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Congratulations to the winners of the March 2024 monthly contest. There were 150 poems submitted to the contest — thank you to everyone who entered and participated!

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  • Courtnie.mckern
    Congratulations to all the winners!!
    LikeReply 112 days ago
  • buotenaomi
    What an amazing few days I've had reading everyone's wonderful poems. My very best wishes to all
    LikeReply 217 days ago
  • LesleyJane
    Are we able to vote 1 point each to any poems we like or do we just pick 1 poem? Apologies new to this process. Excited to be a part of this wonderful group. Good luck everyone.
    LikeReply 219 days ago
    • Vixility
      Hi there. You have a seven day period to (hopefully) read all the submitted poems. After that, you are afforded one vote for a single poem out of the 150. The winner will be announced on the eighth day.

      I’m sure you’ll find, as most of us do, that after having ‘pinned’ several poems it is very difficult to narrow down your vote to one poem. Good luck!!
      LikeReply 319 days ago
    • LesleyJane
      Thankyou. I have 20 pinned and oh my it will be a tough decision. Such wonderful verse.
      LikeReply 219 days ago
  • abam_n
    Okay thank you for the reply. Well,I am a student and I couldn't afford the entry fee and I thought that 5 submission of poems from any poets are bad
    LikeReply20 days ago
  • abam_n
    I submitted my poems ! I can't see on the page..
    LikeReply22 days ago
    • acronimous
      Hi there! Only official nominees who have paid the entry fee are included in this list. According to our records, it appears that you have not completed the payment yet. Once you submit the contest fee, your entry will be listed. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you believe this is an error. 
      LikeReply21 days ago
  • aimee_f
    How do you get to read the submitted poems? I clicked on the name of the poem with the little box, and nothing happened. Or we cannot read them until after the voting? Thanks for any info it would be greatly appreciated! 
    LikeReply23 days ago
    • acronimous
      Right, the contest entries will be available for reading once the voting phase kicks off in 4 days. You'll receive an email notification when this happens. Best of luck with the contest!
      LikeReply 123 days ago
    • aimee_f
      Thank you, I appreciate it!
      LikeReply 123 days ago
  • BasNoBeathaWriter
    I know it's just titles right now, but these all sound amazing! I'm excited to read them all!
    LikeReply 329 days ago
  • karen_1
    Best wishes to my fellow literary creative artists nominated to compete in the March 2024 Contest. Nominees willingly inviting colleagues to critique and rate their poetry is a commendable quality. It is an expression of confidence and commitment to practice and share their craft. Good Luck to all!

    K.A.A., Washington, DC
    LikeReply 31 month ago

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