List of poems by Taleshia G MCcray 613 total

L Fell In Love With You! 66 ViewsRate it
Dad 9 ViewsRate it
I only see you in my dreams 9 ViewsRate it
A Growing Love 7 ViewsRate it
A Romantic Message 7 ViewsRate it
Run away train 7 ViewsRate it
2 Soul Mates 6 ViewsRate it
Cute and Cuddly that's you! 6 ViewsRate it
I love you,I love you,I love you 5 ViewsRate it
My true feelings for you! 5 ViewsRate it
3 4 ViewsRate it
3 Magical Words 4 ViewsRate it
All I want is you! 4 ViewsRate it
Anxiety disorders 4 ViewsRate it
Empty Heart! 4 ViewsRate it
Flowers 4 ViewsRate it
Friends 4 ViewsRate it
You are my everything to me 4 ViewsRate it
You are my first love 4 ViewsRate it
2 Upon A Sea Of Love 3 ViewsRate it
Angel of Friendship! 3 ViewsRate it
Awake inside a sleeping body 3 ViewsRate it
Falling in love 3 ViewsRate it
How do i love thee 3 ViewsRate it
I Still Love You Very Much 3 ViewsRate it
I want your touch and only you! 3 ViewsRate it
Key to my Heart 3 ViewsRate it
Making love with you 3 ViewsRate it
Mother's Day! 3 ViewsRate it
Never have I seen a Man like you 3 ViewsRate it
Sadness 3 ViewsRate it
Sky 3 ViewsRate it
Sunny side up! 3 ViewsRate it
The way I feel about you 3 ViewsRate it
Wedding Vow 3 ViewsRate it
You love me and i love you 3 ViewsRate it
2 The cost of freedom 2 ViewsRate it
A kiss good night 2 ViewsRate it
All Alone 2 ViewsRate it
Baby i need you and i want you 2 ViewsRate it
Because I loved you 2 ViewsRate it
Call me one day 2 ViewsRate it
Crying all alone! 2 ViewsRate it
Dear John! 2 ViewsRate it
Do you want me 2 ViewsRate it
Dream about you 2 ViewsRate it
I can't sleep at night 2 ViewsRate it
I choose 2 ViewsRate it
I love you 2 ViewsRate it
I love you for what you are! 2 ViewsRate it
I love you so much 2 ViewsRate it
I Will Love U4ever 2 ViewsRate it
I will never give up on you 2 ViewsRate it
L Missed My Big Brother,And My Grandfather! 2 ViewsRate it
Make time for love 2 ViewsRate it
Man and wife 2 ViewsRate it
Man of my Dreams 2 ViewsRate it
Meant to be 2 ViewsRate it
R.I.P. 2 ViewsRate it
Showering you 2 ViewsRate it
Why I love you 2 ViewsRate it
Why me 2 ViewsRate it
You came into my life 2 ViewsRate it
Your love and the love i have for you 2 ViewsRate it
2 1 ViewRate it
2 Love Is Like 1 ViewRate it
2 My love for you 1 ViewRate it
A poem for my mom 1 ViewRate it
After the Rain 1 ViewRate it
All i need is you 1 ViewRate it
Alone in the night 1 ViewRate it
Always and forever 1 ViewRate it
Always in my heart 1 ViewRate it
Angel 1 ViewRate it
Angel Eyes! 1 ViewRate it
Angel Love! 1 ViewRate it
Angel of my life 1 ViewRate it
Beautiful star is up in the sky! 1 ViewRate it
Celebrate 1 ViewRate it
Chartbuster love songs! 1 ViewRate it
Daddy 1 ViewRate it
Daddy come home 1 ViewRate it
Daddy please don't go 1 ViewRate it
Do loveyou and i like you 1 ViewRate it
Don't Quit 1 ViewRate it
Footprints 1 ViewRate it
Forgive me Lord 1 ViewRate it
Get together! 1 ViewRate it
God say no 1 ViewRate it
I can't stop cry Lord I'm hurt so bad 1 ViewRate it
I make my wish I want you to be mine! 1 ViewRate it
I miss my dad so much 1 ViewRate it
I miss you 1 ViewRate it
I prayer that my Dream will come true one day 1 ViewRate it
I saw this i thought of you! 1 ViewRate it
I see you Tomorrow,and i miss you to 1 ViewRate it
I so sorry 1 ViewRate it
I want to be happy 1 ViewRate it
I'll be there 1 ViewRate it
I'll want you to be mine 1 ViewRate it
I'm sorry 1 ViewRate it
Into our dream made for you and me oh,how I wish I'd be forever asleep 1 ViewRate it
Jesus is 1 ViewRate it
Jesus lover of my soul 1 ViewRate it
