 0 ViewsRate it
In The End 0 ViewsRate it
In The Headlights Caught 0 ViewsRate it
In The Wings (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
In The World Of Fantasy 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Mind 0 ViewsRate it
In-Between 0 ViewsRate it
Individuality 0 ViewsRate it
Infidel 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 1 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 2 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 3 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 4 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 5 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 6 0 ViewsRate it
Injustice Simply Boomerangs 0 ViewsRate it
Inside Out 0 ViewsRate it
Insomnia 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Internal Wonder
 0 ViewsRate it
Intuition 0 ViewsRate it
Is God Red, White And Blue? 0 ViewsRate it
Is It Really Chivalrous? 0 ViewsRate it
It All Comes Down To Money 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 1 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 2 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 3 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 5 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 6 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 7 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 8 0 ViewsRate it
It Can't Be Said 0 ViewsRate it
It Feels Like Subversion 0 ViewsRate it
It Feels Like Ten Thousand Years 0 ViewsRate it
It Goes Without Saying 0 ViewsRate it
It Is A Fact 0 ViewsRate it
It Is Ironic 0 ViewsRate it
It Is Outrageous
 0 ViewsRate it
It Isn't Death That Kills You 0 ViewsRate it
It Isn't Love That Lures Us
 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 1 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 2 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 3 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 4 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 5 0 ViewsRate it
It Seems To Take Forever 0 ViewsRate it
It's About Time 0 ViewsRate it
It's All About The Money 0 ViewsRate it
It's Just A Game 0 ViewsRate it
It's Just As Well That We Can't Tell 0 ViewsRate it
It's Never Easy 0 ViewsRate it
It's Your Birthday 0 ViewsRate it
Jail Tale 0 ViewsRate it
Jezebel 0 ViewsRate it
Joy Or Sacrifice 0 ViewsRate it
Juice Of Sunrise 0 ViewsRate it
Jujus 0 ViewsRate it
Just A Fling 0 ViewsRate it
Just Like Yesterday
 0 ViewsRate it
Just When I Think You're One Thing
 0 ViewsRate it
Jut Your Chin 0 ViewsRate it
Keep It 0 ViewsRate it
Kept Word 0 ViewsRate it
Kiss The Sea
 0 ViewsRate it
Know For Sure 0 ViewsRate it
Know-It-All 0 ViewsRate it
Knowledge And Humor 0 ViewsRate it
Lackadaisical 0 ViewsRate it
Lakes Of Fire
 0 ViewsRate it
Lakes Of Fire October, 2003 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Has The Fun 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Strip 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Weather Lore 0 ViewsRate it
Lasso The Caribou 0 ViewsRate it
Last Leaving 0 ViewsRate it
Last Visible Thoughts Of You
 0 ViewsRate it
Last Word 0 ViewsRate it
Laugh Again
 0 ViewsRate it
Laughing Gas 0 ViewsRate it
Laughing Matters
 0 ViewsRate it
Laughter 0 ViewsRate it
Laughter Is Salutary 0 ViewsRate it
Layers Of The Onion 0 ViewsRate it
Lazy Minds 0 ViewsRate it
Learn To Love 0 ViewsRate it
Left To Guess 0 ViewsRate it
Left To Live 0 ViewsRate it
Legacies 0 ViewsRate it
Legislative Sludge 0 ViewsRate it
Lessons Learned From Loss And Losing 0 ViewsRate it
Let "Normal" Take A Rest 0 ViewsRate it
Let No One Steal Your Thunder
