List of poems by Wallace Dean LaBenne 1,846 total

Iraq's Freedom 22 ViewsRate it
Eyes Of Dogs 14 ViewsRate it
Birthday 8 ViewsRate it
Habits 8 ViewsRate it
 7 ViewsRate it
Dreams Jobs Of Childhood 6 ViewsRate it
Hold My Hand A Little Longer 6 ViewsRate it
Butterfly 5 ViewsRate it
Dance In The Rain
 5 ViewsRate it
Eulogy Hyperbole 5 ViewsRate it
Faces Of Funny 5 ViewsRate it
 5 ViewsRate it
Aging Body, Boundless Soul
 4 ViewsRate it
Belief 4 ViewsRate it
Childhood Memory
 4 ViewsRate it
Galaxies Explode 4 ViewsRate it
Good Humor 4 ViewsRate it
Grace And Grandeur
 4 ViewsRate it
Guidelines 4 ViewsRate it
Hear God 4 ViewsRate it
Heat Waves Of A Mirage 4 ViewsRate it
Never Cook One's Goose 4 ViewsRate it
Now You're All But Gone
 4 ViewsRate it
Play The Game 4 ViewsRate it
Sports, Travel And Gambling 4 ViewsRate it
Xenophobia 4 ViewsRate it
911 Has Come And Gone
 3 ViewsRate it
A Sweet Honey Bee Carries a Sting 3 ViewsRate it
Accept Me As I Am 3 ViewsRate it
After That Our Past 3 ViewsRate it
Animals Should Train Us
 3 ViewsRate it
Dancing In The Dark
 3 ViewsRate it
Fade Away 3 ViewsRate it
Fault Found In Others 3 ViewsRate it
Galactic Collision 3 ViewsRate it
Games Of Sport 3 ViewsRate it
Heaven And Earth 3 ViewsRate it
In The Midst Of Chaos 3 ViewsRate it
Internal Self-Talk 3 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day
 3 ViewsRate it
Lift Voices To Las Vegas 3 ViewsRate it
Loyalty 3 ViewsRate it
Made In Paradise 3 ViewsRate it
Negative Sound-bites 3 ViewsRate it
New York 9.11.01 Within And Without 3 ViewsRate it
Odd Parlance 3 ViewsRate it
Pacific Ocean 3 ViewsRate it
Sexual Consequence 2 ViewsRate it
Aftermath (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) 2 ViewsRate it
Answers To The Riddle 2 ViewsRate it
Average 2 2 ViewsRate it
Ax To Grind 2 ViewsRate it
Break Up Cloudy Skies
 2 ViewsRate it
Cats, Dogs And People 2 ViewsRate it
Choice 2 ViewsRate it
Chutzpah 2 ViewsRate it
Deeply Heartfelt
 2 ViewsRate it
Do It Now Or Wish You Had Forever 2 ViewsRate it
Doppelgangers 2 ViewsRate it
Ego 2 ViewsRate it
Everybody Lies 2 ViewsRate it
Expect Surprises 2 ViewsRate it
Face The East 2 ViewsRate it
Faces Abandon Their Names 2 ViewsRate it
Fluid Motion
 2 ViewsRate it
For One Another
 2 ViewsRate it
Forget God
 2 ViewsRate it
Freeze A Smile 2 ViewsRate it
Gain Perspective 2 ViewsRate it
Grandma Is Never Dead
 2 ViewsRate it
Happiness 2 ViewsRate it
Happy-Go-Lucky 2 ViewsRate it
Headlines 2 ViewsRate it
Humans Being 2 ViewsRate it
Imagination 2 ViewsRate it
In Juxtaposition 2 ViewsRate it
Insanity 2 ViewsRate it
Lonely In My Freedom 2 ViewsRate it
Lost 2 ViewsRate it
Made Of Money 2 ViewsRate it
Mind Travel 2 ViewsRate it
Mussitation 2 ViewsRate it
My Sister Died Today
 2 ViewsRate it
Peace And Goodwill 2 ViewsRate it
Peace Of Mind 2 ViewsRate it
Public Lust And Private Trust 2 ViewsRate it
Question 2 ViewsRate it
Question And Debate 2 ViewsRate it
Regret 2 ViewsRate it
Rest In Peace Dear Grandma
 2 ViewsRate it
Silent Listen
 2 ViewsRate it
Spiritual Exemplars
 2 ViewsRate it
Struthious Denials Cause Greater Later Pain 2 ViewsRate it
Take Time 2 ViewsRate it
Till Harvest Time 2 ViewsRate it
Triskaidekaphobia 2 ViewsRate it
True Colors 2 ViewsRate it
Unlimted Perfection
 2 ViewsRate it
Value That Is There
 2 ViewsRate it
Within And Without 2 ViewsRate it
You Touch My Heart
 2 ViewsRate it
Your Birthday Is A Holiday 2 ViewsRate it
Your Family's True Colors
 2 ViewsRate it
A Kiss Is Mysterious
 1 ViewRate it
A Peaceful World 1 ViewRate it
Absurdity And Lucidity 1 ViewRate it
Act Like Yourself 1 ViewRate it
Acting Much The Same 1 ViewRate it
Afraid to Try 1 ViewRate it
After All Hope Is Gone 1 ViewRate it
All That Really Matters 1 ViewRate it
Almost Imperceptibly
 1 ViewRate it
Alzheimer's Disease 1 ViewRate it
An Action Boomerangs 1 ViewRate it
Anarchy 1 ViewRate it
Angels And Demons 1 ViewRate it
Angels Found
 1 ViewRate it
Another Day For Living 1 ViewRate it
Another Reality 1 ViewRate it
Appraise Your Possibilities 1 ViewRate it
As Near As Ever
 1 ViewRate it
Ataraxia 1 ViewRate it
Behind The Blind
 1 ViewRate it
Between Cup And Lip 1 ViewRate it
Beyond The Gloom
 1 ViewRate it
Big Red Wagon 1 ViewRate it
Biggest Little Things
 1 ViewRate it
Bliss 1 ViewRate it
Bloviation 1 ViewRate it
Bogomil 1 ViewRate it
Borderline People 1 ViewRate it
Bubble Up With Fun
 1 ViewRate it
By-Your-Leave 1 ViewRate it
Call It God 1 ViewRate it
Can Faith Your Trust Restore?
 1 ViewRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 2 1 ViewRate it
Cause 1 ViewRate it
Celebrate Good Fortune 1 ViewRate it
Chance And Luck 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Charity Scams 1 ViewRate it
Chicanery 1 ViewRate it
Child Destructiveness 1 ViewRate it
Child Lying 1 ViewRate it
Coming Home 1 ViewRate it
Constant Trust 1 ViewRate it
Critic 1 ViewRate it
Cupid Is Stupid As A Marriage Broker 1 ViewRate it
Daisy And Lily 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Dead Horse Run 1 ViewRate it
Death Is A Silent Partner 1 ViewRate it
Dementia 1 ViewRate it
Depression 2 1 ViewRate it
Desires Contradict 1 ViewRate it
Dirt And Flowers 1 ViewRate it
Discover The Meadowlark 1 ViewRate it
Distance 1 ViewRate it
Drop The Matter 1 ViewRate it
Elsewhere 1 ViewRate it
Elysium Fields
 1 ViewRate it
Energy 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Existence After Life 1 ViewRate it
Expect The Unexpected 1 ViewRate it
Eyes To See 1 ViewRate it
Face And Figure
 1 ViewRate it
Facial Expressions
 1 ViewRate it
Finally Accepted 1 ViewRate it
Find Your Way Around 1 ViewRate it
Fine Print 1 ViewRate it
Flattery 1 ViewRate it
Focus On The Brighter Side
 1 ViewRate it
Focus On The Future 1 ViewRate it
Frankie, my twenty year old cat 1 ViewRate it
Fried Nest Eggs 1 ViewRate it
Friends Are Chosen Family
 1 ViewRate it
Fulfill Anima 1 ViewRate it
Gamble Frisk 1 ViewRate it
Gentle Goodness 1 ViewRate it
Gifts From Guilt 1 ViewRate it
Give Up Resentment 1 ViewRate it
Global Scope 1 ViewRate it
Glorify The Soul
 1 ViewRate it
God's Hands
 1 ViewRate it
God, Mary, Adam And Eve 1 ViewRate it
Gone But Lingering 1 ViewRate it
Good Enough 1 ViewRate it
Good Old Days 1 ViewRate it
Grass And Hair 1 ViewRate it
Hang On A Little Longer (Utah Miners, August, 2007) 1 ViewRate it
Happily Ever After 1 ViewRate it
Happy Chatter 1 ViewRate it
Happy Together 1 ViewRate it
Hard Evidence 1 ViewRate it
Hard To Find 1 ViewRate it
Hatred Is A Heavy Load 1 ViewRate it
Have A Ball 1 ViewRate it
Held To Her Breast 1 ViewRate it
Higher Power
 1 ViewRate it
Hilarity 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Horse Sense 2 1 ViewRate it
I Don't Know You Anymore
 1 ViewRate it
I Let You In 1 ViewRate it
I See You In The Bluebell
 1 ViewRate it
I See You In The Story
 1 ViewRate it
I Want To Die 1 ViewRate it
If I Had Known
 1 ViewRate it
In One Heart
 1 ViewRate it
Incessant Indecision
 1 ViewRate it
Invisible Scythe
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
It Can Make The Day 4 1 ViewRate it
It Is Outrageous 1 1 ViewRate it
It Is Outrageous 2 1 ViewRate it
Jane Cordova Doe (Killed In Las Vegas 1/12/06) 1 ViewRate it
Just A Peck 1 ViewRate it
Just Say 1 ViewRate it
Just Us Justice 1 ViewRate it