John I forgive you 1 ViewRate it
John you have my heart 1 ViewRate it
Just as I am 1 ViewRate it
Just for you baby 1 ViewRate it
Left Behind 1 ViewRate it
Lord 1 ViewRate it
Lord please hear my Prayer 1 ViewRate it
Love is like 1 ViewRate it
Love's fireworks 1 ViewRate it
Missing you day and night 1 ViewRate it
Mom i love you so much 1 ViewRate it
Mother'S And Daughter'S 1 ViewRate it
My Devotion 1 ViewRate it
My goal 1 ViewRate it
My Life! 1 ViewRate it
My true love has my heart 1 ViewRate it
My Wedding one day! 1 ViewRate it
Paid in full 1 ViewRate it
Paradise 1 ViewRate it
Please don't leave me! 1 ViewRate it
Stuck on you 1 ViewRate it
Thank you for tell me about grammar 1 ViewRate it
The Government 1 ViewRate it
The only thing missin isyou 1 ViewRate it
Today is my Dad Bday 1 ViewRate it
Together forever! 1 ViewRate it
True love in you 1 ViewRate it
True love may come but once 1 ViewRate it
Why Daddy,Why 1 ViewRate it
Why I love you so much John 1 ViewRate it
Wing of Love 1 ViewRate it
Winter nights 1 ViewRate it
With all my love! 1 ViewRate it
With this ring 1 ViewRate it
Wolf mates 1 ViewRate it
You and I 1 ViewRate it
You are Amazing God 1 ViewRate it
You are Angel to me! 1 ViewRate it
You are the one for me 1 ViewRate it
You make me feel so good 1 ViewRate it
You're my God 1 ViewRate it
You're the one I love very much 1 ViewRate it
1,000 Kisses 0 ViewsRate it
2 Celebrate 0 ViewsRate it
2 Dad 0 ViewsRate it
2 John 0 ViewsRate it
2 Life 0 ViewsRate it
2 Part 0 ViewsRate it
2 Rock me,baby,sing me a lullaby 0 ViewsRate it
2 Slaves 0 ViewsRate it
2 The Fisrt Morning 0 ViewsRate it
2 Wife 0 ViewsRate it
2 You'Re An Angel 0 ViewsRate it
2part 0 ViewsRate it
3Life 0 ViewsRate it
5 Reason Why I Love U 0 ViewsRate it
A Childs Prayer 0 ViewsRate it
A glow in my heart 0 ViewsRate it
A love story 0 ViewsRate it
A Lover's Prayer! 0 ViewsRate it
A Plan For Me! 0 ViewsRate it
A Poem Of Love 0 ViewsRate it
A pray 0 ViewsRate it
A smile for you from me! 0 ViewsRate it
A special prayer 0 ViewsRate it
A special prayer for you and me! 0 ViewsRate it
A special Prayer! 0 ViewsRate it
A warm tight hug 0 ViewsRate it
A wonderful feeling! 0 ViewsRate it
After the Storm 0 ViewsRate it
All I want is you to hold me! 0 ViewsRate it
Alone in my room 0 ViewsRate it
Always 0 ViewsRate it
Always me 0 ViewsRate it
Angel Wish 0 ViewsRate it
Asian tea for two in the afternoon 0 ViewsRate it
Baby see you soon! 0 ViewsRate it
Babyboy! 0 ViewsRate it
Be your forever 0 ViewsRate it
Beautiful inside and out 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty and love 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty of your Love! 0 ViewsRate it
Because 0 ViewsRate it
Big Fear 0 ViewsRate it
Biggest hug! 0 ViewsRate it
Black History Month 0 ViewsRate it
Black Is Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
Bounce Back! 0 ViewsRate it
Breathe on me! 0 ViewsRate it
Breeze! 0 ViewsRate it
Burden for Souls 0 ViewsRate it
Butterfiles of love 0 ViewsRate it
Butterfly wings 0 ViewsRate it
Call me please!861-3117 or at home 288-2311 0 ViewsRate it
Can you see 0 ViewsRate it
Can You Take My Blues Away 0 ViewsRate it
Can't manage with out you! 0 ViewsRate it
Cate Cats 0 ViewsRate it
Cherished love 0 ViewsRate it
Chocolate! 0 ViewsRate it
Closer to Jesus! 0 ViewsRate it
Colours all so beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
Comfort of your love 0 ViewsRate it
Created for us 0 ViewsRate it
Crying 0 ViewsRate it
Dad.if i had only known 0 ViewsRate it
Did I tell you 0 ViewsRate it
Different Person! 0 ViewsRate it