 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Begin Again
 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Face It 0 ViewsRate it
Libidinal Impulses
 0 ViewsRate it
Life Is Good 0 ViewsRate it
Life Is No Audition
 0 ViewsRate it
Life Review And Regret 0 ViewsRate it
Life To Death 0 ViewsRate it
Life's Improbable Drama 0 ViewsRate it
Life-Choice Menu 0 ViewsRate it
Lift The Spirit 0 ViewsRate it
Light Airy 0 ViewsRate it
Lightheartedness And Levity 0 ViewsRate it
Like A Vapor Trail 0 ViewsRate it
Like An Artifact 0 ViewsRate it
Lilacs In Her Hair
 0 ViewsRate it
Lily Took Her Final Nap 0 ViewsRate it
Listen To The Silence
 0 ViewsRate it
Little Things Are Big Things 0 ViewsRate it
Live Much
 0 ViewsRate it
Lives As Stories 0 ViewsRate it
Living After Death 0 ViewsRate it
Living Death 0 ViewsRate it
Loathe Every Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Longer Living 0 ViewsRate it
Look At The Man Posing 0 ViewsRate it
Look At What Is Right 0 ViewsRate it
Look For The "Santa" Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Loopy Shrink
 0 ViewsRate it
Lord George And Lady Ellie 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In Light 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In My Neighborhood 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In Translation 0 ViewsRate it
Louder Than Words 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Like 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Money
 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Passion 0 ViewsRate it
Love Distorts Our Senses
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Is Forever (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Is Not A Lightswitch
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Life 0 ViewsRate it
Love Received 0 ViewsRate it
Love's Departure 0 ViewsRate it
Love, Joy, Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Lovers And Others 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Brothers
 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Chum 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Chum (my cat)
 0 ViewsRate it
Lunatic 0 ViewsRate it
Lunatics And Maniacs
 0 ViewsRate it
Lupita (a ten year old angel) 0 ViewsRate it
Lyrical Miracle 0 ViewsRate it
Magic Bullet Reveries
 0 ViewsRate it
Magnificent Awe 0 ViewsRate it
Make It And Take It 0 ViewsRate it
Make My Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Make/Do 0 ViewsRate it
Malaise 0 ViewsRate it
Mamma's Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Manifest God
 0 ViewsRate it
Many Experts Give Advice 0 ViewsRate it
Many Say You're Dead 0 ViewsRate it
May God Forgive My Youth 0 ViewsRate it
Maybe This Can Heal 0 ViewsRate it
Mayfly 0 ViewsRate it
Meanings 0 ViewsRate it
Meant To Be A Joke 0 ViewsRate it
Measured In Minutes 0 ViewsRate it
Media Overload 0 ViewsRate it
Memoirs In The Journal 0 ViewsRate it
Mercy 0 ViewsRate it
Merrily We Roll Along 0 ViewsRate it
Metaphysical motifs 0 ViewsRate it
Methuselah, Methuselah (Folk tale and song) 0 ViewsRate it
Might And Power Of God 1 0 ViewsRate it
Might And Power Of God 2
 0 ViewsRate it
Miles By Land And Sea 0 ViewsRate it
Milk For The Mind
 0 ViewsRate it
Mind Readers 0 ViewsRate it
Mingling Planets 2003 0 ViewsRate it
Minor Miracles
 0 ViewsRate it
Mint And Free The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Miracle 0 ViewsRate it
Misbegotten Scoundrel
 0 ViewsRate it
Misologies Exist 0 ViewsRate it
Missed Most 0 ViewsRate it
Moments For Forever
 0 ViewsRate it
Money Can Not Buy You Brains 0 ViewsRate it
Monotony Is Agony
 0 ViewsRate it
Moon Phases 0 ViewsRate it
Moralistic Servants