Knowledge And Wisdom 1 ViewRate it
Kosmos 1 ViewRate it
Landfalls 1 ViewRate it
Legend And Legacy 1 ViewRate it
Let Me Die The Death Of The Righteous
 1 ViewRate it
Let Me Die The Death Of The Righteous*
 1 ViewRate it
Life Hereafter
 1 ViewRate it
Life Is Meant For You 1 ViewRate it
Little Imperfections 1 ViewRate it
Live With Uncertainty 1 ViewRate it
Look Into The Looking Glass 1 ViewRate it
Loser 1 ViewRate it
Love Again 1 ViewRate it
Love Of My Life 1 ViewRate it
Lurking In Shadows 1 ViewRate it
Machines Are Out To Get Us 1 ViewRate it
Medieval Times 1 ViewRate it
Memorial Day
 1 ViewRate it
Mexican Riviera Stops 1 ViewRate it
Miles Without Distance 1 ViewRate it
Milk And Honey 1 ViewRate it
Misplaced Trust
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Mud Fondues 1 ViewRate it
Mud In Your Eye
 1 ViewRate it
My Enemy 1 ViewRate it
My Pride And Joy
 1 ViewRate it
Nascent Lust 1 ViewRate it
Never Gild The Lily 1 ViewRate it
No Regret Could Prey
 1 ViewRate it
No Time To Weep 1 ViewRate it
Nothing Lasts Forever 1 ViewRate it
Nothing Stays The Same
 1 ViewRate it
Obesity Kills 1 ViewRate it
Off Spring Of Spring
 1 ViewRate it
On This Small Planet
 1 ViewRate it
Once More We Can Fly 1 ViewRate it
One Two Ten 1 ViewRate it
One Year Ago 1 ViewRate it
Out Of Order
 1 ViewRate it
Over The Border 1 ViewRate it
Pandora's Box 1 ViewRate it
Partisan 1 ViewRate it
Pass It On Or Mark It Gone 1 ViewRate it
Personal Authority 1 ViewRate it
Ping Pong People 1 1 ViewRate it
Piranhas, Vultures And Tsetse Flies 1 ViewRate it
Pixilated People 1 ViewRate it
Pond Of Pleasure
 1 ViewRate it
Possessions 1 ViewRate it
Reason 1 ViewRate it
Remnants 1 ViewRate it
Revolution 1 ViewRate it
Right Or Wrong 1 ViewRate it
Rip Van Winkle Took A Nap 1 ViewRate it
Rules 1 ViewRate it
Sad-Mad 1 ViewRate it
Scuttlebutt, Gossip And Rumor 1 ViewRate it
Scythes, Boomerangs and Wingspans 1 ViewRate it
Sensing You 1 ViewRate it
Seven Deadly Sins
 1 ViewRate it
She Has No Ransom Pulchritude
 1 ViewRate it
Show Some Cheer
 1 ViewRate it
Signs Of Life 1 ViewRate it
Signs Of Time 1 ViewRate it
Simulacrum 1 ViewRate it
Slavery 1 ViewRate it
Slipping Away
 1 ViewRate it
Snakes In Your Head 1 ViewRate it
Snakes Swallow Their Tails 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Some Children Shock Their Parents
 1 ViewRate it
Something Stupendous 1 ViewRate it
Soul Refulgence 1 ViewRate it
Sounds Like The Meaning 1 ViewRate it
Speaking Eyes 1 ViewRate it
Speed Of Light 1 ViewRate it
Stars Are Falling 1 ViewRate it
Sunshine Glazed A Planet
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Superman Died Today (A tribute to Christopher Reeve) 1 ViewRate it
Tails, Whiskers And Paws 1 ViewRate it
Take Off 1 ViewRate it
Take Time To Wonder Why 1 ViewRate it
Tell Me No Lies 1 ViewRate it
The Bear Not There 1 ViewRate it
The Storm
 1 ViewRate it
The Vulpine Caitiff 1 ViewRate it
The World Is Upside Down 1 ViewRate it
The Writing On The Wall 1 ViewRate it
There You Are
 1 ViewRate it
Timeless And Eternal 1 ViewRate it
Travel Advice 1 ViewRate it
Truth 1 ViewRate it
Tsunami Tragedy
 1 ViewRate it
Tumble 1 ViewRate it
Tumble Over Upside Down
 1 ViewRate it
Turn Off The News 1 ViewRate it
Unique You Are
 1 ViewRate it
Up A Thumb For Freedom 1 ViewRate it
Urn Of Ashes
 1 ViewRate it
Victual 1 ViewRate it
Volcanic Reaches Of Hawaii
 1 ViewRate it
Wake Your House 1 ViewRate it
Waves 1 ViewRate it
We Worship Money 1 ViewRate it
We're All Serving Time 1 ViewRate it
Weapons Of Mass Destruction 1 ViewRate it
Wedlock Or Hemlock 1 ViewRate it
What Can Make You Happy?
 1 ViewRate it
Wind Up Your Body
 1 ViewRate it
Wipe Off The Frown 1 ViewRate it
You Are Me, I Am You 1 ViewRate it
You Are Transparent
 1 ViewRate it
You Must Be
 1 ViewRate it
You Must Be Feeling Tired From Running Night And Day
 1 ViewRate it
You Never Did
 1 ViewRate it
You Waste Me 1 ViewRate it
You're A Raven
 1 ViewRate it
You're Funny
 1 ViewRate it
A Good Person 0 ViewsRate it
A Heady Feel 0 ViewsRate it
A Hundred Million Dollars 0 ViewsRate it
A Knife Cannot Cut Itself
 0 ViewsRate it
A Little Stone-Blind Schnauzer
 0 ViewsRate it
A Little Taste 0 ViewsRate it
A Lover To Discover
 0 ViewsRate it
A Song Is Not A Song 0 ViewsRate it
A Sparrow Dies (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
A Synthetic Creation 0 ViewsRate it
A Thousand Reminders
 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 1 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 2 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 3 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 4 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 5 0 ViewsRate it
A Time For Everything 6 0 ViewsRate it
Abandon The Shackles 0 ViewsRate it
Abandoned 0 ViewsRate it
Aberrations 0 ViewsRate it
About To Change 0 ViewsRate it
Above It All
 0 ViewsRate it
Absence 0 ViewsRate it
Abstract Nouns 0 ViewsRate it
Accounts, Monies And Religions 0 ViewsRate it
Act Your Age 0 ViewsRate it
Actions Boomerang 0 ViewsRate it
Acts And Reactions 0 ViewsRate it
Acts Of Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Admixtures Shape Our Lives 0 ViewsRate it
Adulation 0 ViewsRate it
Adults Trust In Fairy-Tales 0 ViewsRate it
Adverse Side Effects 0 ViewsRate it
Advice 0 ViewsRate it
Affection Denied 0 ViewsRate it
Afflatus 0 ViewsRate it
After Death Remembered Love 0 ViewsRate it
After Routine Years 0 ViewsRate it
Ageless Wisdom 0 ViewsRate it
Airbrushed Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Alabaster Statuette
 0 ViewsRate it
Alibis And Lullabies 0 ViewsRate it
All About Nothing 0 ViewsRate it
All And In All 0 ViewsRate it
All And In All (Colossians 1:17)
 0 ViewsRate it
All Is As In A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
All Is Fair In Love And War 0 ViewsRate it
All Of These Are Happy Themes 0 ViewsRate it
All Or None 0 ViewsRate it
All The Difference 0 ViewsRate it
All To Show My Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Alliterated Happy Hogs 0 ViewsRate it
Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Although It's Clearly Time To Go 0 ViewsRate it
Although You're Gone
 0 ViewsRate it
Altogether Matchless
 0 ViewsRate it
Always Have, Always Will
 0 ViewsRate it
Always In My Heart
 0 ViewsRate it
An Honest Love Is Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
An Internal Warning 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Anahedonia 0 ViewsRate it
Angel Tears 0 ViewsRate it
Angels Fashion Cosmic Strings
 0 ViewsRate it
Angels With Whiskers
 0 ViewsRate it
Animate Cheer 0 ViewsRate it
Another Day Of Sameness 0 ViewsRate it
Another Solar System 0 ViewsRate it
Answers Lie In You 0 ViewsRate it
Antaeus 0 ViewsRate it
Antics And Capers
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Ants, Fleas, Worms And Bees
 0 ViewsRate it
Anywhere Love Is True
 0 ViewsRate it
Apart Together
 0 ViewsRate it
Aping Me 0 ViewsRate it
Around Corners And Bends
 0 ViewsRate it
Around The Bend
 0 ViewsRate it
Around The Corner 0 ViewsRate it
Arrive Without Going
 0 ViewsRate it
Art Is An Opinion 0 ViewsRate it
Articulate Brevity
 0 ViewsRate it
Artistry In Heaven
 0 ViewsRate it
As If To As Is
 0 ViewsRate it
As Much As Hearts Allow
 0 ViewsRate it
As Woman She Is Whole 0 ViewsRate it