Doctor Jesus 0 ViewsRate it
Don't miss out on a good thing 0 ViewsRate it
Don't never lie 0 ViewsRate it
Don't quit on me! 0 ViewsRate it
Down to earth you came in my life 0 ViewsRate it
Doxology 0 ViewsRate it
Dream of you 0 ViewsRate it
Embrace in my dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Everything to me 0 ViewsRate it
Everything you do 0 ViewsRate it
Feeling 0 ViewsRate it
Fell notting for me 0 ViewsRate it
Fingers touching 0 ViewsRate it
Flying kiss! 0 ViewsRate it
For Grandpa 0 ViewsRate it
For my heart and soul 0 ViewsRate it
For the rest of my life I will love you! 0 ViewsRate it
For you I will do anything 0 ViewsRate it
Forever and always 0 ViewsRate it
Forever for always for you John 0 ViewsRate it
Forever Loving You 0 ViewsRate it
Forever Us 0 ViewsRate it
Forgive peolpe 0 ViewsRate it
From my heart 0 ViewsRate it
From my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
From the bottom of my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
Go to her you love her not me 0 ViewsRate it
Go voter it your choice 0 ViewsRate it
God is so good 0 ViewsRate it
God whispering about you in my ear 0 ViewsRate it
Good night my love 0 ViewsRate it
Hand in Hand me and you 0 ViewsRate it
Hang in there 0 ViewsRate it
Have i told 0 ViewsRate it
He is 0 ViewsRate it
He is there 0 ViewsRate it
Heaven gave me you 0 ViewsRate it
Heaven! 0 ViewsRate it
Help me God 0 ViewsRate it
Help me Lord 0 ViewsRate it
Here I Am! 0 ViewsRate it
Hi John 0 ViewsRate it
Hold me tight 0 ViewsRate it
Hold me! 0 ViewsRate it
How can I tell you I love you in person! 0 ViewsRate it
How much you mean to me 0 ViewsRate it
I believe in you 0 ViewsRate it
I believe in you! 0 ViewsRate it
I blow a kiss to you! 0 ViewsRate it
I can't go to sleep 0 ViewsRate it
I can't stop dream of you! 0 ViewsRate it
I can't stop love you it is very hard for me! 0 ViewsRate it
I care so much about you 0 ViewsRate it
I cry 0 ViewsRate it
I cry all the time now 0 ViewsRate it
I cry Everynight 0 ViewsRate it
I do,cherish you 0 ViewsRate it
I don't want anyone else but you 0 ViewsRate it
I don't want to be seprated for you! 0 ViewsRate it
I feel.I feel your love for me 0 ViewsRate it
I forgive you John! 0 ViewsRate it
I gota have you 0 ViewsRate it
I had long talk with God! 0 ViewsRate it
I have faith in God 0 ViewsRate it
I keep prayer for help 0 ViewsRate it
I Knew I Loved You! 0 ViewsRate it
I know it is a difficult time 0 ViewsRate it
I Know! 0 ViewsRate it
I love him 0 ViewsRate it
I love you baby! 0 ViewsRate it
I love you forever baby 0 ViewsRate it
I love you more than life itself! 0 ViewsRate it
I love you so much! 0 ViewsRate it
I love you very much 0 ViewsRate it
I love you very much! 0 ViewsRate it
I love you! 0 ViewsRate it
I loved you yesterday 0 ViewsRate it
I miss so much 0 ViewsRate it
I miss soooo much 0 ViewsRate it
I miss them all very much 0 ViewsRate it
I miss you alot 0 ViewsRate it
I Miss You So Much 0 ViewsRate it
i MISS YOU SO MUCH DAD 0 ViewsRate it
I miss you so much John! 0 ViewsRate it
I need you 0 ViewsRate it
I need you! 0 ViewsRate it
I never want to say goodbye 0 ViewsRate it
I really miss you 0 ViewsRate it
I really want to be your girlfriend 0 ViewsRate it
I saw it with my own eye 0 ViewsRate it
I Still Got Love For You! 0 ViewsRate it
I thank God for you! 0 ViewsRate it
I Thank God he sent you me! 0 ViewsRate it
I thinking about you 24 hour day! 0 ViewsRate it
I truly feel the love ! 0 ViewsRate it
I wait! 0 ViewsRate it
I waking up from dream! 0 ViewsRate it