 0 ViewsRate it
More Or Less 0 ViewsRate it
More Than Once 0 ViewsRate it
Moses In A Basket 0 ViewsRate it
Mother Nature / Father Time 0 ViewsRate it
Mother's Day Kiss
 0 ViewsRate it
Mother's Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Mother’s Cranberry Sauce
 0 ViewsRate it
Motivations A 0 ViewsRate it
Motivations Z 0 ViewsRate it
Mountain Tops 0 ViewsRate it
Mutuality 0 ViewsRate it
My Cat And I (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) 0 ViewsRate it
My First Response
 0 ViewsRate it
My Sister Died Today,Karen Charlotte, 7/6/44 to 1/11/ 09
 0 ViewsRate it
Mystic Paradise 0 ViewsRate it
Name and Face 0 ViewsRate it
Nanoseconds and Gigaflops 0 ViewsRate it
Narcissistic Morning 0 ViewsRate it
Natural Laws Or Santa Claus 0 ViewsRate it
Natural Wonders
 0 ViewsRate it
Nature's Rampage 0 ViewsRate it
Need For Faith
 0 ViewsRate it
Need Love 0 ViewsRate it
Nefertiti 0 ViewsRate it
Neondart 0 ViewsRate it
Net Worth 0 ViewsRate it
Never Burst The Bubble 0 ViewsRate it
Never Hungry 0 ViewsRate it
Never Hungry, Never Full 0 ViewsRate it
Never Make Me Shed A Tear 0 ViewsRate it
Never Never 0 ViewsRate it
Never Touch The Heart
 0 ViewsRate it
New Year's Day 0 ViewsRate it
New Year's Resolutions
 0 ViewsRate it
News Can Make You Mad 0 ViewsRate it
News Reports 0 ViewsRate it
Nine One One Two Thousand One 0 ViewsRate it
No Alibi 0 ViewsRate it
No Day To Lay Away 0 ViewsRate it
No Excuse For Ignorance 0 ViewsRate it
No Greater Loss 0 ViewsRate it
No Guarantee 0 ViewsRate it
No One Before Her 0 ViewsRate it
No One Before Him 0 ViewsRate it
No One Can Spell Mnemonic 0 ViewsRate it
No One Lives Here
 0 ViewsRate it
No One Lives Here Anymore
 0 ViewsRate it
No One Saw 0 ViewsRate it
No One Saw The Killing 0 ViewsRate it
No Rack For Your Hat
 0 ViewsRate it
No Santa Claus
 0 ViewsRate it
No Substitute 0 ViewsRate it
No Time For Humanity 0 ViewsRate it
No Where
 0 ViewsRate it
Noah 0 ViewsRate it
Noisy Is The Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Non Sequiturs 0 ViewsRate it
Noses Know 0 ViewsRate it
Noses Run In Any One 0 ViewsRate it
Not Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Not Now 0 ViewsRate it
Not One Horse To Ride
 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing Feels Quite Right 0 ViewsRate it
Now And Forever You're In My Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Now And Then 0 ViewsRate it
Now Dance 0 ViewsRate it
Now Is Always Here 0 ViewsRate it
Number Fun for the Little One 0 ViewsRate it
Number One 0 ViewsRate it
Ocean Moods
 0 ViewsRate it
Of Many Worries Few Come True 0 ViewsRate it
Of What Are You Sure 0 ViewsRate it
Off To See The World 0 ViewsRate it
Offspring Of Spring
 0 ViewsRate it
Oh My God
 0 ViewsRate it
Oh My God, When I Die
 0 ViewsRate it
Omnipresence 0 ViewsRate it
On A Chilly Day They Are Warm Inside 0 ViewsRate it
On A Lighter Note
 0 ViewsRate it
On The Contrary 0 ViewsRate it
On The Ethers 0 ViewsRate it
On This Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
Once A Trust Is Broken 0 ViewsRate it
Once Again Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Once And Now
 0 ViewsRate it
Once Upon A Time 0 ViewsRate it
Once We Had Forever 0 ViewsRate it
One Glimpse
 0 ViewsRate it
One Grain 0 ViewsRate it
One Hundred Twelve In Las Vegas 0 ViewsRate it
One Last Fling 0 ViewsRate it
One Less 0 ViewsRate it
One Less "One To Love" 0 ViewsRate it
One Lifetime
 0 ViewsRate it
One More Tomorrow
 0 ViewsRate it
One Of Those Days 0 ViewsRate it
One Purchase Away
 0 ViewsRate it
One Thousand Thoughts In Rhythm 0 ViewsRate it
One Way Street 0 ViewsRate it
One Who Asks