As You Carry On
 0 ViewsRate it
Ashes By A Tree
 0 ViewsRate it
Assembly Required 0 ViewsRate it
At Seven Life Is Heaven 0 ViewsRate it
Atmospheric Angels 0 ViewsRate it
Attracting A Mate
 0 ViewsRate it
Attraction Is Inherence 0 ViewsRate it
Attractive Traits
 0 ViewsRate it
Audible Rainbow 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Autumn Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Average 1 0 ViewsRate it
Average American 0 ViewsRate it
Awaiting 0 ViewsRate it
Awaiting The News 0 ViewsRate it
Awake In Las Vegas 0 ViewsRate it
Away From You
 0 ViewsRate it
Awed By The Awful 0 ViewsRate it
Balderdash 0 ViewsRate it
Balderdash And Falderal
 0 ViewsRate it
Ballerina Fable
 0 ViewsRate it
Balloons And Flowers 0 ViewsRate it
Band-Aids And Pick-Axes 0 ViewsRate it
Barely Out Of Reach 0 ViewsRate it
Bathe In A Rainy Cloud
 0 ViewsRate it
Be A Happy Fellow 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty Is As Beauty Does 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty Returns 0 ViewsRate it
Before It Melts Away 0 ViewsRate it
Before Our First Hello
 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Last Goodbye 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Last Goodbye (Your personal bucket list) 0 ViewsRate it
Before Time Lined Our Skin 0 ViewsRate it
Before You
 0 ViewsRate it
Before You Call Me Friend 0 ViewsRate it
Behaving Properly
 0 ViewsRate it
Behind The Veil 0 ViewsRate it
Believe In Stones 0 ViewsRate it
Belly Laugh 0 ViewsRate it
Betrayal 0 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Boundaries
 0 ViewsRate it
Biblical Questions 0 ViewsRate it
Big Bang To Big Crunch 0 ViewsRate it
Big Brother 0 ViewsRate it
Big Measures Once Imagined 0 ViewsRate it
Bill and Char, my good neighbors 0 ViewsRate it
Biochemistry Of Love 0 ViewsRate it
Birds 0 ViewsRate it
Birth Family 0 ViewsRate it
Bizarre Leaders 0 ViewsRate it
Bizarre Things To Say 0 ViewsRate it
Blackjack Drove Me 0 ViewsRate it
Blackout 0 ViewsRate it
Blame 0 ViewsRate it
Blank Page 0 ViewsRate it
Blessed And Cursed 0 ViewsRate it
Blood Test 0 ViewsRate it
Blotchless 0 ViewsRate it
Blow Her Trumpet 0 ViewsRate it
Blue Danube
 0 ViewsRate it
Bodacious 0 ViewsRate it
Bodies In Bikinis
 0 ViewsRate it
Body Outlines 0 ViewsRate it
Body, Mind and Soul 0 ViewsRate it
Bondage 0 ViewsRate it
Borborygmus 0 ViewsRate it
Born To Be Playful 0 ViewsRate it
Bottle-Up Your Feelings 0 ViewsRate it
Bounce 0 ViewsRate it
Brainstorm 0 ViewsRate it
Brand-new Perspective 0 ViewsRate it
Break Bread
 0 ViewsRate it
Brevity Of Beauty 0 ViewsRate it
Bridges To Cross Or Burn 0 ViewsRate it
Bring Us To Our Knees 0 ViewsRate it
Bullies (Osama/Saddam) 2003 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Buried Still Alive
 0 ViewsRate it
Bust Of Moses 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Buying A Car 0 ViewsRate it
Cacophony 0 ViewsRate it
Call Me 0 ViewsRate it
Calling Glory 0 ViewsRate it
Can't Be Called 0 ViewsRate it
Capricious Connection 0 ViewsRate it
Cardboard Cutout 0 ViewsRate it
Carrot Cake 0 ViewsRate it
Cash To Ash 0 ViewsRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine
 0 ViewsRate it
Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 1 0 ViewsRate it
Castles Of Sand
 0 ViewsRate it
Cat Talk 1 0 ViewsRate it
Cat Talk 2 0 ViewsRate it
Caught Red-Handed 0 ViewsRate it
Cause For Pause 0 ViewsRate it
Celebrate Each Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Celebrate The New Year 0 ViewsRate it
Cell Phones 0 ViewsRate it
Centipede Tripping
 0 ViewsRate it
Chalice And Blade 0 ViewsRate it
Change Your Mind (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) 0 ViewsRate it
Changed Perspectives 0 ViewsRate it
Character 0 ViewsRate it
Charm And Skill 0 ViewsRate it
Charms 0 ViewsRate it
Chatterbox 0 ViewsRate it
Child Eating Problems 0 ViewsRate it
Child Fighting 0 ViewsRate it
Child Sleep Problems 0 ViewsRate it
Child Thievery 0 ViewsRate it
Child Word Expression 0 ViewsRate it
Chimerical Visions 0 ViewsRate it
Chinese Year Of The Pig, 2007 0 ViewsRate it
Choke And You Choke Alone
 0 ViewsRate it
Choose The Blues 0 ViewsRate it
Choose What Truly Rates
 0 ViewsRate it
Choosing Not To Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Chosen Lover 0 ViewsRate it
Chosen People 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Chugalug 0 ViewsRate it
Circles Inside Of Circles
 0 ViewsRate it
Civilian Charity 0 ViewsRate it
Claim The Fame 0 ViewsRate it
Clap Your Hands
 0 ViewsRate it
Claptrap 0 ViewsRate it
Cliche 0 ViewsRate it
Clipped Wings
 0 ViewsRate it
Close Enough
 0 ViewsRate it
Closer Than Your Skin 0 ViewsRate it
Clothes Hanger 0 ViewsRate it
Cloud Nine
 0 ViewsRate it
Cockahoop Feelings 0 ViewsRate it
Colors Of The Day 0 ViewsRate it
Come Back When I'm Ready 0 ViewsRate it
Come To Stay
 0 ViewsRate it
Comeback 0 ViewsRate it
Comic Relief
 0 ViewsRate it
Commanders In Chief And Regular Plebeians 0 ViewsRate it
Compare Fairly 0 ViewsRate it
Compatibility 0 ViewsRate it
Competition 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Complete Acceptance 0 ViewsRate it
Conditions 0 ViewsRate it
Conduits Of Pure Love 0 ViewsRate it
Conflagration 0 ViewsRate it
Conflict 0 ViewsRate it
Conflict Resolution 0 ViewsRate it
Conscience 0 ViewsRate it
Conscience Keeps 0 ViewsRate it
Contemplate Your Navel
 0 ViewsRate it
Continue To Hold 0 ViewsRate it
Control 0 ViewsRate it
Cool Downs 0 ViewsRate it
Cooler In The Shade
 0 ViewsRate it
Cops And Robbers
 0 ViewsRate it
Corners And Bends 0 ViewsRate it
Cosmic Symmetry 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Count As Taste 0 ViewsRate it
Count Each Blessing 0 ViewsRate it
Count To One
 0 ViewsRate it
Couples Choosing 0 ViewsRate it
Course Of The Source 0 ViewsRate it
Cover For Your Sin
 0 ViewsRate it
Cranberry Sauce
 0 ViewsRate it
Crapshoot 0 ViewsRate it
Create 0 ViewsRate it
Creature Talk
 0 ViewsRate it
Creatures Of Habit 0 ViewsRate it
Cringe 0 ViewsRate it
Crowd Of Wanderers 0 ViewsRate it
Cry With A Laugh 0 ViewsRate it
Cues Evoking Memory 0 ViewsRate it
Curatives 0 ViewsRate it
Curiosity And Indifference 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Curtains 0 ViewsRate it
Cuter Than A Teddy Bear
 0 ViewsRate it
Cycles Of The Sun 0 ViewsRate it
Cyclonic Wrath 0 ViewsRate it
Daisy 0 ViewsRate it
Dance Mania (Tarantism) 0 ViewsRate it
Danger Signs 0 ViewsRate it
Dangerous Enemy 0 ViewsRate it
Dark Cruise
 0 ViewsRate it
Dawn Of Victory 0 ViewsRate it
Day To Day 0 ViewsRate it
Day To Die
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Days Of Leisure, Nights Of Pleasure 0 ViewsRate it
Deadlines 0 ViewsRate it
Deadly Deed
 0 ViewsRate it
Death Can't Steal A Soul
 0 ViewsRate it
Death Is Tenacious
 0 ViewsRate it
Debating 0 ViewsRate it
Deep Sleep 0 ViewsRate it
Deepest, Darkest Secret 0 ViewsRate it
Defenses 0 ViewsRate it
Degenerates 0 ViewsRate it
Deified And Reified 0 ViewsRate it
Delayed Gratification 0 ViewsRate it
Delicacies Worldwide 0 ViewsRate it
Denial 0 ViewsRate it
Denigration Stabs Eclat 0 ViewsRate it
Depression 1 0 ViewsRate it
Desert Snow 0 ViewsRate it
Despots (Iraq 3.18.03) 0 ViewsRate it
Detached 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Did You Fall In Love?
