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What we once had is lost.

What we once had. 

Are you cold or warm? What we once had we were close, and we once shared laughter, playfulness, wishes, and dreams. You pulled away, and I pulled you back. I was being too needy and clinging to my own feelings. That made you...

by A J C

added by alanswansea18
3 mins ago
Tangerine Trees And Marmalade Skies

An enigma
wrapped in mystery
covered in secrets
risking hell
A legend
from the ages
bereft of sages
casting spells
The message
in ephemera
laden tongues
Lucy in the sky
screaming deafness
— silence won


by Kurt Philip Behm

added by KurtPhilipBehm
3 mins ago
What we once had.

What we once had. 

Are you cold or warm? What we once had we were close, and we once shared laughter, playfulness, wishes, and dreams. You pulled away, and I pulled you back. I was being too needy and clinging to my own feelings. That made you...

by A J C

added by alanswansea18
4 mins ago
Realla Go’rilla

When I was a teenager I visited the Overton Park Zoo and at that time the Gorillas were housed in a cubical which had a glass frontage which ran from the ceiling to the floor. On the sides of this cubical were glass port holes, that allowed children...

by Vernon F. McCarty

added by Vernon.McCarty
30 mins ago

If you shall wake on this day
get up and smile
If you shall wake on this day
just get up and figure out
how to cope
if you shall wake on this day
get up and pray for the strength
to stay away from that dope
If you shall wake on this day

by amber vanae (the whys)

added by amberwilkins44
3 hours ago

There is a thought inside my tired head: if it could speak, it would decide if it was strong or weak. If it could only talk about things that would be said with every blink of an eye, it would start to undress itself and let the confessions begin,...

by mad hippie poet

added by Oakley
6 hours ago
Rising Son

It's such a beautiful sight!
When the sun rises from the night,
It lights up the sky,
And makes everything bright

Beauty is when the sun does rise,
It's always beautiful when the sun does rise.

Clouds may cast shadows,
But still we see...

by Nikki Oso

added by NikkiOso
10 hours ago


Happiness is a word of five letters.
Though hardly we can find it in us.
But can find this word in many books.

A happy man never seek happiness.
He knows it is already in him.
So hanker after happiness is emptiness.

He knows...

by Swarup Bhattacharya

added by swarupbhattacharya263
10 hours ago
sorry that I wasn't enough

I wish that I was good enough,
then you wouldn't have treated me that way.
I wish I was good enough,
then maybe you wouldn't have had to stray.
I wish I was good enough,
to make your love for me grow stronger.
I wish I was good enough,

by Maxine Bramley

added by Maxineb
10 hours ago
Make It End

10 years, or more...
More than just a few closed doors

This sorrow has no end,
But you said it'd be okay.
I only want to cry,
But it seems this well has run dry

I remember you promised
to wipe away every tear from my eyes

by Nikki Oso

added by NikkiOso
11 hours ago


Hey Buddy, can you spare me an ear?
I’ve got a terrible notion my time is near.
What have I done with my life as it went?
How have my investments been spent?

How have I lived my life? How have the bells tolled?
How have chances laid...

by Arman Hoque

added by Arman_1
12 hours ago


Most of my life you were defined by your love,
One of first eyes I saw, whom I thought the world of.
You kept me straight and narrow,
Taught me to shoot like an arrow.

You set the bar high,
Always watching me learn to fly.

by Arman Hoque

added by Arman_1
12 hours ago


Lord Jesus I just want to praise Your Name
Knowing nothing will ever be the same
As it was long before, at the start
When I first heard the knock at the door of my heart

I will not be afraid to trust in You
For by...

by Barry Green Jr

added by crucifiedinhim2
12 hours ago

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  • Nebula7693
    Beginning to wonder about this site. I earned the 100 free views yet when I went to use it, I was told I had to pay $10. Figuring I missed something, I used the contact us form to ask for help only to find out that using the contact form costs $1. I am left wondering if I should bother trying for the free contest submission as I may not get that after I earn it either. 
    LikeReply21 days ago
    • JokerGem
      Don’t fret just yet....Though these incentive bonuses are a brand new thing (and I don’t know much about them) I do know a little about the dynamics of the site and it just may be that the master site has not been fully updated to reflect your progress....in my experience, it seems that if you do anything new after 8pm (roughly) it won’t get recorded until the next day l, so just bear with them and be looking for a notification or email. 
      LikeReply 221 days ago
    • Nebula7693
      Thank you. I will be patient. Though, I do wonder, is this site still moderated? I notice none of the people who run it have been seen for months.
      LikeReply20 days ago
    • JokerGem
      I cannot speak to the former owners other than they are just that, previous owners ....The poetry.com domain got picked up by the Stands4 folks in early 2021 and from what l gather, our running much better than the old rendition, --but it is different than probably what you remember, l’m sure. And yes, it is moderated.... 
      LikeReply 120 days ago
  • Nebula7693
    I am glad to have returned to this site. I am really liking the new format. Keep up the good work.
    LikeReply21 days ago
  • Unnamed19s
    wow things have changed from when I was last on here.... 24 years ago, and 3 books published by this site, that have my poems in them. 2 made first page.... this is different. So what can we do?
    LikeReply 18 months ago
  • melissae.47807
    I can't get on to my account but I think no-one is allowed to write smymore
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • booooooo
    all the poems here are unique in their own ways. everyone that doesn't think they are good enough they are no matter how they look or write. you are unique.
    LikeReply 21 year ago
  • davidb
    This website is cool!
    LikeReply 31 year ago
  • Whereisiverson
    Hey, my name is Iverson, I write poems from the soul let me know what you think with a comment.
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • Francescop1
    LikeReply 12 years ago
  • Dave_2
    How can we "Subscribe" to an author, so that when they post a new poem we get a notice of it? That would be a really useful thing to do -
    LikeReply 22 years ago
    • Soulwriter
      absolutely! Under each poet name you can click the 'favorite' button. You will then appear on their fan page and be notified when they post a new poem :)
      LikeReply 32 years ago
  • AnisaTMasood
    This new set up of poetry.com is a bit difficult to understand. No views are visible . views encourage a person.
    LikeReply 12 years ago
    • Soulwriter
      HI Anisa, welcome to the site! If you scroll to the end of the poem you can read information including: date poem was written, date poem was submitted to the site, how long it takes to read the poem and also the number of views. It can take a while for your poems to get noticed - one way of getting out there is to promote your poem. It then gets featured on our homepage in the promoted poems section and you can enjoy your views rise there ;) 
      LikeReply 22 years ago
  • AnisaTMasood
    I liked the poem of Sapphire20 " everything" . It reflects truest emotions
    LikeReply 22 years ago
  • alishagal
    I added a new poem earlier, it's in Scotish and English, not ure if the translation is totally right
    LikeReply 22 years ago
  • thepoetiwasborn
    I like: A Silent Tear. And I added one two min. ago.
    LikeReply 32 years ago
    • Soulwriter
      Thanks for the recc!
      LikeReply 12 years ago
  • William Herzog
    William Herzog
    Parenting is 4 everyone when u grow up each day u have good feelings n bad feelings day-by-day u have to watch your children in every way
    LikeReply 27 years ago
  • William Herzog
    William Herzog
    b sweet n neat with a treat then take your seat off your feet
    LikeReply 27 years ago
  • Charmaine Stephens
    Charmaine Stephens
    I love Dream Boy by Charmaine Minor
    LikeReply 59 years ago

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