 0 ViewsRate it
One Without The Other 0 ViewsRate it
Only Imagine 0 ViewsRate it
Only Imagine 1000
 0 ViewsRate it
Only One True Christian
 0 ViewsRate it
Open Sewers, Bloated Rats 0 ViewsRate it
Open Windows 0 ViewsRate it
Opposites Stir Up A Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Orphans And Scions 0 ViewsRate it
Our Complement
 0 ViewsRate it
Our Word 0 ViewsRate it
Out On A Limb
 0 ViewsRate it
Outstanding Disappointment 0 ViewsRate it
Own Life 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Packing Her Bags 0 ViewsRate it
Paella In The Skillet
 0 ViewsRate it
Pain You Feel 0 ViewsRate it
Paint The Canvass Of Your Days 0 ViewsRate it
Paint With Mental Strokes
 0 ViewsRate it
Pardon 0 ViewsRate it
Parting Thoughts 0 ViewsRate it
Parting Thoughts 2 0 ViewsRate it
Pay The Dividend 0 ViewsRate it
Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Pearls 2 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Peeves 0 ViewsRate it
Pen The Verse 0 ViewsRate it
Penelope 0 ViewsRate it
Penultimate Split Seconds 0 ViewsRate it
People I Admire
 0 ViewsRate it
People In Your Life 0 ViewsRate it
People Think About You 0 ViewsRate it
People We Like 0 ViewsRate it
Perfect Mate 0 ViewsRate it
Perhaps Now This Will Last 0 ViewsRate it
Person Of The Year 0 ViewsRate it
Perspective 0 ViewsRate it
Peter Pan 0 ViewsRate it
Philistines 0 ViewsRate it
Pick A Crayon
 0 ViewsRate it
Pick A Flower 0 ViewsRate it
Picture Something Great 0 ViewsRate it
Pie In The Sky
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Pigeon Or Widgeon 0 ViewsRate it
Pigeonhole 0 ViewsRate it
Pills And Dills 0 ViewsRate it
Ping Pong People 0 ViewsRate it
Ping Pong People 2 0 ViewsRate it
Placebo 0 ViewsRate it
Plans And Outcomes 0 ViewsRate it
Platonic 0 ViewsRate it
Playgound Bullies On The Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
Playground Bullies On The Leader Board (please rate) 0 ViewsRate it
Playright Divine 0 ViewsRate it
Playwright Divine
 0 ViewsRate it
Pleasant Surprises 0 ViewsRate it
Please Yourself
 0 ViewsRate it
Poetic Justice 0 ViewsRate it
Poetic Justice* 0 ViewsRate it
Politics Per Se 0 ViewsRate it
Polyvalence 0 ViewsRate it
Pope John Paul II 4-2-05 0 ViewsRate it
Popinjay 0 ViewsRate it
Portraits Of Life August 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Precious Living Moments Memory Won't Forsake
 0 ViewsRate it
Preemption 0 ViewsRate it
Prelapsarian Time 0 ViewsRate it
Preoccupied 0 ViewsRate it
Prickly Pears 0 ViewsRate it
Prime The Pump
 0 ViewsRate it
Progeny 0 ViewsRate it
Projection 0 ViewsRate it
Promises 0 ViewsRate it
Pruning 0 ViewsRate it
Psalm One 0 ViewsRate it
Pure Void 0 ViewsRate it
Queen Anne's Lace
 0 ViewsRate it
Query Finds No Answers 0 ViewsRate it
Questions Are In Question 0 ViewsRate it
Quidnuncs 0 ViewsRate it
Quixotic 0 ViewsRate it
Rain Falls 0 ViewsRate it
Rain Falls On Everyone 0 ViewsRate it
Rainbows 0 ViewsRate it
Rainbows Fade Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Raves And Waves 0 ViewsRate it
Reactions 0 ViewsRate it
Real Love Is Rare
 0 ViewsRate it
Realism Of The Cynic 0 ViewsRate it
Rearview Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Recalling Board Members 0 ViewsRate it
Recipe 0 ViewsRate it
Red Flags 0 ViewsRate it
Reflections 0 ViewsRate it
Represent The Prayer 0 ViewsRate it
Retraction, Redemption and Largesse 0 ViewsRate it
Return The Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Reunions 0 ViewsRate it
Revisit The Stone Age 0 ViewsRate it
Rhyme Or Reason 0 ViewsRate it
Ricochets 0 ViewsRate it
Riddle From The Inquest 0 ViewsRate it