 0 ViewsRate it
Direct Me To Easy Streets
 0 ViewsRate it
Direct Threat 0 ViewsRate it
Disappointment 0 ViewsRate it
Discover The Meadowlarks
 0 ViewsRate it
Disengagement 0 ViewsRate it
Display The Clown 0 ViewsRate it
Distortions 0 ViewsRate it
Dive Into A Dewdrop
 0 ViewsRate it
Diversion 0 ViewsRate it
Divide The World In Two 0 ViewsRate it
Divided Slates Of America 0 ViewsRate it
Divine Attributes
 0 ViewsRate it
Divorce 0 ViewsRate it
Do It While You Can
 0 ViewsRate it
Do We Love Each Other Much? 0 ViewsRate it
Do-Gooding 0 ViewsRate it
Does The Question Have Answers? 0 ViewsRate it
Dog Days 0 ViewsRate it
Dog Star Sirius 0 ViewsRate it
Doing Well 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Argue With A Fool
 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Ask 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Assume I Like You 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Explain, Don't Complain 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Go Back To Sleep 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Make Yourself A Victim 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Negate Me
 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Say Grace 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Wait For Better Odds 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Wait To Die 0 ViewsRate it
Done While Driving 0 ViewsRate it
Double Bind
 0 ViewsRate it
Double Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Down To Earth 0 ViewsRate it
Drain The Swamp 0 ViewsRate it
Drama, Status And Stories (Haiku Verse) 0 ViewsRate it
Drama, Status And Stories (in Haiku verse) 0 ViewsRate it
Dream Of Me When You're Asleep 0 ViewsRate it
Dreaming 0 ViewsRate it
Dreams And Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
Dreams Really Can Come True
 0 ViewsRate it
Drop Your Silk Gown To The Floor
 0 ViewsRate it
Drosophila 0 ViewsRate it
Drowning Man 0 ViewsRate it
Ducks In A Row 0 ViewsRate it
Dumb It Down 0 ViewsRate it
Dumb Minds Smart Minds 0 ViewsRate it
Dust And Rust
 0 ViewsRate it
Dynamic Commitment
 0 ViewsRate it
Each The Other Gainsays 0 ViewsRate it
Each time Is The Time 0 ViewsRate it
Early In The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
Early Morning Passions 0 ViewsRate it
Earth Station 0 ViewsRate it
Easy Streets
 0 ViewsRate it
Eater Beater 0 ViewsRate it
Ebb And Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Ebbing Tides 0 ViewsRate it
Eccentric And Wise 0 ViewsRate it
Economics 101 0 ViewsRate it
Eggs 0 ViewsRate it
Egocentric Selfishness 0 ViewsRate it
Egotism Is Selfishness 0 ViewsRate it
Either Side 0 ViewsRate it
Embrace Oblivion 0 ViewsRate it
Emotion Or Volition 0 ViewsRate it
Emotional Vacuums 0 ViewsRate it
Emotions 0 ViewsRate it
Encyclopedic Pedants
 0 ViewsRate it
Ends And Means 0 ViewsRate it
Enigmas 0 ViewsRate it
Enjoy Cloud Nine 0 ViewsRate it
Enveloped 0 ViewsRate it
Epicurean Delight 0 ViewsRate it
Equal 0 ViewsRate it
Equal Worth 0 ViewsRate it
Equalizer 0 ViewsRate it
Equals 0 ViewsRate it
Erased By Waves 0 ViewsRate it
Erotic Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Euphemisms And Misnomers 0 ViewsRate it
Eve And Mary
 0 ViewsRate it
Even Though We Know it 0 ViewsRate it
Every Bee Has Its Bonnet
 0 ViewsRate it
Every Day's A Holiday
 0 ViewsRate it
Every Person Needs A Lift
 0 ViewsRate it
Every Unspent Penny 0 ViewsRate it
Everybody Lies, Tries, Cries and Dies 0 ViewsRate it
Everybody's Had A Past 0 ViewsRate it
Everyone's An Author
 0 ViewsRate it
Everything But Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Everything I've Ever Dreamed 0 ViewsRate it
Everything's Okay
 0 ViewsRate it
Evidence Shared 0 ViewsRate it
Evident 0 ViewsRate it
Exaggerate A Frown
 0 ViewsRate it
Excuses Keep You Handcuffed
 0 ViewsRate it
Expiration Date 0 ViewsRate it
Exquisite Design 0 ViewsRate it
Extra Mile 0 ViewsRate it
Extremes 0 ViewsRate it
Eye For Eye 0 ViewsRate it
Eye Of God
 0 ViewsRate it
Eye To Eye And Hand In Hand 0 ViewsRate it
Faces 0 ViewsRate it
Fading Dreams
 0 ViewsRate it
Fading Rave 0 ViewsRate it
Fail To Hear 0 ViewsRate it
Fair Principles 0 ViewsRate it
Fair Warning
 0 ViewsRate it
Faith 0 ViewsRate it
Faith And Doubt 0 ViewsRate it
Faith Has Inward Light 0 ViewsRate it
Faith Of Childhood 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Faithful Loving Friend 0 ViewsRate it
Faithfulness, Humility, Moderation 0 ViewsRate it
Fake It 0 ViewsRate it
Fall By Recall 0 ViewsRate it
Falling 0 ViewsRate it
Falling Snow 0 ViewsRate it
False Positives 0 ViewsRate it
False Security 0 ViewsRate it
Fame And Blame 0 ViewsRate it
Family Birds 0 ViewsRate it
Family Of Strangers 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy Of The Muse
 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy Of The Muse (in memory of Karen, my sister)
 0 ViewsRate it
Fancy-Free 0 ViewsRate it
Fantasy 0 ViewsRate it
Farewell Michael
 0 ViewsRate it
Fear The Dark 0 ViewsRate it
Feel The Loving Presence
 0 ViewsRate it
Feel The Presence 0 ViewsRate it
Feel The Presence After loss
 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Are Dancing 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Are Meant For Feeling 0 ViewsRate it
Feelings Slip Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Femininity 0 ViewsRate it
Few Worries Come True 0 ViewsRate it
Fiasco 0 ViewsRate it
Fickle Is The Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Fickle Tickle 0 ViewsRate it
Fidelity, Compulsion and Sleuth 0 ViewsRate it
Figment Of The Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Final Answer 0 ViewsRate it
Find Love 0 ViewsRate it
Find Selfworth 0 ViewsRate it
Fine Spun 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
First And Last 0 ViewsRate it
First Burst 0 ViewsRate it
First Chosen 0 ViewsRate it
First Cry To Last Tear 0 ViewsRate it
First Glance
 0 ViewsRate it
First Hand Witness 0 ViewsRate it
First Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
First Times 0 ViewsRate it
First-Hand Experience 0 ViewsRate it
Fish Don't Wear A Bathing Suit
 0 ViewsRate it
Fist Of Nature
 0 ViewsRate it
Flash Floods (Las Vegas 8.19.03) 0 ViewsRate it
Flight Announcement 0 ViewsRate it
Flight Plans (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
Flights Of Fancy 0 ViewsRate it
Flowers Beautify Our Lives
 0 ViewsRate it
Focus 0 ViewsRate it
Footnote 0 ViewsRate it
Footprints And Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
For Forever 0 ViewsRate it
For You 0 ViewsRate it
For You I Waited 0 ViewsRate it
For You I Would Sacrifice
 0 ViewsRate it
Forever Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
Forget, Forgive 0 ViewsRate it
Four Brothers In Business 0 ViewsRate it
Fourth Born Of The Litter 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Free Choice 0 ViewsRate it
Freedom Isn't Carefree 0 ViewsRate it
Freeze-Frame Slices 0 ViewsRate it
Frenzied Oceans 0 ViewsRate it
Fresh And New
 0 ViewsRate it
Fresh Brewed Coffee 0 ViewsRate it
Friends Don’t Give A Damn
 0 ViewsRate it
From Blades Of Grass To Galaxies
 0 ViewsRate it
From The Other Side 0 ViewsRate it
Frowzy 0 ViewsRate it
Fudge The Truth 0 ViewsRate it
Full Measure 0 ViewsRate it
Furry Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
Future Past 0 ViewsRate it
Gather Tiger Lilies
 0 ViewsRate it
Gavin's First Birthday 0 ViewsRate it
Genes 0 ViewsRate it
Genetic Link 0 ViewsRate it
Genuflect 0 ViewsRate it
Getting Rid Of What I Wanted 0 ViewsRate it
Gifts 0 ViewsRate it
Give And Take 0 ViewsRate it
Glamorous Forbidden Fruit
 0 ViewsRate it
Glitch 0 ViewsRate it
Gloss And Dross 0 ViewsRate it
Go Ahead And Break Bread
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
God Is 0 ViewsRate it
God Is An Aspirin 0 ViewsRate it
God Is In The Neighborhood
 0 ViewsRate it
God's Green Earth 0 ViewsRate it
God's Supermarket
 0 ViewsRate it
God's Unending Love 0 ViewsRate it
Godforsaken 0 ViewsRate it
Going Places 0 ViewsRate it
Golden Calf 0 ViewsRate it
Golden Trophy
 0 ViewsRate it
Gone Is The Familiar 0 ViewsRate it
Good And Right 0 ViewsRate it
Good Looks And Personality 0 ViewsRate it
Good Morning
 0 ViewsRate it
Good News Bad News 0 ViewsRate it
Goodbye 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Goombah 0 ViewsRate it
Goose Bumps And Hair Bristling 0 ViewsRate it
Goose Egg
 0 ViewsRate it
Grace 0 ViewsRate it
Grand Mosaic 0 ViewsRate it
Graveyard Shift 0 ViewsRate it
Gravity Theory 0 ViewsRate it
Great Is The Mystery 0 ViewsRate it
Great Romantics Say 0 ViewsRate it
Greatest Adventure 0 ViewsRate it
Greed 0 ViewsRate it
Grief And Relief
 0 ViewsRate it
Grocery Cart 0 ViewsRate it
Grounds 0 ViewsRate it
Guillotine 0 ViewsRate it
Half A Mind 0 ViewsRate it
Halloween 0 ViewsRate it
Halloween Dream 0 ViewsRate it
Hand Grenades 0 ViewsRate it
Hand-Wringing 0 ViewsRate it
Hands 0 ViewsRate it
Hanky Panky
 0 ViewsRate it
Hannah 0 ViewsRate it
Happiness Planet Wide