I want my first kiss from you! 0 ViewsRate it
I want to be a better women 0 ViewsRate it
I want to fly 0 ViewsRate it
I want to hear your,voice on the phone 0 ViewsRate it
I want you John 0 ViewsRate it
I want you to be my boyfriend 0 ViewsRate it
I want you to be with me now 0 ViewsRate it
I want you to put a smile back on my face! 0 ViewsRate it
I was thinking about you today 0 ViewsRate it
I will always love you 0 ViewsRate it
I will be back soon 0 ViewsRate it
I will love for you to kiss the pain way 0 ViewsRate it
I will love to be a mommy 0 ViewsRate it
I will love to have a happy life! 0 ViewsRate it
I will never go away from u 0 ViewsRate it
I will never let you go 0 ViewsRate it
I will write your name in my heart forever 0 ViewsRate it
I wonder if you know 0 ViewsRate it
I'll be here 0 ViewsRate it
I'll be so happy when I done with school I can't long way to go 0 ViewsRate it
I'll be the one for you 0 ViewsRate it
I'll be yours and you'll always be mine 0 ViewsRate it
I'll miss you big brother 0 ViewsRate it
I'm day dream about you 0 ViewsRate it
I'm drawn to you for life 0 ViewsRate it
I'm God Child be very care 0 ViewsRate it
I'm going to Love you still eternity 0 ViewsRate it
I'M Going To Wait For Love! 0 ViewsRate it
I'm in love with you 0 ViewsRate it
I'm madly in love with you 0 ViewsRate it
I'M Miss You 0 ViewsRate it
I'm ready for your love 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so afraid! 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so in love with you 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so in love with you. 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so sorry 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so sorry I make you cry 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so sorry Lord 0 ViewsRate it
I'm so stress out call for help lord 0 ViewsRate it
I'm sorry Lord! 0 ViewsRate it
I'm sorry miss your call! 0 ViewsRate it
I'm thinking about you today! 0 ViewsRate it
I'm tired of running all the time! 0 ViewsRate it
In all i see and feel 0 ViewsRate it
In loving Memory of Billy G 0 ViewsRate it
In our sky 0 ViewsRate it
IN the lord arms 0 ViewsRate it
Iong to be close to you forever! 0 ViewsRate it
It my fault 0 ViewsRate it
It time for me to go in the store to talk to you! 0 ViewsRate it
It time for me to tell you the words you long hear 0 ViewsRate it
It time for us to talk to each other! 0 ViewsRate it
Its for you John! 0 ViewsRate it
Jesus 0 ViewsRate it
Jesus,You're Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
John 0 ViewsRate it
John you are my everything 0 ViewsRate it
Judgment day! 0 ViewsRate it
Just for you 0 ViewsRate it
Just the two of us! 0 ViewsRate it
Just you 0 ViewsRate it
Keep in Touch with me! 0 ViewsRate it
Keep the Faith! 0 ViewsRate it
Kiss me baby I'm wait for your sweet kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Leaving the past 0 ViewsRate it
Let nothing upset you 0 ViewsRate it
Let Talk About Love! 0 ViewsRate it
Let's get together soon! 0 ViewsRate it
Letter to my baby! 0 ViewsRate it
Life's not Promised! 0 ViewsRate it
Listen to my heartbeat! 0 ViewsRate it
Live for the one I Love 0 ViewsRate it
Lord forgive me 0 ViewsRate it
Lord forgive me for my sins so l have to forgive you! 0 ViewsRate it
Lord help me in every way 0 ViewsRate it
Lord help me to dry my eyes 0 ViewsRate it
Lord Prayer! 0 ViewsRate it
Lord we need your love 0 ViewsRate it
Lord you said we would overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb. 0 ViewsRate it
Lost In Your Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
