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Congratulations to the winners of the December 2023 monthly contest. There were 150 poems submitted to the contest — thank you to everyone who entered and participated!

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  • Deeplawati123
    Why should we write at times n again in which my name had been already enrolled? Yes for a new one, it is ok for the title n it’s about but here it says to write biography n so on.
    I would request the team should check it out n correct it. Yes for the first time, one must have to do . Since I was a member of earlier where lost 100s of my poetry. They certainly closed without kenning me.
    LikeReply29 days ago
  • Vixility
    Although I pinned 26 really remarkable poems, I promised a member of this poetry community that I would list my top ten favorites from December. Here they are (with a brief summary) in alphabetical order:

    “A poem in the style of Nietzche” - a philosophical and almost prophetic poem in the voice of Zarathustra

    “Better Left Unsaid” - a tragic and very tough read, this poem is about a young lady struggling with the memory of being molested

    “Butterflies By The Pool” - a creative work about the internal transformation and even redemption of the individual

    “Concrete Solitude” - a clever poem juxtaposing individual solace with that of a bustling cityscape within which the narrator is surrounded

    “Happenstance” - a cleverly personified allegory about a book and its isolated and lonely state of existence

    “Heaven’s Mystique” - an amazing poem about our finitude and its relationship to the Transcendental, very philosophical

    “I Lived …..” - a poem about triumph over addiction and darkness,

    “Quietus” - a compelling monologue from the perspective of Death

    “Shattered Windows” - a short but powerful allegory about heartbreak and the pain it produces

    “Stardance” - a poem about the Geminids meteor shower beautifully expressed in the mythic language of the ancient Greeks

    Please keep in mind, there were many other poems not mentioned here that I thought were exceptional works of art.
    LikeReply 21 month ago
    • Jewoo525
      excellent choices John, many I have pinned myself…
      LikeReply 11 month ago
  • Caliconine
    Congrats to All the winners and All who entered
    LikeReply 51 month ago
  • FLi
    A big congratulations to all the winners! :) We all did great. Can't wait to read the next month's amazing entries.
    LikeReply 51 month ago
  • Jewoo525
    Congratulations to all the winners this month. Shoutout to John for a winning entry this month and for having one of the poems on my monthly list! I'm glad the community agrees and recognizes the piece.

    Here are my ten favorites (in no particular order) for this month: 1. Santa Goes Bankrupt, 2. On Beauty Untamed, 3. Cold Camper, 4. Coming Home, 5. Transmogrification, 6. All Is In Order, 7. Sonnet #18, 8. Your Call Is Important 9. Aphonic 10. Atlantic City

    I will be making my rounds to comment on the individual poem's pages as usual, I encourage everyone to do the same with their favorites. Until next month, keep writing!
    LikeReply 41 month ago
    • Vixility
      Hey, thanks Je! Posted my 10 as promised.
      LikeReply 11 month ago
  • Vixility
    Finally finished reading all the poems! So much creativity and talent in this contest that I pinned 26 (TWENTY-SIX) poems.

    Oh boy, now for the tough part: voting.

    Good luck everyone!!
    LikeReply 61 month ago
  • FLi
    Don't forget to cast your votes. Wishing all of us the best of luck! :)
    LikeReply 41 month ago
  • sheilac.63681
    Why did you contact me about 4 of my poems and not display them on your list of December poems.
    LikeReply1 month ago
    • lovingempath
      Hi Sheila...did you try entering your poems in the December contest?
      LikeReply1 month ago
  • susan.brumel
    Happy and Healthy New Year to all. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this supportive poetry site this year, and look forward to 2024. Wishing everyone lots of creativity!
    LikeReply 62 months ago
    • Vixility
      Hope you’re enjoying the New Year!
      LikeReply 11 month ago
    • susan.brumel
      Yes, thank you, John. Hope you are too!
      LikeReply1 month ago
  • jonita_m
    Hey Y'all! This is my first contest & I know that there are going to be amazing entries and I want to wish each one of the writers Good Luck!! Nothing like bringing in a brand new year with amazing poetry!! 
    LikeReply 62 months ago
  • Jewoo525
    Happy holidays everyone. Good luck to all and I’ll see you guys back here in the new year. I’m looking forward to another great month, and now a fantastic new year, of poetry- keep writing!
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • Vixility
      Couldn’t agree more: looking forward to a new year of poetry reading, inspiration and writing!
      LikeReply1 month ago
  • JhainDoh
    S/O to all the Poetry Contestants, I look forward to reading some amazing works to end 2023. I wish all the Poets the best in 2024. Be Bold Be Creative Just Be Brazen and Never Stop Writing. Xoxo
    LikeReply 42 months ago
    • lovingempath
      I couldn't have said it better myself!! :).
      Happy holidays everyone!
      LikeReply 22 months ago
  • lovingempath
    And this is just a little side-note to Randy. QUIT HOGGING ALL THE 1st PLACE WINS!,,,LEAVE A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US!!! That's it...thank you :).
    LikeReply 12 months ago
  • lovingempath
    This month looks like it's shaping up nicely. I see a lot of intriguing titles that make me wonder what's hidden beneath. I'm still waiting for a break-through from the writer's block I've had for several months. I'm happy to have so many supportive friends that understand exactly what I'm saying. Just the other day one of my wise friends (Franny :) told me her own sentiment on that: 'The moment I apply force...that's not love. And if it's not love...I don't want it". I think I needed to hear those words right when I did because I was trying to create a poem out of a concept that was not going to be forced into that mold. It is much more suited to a short story. I worked on it for almost two months and even lost sleep over this poem; I became obsessed with it, I couldn't let it go!!

    It's amazing how many wise people I've met on this site!
    Good luck everyone!
    LikeReply 32 months ago
    • FLi
      Hi there my friend Robin-hood! It was nice to hear how a simple message of mine can have a positive impact on someone. A little yet meaningful moment like this can instantly put a smile on my face. You really are one of those few that I can call - my people. :) I certainly look forward to reading more of your works once you've been reunited with your writing magic. :)

      I sincerely hope that all of us here will love each others' amazing poems as much as how every piece was carefully written. I believe that poetry can only meet its purpose if it was written from the heart.

      This month's entries are really promising and I can't wait to read all of them. Wishing all of us the best of luck!
      LikeReply 32 months ago
    • JhainDoh
      I suggest you write about Writers Block and what that feels like. Hang n there
      LikeReply2 months ago
    • lovingempath
      Hi JD...if I ever become 'unblocked'; I just may give this a whirl :)
      LikeReply2 months ago
    • Vixility
      “If it’s forced it’s not love” … wow, wonderful advice. No matter what you write, write from inner passion, not self-coercion.
      LikeReply 11 month ago

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