 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Hobby 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Or Not, Here It Comes 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Outlook
 0 ViewsRate it
Happy, Thankful and Content 0 ViewsRate it
Hard Times Token 0 ViewsRate it
Hard-Times Token 0 ViewsRate it
Harsh Realities 0 ViewsRate it
Have It All 0 ViewsRate it
Hawaiian Islands
 0 ViewsRate it
He Didn't Laugh Or Weep 0 ViewsRate it
He Died Of A Broken Heart 0 ViewsRate it
He Died Today
 0 ViewsRate it
He Took, She Gave 0 ViewsRate it
Heart Reasons
 0 ViewsRate it
Heartaches Slowly Numb
 0 ViewsRate it
Hearts On Fire 0 ViewsRate it
Hearts Set The Beat
 0 ViewsRate it
Heat Of Passion 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Held In Confidence 0 ViewsRate it
Hello And Cheerio
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Her Bones Had No Marrow 0 ViewsRate it
Her Features 0 ViewsRate it
Her Girly Amplitude
 0 ViewsRate it
Her Grace And Grandeur
 0 ViewsRate it
Hereafter 0 ViewsRate it
Hermeneutic Overload 0 ViewsRate it
Hi 0 ViewsRate it
Hide And Seek 0 ViewsRate it
Hieroglyphs And Petroglyphs 0 ViewsRate it
Hill And Dell 0 ViewsRate it
Hill Of Beans 0 ViewsRate it
Hill, Mountain And Sky 0 ViewsRate it
Hints 0 ViewsRate it
Hints Without Shadows 0 ViewsRate it
Hit The Switch 0 ViewsRate it
Hobgoblin 0 ViewsRate it
Hobson's Choice 0 ViewsRate it
Hog Heaven 0 ViewsRate it
Holding Her
 0 ViewsRate it
Holiday Eternal 0 ViewsRate it
Homeless In The Homeland 0 ViewsRate it
Homesick 0 ViewsRate it
Honeysuckle 0 ViewsRate it
Hootenannies 0 ViewsRate it
Hope 0 ViewsRate it
Hope, Faith And Trust 0 ViewsRate it
Horse Sense 1 0 ViewsRate it
Hot Tears
 0 ViewsRate it
How And What Do You Do? 0 ViewsRate it
How Brief Is Forever? 0 ViewsRate it
How Deep The River
 0 ViewsRate it
How Deep The River 2 0 ViewsRate it
How The Story Ends 0 ViewsRate it
How Vast The Canyon 0 ViewsRate it
How Weird The Ostrich 0 ViewsRate it
Human Race 0 ViewsRate it
Humility 0 ViewsRate it
Hypochondria 0 ViewsRate it
I Can't Explain Heart Reasons
 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Care How Brave You Are 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Want To Cry Alone 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Want To Dance Alone
 0 ViewsRate it
I Don't Want Your Money 0 ViewsRate it
I Ever Want You For A Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
I Find The Bed Is Empty and Think It Can't Be True
 0 ViewsRate it
I Grieve Alone 0 ViewsRate it
I Have Walked On City Streets 0 ViewsRate it
I Hope You Like Me As I Am 0 ViewsRate it
I Just Can't Believe It 0 ViewsRate it
I Know You Know
 0 ViewsRate it
I Know You Know I Like You 0 ViewsRate it
I Like Your Way 0 ViewsRate it
I Looked For You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Looked Into My Father's Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
I Love The Way You Thrill Me
 0 ViewsRate it
I Love You Now 0 ViewsRate it
I Love Your Kiss
 0 ViewsRate it
I Loved The Person I First Found 0 ViewsRate it
I Made It To The Starting Line 0 ViewsRate it
I Miss Missing You 0 ViewsRate it
I Miss You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Must Be 0 ViewsRate it
I Must Be My Own Friend
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Cared So Deeply
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Knew You
 0 ViewsRate it
I Never Loved So Deeply
 0 ViewsRate it
I Promise You 0 ViewsRate it
I Remember The First Glance 0 ViewsRate it
I See Me 0 ViewsRate it
I See You In The Shadows
 0 ViewsRate it
I Still Hear My Mother's Voice
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Get To Know
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Have It All 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Lift Your Spirit
 0 ViewsRate it
I Want To Write A Happy Song 0 ViewsRate it
I Will Not Resign 0 ViewsRate it
I'd Like To Do It Over 0 ViewsRate it
I'd Rather From Ten Stories Fall
 0 ViewsRate it
I'm Becoming More Like Me 0 ViewsRate it
I'm No What I Used To Be
 0 ViewsRate it
I'm Not What I Used To Be
 0 ViewsRate it
I've Been With Me So Long 0 ViewsRate it
If 0 ViewsRate it
If Dumb Were Dirt
 0 ViewsRate it
If I Had The Might And Power Of God
 0 ViewsRate it
If I Knew How I Would 0 ViewsRate it
If I Live One Thousand Years 0 ViewsRate it
If It Takes Forever 0 ViewsRate it
If It Were You 0 ViewsRate it
If It's Just A Game 0 ViewsRate it
If Love Could
 0 ViewsRate it
If There Be Any Virtue 0 ViewsRate it
If There Were No Santa Claus 0 ViewsRate it
If You Believe In Heaven
 0 ViewsRate it
If You Had Not Been Born
 0 ViewsRate it
If You Have A Penny 0 ViewsRate it
If You Love Her Let Her Know
 0 ViewsRate it
If You're Always 0 ViewsRate it
Illusions Of Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Images In My Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Impatience Is A Glower 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Impersonation 0 ViewsRate it
Importance 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream The Spirit's Free
 0 ViewsRate it
In A Dream The Spirt's Free
 0 ViewsRate it
In A Jar 0 ViewsRate it
In Common 0 ViewsRate it
In Escrow 0 ViewsRate it
In My Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
In Our Lives 0 ViewsRate it
In Spirit 0 ViewsRate it
In The Awe 0 ViewsRate it
In The End 0 ViewsRate it
In The Headlights Caught 0 ViewsRate it
In The Wings (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
In The World Of Fantasy 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Heart, Mind And Soul 0 ViewsRate it
In Your Mind 0 ViewsRate it
In-Between 0 ViewsRate it
Individuality 0 ViewsRate it
Infidel 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 1 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 2 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 3 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 4 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 5 0 ViewsRate it
Inglorious Destruction 6 0 ViewsRate it
Injustice Simply Boomerangs 0 ViewsRate it
Inside Out 0 ViewsRate it
Insomnia 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Internal Wonder
 0 ViewsRate it
Intuition 0 ViewsRate it
Is God Red, White And Blue? 0 ViewsRate it
Is It Really Chivalrous? 0 ViewsRate it
It All Comes Down To Money 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 1 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 2 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 3 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 5 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 6 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 7 0 ViewsRate it
It Can Make The Day 8 0 ViewsRate it
It Can't Be Said 0 ViewsRate it
It Feels Like Subversion 0 ViewsRate it
It Feels Like Ten Thousand Years 0 ViewsRate it
It Goes Without Saying 0 ViewsRate it
It Is A Fact 0 ViewsRate it
It Is Ironic 0 ViewsRate it
It Is Outrageous
 0 ViewsRate it
It Isn't Death That Kills You 0 ViewsRate it
It Isn't Love That Lures Us
 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 1 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 2 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 3 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 4 0 ViewsRate it
It Makes Me Crazy 5 0 ViewsRate it
It Seems To Take Forever 0 ViewsRate it
It's About Time 0 ViewsRate it
It's All About The Money 0 ViewsRate it
It's Just A Game 0 ViewsRate it
It's Just As Well That We Can't Tell 0 ViewsRate it
It's Never Easy 0 ViewsRate it
It's Your Birthday 0 ViewsRate it
Jail Tale 0 ViewsRate it
Jezebel 0 ViewsRate it
Joy Or Sacrifice 0 ViewsRate it
Jug Of Wine
 0 ViewsRate it
Juice Of Sunrise 0 ViewsRate it
Jujus 0 ViewsRate it
July Fourth 0 ViewsRate it
Junk Or Treasure 0 ViewsRate it
Just A Fling 0 ViewsRate it
Just Like Yesterday
 0 ViewsRate it
Just When I Think You're One Thing
 0 ViewsRate it
Jut Your Chin 0 ViewsRate it
Keep It 0 ViewsRate it
Kept Word 0 ViewsRate it
Kibosh By Gosh 0 ViewsRate it
Kiss The Sea
 0 ViewsRate it
Kitty Heaven (for Daisy) 0 ViewsRate it
Know For Sure 0 ViewsRate it
Know-It-All 0 ViewsRate it
Knowledge And Humor 0 ViewsRate it
Lackadaisical 0 ViewsRate it
Lakes Of Fire
 0 ViewsRate it
Lakes Of Fire October, 2003 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Has The Fun 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Strip 0 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Weather Lore 0 ViewsRate it
Lasso The Caribou 0 ViewsRate it
Last Leaving 0 ViewsRate it
Last Visible Thoughts Of You
 0 ViewsRate it
Last Word 0 ViewsRate it
Laugh Again
 0 ViewsRate it
Laughing Gas 0 ViewsRate it
Laughing Matters
 0 ViewsRate it
Laughter 0 ViewsRate it
Laughter Is Salutary 0 ViewsRate it
Layers Of The Onion 0 ViewsRate it
Lazy Minds 0 ViewsRate it
Learn To Love 0 ViewsRate it
Left To Guess 0 ViewsRate it
Left To Live 0 ViewsRate it
Legacies 0 ViewsRate it
Legislative Sludge 0 ViewsRate it
Lessons Learned From Loss And Losing 0 ViewsRate it
Let "Normal" Take A Rest 0 ViewsRate it
