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The Garden of the Sea
Arthur Henry Adams
THE infinite garden of the sea is His To play in. Gravely smiling He resigns To man his choice—this rugged plot of earth, Watches man tear it...Rate it

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The Garden Path
Kurt Philip Behm
Intention of action… inaction pursues Deflecting commitment, with roadblocks infused Intention of action… step one and step three Step two is th...Rate it

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The Garden Plot
Jonathan Swift
When Naboth's vineyard look'd so fine, The king cried out, 'Would this were mine!' And yet no reason could prevail To bring the owner to a sale. Je...Rate it

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The Garden Refused
Edith Nesbit
There is a garden made for our delight, Where all the dreams we dare not dream come true. I know it, but I do not know the way. We slip and tumble ...Rate it

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The garden scatters burnt-up beetles...
Boris Pasternak
The garden scatters burnt-up beetles Like brazen ash, from braziers burst. I witness, by my lighted candle, A newly blossomed universe. And li...Rate it

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The Garden Seat
Thomas Hardy
Its former green is blue and thin, And its once firm legs sink in and in; Soon it will break down unaware, Soon it will break down unaware. At nig...Rate it

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The Garden Wall
Kurt Philip Behm
Climbing up the garden wall, the questions loom —the answers small Climbing up the garden wall, the past retreats —the future falls Climbing up t...Rate it

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The Garden-Chair
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
TWO PORTRAITS. A PLEASANT picture, full of meanings deep, Old age, calm sitting in the July sun, On withered hands half-leaning--feeble hands, ...Rate it

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The Glory of the Garden
Rudyard Kipling
Our England is a garden that is full of stately views, Of borders, beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues, With statues on the terraces and p...Rate it

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The Hidden Garden
Inge Meldgaard
Life's silken fabric, Shadows of darkness and light; Time rests in this place.Rate it

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The Little Garden
I sit alone On the ground Some flowers are dead to the bone Around the entrance of a secret place. That's why I come in here To be alone and regain...Rate it

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The Little Garden
Amy Lowell
A little garden on a bleak hillside Where deep the heavy, dazzling mountain snow Lies far into the spring. The sun's pale glow Is scarcely able ...Rate it

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The Lost Garden
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
There was a fair green garden sloping From the south-east side of the mountain-ledge; And the earliest tint of the dawn came groping Down through i...Rate it

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The Lover Sings Of A Garden
Helen Hoyt
Oh, beautiful are the flowers of your garden, The flowers of your garden are fair: Blue flowers of your eyes And dusk flower of your hair; Dew ...Rate it

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The Painter’s Garden .
Subrata Ray
Art installs idea with painting brush , A true artist endows sense in his canvas . The seeds he plants from his brain , There might be there some...Rate it

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The Roof Garden Waits On Rain
Stuart A. Chasmar
Tired of ginger ale and cheap red wine Tossed among its hedges The roof garden waits on rain Under midnight clouds reflecting Noisy canyons red bel...Rate it

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The Rose Garden
Barbara Cadogan
Oh what a glorious sight to behold When through a garden of roses I go. Amazed to espy each bud unfold. Stop and smell the roses, I have been told...Rate it

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The Sailor's Garden
Cicely Fox Smith
There's a soft wind singing in the idle rigging, High tide splashing, and a young pale moon, Lights in a window and a fiddle jigging Over and over ...Rate it

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The Song of the Garden-Toad
Vachel Lindsay
Down, down beneath the daisy beds, O hear the cries of pain! And moaning on the cinder-path They're blind amid the rain. Can murmurs of the wor...Rate it

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The Sunken Garden
Walter de la Mare
Speak not — whisper not; Here bloweth thyme and bergamot; Softly on the evening hour, Secret herbs their spices shower, Dark-spiked rosemary and my...Rate it

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The Task: Book III. -- The Garden
William Cowper
As one who, long in thickets and in brakes Entangled, winds now this way and now that His devious course uncertain, seeking home; Or, having long i...Rate it

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The Temple Garden
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The fountain's low singing is heard on the wind, Like a melody bringing sweet fancies to mind; Away in the distance is heard the far sound From ...Rate it

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The Tree in Pamela's Garden
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Pamela was too gentle to deceive Her roses. “Let the men stay where they are,” She said, “and if Apollo’s avatar Be one of them, I shall not hav...Rate it

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The Trees in the Garden Rained Flowers
Stephen Crane
The trees in the garden rained flowers. Children ran there joyously. They gathered the flowers Each to himself. Now there were some Who gather...Rate it

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The Village Garden
Amy Levy
To E.M.S. Here, where your garden fenced about and still is, Here, where the unmoved summer air is sweet With mixed delight of lavender and lilies...Rate it

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