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Tired of these sleepless nights

Tired of these sleepless nights
While dealing with these drug-induced fights
Tired of the cravings on the daily
Shit’s been driving me crazy lately
Just want to go back to knowing me
With all the potential that will be
Put this work all

by Zachary Carson

added by zcarson7399
38 mins ago

Online Identity

Who am I truly?
What am I to become?
For I do not

by Rook (At time of publishing)

added by notgivinganemaillol
43 mins ago


Oh shoes oh shoes
How are you always untied?
With you I always lose
Security to my foot has been denied

You could come off at any time
I don’t know what to do
And you’re only just size 9
Every squeaky step is a crime
I’ll have to get a

by Frederick Kent

added by frederickk.16064
1 hour ago


17th May, 22'

Here's a piece of my heart,
It bangs just at the sight of your call,
I could scribble how I feel but each time I try I get lost cause I'm head over hills.
In my mind,
I've written countless

by Kushi Achi

added by Kushi90
1 hour ago


Kids playing outside
Trying to tag the other is what they want to get
No one wants to be inside

Outrunning others with pride
Being chased, but don’t fret
Kids playing outside

Escaping, running to hide
Shirt drenched with sweat
No one

by Frederick Kent

added by frederickk.16064
1 hour ago


Feels like living amongst caricatures from that distant planet Plutocracy
Marionettes drawn by song and dance tuned in to waltz Disney's fantasy
Never a murmur made whilst scared making a splash in wavering
Wilfully allowing others

by Hubbs

added by Hubbsify
1 hour ago

8th Grade ELA

8th grade ELA was tons of fun (hyperbole)
Mr Benders poems hit strong like a torpedo
His poems were all about something, but now it’s done
Every poem about his speedo

Every single day I learned ELA in 2nd period
(anaphora) Every single day

by Frederick Kent

added by frederickk.16064
1 hour ago


Poems, a form of art
All the words come from your heart
A clean style, a smooth rhyme
It makes me happy every time
All of the words so very pure
They make you happy, I’m sure
Writing a poem, it feels free
Only a limit of 12 lines and each

by Frederick Kent

added by frederickk.16064
1 hour ago

Ocean and river

My nouses are nonsensical to your silence and your wrath is comeuppance to my actions

Your cravings tells about your wants , you wanna be Pacific but you're not even an ocean till now

You are like rivers which sometimes stay calm , slow

by Shubhodeep Dey

added by deyshubhodeep3
1 hour ago


And yet another life well lived,
Another human being just trying to be good,
Going about their daily living aisle by aisle
Planning for the evening meal
Not by God or disease or accident or age
But by unnecessary hatred

by Roy Blokker

added by RoyBlokker
2 hours ago

Sea Dream

Life is like water drops wobbling on a Lotus leaf,
Short lived & uncertain, like the dew on Fern tips
Every time I go to bed, an image of you flickers in my head.
Every time I fall asleep, an image of you flows in my dreams
And I can hope for

by Kate Pilkington

added by anonymous
2 hours ago

A year called "2020"


  The world was merry, calm and excited, Ushering in a new year, with big plans, Expectations and some little drama, Little did we know of wuhan's gift unto the race of

by Emmanuella Ofunneka osadebay

added by emmanuellaosadebay
2 hours ago


I love
like the beaten dog,
wounded and whimpering,
wide-eyed and wondering,
remembering what it felt like—
his kindness and warmth;
his sweet, eager greetings.
Then he strikes again
with words against my jowl or
buries his tongue-boot

by Angel Smalley

added by angelsmalley
2 hours ago

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  • davidb
    This website is cool!
    LikeReplyReport9 days ago
  • Whereisiverson
    Hey, my name is Iverson, I write poems from the soul let me know what you think with a comment.
    LikeReplyReport28 days ago
  • stank
    What does na after your poem mean
    LikeReplyReport3 months ago
  • Dave_2
    How can we "Subscribe" to an author, so that when they post a new poem we get a notice of it? That would be a really useful thing to do -
    LikeReplyReport 16 months ago
    • Soulwriter
      absolutely! Under each poet name you can click the 'favorite' button. You will then appear on their fan page and be notified when they post a new poem :)
      LikeReplyReport6 months ago
  • AnisaTMasood
    This new set up of poetry.com is a bit difficult to understand. No views are visible . views encourage a person.
    LikeReplyReport 18 months ago
    • Soulwriter
      HI Anisa, welcome to the site! If you scroll to the end of the poem you can read information including: date poem was written, date poem was submitted to the site, how long it takes to read the poem and also the number of views. It can take a while for your poems to get noticed - one way of getting out there is to promote your poem. It then gets featured on our homepage in the promoted poems section and you can enjoy your views rise there ;) 
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  • AnisaTMasood
    I liked the poem of Sapphire20 " everything" . It reflects truest emotions
    LikeReplyReport 28 months ago
  • alishagal
    I added a new poem earlier, it's in Scotish and English, not ure if the translation is totally right
    LikeReplyReport 21 year ago
  • thepoetiwasborn
    I like: A Silent Tear. And I added one two min. ago.
    LikeReplyReport 31 year ago
  • William Herzog
    Parenting is 4 everyone when u grow up each day u have good feelings n bad feelings day-by-day u have to watch your children in every way
    LikeReplyReport 26 years ago
  • William Herzog
    b sweet n neat with a treat then take your seat off your feet
    LikeReplyReport 26 years ago
  • Charmaine Stephens
    I love Dream Boy by Charmaine Minor
    LikeReplyReport 57 years ago

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