Let No One Steal Your Thunder
 0 ViewsRate it
Let The Healing Now Begin 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Begin Again
 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Face It 0 ViewsRate it
Libidinal Impulses
 0 ViewsRate it
Life Changing Events 0 ViewsRate it
Life Is Good 0 ViewsRate it
Life Is No Audition
 0 ViewsRate it
Life Review And Regret 0 ViewsRate it
Life To Death 0 ViewsRate it
Life's Improbable Drama 0 ViewsRate it
Life-Choice Menu 0 ViewsRate it
Lift The Spirit 0 ViewsRate it
Light Airy 0 ViewsRate it
Lightheartedness And Levity 0 ViewsRate it
Like A Vapor Trail 0 ViewsRate it
Like An Artifact 0 ViewsRate it
Like You 0 ViewsRate it
Lilacs In Her Hair
 0 ViewsRate it
Lily Took Her Final Nap 0 ViewsRate it
Listen To The Silence
 0 ViewsRate it
Little Things Are Big Things 0 ViewsRate it
Live Much
 0 ViewsRate it
Live With Intention 0 ViewsRate it
Lives As Stories 0 ViewsRate it
Living After Death 0 ViewsRate it
Living Death 0 ViewsRate it
Loathe Every Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Longer Living 0 ViewsRate it
Look At The Man Posing 0 ViewsRate it
Look At What Is Right 0 ViewsRate it
Look For The "Santa" Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Loopy Shrink
 0 ViewsRate it
Lord George And Lady Ellie 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In Light 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In My Neighborhood 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In Translation 0 ViewsRate it
Louder Than Words 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Like 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Money
 0 ViewsRate it
Love And Passion 0 ViewsRate it
Love Distorts Our Senses
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Is Forever (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Is Not A Lightswitch
 0 ViewsRate it
Love Life 0 ViewsRate it
Love Received 0 ViewsRate it
Love's Departure 0 ViewsRate it
Love, Joy, Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Lovers And Others 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Brothers
 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Chum 0 ViewsRate it
Loyal Chum (my cat)
 0 ViewsRate it
Lunatic 0 ViewsRate it
Lunatics And Maniacs
 0 ViewsRate it
Lupita (a ten year old angel) 0 ViewsRate it
Lust And Love 0 ViewsRate it
Lyrical Miracle 0 ViewsRate it
Magic Bullet Reveries
 0 ViewsRate it
Magnificent Awe 0 ViewsRate it
Make Each Moment Matter 0 ViewsRate it
Make It And Take It 0 ViewsRate it
Make Me Real 0 ViewsRate it
Make My Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Make/Do 0 ViewsRate it
Making Hay 0 ViewsRate it
Malaise 0 ViewsRate it
Mamma's Day
 0 ViewsRate it
Manifest God
 0 ViewsRate it
Many Experts Give Advice 0 ViewsRate it
Many Say You're Dead 0 ViewsRate it
May God Forgive My Youth 0 ViewsRate it
Maybe This Can Heal 0 ViewsRate it
Mayfly 0 ViewsRate it
Meanings 0 ViewsRate it
Meant To Be A Joke 0 ViewsRate it
Measured In Minutes 0 ViewsRate it
Media Overload 0 ViewsRate it
Medieval Times Much Was Like Today 0 ViewsRate it
Memoirs In The Journal 0 ViewsRate it
Memories Of You
 0 ViewsRate it
Mercy 0 ViewsRate it
Merely Living 0 ViewsRate it
Merrily We Roll Along 0 ViewsRate it
Metaphysical motifs 0 ViewsRate it
Methuselah, Methuselah (Folk tale and song) 0 ViewsRate it
Might And Power Of God 1 0 ViewsRate it
Might And Power Of God 2
 0 ViewsRate it
Miles By Land And Sea 0 ViewsRate it
Milk For The Mind
 0 ViewsRate it
Mind Readers 0 ViewsRate it
Mingling Planets 2003 0 ViewsRate it
Minor Miracles
 0 ViewsRate it
Mint And Free The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Miracle 0 ViewsRate it
Miracles And Hope 0 ViewsRate it
Misbegotten Scoundrel
 0 ViewsRate it
Misologies Exist 0 ViewsRate it
Missed Most 0 ViewsRate it
Moments For Forever
 0 ViewsRate it
Money Can Not Buy You Brains 0 ViewsRate it
Monotony Is Agony
 0 ViewsRate it
Moon Phases 0 ViewsRate it
Moralistic Servants
 0 ViewsRate it
More Or Less 0 ViewsRate it
More Than Once 0 ViewsRate it
Moses In A Basket 0 ViewsRate it
Mother Nature / Father Time 0 ViewsRate it
Mother's Day Kiss
 0 ViewsRate it
Mother's Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Mother’s Cranberry Sauce
 0 ViewsRate it
Motivations A 0 ViewsRate it
Motivations Z 0 ViewsRate it
Mountain Tops 0 ViewsRate it
Mutuality 0 ViewsRate it
My Cat And I (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) 0 ViewsRate it
My First Response
 0 ViewsRate it
My Sister Died Today,Karen Charlotte, 7/6/44 to 1/11/ 09
 0 ViewsRate it
Mystic Paradise 0 ViewsRate it
Name and Face 0 ViewsRate it
Nanoseconds and Gigaflops 0 ViewsRate it
Narcissistic Morning 0 ViewsRate it
Natural Laws Or Santa Claus 0 ViewsRate it
Natural Wonders
 0 ViewsRate it
Nature's Rampage 0 ViewsRate it
Nature's Supermarket 0 ViewsRate it
Need For Faith
 0 ViewsRate it
Need Love 0 ViewsRate it
Nefertiti 0 ViewsRate it
Neondart 0 ViewsRate it
Net Worth 0 ViewsRate it
Never Burst The Bubble 0 ViewsRate it
Never Hungry 0 ViewsRate it
Never Hungry, Never Full 0 ViewsRate it
Never Make Me Shed A Tear 0 ViewsRate it
Never Never 0 ViewsRate it
Never Touch The Heart
 0 ViewsRate it
New Year's Day 0 ViewsRate it
New Year's Resolutions
 0 ViewsRate it
News Can Make You Mad 0 ViewsRate it
News Reports 0 ViewsRate it
Nightmares With You
 0 ViewsRate it
Nine One One Two Thousand One 0 ViewsRate it
No Alibi 0 ViewsRate it
No Day To Lay Away 0 ViewsRate it
No Excuse For Ignorance 0 ViewsRate it
No Greater Loss 0 ViewsRate it
No Guarantee 0 ViewsRate it
No One Before Her 0 ViewsRate it
No One Before Him 0 ViewsRate it
No One Can Spell Mnemonic 0 ViewsRate it
No One Lives Here
 0 ViewsRate it
No One Lives Here Anymore
 0 ViewsRate it
No One Saw 0 ViewsRate it
No One Saw The Killing 0 ViewsRate it
No Rack For Your Hat
 0 ViewsRate it
No Santa Claus
 0 ViewsRate it
No Substitute 0 ViewsRate it
No Time For Humanity 0 ViewsRate it
No Where
 0 ViewsRate it
No Wonder 0 ViewsRate it
Noah 0 ViewsRate it
Noisy Is The Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Non Sequiturs 0 ViewsRate it
Noses Know 0 ViewsRate it
Noses Run In Any One 0 ViewsRate it
Not Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Not Now 0 ViewsRate it
Not One Horse To Ride
 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing Feels Quite Right 0 ViewsRate it
Now And Forever You're In My Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Now And Then 0 ViewsRate it
Now Dance 0 ViewsRate it
Now Is Always Here 0 ViewsRate it
Number Fun for the Little One 0 ViewsRate it
Number One 0 ViewsRate it
Ocean Moods
 0 ViewsRate it
Of Many Worries Few Come True 0 ViewsRate it
Of What Are You Sure 0 ViewsRate it
Off The Hook
 0 ViewsRate it
Off To See The World 0 ViewsRate it
Offspring Of Spring
 0 ViewsRate it
Oh My God
 0 ViewsRate it
Oh My God, When I Die
 0 ViewsRate it
Olympic Games 0 ViewsRate it
Omnipresence 0 ViewsRate it
On A Chilly Day They Are Warm Inside 0 ViewsRate it
On A Lighter Note
 0 ViewsRate it
On The Contrary 0 ViewsRate it
On The Ethers 0 ViewsRate it
On This Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
Once A Trust Is Broken 0 ViewsRate it
Once Again Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Once And Now
 0 ViewsRate it
Once Upon A Time 0 ViewsRate it
Once We Had Forever 0 ViewsRate it
One Glimpse
 0 ViewsRate it
One Glimpse Of Heaven
 0 ViewsRate it
One Grain 0 ViewsRate it
One Hundred Twelve In Las Vegas 0 ViewsRate it
One Last Fling 0 ViewsRate it
One Less 0 ViewsRate it
One Less "One To Love" 0 ViewsRate it
One Lifetime
 0 ViewsRate it
One More Tomorrow
 0 ViewsRate it
One Of Those Days 0 ViewsRate it
One Purchase Away
 0 ViewsRate it
One Source
 0 ViewsRate it
One Thousand Thoughts In Rhythm 0 ViewsRate it
One True Christian
 0 ViewsRate it
One Way Street 0 ViewsRate it
One Who Asks
 0 ViewsRate it
One Without The Other 0 ViewsRate it
Oneness 0 ViewsRate it
Only Imagine 0 ViewsRate it
Only Imagine 1000
 0 ViewsRate it
Only One True Christian
 0 ViewsRate it
Open Sewers, Bloated Rats 0 ViewsRate it
Open Windows 0 ViewsRate it
Opposites Stir Up A Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Orphans And Scions 0 ViewsRate it
Our Complement
 0 ViewsRate it
Our Word 0 ViewsRate it
Out On A Limb
 0 ViewsRate it
Outstanding Disappointment 0 ViewsRate it
Own Life 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Oxymoron 0 ViewsRate it
Packing Her Bags 0 ViewsRate it
Paella In The Skillet
 0 ViewsRate it
Pain You Feel 0 ViewsRate it
Paint The Canvass Of Your Days 0 ViewsRate it
Paint With Mental Strokes
 0 ViewsRate it
Pardon 0 ViewsRate it
Parting Thoughts 0 ViewsRate it
Parting Thoughts 2 0 ViewsRate it
Pay The Dividend 0 ViewsRate it
Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Pearls 1 0 ViewsRate it
Pearls 2 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Peeves 0 ViewsRate it
Pen The Verse 0 ViewsRate it
Penelope 0 ViewsRate it
Penultimate Split Seconds 0 ViewsRate it
People I Admire
 0 ViewsRate it