Rise And Fall In Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Rivers Of Life Must Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Roads 0 ViewsRate it
Rock Of Trust 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Roman Holiday 0 ViewsRate it
Romance Is Not For Cravens 0 ViewsRate it
Romance Is Sublime (spoof) 0 ViewsRate it
Room For Change 0 ViewsRate it
Routines 0 ViewsRate it
Running Shoes 0 ViewsRate it
Saint Valentine's Day 0 ViewsRate it
Salty Lips
 0 ViewsRate it
Salute The Veterans Of War
 0 ViewsRate it
Save Your Face
 0 ViewsRate it
Scattered 0 ViewsRate it
Scents Of A Women 0 ViewsRate it
Schadenfreude 0 ViewsRate it
Scroll Back In Your Memories
 0 ViewsRate it
Scumble 0 ViewsRate it
Scythes, Boomerangs and Wingspans (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
Secret Lesion
 0 ViewsRate it
Secrets 0 ViewsRate it
See The Invisible 0 ViewsRate it
Seeing Your Full Reflection 0 ViewsRate it
Senectitude 0 ViewsRate it
Sensory Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Sentenced For Life 0 ViewsRate it
Serendipity 0 ViewsRate it
Seven Wonders Of The World Plus One 0 ViewsRate it
Shades Of White, Shades Of Black 0 ViewsRate it
She Is Gone Forever
 0 ViewsRate it
She Is My Happy Hobby
 0 ViewsRate it
Ship Movement 0 ViewsRate it
Silence 0 ViewsRate it
Simply Darkness Now 0 ViewsRate it
Since You The Kiss Is Sweeter 0 ViewsRate it
Singleness Of Purpose 0 ViewsRate it
Skin Deep
 0 ViewsRate it
Sky Moods (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
Slaughter On The Campus (Virginia Tech) 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep Grants A Getaway 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep The Night Away 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep Well Tonight (A Lullaby) 0 ViewsRate it
Sleepless Dream
 0 ViewsRate it
Sleepless Dream Of Doubt Or Hope
 0 ViewsRate it
Slice-Of-Life 0 ViewsRate it
Slog Out Of Your Bog 0 ViewsRate it
Small Stuff
 0 ViewsRate it
Snow Has A Ball 0 ViewsRate it
So Very Long 0 ViewsRate it
Some And Others 0 ViewsRate it
Someone For Everyone 0 ViewsRate it
Something For Nothing 0 ViewsRate it
Something Happy This Way Comes
 0 ViewsRate it
Sotto Voce And Eyeball Roll 0 ViewsRate it
Soulsight 0 ViewsRate it
Space Shuttle Columbia 0 ViewsRate it
Spanking New Courtesans 0 ViewsRate it
Specters On The Waters 0 ViewsRate it
Spin Doctor, Spin 0 ViewsRate it
Spin On Truth 0 ViewsRate it
Spirit Cache
 0 ViewsRate it
Splattered On The Ocean
 0 ViewsRate it
Splendors Unfolding
 0 ViewsRate it
Spring Frost 0 ViewsRate it
Squeamish 0 ViewsRate it
Stars Of The Darkness
 0 ViewsRate it
Stay Forever Young 0 ViewsRate it
Stay In Touch
 0 ViewsRate it
Stealing Milk From Blind Cows 0 ViewsRate it
Stepping Stones
 0 ViewsRate it
Sticks 0 ViewsRate it
Still A Mystery 0 ViewsRate it
Still Active 0 ViewsRate it
Still And Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Strangers 0 ViewsRate it
Stream Of Consciousness 0 ViewsRate it
Stretch The Truth 0 ViewsRate it
String Bikini 0 ViewsRate it
Strings 0 ViewsRate it
Strip Search
 0 ViewsRate it
Strong Desires Hush Too Soon
 0 ViewsRate it
Substance Of Things Hoped For*
 0 ViewsRate it
Subtle Changes 0 ViewsRate it
Subtle Reminders 0 ViewsRate it
Sudden Change 0 ViewsRate it
Suffer The Children 0 ViewsRate it
Sugar Pill 0 ViewsRate it
Suicide Is Permanent 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine Glazed The Planet
 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine Mountains 0 ViewsRate it
Supermarket Shelves 0 ViewsRate it
Surprises Can Hurt 0 ViewsRate it
Suspend The Babel 0 ViewsRate it
Svengali 0 ViewsRate it
