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The Mug

Every day is a new chapter, a new beginning. Start yours as scholarly as possible with our new poetry mug featuring your name and your very own poem printed on it!

This beautiful ceramic mug is perfect for any event of the day. Your morning coffee, a hot chocolate or any other hot beverage you enjoy. The mug is glossy white and the prints come out beautifully and vividly on it. The print retains its quality and luster when used in both microwaves and the dishwasher.

Enter the competition

Submit your best poem to the contest for an opportunity to win cash prizes and gain worldwide recognition for your talent!

Share your thoughts on's mug with the community:

  • LatinX
    I will definitely order one.
    LikeReply 121 days ago
  • RyanBlackborough
    I would totally want to use it but I wouldn't want to break it.
    LikeReply 11 month ago
  • ericrgrs432
    That's really cool! I like it!
    LikeReply 19 months ago
  • Supaisue
    Hi, I never received my mug and I was a runner up in October 2022... Do you need my address? Sue Wilkison
    LikeReply11 months ago
    • acronimous
      Hi, we've been contacting the winners to collect their mailing addresses for shipping, but it seems that we haven't received yours yet. Would you be so kind as to fill out the form with your contact details? Once you provide the information, we will send the mug to you shortly. Please use this link to access the form:
      LikeReply11 months ago
  • Sadiereck55
    I enjoy the simplicity of the design. I also am a fan of Robert frost, he is a remarkable writer
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • lanhamleslie
    I’m very excited about winning a mug. Just waiting on delivery. Thank you so much!!
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • Chelsi
    This is beautiful and a nice form of motivation❤️..
    Can it be delivered to the winner wherever the address?
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • acronimous
      Yes, we deliver almost anywhere on the globe :-)
      LikeReply 21 year ago
    • Chelsi
      that's nice to know, thank you
      LikeReply1 year ago
  • Frazier
    The mugs with the poems printed on them look great. I'm looking forward to receiving mine. I'm a little confused as to where to send my mailing address. I was a runner up in September competition. Thanks for your help. Jeffrey Rollins 
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • acronimous
      On the email you received, announcing your win, there’s a link to a form where you should submit your mailing address.
      LikeReply 11 year ago
  • Ernesto
    What a beautiful mug!
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • Amélie.C
    When do you get the mug?
    LikeReply2 years ago
    • abielias1
      Hi Amélie, Congrats on your win! You should have received an email with instructions on how to fill in the shipping address. We've just sent it to you again -- your mug will be shipped shortly afterwards.
      LikeReply 12 years ago
    • Amélie.C
      Thank you so much! I actually got the email for it and didn't realize.
      LikeReply 12 years ago
    • Amélie.C
      Hi, I don't know if it's a problem on my end, but I still haven't received the mug?
      LikeReply2 years ago
    • acronimous
      Hey Amélie, your mug has been shipped already, estimated delivery: 05-25... let us know when you get it and if you like it :-)
      LikeReply2 years ago
    • Amélie.C
      Thank you, I will let you all know :)
      LikeReply 22 years ago

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Opens: 1st of every calendar month.
Closes: End of every calendar month.
Results: Within 7 days of closing.
Entry fee: 25 USD.
Max. participants: 150 entries.
First Place Badge + 500
Second Place Badge + 300
Third Place Badge + 200
5 Runners-up Personalized Mug
POTY Badge + 1,000

May 2024

Poetry Contest

Join our monthly contest for an opportunity to win cash prizes and attain global acclaim for your talent.


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“Thank you for the wonderful gift that I received as a runner up for the January contest. The competition has inspired me to go and get my collection of poetry that I have written for my family — you are an amazing group!”

Janette Marais, South Africa

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