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Garden of Eden pt 2[Haiku]
Sun Ra
...Almost Perfection God made first man and woman To live happy forever... By: ©William J Dorsey Jr. (Copyright) October 31, 2013Rate it

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Garden of Eden pt 3[Haiku]
Sun Ra
A slithering snake Spoke with sophistry to Eve ...She began to eat... By: ©William J Dorsey Jr. (Copyright) October 31, 2013Rate it

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Garden of Eden pt 4[Haiku]
Sun Ra
The Forbidden Fruit For taking what God had owned Adam, Eve, banished By: ©William J Dorsey Jr. (Copyright) October 31, 2013Rate it

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Garden of Love
Norman Wilson
Garden of Love Please plant the new seeds and garden with me And help prune the roses below my elm tree. Together we'll turn soil, and toil in the ...Rate it

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Garden Of Recovery
Daniel Millard
Sunshine and rain Making life in my garden Of recovery Ceramic pots full of color Stretching upward to the sun My hands full of soil Soothing away ...Rate it

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Garden of Sorrow
Dema Al-Obaidy
Tears....flowing tears Water the wet mud Black roses thrive More sorrows bud Fears....growing fears Frightening the skies For they hide behind clou...Rate it

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Garden Path
Kurt Philip Behm
How do you balance the kind and the cruel The good and the bad of life’s golden rule As reason pulls tightly, treason pulls back Living in confl...Rate it

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Garden Street
Roderic Quinn
LONG and drowsy and white and wide, Villas and arbours on either side, Pleasant under the cloudless skies, Garden Street in the sunlight lies. Twic...Rate it

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Dorothy Parker
God's acre was her garden-spot, she said; She sat there often, of the Summer days, Little and slim and sweet, among the dead, Her hair a fable ...Rate it

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God looked around his garden
Wendy Bradley
"God looked around his garden And found an empty place.And saw your tired face. He put His arms around youGod's garden must be beautiful,He kne...Rate it

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Hanging Empty Garden
Gabriel McBride
Allow me, for a moment, to step from my comfort zone; and return to a place, which chills me to the bone. My place of solitude, where I carry my d...Rate it

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Heartsease In My Garden Bed
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Heartsease in my garden bed, With sweetwilliam white and red, Honeysuckle on my wall: - Heartsease blossoms in my heart When sweet William come...Rate it

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I haven't told my garden yet
Emily Dickinson
I haven't told my garden yet— Lest that should conquer me. I haven't quite the strength now To break it to the Bee— I will not name it in the stre...Rate it

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I Made Another Garden
Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy
I made another garden, yea, For my new love; I left the dead rose where it lay, And set the new above. Why did the summer not begin? Why did m...Rate it

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In a City Garden
Trumbull Stickney
How strange that here is nothing as it was! The sward is young and new, The sod there shapes a different mass, The random trees stand other than...Rate it

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In A College Garden
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Senex. Saye, cushat, callynge from the brake, What ayles thee soe to pyne? Thy carefulle heart shall cease to ake When dayes be fyne And greene...Rate it

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In A Forest Garden: A Promise of Spring
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Spring surely must be near. High over head The kind blue heavens bend to timbers tall; And here, this morning, is the picture spread That I have l...Rate it

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In a Garden
Sara Teasdale
The world is resting without sound or motion, Behind the apple tree the sun goes down Painting with fire the spires and the windows In the elm-shad...Rate it

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In A Garden
Amy Lowell
Gushing from the mouths of stone men To spread at ease under the sky In granite-lipped basins, Where iris dabble their feet And rustle to a passing...Rate it

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In A Garden
George Essex Evans
Girl, with the soft grey eyes, You to the flowers belong: From the perfume of a rose My heart shall weave you a song. I will colour its words with...Rate it

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In A Garden
Elizabeth Jennings
When the gardener has gone this garden Looks wistful and seems waiting an event. It is so spruce, a metaphor of Eden And even more so since the gar...Rate it

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In a Kentish Rose Garden.
Mathilde Blind
Beside a Dial in the leafy close, Where every bush was burning with the Rose, With million roses falling flake by flake Upon the lawn in fading ...Rate it

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In A Monastery Garden
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
OVER the long salt ridges And the gold sea-poppies between, They builded them wild-briar hedges, A church and a cloistered green. And when they...Rate it

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In a Southern Garden
Dorothea Mackeller
WHEN the tall bamboos are clicking to the restless little breeze, And bats begin their jerky skimming flight, And the creamy scented blossoms...Rate it

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In An English Garden
Paul Laurence Dunbar
In this old garden, fair, I walk to-day Heart-charmed with all the beauty of the scene: The rich, luxuriant grasses' cooling green, The wall's envi...Rate it

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