Swan Song 0 ViewsRate it
Swim Or Float Or Drown
 0 ViewsRate it
Synecdoche 0 ViewsRate it
Tacit Teaching 0 ViewsRate it
Take A Trip
 0 ViewsRate it
Take Center Stage Once More
 0 ViewsRate it
Taken For Granted 0 ViewsRate it
Talk Is Cheap 0 ViewsRate it
Talk Of Idyllic Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Tears No Longer Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Template 0 ViewsRate it
Ten (Commandments) Rules
 0 ViewsRate it
Terror In The Name Of God 0 ViewsRate it
Terror Struck 0 ViewsRate it
Test Of Time 0 ViewsRate it
Thanks For The Fantasy 0 ViewsRate it
Thanksgiving Day 0 ViewsRate it
The Cabin 0 ViewsRate it
The City Falls 0 ViewsRate it
The Collapse Of An Illusion 0 ViewsRate it
The Critic 0 ViewsRate it
The Crooks Next Door 0 ViewsRate it
The Date Was Not Worth Keeping
 0 ViewsRate it
The Deaf Shrink
 0 ViewsRate it
The Dog That Doesn't Bark
 0 ViewsRate it
The Fault Line 0 ViewsRate it
The First Time
 0 ViewsRate it
The First Time You Make Love 0 ViewsRate it
The Flophouse Code 0 ViewsRate it
The King Is Pawn
 0 ViewsRate it
The Mystic Has Reasons 0 ViewsRate it
The Rockies 0 ViewsRate it
The Same Way You Love God 0 ViewsRate it
The Secret 0 ViewsRate it
The Stars Of The Dark
 0 ViewsRate it
The Stock Market 0 ViewsRate it
The Sun Rose 0 ViewsRate it
The Things We Are We Keep 0 ViewsRate it
Their Very Best
 0 ViewsRate it
There Are Times We Need A Mother
 0 ViewsRate it
There Is No Recall 0 ViewsRate it
There Is Substance In The Shadow 0 ViewsRate it
There Must Be A Connection
 0 ViewsRate it
These To My Callers Are Presents 0 ViewsRate it
They Left Nothing At All 0 ViewsRate it
They Say 0 ViewsRate it
They Took Nothing At All 0 ViewsRate it
They Wait To Be Discovered 0 ViewsRate it
Think About God
 0 ViewsRate it
Third Party Start 0 ViewsRate it
This Time I Hope
 0 ViewsRate it
This Very Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
This Very Moment 0 ViewsRate it
Threads, Fabrics and Yarns 0 ViewsRate it
Three Days In One 0 ViewsRate it
Three Word Letter
 0 ViewsRate it
Through A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
Through The Eyes Of A Child
 0 ViewsRate it
Tightfisted Takers 0 ViewsRate it
Till The End 0 ViewsRate it
Time Flies and Devours All Things (tempus fugit et edax rerum) 0 ViewsRate it
Timelessness 0 ViewsRate it
Times Of Your Life 0 ViewsRate it
Timing 0 ViewsRate it
Timing Is Everything 0 ViewsRate it
To Be Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
To Enslave
 0 ViewsRate it
To Know You (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
To Make Your Being Well 0 ViewsRate it
To Your Well Being
 0 ViewsRate it
Toast To Living 0 ViewsRate it
Today I Will Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Together 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow Is Today 0 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow Will Be Better
 0 ViewsRate it
Tongue In Cheek 0 ViewsRate it
Too Close To Call 0 ViewsRate it
Too Private For Words 0 ViewsRate it
Too Tall To Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Too This Too That
 0 ViewsRate it
Too Weak To Be Sorry 0 ViewsRate it
Tooth Ache 0 ViewsRate it
Toss The Rope
 0 ViewsRate it
Toss Your Cautions To The Wind 0 ViewsRate it
Trade To Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Tradfe To Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Trillion Dollar Bailout 10/03/2008 0 ViewsRate it
Triumph In His Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Truditur Dies Die 0 ViewsRate it
True Color 0 ViewsRate it
True Conviction 0 ViewsRate it
True Friendships Last A Lifetime
 0 ViewsRate it