People In Your Life 0 ViewsRate it
People Think About You 0 ViewsRate it
People We Like 0 ViewsRate it
Perfect Mate 0 ViewsRate it
Perhaps Now This Will Last 0 ViewsRate it
Person Of The Year 0 ViewsRate it
Perspective 0 ViewsRate it
Peter Pan 0 ViewsRate it
Philistines 0 ViewsRate it
Pick A Crayon
 0 ViewsRate it
Pick A Flower 0 ViewsRate it
Picture Imperfect 0 ViewsRate it
Picture Something Great 0 ViewsRate it
Pie In The Sky
 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Pigeon Or Widgeon 0 ViewsRate it
Pigeonhole 0 ViewsRate it
Pills And Dills 0 ViewsRate it
Ping Pong People 0 ViewsRate it
Ping Pong People 2 0 ViewsRate it
Placebo 0 ViewsRate it
Plans And Outcomes 0 ViewsRate it
Platonic 0 ViewsRate it
Playgound Bullies On The Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
Playground Bullies On The Leader Board (please rate) 0 ViewsRate it
Playright Divine 0 ViewsRate it
Playwright Divine
 0 ViewsRate it
Pleasant Surprises 0 ViewsRate it
Please Yourself
 0 ViewsRate it
Poetic Justice 0 ViewsRate it
Poetic Justice* 0 ViewsRate it
Politics Per Se 0 ViewsRate it
Polyvalence 0 ViewsRate it
Pope John Paul II 4-2-05 0 ViewsRate it
Popeye's Spinach 0 ViewsRate it
Popinjay 0 ViewsRate it
Portraits Of Life August 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Precious Living Moments Memory Won't Forsake
 0 ViewsRate it
Preemption 0 ViewsRate it
Prelapsarian Time 0 ViewsRate it
Preoccupied 0 ViewsRate it
Prickly Pears 0 ViewsRate it
Prime The Pump
 0 ViewsRate it
Progeny 0 ViewsRate it
Projection 0 ViewsRate it
Promises 0 ViewsRate it
Pruning 0 ViewsRate it
Psalm One 0 ViewsRate it
Pure Void 0 ViewsRate it
Queen Anne's Lace
 0 ViewsRate it
Query Finds No Answers 0 ViewsRate it
Questions About Duality 0 ViewsRate it
Questions Are In Question 0 ViewsRate it
Quidnuncs 0 ViewsRate it
Quixotic 0 ViewsRate it
Rain Falls 0 ViewsRate it
Rain Falls On Everyone 0 ViewsRate it
Rainbows 0 ViewsRate it
Rainbows Fade Away
 0 ViewsRate it
Raves And Waves 0 ViewsRate it
Reactions 0 ViewsRate it
Real Love Is Rare
 0 ViewsRate it
Realism Of The Cynic 0 ViewsRate it
Rearview Mirror 0 ViewsRate it
Recalling Board Members 0 ViewsRate it
Recipe 0 ViewsRate it
Red Flags 0 ViewsRate it
Redeem A Royal Flush
 0 ViewsRate it
Reflections 0 ViewsRate it
Relationships 0 ViewsRate it
Represent The Prayer 0 ViewsRate it
Retraction, Redemption and Largesse 0 ViewsRate it
Return The Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Reunions 0 ViewsRate it
Revisit The Stone Age 0 ViewsRate it
Rhyme Or Reason 0 ViewsRate it
Ricochets 0 ViewsRate it
Riddle From The Inquest 0 ViewsRate it
Rise And Fall In Love
 0 ViewsRate it
Rivers Of Life Must Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Roads 0 ViewsRate it
Rock Of Trust 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Roman Holiday 0 ViewsRate it
Romance Is Not For Cravens 0 ViewsRate it
Romance Is Sublime (spoof) 0 ViewsRate it
Room For Change 0 ViewsRate it
Routines 0 ViewsRate it
Running Shoes 0 ViewsRate it
Saint Valentine's Day 0 ViewsRate it
Salty Lips
 0 ViewsRate it
Salute The Veterans Of War
 0 ViewsRate it
Save Your Face
 0 ViewsRate it
Scattered 0 ViewsRate it
Scents Of A Women 0 ViewsRate it
Schadenfreude 0 ViewsRate it
Scroll Back In Your Memories
 0 ViewsRate it
Scumble 0 ViewsRate it
Scythes, Boomerangs and Wingspans (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
Secret Lesion
 0 ViewsRate it
Secrets 0 ViewsRate it
See The Invisible 0 ViewsRate it
Seeing Your Full Reflection 0 ViewsRate it
Senectitude 0 ViewsRate it
Sensory Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Sentenced For Life 0 ViewsRate it
Separate Lives
 0 ViewsRate it
Serendipity 0 ViewsRate it
Seven Wonders Of The World Plus One 0 ViewsRate it
Shades Of White, Shades Of Black 0 ViewsRate it
Sham 0 ViewsRate it
She Is Gone Forever
 0 ViewsRate it
She Is My Happy Hobby
 0 ViewsRate it
Ship Movement 0 ViewsRate it
Silence 0 ViewsRate it
Silent Knocking
 0 ViewsRate it
Simply Darkness Now 0 ViewsRate it
Since You The Kiss Is Sweeter 0 ViewsRate it
Singleness Of Purpose 0 ViewsRate it
Skin Deep
 0 ViewsRate it
Sky Moods (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
Slaughter On The Campus (Virginia Tech) 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep Grants A Getaway 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep The Night Away 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep Well Tonight (A Lullaby) 0 ViewsRate it
Sleepless Dream
 0 ViewsRate it
Sleepless Dream Of Doubt Or Hope
 0 ViewsRate it
Slice-Of-Life 0 ViewsRate it
Slog Out Of Your Bog 0 ViewsRate it
Small Stuff
 0 ViewsRate it
Snow Has A Ball 0 ViewsRate it
So Very Long 0 ViewsRate it
Soaring Solo 0 ViewsRate it
Solstice 0 ViewsRate it
Some And Others 0 ViewsRate it
Some Will Live 0 ViewsRate it
Someone For Everyone 0 ViewsRate it
Something For Nothing 0 ViewsRate it
Something Happy This Way Comes
 0 ViewsRate it
Sotto Voce And Eyeball Roll 0 ViewsRate it
Soulsight 0 ViewsRate it
Space In Your Head 0 ViewsRate it
Space Shuttle Columbia 0 ViewsRate it
Spanking New Courtesans 0 ViewsRate it
Specters On The Waters 0 ViewsRate it
Spin Doctor, Spin 0 ViewsRate it
Spin On Truth 0 ViewsRate it
Spirit Cache
 0 ViewsRate it
Splattered On The Ocean
 0 ViewsRate it
Splendors Unfolding
 0 ViewsRate it
Spring Frost 0 ViewsRate it
Squeamish 0 ViewsRate it
Stand Up And Take A Stand 0 ViewsRate it
Stars Of The Darkness
 0 ViewsRate it
Stay Forever Young 0 ViewsRate it
Stay In Touch
 0 ViewsRate it
Stealing Milk From Blind Cows 0 ViewsRate it
Stepping Stones
 0 ViewsRate it
Sticks 0 ViewsRate it
Still A Mystery 0 ViewsRate it
Still Active 0 ViewsRate it
Still And Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Stock-In-Trade For Politicians 0 ViewsRate it
Strangers 0 ViewsRate it
Stream Of Consciousness 0 ViewsRate it
Stretch The Truth 0 ViewsRate it
String Bikini 0 ViewsRate it
Strings 0 ViewsRate it
Strip Search
 0 ViewsRate it
Strong Desires Hush Too Soon
 0 ViewsRate it
Substance Of Things Hoped For*
 0 ViewsRate it
Subtle Changes 0 ViewsRate it
Subtle Reminders 0 ViewsRate it
Sudden Change 0 ViewsRate it
Suffer The Children 0 ViewsRate it
Sugar Pill 0 ViewsRate it
Suicide Is Permanent 0 ViewsRate it
Sunny Sky Smiles 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine Glazed The Planet
 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine Mountains 0 ViewsRate it
Supermarket Shelves 0 ViewsRate it
Surprises Can Hurt 0 ViewsRate it
Suspend The Babel 0 ViewsRate it
Svengali 0 ViewsRate it
Swan Song 0 ViewsRate it
Swim Or Float Or Drown
 0 ViewsRate it
Synecdoche 0 ViewsRate it
Tabula Rasa 0 ViewsRate it
Tacit Teaching 0 ViewsRate it
Take A Trip
 0 ViewsRate it
Take Center Stage Once More
 0 ViewsRate it
Taken For Granted 0 ViewsRate it
Talk Is Cheap 0 ViewsRate it
Talk Of Idyllic Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Talking To The Wall 0 ViewsRate it
Tears No Longer Flow 0 ViewsRate it
Template 0 ViewsRate it
Ten (Commandments) Rules
 0 ViewsRate it
Terror In The Name Of God 0 ViewsRate it
Terror Struck 0 ViewsRate it
Test Of Time 0 ViewsRate it
Thanks For The Fantasy 0 ViewsRate it
Thanksgiving Day 0 ViewsRate it
The Cabin 0 ViewsRate it
The City Falls 0 ViewsRate it
The Collapse Of An Illusion 0 ViewsRate it
The Critic 0 ViewsRate it
The Crooks Next Door 0 ViewsRate it
The Date Was Not Worth Keeping
 0 ViewsRate it
The Deaf Shrink
 0 ViewsRate it
The Dog That Doesn't Bark
 0 ViewsRate it
The Fault Line 0 ViewsRate it
The First Time
 0 ViewsRate it
The First Time You Make Love 0 ViewsRate it
The Flophouse Code 0 ViewsRate it
The King Is Pawn
 0 ViewsRate it
The Man In The Moon Is Santa Claus 0 ViewsRate it
The Mystic Has Reasons 0 ViewsRate it
The Rockies 0 ViewsRate it
The Same Way You Love God 0 ViewsRate it
The Secret 0 ViewsRate it
The Stars Of The Dark
 0 ViewsRate it
The Stock Market 0 ViewsRate it
The Sun Rose 0 ViewsRate it
The Sunray Still Shines 0 ViewsRate it
The Things We Are We Keep 0 ViewsRate it
Their Very Best
 0 ViewsRate it
There Are Times We Need A Mother
 0 ViewsRate it
There Is No Recall 0 ViewsRate it
There Is Substance In The Shadow 0 ViewsRate it
There Must Be A Connection
 0 ViewsRate it
These To My Callers Are Presents 0 ViewsRate it
They Left Nothing At All 0 ViewsRate it
They Say 0 ViewsRate it
They Took Nothing At All 0 ViewsRate it
They Wait To Be Discovered 0 ViewsRate it
They Won't Be Home Tonight (Memorial Day, 2007) 0 ViewsRate it
Think About God
 0 ViewsRate it
Third Party Start 0 ViewsRate it
This Time I Hope
 0 ViewsRate it
This Very Leader Board 0 ViewsRate it
This Very Moment 0 ViewsRate it
Threads, Fabrics and Yarns 0 ViewsRate it
Three Days In One 0 ViewsRate it
Three Hundred Million, Population USA 0 ViewsRate it
Three Word Letter
 0 ViewsRate it
Through A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
Through The Eyes Of A Child
 0 ViewsRate it
Tightfisted Takers 0 ViewsRate it
