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Abyss of Addiction
by Maxwell "Max" Sebastian Burchett

In every street and town
Poisons abound
Tricking the mind
Destroying the brain

Some seek it out
For cheaper effect
But have to pay with their bodies
And pay with their lives

Unwittingly lured
By a false sense of escape
Becoming victims
To an insidious grip

Drugs, nothing new, in times past
In shadows it thrived, the silent foe
Unseen, ever present in varied forms
Still claiming lives, shattering dreams

Still the silent whisper beckons
Drug allure persists, a Siren’s song
Promising solace, momentary bliss
But the price of escape, greater suffering and death

Generation to generation, the cycle repeats
Drugs evolve, taking on different disguises
Still offering refuge from life’s defeats
But devastation and darkness, all the same

Victims seeking a way to battle their demons
The drug becomes a demon itself
Then finally, the addicts only friend
Their deadly companion to life’s end

About this poem

"Abyss of Addiction" is a poem by Max Burchett that delves into the harrowing world of substance abuse and its devastating consequences. It paints the grim picture of our society where poisons masquerade as solace, enticing individuals into a treacherous path of self-destruction. This poem explores the deceptive allure of drugs, which promise fleeting moments of escape but ultimately exact a heavy toll of suffering and death.

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Written on May 26, 2023

Submitted by MaxwellBurchett on May 28, 2023

Modified by MaxwellBurchett on August 20, 2023

48 sec read

Maxwell Sebastian Burchett

Maxwell "Max" Sebastian Burchett is president of the charity Golden Hearts that provides support to Ukrainian war refugees. He originated the "Good Day" concept and is leading the campaign to establish "Good Day" as a designated day, nationally recognized as "a day for doing a little extra good." Max is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. His writing interests include fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Most recently Max has included in his poetry and non-fiction publications themes developed from his work with Ukrainian war refugees. His poetry style has been influenced by the greats, including Frost, Elliot, Poe and Whitman. Max's short story “Covid Love” was featured in the July 2023, 111th issue of 34thParallel Magazine (34thparallel.net). His novel on post-Putin Russia “Red Star Rising” is being released as serial episodes on Kindle and an anthology of his poems will be released later this year. Max Burchett and his brother started delivering food and letters of encouragement to staff at local hospitals during covid, and that grew into the charity Golden Hearts. After covid the charity’s efforts were refocused on helping Ukrainian war refugees, and the homeless, who are basically refugees in their own country. His observations from work with war refugees and the homeless have led him to write stories and songs that attempt to convey the situation to a broader audience. more…

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Discuss the poem "Abyss of Addiction" with the community...

