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Hello there you
Yes dear, I’m talking to you
Can we make it...

by Yigal Ben Efraim

added by acronimous
5 months ago

New Day's Lyric

May this be the day
We come together.
Mourning, we come to mend,
Withered, we come to weather,
Torn, we come to tend,
Battered, we come to better.
Tethered by this year of yearning,
We are learning
That though we weren't ready for this,

by Amanda Gorman

added by acronimous
5 months ago

My Heart Is in the East

My heart is in the east,
and I am in the distant west.

How can I taste what I eat,
and how can it be sweet?

How can I fulfill by vows and oaths,
as long as Zion is in the chains of Edom,
and I am in the binds of the...

by Judah Halevi

added by acronimous
5 months ago

At The Dawn

At the dawn I seek Thee,

  Rock and refuge tried,
In due service speak Thee

  Morn and eventide.

‘Neath Thy greatness shrinking,

  Stand I sore afraid,
All my secret thinking

  Bare before Thee laid.

  Little to Thy glory
Heart or...

by Rabbi Solomon ibn Gabirol

added by acronimous
5 months ago

The Hollow Men

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

by T. S. Eliot

added by acronimous
7 months ago

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Hi David, that is so sweet of you, and also brilliant and amusing :-) Please reach out to me directly so we can discuss ways on how to make this happen...

12 days ago

Please contact us here and someone from the support team will get back to you:

16 days ago

View doesn't require exclusiveness, you may publish your work here even if it was already published on other platforms -- looking forward to reading your stuff :-)

16 days ago

Yes, all contest entries will be accessible after the contest ends and winners are announced. On the left pane of this page, there are links to previous contests' entries that everyone can read :-)

16 days ago

Yes, for every vote your poem gets you'll receive an email notification, along with the feedback the voter shared -- good luck!

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There’s a “Go to Voting Page” button on the top of this page — clicking on it will take you to the voting screen where you can see all nominations and vote…

25 days ago

Hey Amélie, your mug has been shipped already, estimated delivery: 05-25... let us know when you get it and if you like it :-)

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Congratulations Betsy -- Well deserved!

1 month ago

Thanks Floyd!

1 month ago

The submission date is actually the date when the poem became public -- not the date it was nominated for the contest.

1 month ago

Warmest congratulations to the winners, runners-up and all who participated in the April 2022 contest! Thank you for sharing such an amazing collection of excellent poetry…

1 month ago

Hey Nicole, you should have received an email with detailed instructions on how to vote, please check your spam folder if you haven't seen it yet. In any case, here's a direct link to the April contest voting page: 

1 month ago

One of the best...

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