Till The End 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Time Flies and Devours All Things (tempus fugit et edax rerum) 0 ViewsRate it
Timelessness 0 ViewsRate it
Times Of Your Life 0 ViewsRate it
Timing 0 ViewsRate it
Timing Is Everything 0 ViewsRate it
To Be Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
To Enslave
 0 ViewsRate it
To Know You 0 ViewsRate it
To Know You (Haiku)
 0 ViewsRate it
To Make Your Being Well 0 ViewsRate it
To Your Well Being
 0 ViewsRate it
Toast To Living 0 ViewsRate it
Today I Will Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Together 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow Is Today 0 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow Will Be Better
 0 ViewsRate it
Tongue In Cheek 0 ViewsRate it
Too Close To Call 0 ViewsRate it
Too Private For Words 0 ViewsRate it
Too Tall To Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Too This Too That
 0 ViewsRate it
Too Weak To Be Sorry 0 ViewsRate it
Tooth Ache 0 ViewsRate it
Toss The Rope
 0 ViewsRate it
Toss Your Cautions To The Wind 0 ViewsRate it
Trade To Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Tradfe To Memory
 0 ViewsRate it
Trillion Dollar Bailout 10/03/2008 0 ViewsRate it
Triumph In His Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Truditur Dies Die 0 ViewsRate it
True Color 0 ViewsRate it
True Conviction 0 ViewsRate it
True Friendships Last A Lifetime
 0 ViewsRate it
Trust 0 ViewsRate it
Trust Your Organism 0 ViewsRate it
Truth And Reality 0 ViewsRate it
Truth Or Lie
 0 ViewsRate it
Truth's Found Within Yourself
 0 ViewsRate it
Tsunami Tragedy (2005) 0 ViewsRate it
Twenty Four Hours 0 ViewsRate it
Ubiquity 0 ViewsRate it
Ulterior Motives 0 ViewsRate it
Ultimate Adventure
 0 ViewsRate it
Unassembled 0 ViewsRate it
Unassembled Snowmen
 0 ViewsRate it
Unbelief 0 ViewsRate it
Under A Big Gallows Tree
 0 ViewsRate it
Under The Bed 0 ViewsRate it
Undo Unkindness 0 ViewsRate it
Uninvited Thoughts Pop Up 0 ViewsRate it
Universal Time 0 ViewsRate it
Unlearn, Unteach, Unspurn, Unleash
 0 ViewsRate it
Unlike You 0 ViewsRate it
Unlimited Perfection 0 ViewsRate it
Unlit Candles Give No Light
 0 ViewsRate it
Unrestricted Spirit
 0 ViewsRate it
Unspoken Promise
 0 ViewsRate it
Until Every Hope Is Gone 0 ViewsRate it
Until The Monsoon Cometh 0 ViewsRate it
Unwittingly Condoned 0 ViewsRate it
Upside Down 0 ViewsRate it
Valentine, February 14
 0 ViewsRate it
Vaults Of The Firmament
 0 ViewsRate it
Velcro And Teflon 0 ViewsRate it
Venomous Bites And Stings 0 ViewsRate it
Very Soon I'll Stand Alone 0 ViewsRate it
Veteran's Day 0 ViewsRate it
Vicarious Encounters
 0 ViewsRate it
Vicious Winds 0 ViewsRate it
Virtual Reality 0 ViewsRate it
Vitruvian Man
 0 ViewsRate it
Voracious Time 0 ViewsRate it
Vote 0 ViewsRate it
Vote For The Lesser E 0 ViewsRate it
Vote For The Lesser Evil 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Wake Up Glad 0 ViewsRate it
War And Peace 0 ViewsRate it
War Or Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Water Haul 0 ViewsRate it
Ways To Praise 0 ViewsRate it
We Are These People 1 0 ViewsRate it
We Are These People 2 0 ViewsRate it
We Cannot Stand Apart 0 ViewsRate it
We Choose Most Everything 0 ViewsRate it
We Dared To Love
 0 ViewsRate it
We Didn't Love Each Other Much
 0 ViewsRate it
We Don't Believe It 0 ViewsRate it
We Have A Purpose
 0 ViewsRate it
We Have Our Love Today
 0 ViewsRate it
We Know When We Die
 0 ViewsRate it
We Left 0 ViewsRate it
We Often Feign The Unknown 0 ViewsRate it
We Still Say "I Love You"
 0 ViewsRate it
Weather Senses 0 ViewsRate it
Web Of Time 0 ViewsRate it
Wedlock And Hemlock 0 ViewsRate it
Well Kept Resolutions 0 ViewsRate it
Well Kept Resolutions (The New Year Intention) 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz* 1 0 ViewsRate it
Weltschmerz* 2 0 ViewsRate it
What Is All This Stuff? 0 ViewsRate it
What My Head Already Knows
 0 ViewsRate it
What My Heart Already Knows
 0 ViewsRate it
What We Hate 0 ViewsRate it
What We Share
 0 ViewsRate it
What We Want 0 ViewsRate it
What Would Happen If, Congressional Fancy 0 ViewsRate it
What You Want 0 ViewsRate it
What's The Point Of Living? 0 ViewsRate it
When I Must Say Goodbye
 0 ViewsRate it
When I Think You're One Thing 0 ViewsRate it
When It's Over 0 ViewsRate it
When Love Is Real 0 ViewsRate it
When Romance Dies
 0 ViewsRate it
When Someone You Love Is Gone
 0 ViewsRate it
When We're Well 0 ViewsRate it
When You Breathe
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Came Into My Life 0 ViewsRate it
When You Can't Go On 0 ViewsRate it
When You Feel In The Pits 0 ViewsRate it
When You Hate Someone You Love
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Hold Me In Your Arms I Feel Like I'm At Home
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Say "I Love You" 0 ViewsRate it
When You Say I Love You
 0 ViewsRate it
When You Sneeze 0 ViewsRate it
When You've Done All You Can Do 0 ViewsRate it
Whenever You’re Not There
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Does It Go
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Is God 0 ViewsRate it
Where The Heck Is Heaven? 0 ViewsRate it
Where The Hell Is Heaven?
 0 ViewsRate it
Where Youth Are Sent To Die 0 ViewsRate it
Whether Tomorrow, Whether Today 0 ViewsRate it
Which Is Which 0 ViewsRate it
While Lonely You're Not Alone
 0 ViewsRate it
Whirling Pinwheel
 0 ViewsRate it
Whiskers and Paws 0 ViewsRate it
Whistle In The Dark 0 ViewsRate it
Who Are You Cheering? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Rents Space In Your Head? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Turns On The Light? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Be There When You Sing? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Slake The Hunger?
 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Tell The Story? 0 ViewsRate it
Who Will Tell The Story? (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
Who's In Control 0 ViewsRate it
Whoop-De-Do 0 ViewsRate it
Why I Write 0 ViewsRate it
Why I Write My Poems
 0 ViewsRate it
Why They Lie 0 ViewsRate it
Widow's Cruse 0 ViewsRate it
Wild-Goose Chase 0 ViewsRate it
Will The Cycle Be Unbroken? 0 ViewsRate it
Will We Meet Once More?
 0 ViewsRate it
Willy-Nilly 0 ViewsRate it
Win Or Lose We Pick And Choose 0 ViewsRate it
Wise Men Get Away 0 ViewsRate it
Wishes For You 0 ViewsRate it
Wishy-washy 0 ViewsRate it
With Me
 0 ViewsRate it
Word Impact 0 ViewsRate it
Wordplay 0 ViewsRate it
Words 0 ViewsRate it
Words You Can't Recall 0 ViewsRate it
Would A Billion Change Your Life? 0 ViewsRate it
Wounded, Just Beings Reap 0 ViewsRate it
Wrong Or Right With Me 0 ViewsRate it
Yarns, Hands, Tears And Touch 0 ViewsRate it
Yes We Can Obama Man 0 ViewsRate it
Yes, I Know You Love Me 0 ViewsRate it
Yet The Sun Still Shines 0 ViewsRate it
You 0 ViewsRate it
You Always Seem Attentive 0 ViewsRate it
You Always Watched Out For My Good
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Fresh And New
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Illustrious
 0 ViewsRate it
You Are Transparent (10)
 0 ViewsRate it
You Bag My Tea
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can Fully Trust 0 ViewsRate it
You Can Only Imagine
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can't Get Fat On That
 0 ViewsRate it
You Can't Start Sooner Than Now
 0 ViewsRate it
You Could Pick A Reprobate 0 ViewsRate it
You Could Win And Still Lose 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Have To Be Happy 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Know 1 0 ViewsRate it
You Don't Know 2 0 ViewsRate it
You Know Me So Very Well
 0 ViewsRate it
You Must Be A Magician
 0 ViewsRate it
You Must Be Kidding 0 ViewsRate it
You Of You 0 ViewsRate it
You Taught Me All My Heart Could Feel 0 ViewsRate it
You Taught Me How My Heart Could Feel
 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't I Love You
 0 ViewsRate it
You Thought I Couldn't Love You
 0 ViewsRate it
You Will Not Be Close Enough (1000)
 0 ViewsRate it
You Won't Be Forgotten
 0 ViewsRate it
You're A Cockroach 0 ViewsRate it
You're In Charge 0 ViewsRate it
You're My Acclamation 0 ViewsRate it
You're Never Hard To Find 0 ViewsRate it
You're One Of A Kind 0 ViewsRate it
You're Right 0 ViewsRate it
Young Tarts, Old Farts
 0 ViewsRate it
Your Better Side 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheating Chart 1 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheating Chart 2 0 ViewsRate it
Your Cheek Rests On My Shoulder
 0 ViewsRate it
Your Enemy 0 ViewsRate it
Your Memoirs 0 ViewsRate it
Your Mental Gate 0 ViewsRate it
Your Mind Can Make You Happy 0 ViewsRate it
Your Own Backyard
 0 ViewsRate it
Your Remaining Years 0 ViewsRate it
Your Return 0 ViewsRate it
Your Silence 0 ViewsRate it
Your Siren Song 0 ViewsRate it
Your Way On Earth
 0 ViewsRate it
Zeitgeber 0 ViewsRate it
Zephyr Breeze
 0 ViewsRate it
Zero Can Go Wrong
 0 ViewsRate it

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