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John Greenleaf Whittier
O painter of the fruits and flowers, We own wise design, Where these human hands of ours May share work of Thine! Apart from Thee we plant in vain...Rate it

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Dr saroj kumar Khan
Flowers blossom line by line, your act of works so that garden can keep greenery. Not only charm but for beauty. Heart awakens with chastity. ...Rate it

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Vasudha Pulukuri
In a garden we can see alot of different flowers............. but, flowers are not yet all same... In this world we can see alot of different chara...Rate it

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Jasmine Villegas
When we talked about the world we were talking about order: a trail of grass, a fist of blooms. My mother points at a slow and deliberate fall ...Rate it

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In The Garden I: The Garden
Edward Dowden
PAST the town's clamour is a garden full Of loneness and old greenery; at noon When birds are hush'd, save one dim cushat's croon, A ripen'd sil...Rate it

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We have a Little Garden
Beatrix Potter
WE have a little garden, A garden of our own, And every day we water there The seeds that we have sown. WE love our little garden, And tend it w...Rate it

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God's Garden
Robert Frost
God made a beatous garden With lovely flowers strown, But one straight, narrow pathway That was not overgrown. And to this beauteous garden He brou...Rate it

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The Garden of Peace
Donka Kristeva
Under a cloud glides a seagull, over the pond flutter wild geese, their squawk, scattered, dispersed sink in the caressing breeze. Red tulips in l...Rate it

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The Garden
Edith Nesbit
CHOKED with ill weeds my garden lay a-dying, Hard was the ground, no bud had heart to blow, Yet shone your smile there, with your soft breath sig...Rate it

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Garden of Love
Jeanne Fiedler
The garden of love and life is growing The greenery is shooting up taller and faster The flowers sprout up with little happy faces on Trees reach f...Rate it

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A Garden Of Girls
Edith Nesbit
KATE is like a violet, Gertrude's like a rose, Jane is like a gillyflower smart; But Laura's like a lily, the purest bud that blows, Whose white...Rate it

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Kensington Garden
Thomas Tickell
______ Campos, ubi Troja fuit. Virg. Where Kensington, high o'er the neighbouring lands Midst greens and sweets, a regal fabric, stands, And se...Rate it

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A Kentish Garden
Edith Nesbit
THERE is a grey-walled garden, far away From noise and smoke of cities, where the hours Pass with soft wings among the happy flowers, And lovely...Rate it

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Lo, I Am A Garden Gnome
Joe Blow
Lo, where does the time go? Does my mind grow evermore slow? Do cosmic currents accelerate in flow? Why do I have a fungal infection on my left big...Rate it

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The City Mouse And The Garden Mouse
Christina Georgina Rossetti
The city mouse lives in a house; - The garden mouse lives in a bower, He's friendly with the frogs and toads, And sees the pretty plants in flow...Rate it

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The Garden
James Shirley
This Garden does not take my eyes, Though here you show how art of men Can purchase Nature at a price Would stock old Paradise again. These gl...Rate it

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The Garden
Katharine Tynan
I know a garden like a child, Clean and new-washed and reconciled. It grows its own sweet way, yet still Has guidance of some tender will That clip...Rate it

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"Back to the Garden"
Kathy A. Wittman
The scent of your roses cascaded over my desk, the promise of Woodstock. Such a momentous year for humankind and myself! In July, the moon walk wa...Rate it

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A Child in the Garden
Henry Van Dyke
When to the garden of untroubled thought I came of late, and saw the open door, And wished again to enter, and explore The sweet, wild ways with st...Rate it

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A Child's Garden
Corinna R Evrard
A child once more I am duck feet planted in mud Soil speaks through the soles of my feet Are weeds always weeds? Some are so beautiful their wildn...Rate it

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A Child's Garden
Rudyard Kipling
R. L. Stevenson Now there is nothing wrong with me Except -- I think it's called T.B. And that is why I have to lay Out in the garden all the day....Rate it

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A Flower Garden - At Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.
William Wordsworth
Tell me, ye Zephyrs! that unfold, While fluttering o'er this gay Recess, Pinions that fanned the teeming mould Of Eden's blissful wilderness, Did o...Rate it

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A Flower Garden At Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.
William Wordsworth
TELL me, ye Zephyrs! that unfold, While fluttering o'er this gay Recess, Pinions that fanned the teeming mould Of Eden's blissful wilderness, Did o...Rate it

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A Forsaken Garden
Algernon Charles Swinburne
IN a coign of the cliff between lowland and highland, At the sea-down's edge between windward and lee, Walled round with rocks as an inland is...Rate it

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A Friend In The Garden.
Juliana Horatia Ewing
He is not John the gardener, And yet the whole day long Employs himself most usefully, The flower-beds among. He is not Tom the pussy-cat, And ...Rate it

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