Love Apart! 0 ViewsRate it
Love at first sight 0 ViewsRate it
Love at first sight! 0 ViewsRate it
Love in colors 0 ViewsRate it
Love in Paradise! 0 ViewsRate it
Love is in air! 0 ViewsRate it
Love is togetherness 0 ViewsRate it
Love Letters! 0 ViewsRate it
Love me tender 0 ViewsRate it
Love no Limit! 0 ViewsRate it
Love note! 0 ViewsRate it
Love of my life 0 ViewsRate it
Love so true 0 ViewsRate it
Love Song! 0 ViewsRate it
Love you is sweet! 0 ViewsRate it
Loving thoughts of you 0 ViewsRate it
Loving words of mine 0 ViewsRate it
Lucky to have found you! 0 ViewsRate it
Mail a Kiss! 0 ViewsRate it
Mark 11:24:26 0 ViewsRate it
Me and you 0 ViewsRate it
Me missing you! 0 ViewsRate it
Miss You John 0 ViewsRate it
Missing You 0 ViewsRate it
Missing you day and night! 0 ViewsRate it
Missing you with all my heart 0 ViewsRate it
Morning Prayer you and me 0 ViewsRate it
Mother 0 ViewsRate it
Mother's Heart 0 ViewsRate it
Music to my heart 0 ViewsRate it
My Body 0 ViewsRate it
My Christan walk 0 ViewsRate it
My crazy dream 0 ViewsRate it
My Dream! 0 ViewsRate it
My first Love! 0 ViewsRate it
My friends.I hope they can see it if not you need them. 0 ViewsRate it
My heart is cry 0 ViewsRate it
My heart of heart filled with your love 0 ViewsRate it
My heart still beats for you 0 ViewsRate it
My heart to your heart 0 ViewsRate it
My heart to your heart! 0 ViewsRate it
My honeybee 0 ViewsRate it
My love for you 0 ViewsRate it
My Love for you! 0 ViewsRate it
My love is your! 0 ViewsRate it
My love to John 0 ViewsRate it
My love to thee 0 ViewsRate it
My one and only 0 ViewsRate it
My rose garden 0 ViewsRate it
My story of you 0 ViewsRate it
My true love 0 ViewsRate it
My Valentine 0 ViewsRate it
My Waterfall 0 ViewsRate it
My words 0 ViewsRate it
Never be Touch! 0 ViewsRate it
Never gonna leave you so help me God 0 ViewsRate it
Never let you go 0 ViewsRate it
No Not One! 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing 0 ViewsRate it
Only thing I want in this world is you! 0 ViewsRate it
Open wide the Freedom Gates! 0 ViewsRate it
Our Happiness! 0 ViewsRate it
Parents to be 0 ViewsRate it
Part 2 0 ViewsRate it
Perfect is you! 0 ViewsRate it
Perfect Rose 0 ViewsRate it
Please don't give up on me John 0 ViewsRate it
Please don't me throw! 0 ViewsRate it
Please forgive me the first poetry 0 ViewsRate it
Power of prayer 0 ViewsRate it
Prayer Iist! 0 ViewsRate it
Promise! 0 ViewsRate it
Psalm 64 0 ViewsRate it
Psalms 140:2:8 0 ViewsRate it
Rainbow in my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
Repentance 0 ViewsRate it
Rescue me! 0 ViewsRate it
Rock me,baby,sing me a lullaby 0 ViewsRate it
Run Away! 0 ViewsRate it
Say it with a rose! 0 ViewsRate it
Sea of love 0 ViewsRate it
Shackles (praise you) 0 ViewsRate it
Silver and Gold 0 ViewsRate it
Sing for the Children 0 ViewsRate it
Sitting Down with out fear! 0 ViewsRate it
Slaves 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep's kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Sleeping night! 0 ViewsRate it
So in love with you 0 ViewsRate it
So when are we going on this dat you promise me John 0 ViewsRate it
Someday! 0 ViewsRate it
Somethings's lost my heart 0 ViewsRate it
Soul Mates 0 ViewsRate it
Spread the word of love as it always grow! 0 ViewsRate it
Stay with me 0 ViewsRate it
Straight from my heart 0 ViewsRate it
Straight from my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
Strangers in night 0 ViewsRate it
Summer wishes 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine in my heart 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine of life! 0 ViewsRate it
