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"Condemned To Repeat...

The Pharisees vengeance, unleashing again To kill a ‘false’ prophet, their fear redescends The cross is made ready, like ages before The nails though still rusty, hammer deep and secure Their memories short sighted, rejecting the fact The la...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
7 mins ago
Your Foiled Highness (Senryu)

Your Foiled Highness (Senryu) Your foiled Highness We will prosper without you We'll turn the corner Edwin Tanguma © 1/24/2021

by Edwin Tanguma

added by EdwinRayTanguma
14 mins ago
The Majesty of Death

Do you think death is dark? No you’re wrong, it is bright. More clear than the brightest day; It shines with an intense light. Do you think death is frightening; ugly? You’re wrong, it is beautiful; divine. It is so pretty as pretty can be; As sw...

by Samiul Shishir

added by Samiul_Shishir
42 mins ago
Young Beautiful and True

My loss again Felt She Reveals to me her Pain If I were only Younger Could Love her each Day Two people Find each Other Unexpected and True My heart Needing Love Hers Relief from the Blues Helping Her by Listening Life again Renewed Po...

by Ted Henry

added by un-acclaimed
1 hour ago
The Seed

Looking up at the sky, twisting and turning, it sank into the earth, several grains at a time, It looked up at talons and beaks that swooped in and upward towards the sky. It looked up at the darkness, unable to twist and turn, feeling cold damp...

by Margaret Burns

added by anonymous
1 hour ago

Social media, what role does it play, Among the massives, among the crowds, Among the millions, billions and trillions, or is it just a facade hiding the true meaning of two words, Snap this, Snap that, hashtag the man who just got dumped and...

by everything

added by anonymous
1 hour ago

This is not wrong to tell a New, Where fallacy is and how. Ups and downs in life. Always there is struggling with you, she is wife. Who are suffering due to jealousy. They will be fail to find out fallacy. Fire is necessary but fireworks are...

by Dr saroj kumar Khan

added by sakhabula
2 hours ago
Such Suffering

Such suffering within can only be revealed, By crying out for help and being willing not to conceal. The fear and pain inside of thee. The soul can't hide, what the eyes can't see. Fear and pain can bring quick death-- By piercing and tearing t...

by Yvette Sayles

added by yvettesayles52
2 hours ago

I walked the earth for a thousand years- Never I found what I wished to see, Days and nights I walked alone- Searching a way to be truly free. The suns in the sky mocked as I walked- Burning with envy they felt, The moons also sent chills in the ...

by Samiul Shishir

added by Samiul_Shishir
2 hours ago

Poems like songs Wait their chance to shine For people to feel Moved with ideas The effort to search The meanings and worth Remain unclaimed Wait their chance to shine

by Ted Henry

added by un-acclaimed
3 hours ago
Microscopic Ambassadors

Microscopic Ambassadors I have continued to go out, to move about, to step off the deep end and hope I don’t drown in the sea of contagion. I have crept through the apocalyptic streets, not deserted as expected: So many of us excepted from the...

by Thiana Galicia

added by anonymous
3 hours ago

It's OK. We've come before. We will again. Our voices, our lights, are not loud. But they are many. We shine Truth Light on lies and all evils Which hiss in anger and pain And then slither back into the darkest corners There to foment and fest...

by Ellen Merritt

added by emerritt35
3 hours ago
Douse the Flames

You burn with the flames of desire for someone that does not notice or pay attention to you. Your love affair has not even begun, and the flames are now burning into your soul. Everyone has felt love that was never returne...

by RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo) – 1977

added by RJ Intindola
5 hours ago

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