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Sometimes the words flow like a murder of crows. They've held my secrets for the past 68-years. And sometimes they repeat them back to me, and laugh.

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Ancient Lace

I watched her Fragile Spirit tear, like ancient, sun-scorched lace
I remember tracing the battle-scars, across her weathered face
They reminded me of riverbeds, dried up remnants from the past
Meandering through dark corridors, of things that...

by Robin Loving

added 8 months ago
Garlands of Gold

I dashed through a snowstorm, in search of a tree
I had thirteen dollars, but found one for free.
It was thrown in a pile, still nailed to a stand,
Behind stood her siblings, all bushy and grand.

I felt a connection to this small broken tree

by Robin Loving

added 1 year ago
Old Rinny Tin-Tin

Moe jumped in the car
And his dad closed the door
A ride to the park
Was all he lived for.
He was armed with his ball
But something didn't feel good...
In the back was his bed
And the rest of his food.

Moe thought of his buddy
Old 'Rinny...

by Robin Loving

added 1 year ago

When geese fly south, and skies turn grey
Echoes of children, who chose to stay
Outside, still taunt me.

Dinner bells ring, and church choirs sing
But that burnt-leaf smell still
Lingers... to haunt me.

I remember the year when I just wore...

by Robin Loving

added 4 months ago
Foggy the Cat

Needing escape from the mournful howls,
The smell of death; the human growls
I grabbed my things and decided to leave
When a soft little paw, snagged my sleeve.

He'd done this before, just a few days ago
His color was fog-mist, with sprinkles...

by Robin Loving

added 1 year ago

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YAY! It must have been Santa, because it certainly wasn't me. I'm just an elf :).

2 days ago

We'll get this figured out :)

2 days ago

Hi Maggie...When did you try to submit your poem? Sometimes it might take several days before the team is able to review it; especially during to holidays and on weekends. OR...maybe someone else has a better answer? Good luck; I hope it shows up! 

4 days ago


6 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

7 days ago

You have so many reasons you could cry; but I'm happy to know you're still finding reasons to laugh and smile. We need balance in our lives you know :)

9 days ago

Thank you Susan :)

16 days ago

Good to see you John! :)

17 days ago

It's great to be back...I feel like I just woke from a 3-month coma! It looks like spots for the contest are filling fast...SO HURRY!!

17 days ago

I like everything about this poem: Form, function, deep emotions that come with it. I'll be back to read more of your poetry Joe.

17 days ago

Thank you Silas.

21 days ago

WOW! A truth spoken boldly. I wish parents were a little more 'hands on' and might recognize some of these signs, before they turn into full-blown hate! Congratulations on your win Gerry!

21 days ago

Congratulations Joseph!! Pretty profound poem; and certainly gives people something to think about.

22 days ago

This is absolutely magical! It reminded me of when I was a child and had an imagination...(before my hormones started shifting around:). Congratulations Silas!

22 days ago

Thank you! :)

29 days ago


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