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Looking for a lost poem? Trying to find an old poetry book? Can't remember the name of a fellow poet? Let our community experts help you out!

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  • nicoleb.88725
    I posted 2-3 poems near 2008-2010 time under the name Nicole Rehberg. I am specifically interested in the one I wrote about my mothers death. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the title, but I’m hoping my last name will help with your search. I have been trying to find it for years and am so glad you guys offer access to the old poetry.con archives. Thank you, Nicole 
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  • Famiglia
    How long do you keep poetry on site? I joined years ago and wondered if my work was still here.
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  • star1959
    I posted several poems on a website called poetry.com. Can not find them on your site. beginning to believe the site no longer exists.
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  • joselin_d
    Greetings! My name is Joselin Diaz-Abreu and I wrote a poem by the title: This desert that belongs to God and nobody else. I can not find it. I really need to retrieve it since it represents a period of time while I was serving in the US ARMY in Kuwait. I will appreciate very much for your time and your help! Have a wonderfully blessed day! 
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  • Mysticshadowman
    How do I change my password?
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    • acronimous
      Go to your profile page, click on EDIT MY DETAILS, and then at the bottom CHANGE MY PASSWORD.
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  • denisem.80920
    Looking for my poem I Gave by Denise Monroe
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  • Humbird
    I submitted a poem as a non-member yesterday. I joined poetry.com today and want to add that poem to my collection. Is there a way I can claim the poem as mine, or delete it and add it anew?
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  • AQueen2215
    Lost poem by Amanda Little titled bottle of lies written for an alcoholic father
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  • Taodoug65
    Looking for poems written by Douglas Hansen. I have links to here. But they are broken.
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  • jamison_m
    I want to purchase the poem called Valerie by Scott Missler 2007 you published it.
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  • jerome_t
    Looking for a poem title time after time written by Jerome Todd
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  • michele_t
    lost poem Called Passion By M.Tanner
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