Trust Your Organism 0 ViewsRate it
Truth And Reality 0 ViewsRate it
Truth Or Lie
 0 ViewsRate it
Truth's Found Within Yourself
 0 ViewsRate it
Tsunami Tragedy (2005) 0 ViewsRate it
Twenty Four Hours 0 ViewsRate it
Ulterior Motives 0 ViewsRate it
Ultimate Adventure
 0 ViewsRate it
Unassembled 0 ViewsRate it
Unassembled Snowmen
 0 ViewsRate it
Unbelief 0 ViewsRate it
Under A Big Gallows Tree
 0 ViewsRate it
Under The Bed 0 ViewsRate it
Undo Unkindness 0 ViewsRate it
Uninvited Thoughts Pop Up 0 ViewsRate it
Universal Time 0 ViewsRate it
Unlearn, Unteach, Unspurn, Unleash
 0 ViewsRate it
Unlike You 0 ViewsRate it
Unlit Candles Give No Light
 0 ViewsRate it
Unrestricted Spirit
 0 ViewsRate it
Unspoken Promise
 0 ViewsRate it
Until Every Hope Is Gone 0 ViewsRate it
Until The Monsoon Cometh 0 ViewsRate it
Unwittingly Condoned 0 ViewsRate it
Upside Down 0 ViewsRate it
Valentine, February 14
 0 ViewsRate it
Vaults Of The Firmament
 0 ViewsRate it
Velcro And Teflon 0 ViewsRate it
Venomous Bites And Stings 0 ViewsRate it
Very Soon I'll Stand Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Veteran's Day 0 ViewsRate it
Vicarious Encounters
 0 ViewsRate it
Vicious Winds 0 ViewsRate it
Vitruvian Man
 0 ViewsRate it
Voracious Time 0 ViewsRate it
Vote 0 ViewsRate it
Vote For The Lesser E 0 ViewsRate it
Vote For The Lesser Evil 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Wake Up Glad 0 ViewsRate it
War And Peace 0 ViewsRate it
War Or Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Water Haul 0 ViewsRate it
Ways To Praise 0 ViewsRate it
We Are These People 1 0 ViewsRate it
We Are These People 2 0 ViewsRate it
We Cannot Stand Apart 0 ViewsRate it
We Choose Most Everything 0 ViewsRate it
We Dared To Love
 0 ViewsRate it
We Didn't Love Each Other Much
 0 ViewsRate it
We Don't Believe It 0 ViewsRate it
We Have A Purpose
 0 ViewsRate it
We Have Our Love Today
 0 ViewsRate it
We Know When We Die
 0 ViewsRate it
We Left 0 ViewsRate it
We Often Feign The Unknown 0 ViewsRate it
We Still Say "I Love You"
 0 ViewsRate it
Weather Senses 0 ViewsRate it
Web Of Time 0 ViewsRate it
Wedlock And Hemlock 0 ViewsRate it
Well Kept Resolutions 0 ViewsRate it
Well Kept Resolutions (The New Year Intention) 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz* 1 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz* 2 0 ViewsRate it
What Is All This Stuff? 0 ViewsRate it
What My Head Already Knows
 0 ViewsRate it
What My Heart Already Knows
 0 ViewsRate it
What We Hate 0 ViewsRate it
What We Share
 0 ViewsRate it
What We Want 0 ViewsRate it
What Would Happen If, Congressional Fancy 0 ViewsRate it
What You Want 0 ViewsRate it
What's The Point Of Living? 0 ViewsRate it
When I Must Say Goodbye
 0 ViewsRate it
When I Think You're One Thing 0 ViewsRate it
When It's Over 0 ViewsRate it
When Love Is Real 0 ViewsRate it
When Romance Dies
 0 ViewsRate it
When We're Well 0 ViewsRate it
When You Breathe
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Came Into My Life 0 ViewsRate it
When You Can't Go On 0 ViewsRate it
When You Feel In The Pits 0 ViewsRate it
When You Hate Someone You Love
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Hold Me In Your Arms I Feel Like I'm At Home
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Say "I Love You" 0 ViewsRate it
When You Sneeze 0 ViewsRate it
When You've Done All You Can Do 0 ViewsRate it
Whenever You’re Not There
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Does It Go
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Is God 0 ViewsRate it
Where The Heck Is Heaven? 0 ViewsRate it
Where The Hell Is Heaven?