  • The_Luo_Poet
    I love the poem..very touching.
    LikeReply 120 days ago
    • MaxwellBurchett
      Thanks!! I appreciate your comment and glad you like my poem! Max
      LikeReply 118 days ago
  • chanseuserenivbifamomc2
    That is your way!!!
    LikeReply 222 days ago
  • luisestable1
    A poem that rings true even more now with what is happening to so many young people..
    The language is clear in what it wants to say, nothing confusing or ambivalent about it. It is a big problem with society and with the so many looking for a way to escape reality only to destroy their lives that quite often end in death. 
    LikeReply 422 days ago
    • MaxwellBurchett
      Thanks for your comments, Luis! Yes, a big problem for society, and getting worse it seems. And now fentanyl is increasing the overdose deaths. Sad situation.
      LikeReply 322 days ago
  • vandhana_k
    What happens, only an item knows inside.
    LikeReply 229 days ago
  • karlcfolkes
    Woe is human society! When the poison taken for our maladies is a cure and the cure offered by societies is itself is a poison, then we’ve truly entered an abyss of eternal addiction. Such is the state of Paradise Lost. 
    LikeReply 31 month ago
  • ritchiechelle
    This is extremely thought provoking and touching
    LikeReply 31 month ago
  • geoffnet2000
    The true decadence of a failed state, as with every failed nation through out history, seems destined to happen over and over. Every thing is drained from the lowest of our society to be the riches of others. Some say its the only true evil of capitalism. Once a person can no longer provide for themselves, even though they work 50 to 60 hrs a week. They can not afford a simple studio to live in. It robs them of any ability to feel a simple worth , the poisons give them that deathly relief of care. Are we to far gone? 
    LikeReply 41 month ago
    • MaxwellBurchett
      Sort of the Soma for the Epsilons in the Huxley novel.
      LikeReply 41 month ago
  • robertg.73901
    Maxwell: I’ve pondered the potential consequences of writing this, but I do feel this work of yours is less a poem than a polemic, and conceptually a fairly tired one at that. It’s a strident voice all right, and not a little preachy. I’ve tried to discover what is the art or craft here, and still can’t. Consider T S Eliot’s admonition to find an objective correlative, some object or person that is emblematic and perhaps symbolic of the circumstance that is engaging your emotions. Show us Bob the addict and what his life is like. Your telling smacks too much of the pulpit, and I don’t think that’s what poetry ultimately is. Just saying, with respect, because there is a poem in here waiting to be born and likely an important one. Robert Graham 
    LikeReply1 month ago
    • riskx
      This was just putting to words what I observe is destroying people. And something that seems to be getting worse.
      LikeReply 31 month ago
    • robertg.73901
      Maxwell, I did preface my comments by saying I had considered what their potential consequences might be, and as I feared, they were hurtful. My own language was strident when I should have been providing constructive criticism. For that, I sincerely apologize. I am clearly mistaken about the nature of a website like this and will immediately cease contributing to it. I wish you well in all your writing endeavours. 
      LikeReply1 month ago
    • riskx
      Hi, it's no problem. And no apology needed. Best to you there.
      LikeReply 41 month ago
  • donka_k
    A very powerful poem that takes the reader right into the death trap of addiction. I almost shuddered reading it. "Siren's song" ... the images make the experience real.
    LikeReply 41 month ago
    • riskx
      Thank you!! I appreciate your comment!
      LikeReply 31 month ago
  • talygarza
    I liked it but it feels pretty dark, anyway it reflects that problem with drugs addictions so near of our daily lives.
    LikeReply 31 month ago
    • riskx
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, a rather dark subject. And a growing problem, unfortunately.
      LikeReply 41 month ago
  • briannafranklin160
    Love this... feels so true .
    LikeReply 31 month ago
    • riskx
      Thanks, Brianna! Glad you like my poem!
      LikeReply 31 month ago
  • cokerrogers
    I just lost my brother to addiction last year and I’ve battled and am still battling although I’m clean. Just one hour ago I was talking to a friend I haven’t spoke to since my brothers death ,who is like a brother to me also, texted me and our conversation led to tears and the reality of being addicted to that demon. I’m looking at this poem as a blessing considering the details of the conversation I had with my friend Joey but just know that this really is a wonderful poem and it serves as more than art to the right reader. Take care and I wish you well in all of your admirable endeavors sir. 
    LikeReply 32 months ago
    • riskx
      My condolence to you on the loss of your brother. I'm glad to hear that you've escaped the demon, although I realize it is a continual battle. Hang in there!!! I don't know the solution, but help from friends is probably a big part. And I'm glad you found my poem meaningful. I wrote it just for this purpose; as something that might be helpful to someone to avoid addiction or to escape it. Wishing you and your friend Joey the best, Max 
      LikeReply 42 months ago
  • lorlor
    this poem makes everything real. It gives a face to an evil. It makes drugs understandable as a villain lurking in the darkness. I wish poems like this didn't have to be written, but they do. This poem is so beautiful. 
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • riskx
      Thank you, Lorelei!
      LikeReply 32 months ago
  • BDFRichmond
    Great poem, Maxwell! As the "Siren's song ... becomes a Demon" is such a powerful image and potential warning to those who might look to drugs for a momentary escape. Thanks for writing this -- and keep up the good work! 
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • riskx
      Thanks for your comments, Brian!
      LikeReply 32 months ago
  • vandhana_k
    Looking up at the sky and smiling.
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • riskx
      Thanks for commenting, Vandhana!
      LikeReply 32 months ago
    • cokerrogers
      LikeReply 32 months ago
  • riskx
    Audio track of poem
    LikeReply 32 months ago
    • riskx
      Hope you like it!
      LikeReply 21 month ago
  • riskx
    Thanks for the Likes and Following!
    LikeReply 42 months ago
  • AIDA
    Wow, what a powerful and evocative poem! "Abyss of Addiction" perfectly captures the devastating and vicious cycle of substance abuse. The use of strong and emotive language paints a vivid picture of the harmful effects drugs can have on individuals and communities. The repetition of lines and the use of metaphors like the "silent whisper beckoning" and the drug becoming a "demon itself" add depth and complexity to the poem.

    I especially appreciate how the poem acknowledges that addiction is not a new problem, but one that continues to evolve and take on different disguises. It highlights the urgency of addressing this issue and reminds us that even in the face of progress and advancement, the destructive power of addiction persists.

    The poem's tone is both somber and hopeful. It shines a light on the dark realities of addiction, yet it also serves as a call to action and a reminder that support and understanding are crucial for those battling their demons. It invites readers to empathize with those struggling with addiction and raises important questions about societal responsibility.

    Overall, "Abyss of Addiction" is a thought-provoking and compelling piece of poetry that tackles a challenging and complex topic with grace and skill. It leaves a lasting impression and reminds us of the importance of compassion and awareness in addressing addiction. Well done!
    LikeReply 32 months ago
  • vandhana_k
    Good source.
    LikeReply 32 months ago
    • riskx
      Good Morning Vandhana, Thank you for your kind comment. Max
      LikeReply 22 months ago
  • ritchiechelle
    A good poem focusing on such a prevalent issue in this current society. I myself have been through addiction. Would love to here your comments on ODE TO A JUNKIE
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • riskx
      Liked your poems! And a salute to you for your breaking addiction!!
      LikeReply 32 months ago
  • AIDA
    Well done on writing such a raw and thought-provoking piece on the 'Abyss of Addiction' Maxwell! Your poem brings to light an issue that many people face on a daily basis - the destructive power of addiction. Your use of language and metaphors truly captures the insidious grip that drugs can have on an individual's life.

    One suggestion I would make is to perhaps delve a bit deeper into the psychological aspect of addiction. You touch on the false sense of escape that drugs offer, but exploring further into the reasons why individuals turn to drugs to cope with their demons could add another layer to your poem. Additionally, it might be interesting to reflect on the societal factors that contribute to the widespread availability of drugs.

    Overall, your poem is striking and beautifully written. Keep up the great work!
    LikeReply 23 months ago
    • riskx
      Excellent suggestion! Thank you!
      LikeReply 23 months ago
    • cokerrogers
      how did you get feedback from this bot? By promoting your poem ?
      LikeReply 22 months ago
    • riskx
      Hi Coker, I think there is a button at the very bottom after the poem to select AI review and feedback on a poem. I don't recall for sure, but I think there is a fee of $3 or $4 to have the AI do a review. I'll try it again on next poem and let you know the specifics. Best, Max 
      LikeReply 22 months ago


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