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Youth Are Sent To Die 0 ViewsRate it
Whether Tomorrow, Whether Today 0 ViewsRate it
Which Is Which 0 ViewsRate it
While Lonely You're Not Alone
 0 ViewsRate it
Whirling Pinwheel
 0 ViewsRate it
Whiskers and Paws 0 ViewsRate it
Whistle In The Dark 0 ViewsRate it
Who Are You Cheering? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Rents Space In Your Head? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Turns On The Light? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Be There When You Sing? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Slake The Hunger?
 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Tell The Story? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Tell The Story? (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
Who's In Control 0 ViewsRate it
Whoop-De-Do 0 ViewsRate it
Why I Write 0 ViewsRate it
Why I Write My Poems
 0 ViewsRate it
Why They Lie 0 ViewsRate it
Widow's Cruse 0 ViewsRate it
Wild-Goose Chase 0 ViewsRate it
Will The Cycle Be Unbroken? 0 ViewsRate it
Will We Meet Once More?
 0 ViewsRate it
Willy-Nilly 0 ViewsRate it
Win Or Lose We Pick And Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Wise Men Get Away 0 ViewsRate it
Wishes For You 0 ViewsRate it
Wishy-washy 0 ViewsRate it
With Me
 0 ViewsRate it
Word Impact 0 ViewsRate it
Wordplay 0 ViewsRate it
Words 0 ViewsRate it
Would A Billion Change Your Life? 0 ViewsRate it
Wounded, Just Beings Reap 0 ViewsRate it
Wrong Or Right With Me 0 ViewsRate it
Yes We Can Obama Man 0 ViewsRate it
Yes, I Know You Love Me 0 ViewsRate it
Yet The Sun Still Shines 0 ViewsRate it
You 0 ViewsRate it
You Always Seem Attentive 0 ViewsRate it
You Always Watched Out For My Good
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Fresh And New
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Illustrious
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Transparent (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
You Bag My Tea
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can Fully Trust 0 ViewsRate it
You Can Only Imagine
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can't Get Fat On That
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can't Start Sooner Than Now
 0 ViewsRate it
You Could Pick A Reprobate 0 ViewsRate it
You Could Win And Still Lose 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Have To Be Happy 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Know 1 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Know 2 0 ViewsRate it
You Know Me So Very Well
 0 ViewsRate it
You Must Be A Magician
 0 ViewsRate it
You Must Be Kidding 0 ViewsRate it
You Of You 0 ViewsRate it
You Taught Me All My Heart Could Feel 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't I Love You
 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't Love You
 0 ViewsRate it
You Will Not Be Close Enough (1000)
 0 ViewsRate it
You Won't Be Forgotten
 0 ViewsRate it
You're A Cockroach 0 ViewsRate it
You're In Charge 0 ViewsRate it
You're My Acclamation 0 ViewsRate it
You're Never Hard To Find 0 ViewsRate it
You're One Of A Kind 0 ViewsRate it
You're Right 0 ViewsRate it
Your Better Side 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheating Chart 1 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheating Chart 2 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheek Rests On My Shoulder
 0 ViewsRate it
Your Enemy 0 ViewsRate it
Your Memoirs 0 ViewsRate it
Your Mental Gate 0 ViewsRate it
Your Mind Can Make You Happy 0 ViewsRate it
Your Own Backyard
 0 ViewsRate it
Your Remaining Years 0 ViewsRate it
Your Return 0 ViewsRate it
Your Silence 0 ViewsRate it
Your Siren Song 0 ViewsRate it
Your Way On Earth
 0 ViewsRate it
Zeitgeber 0 ViewsRate it
Zephyr Breeze
 0 ViewsRate it
Zero Can Go Wrong
 0 ViewsRate it

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  • kingkoboko
    i consider this man Wallace Dean LaBenne d greatest poet on Poetry .com Those who were active here 10yrs ago will know wat i mean. Is he still alive though?
    LikeReplyReport1 month ago


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