Sunshine! 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet Flowers! 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet summer surprises! 0 ViewsRate it
Taken my love to your heart 0 ViewsRate it
Tear Fall! 0 ViewsRate it
Tears fall down from my face 0 ViewsRate it
Thank God he sent you to me 0 ViewsRate it
Thank you 0 ViewsRate it
Thank You God! 0 ViewsRate it
Thank You Jesus! 0 ViewsRate it
Thank You Lord! 0 ViewsRate it
Thank you mom 0 ViewsRate it
Thank You! 0 ViewsRate it
That when it hit me 0 ViewsRate it
That's why our love is forever 0 ViewsRate it
The Battie Is The Lord 0 ViewsRate it
The Chef! 0 ViewsRate it
The cost of freedom 0 ViewsRate it
The first morning 0 ViewsRate it
The good book 0 ViewsRate it
The Joy of my Love 0 ViewsRate it
The key to happiness! 0 ViewsRate it
The love we share 0 ViewsRate it
The magic Colors 0 ViewsRate it
The man I love 0 ViewsRate it
The missing blue 0 ViewsRate it
The Prayer of Love 0 ViewsRate it
The Prettiest thing! 0 ViewsRate it
The real me! 0 ViewsRate it
The real thing is you 0 ViewsRate it
The stars 0 ViewsRate it
The Way you love me 0 ViewsRate it
The Whisperl 0 ViewsRate it
The Window 0 ViewsRate it
Things we can learn from a dog 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking about you 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking of you 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking of you! 0 ViewsRate it
This is for you 0 ViewsRate it
This is why I love! 0 ViewsRate it
This is why l fell in love with you! 0 ViewsRate it
This Love have got stonger! 0 ViewsRate it
This new world 0 ViewsRate it
This world can be cold at time! 0 ViewsRate it
Those i will always love and miss 0 ViewsRate it
To be your Angel 0 ViewsRate it
To Dad 0 ViewsRate it
To John you are only man i want in my life 0 ViewsRate it
To my Dad Andrew McCray 0 ViewsRate it
To my forever Valentine.John 0 ViewsRate it
Today is my B-day 0 ViewsRate it
Togetherness 0 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow is my Brother D.J B-day 0 ViewsRate it
Truly amazed by you 0 ViewsRate it
Truly madly deeply in love with you! 0 ViewsRate it
Trusting in God 0 ViewsRate it
Tuesday 0 ViewsRate it
Tune in to my love station 0 ViewsRate it
Unspoken 0 ViewsRate it
Upon a sea of love 0 ViewsRate it
Valentines Day with Jesus 0 ViewsRate it
Walk with me Lord 0 ViewsRate it
Walk with me LOrd! 0 ViewsRate it
Walking on Sunshine! 0 ViewsRate it
Want to hold you close! 0 ViewsRate it
Want to show you my love ! 0 ViewsRate it
We are a perfect fit 0 ViewsRate it
We are Meant to be 0 ViewsRate it
We belong to together 0 ViewsRate it
We were meant to be 0 ViewsRate it
What a friend we have in JESUS 0 ViewsRate it
What I am Trying to say 0 ViewsRate it
What is black 0 ViewsRate it
What Love Is 0 ViewsRate it
What worry with me love you 0 ViewsRate it
When are you going to be mine 0 ViewsRate it
When I break down 0 ViewsRate it
When I think about be successful! 0 ViewsRate it
When we wake in the morning and at night 0 ViewsRate it
Why don't you want me 0 ViewsRate it
Why is it easy for you to talk to her and me you have a hard time talk 0 ViewsRate it
Will you ever be mine 0 ViewsRate it
Will you go out with me 0 ViewsRate it
Winds 0 ViewsRate it
Wings of a Dove 0 ViewsRate it
With out you life is impossible to spend! 0 ViewsRate it
With U by my side 0 ViewsRate it
Without you 0 ViewsRate it
Women in love 0 ViewsRate it
Wondering 0 ViewsRate it
Work on me 0 ViewsRate it
World's greatest mom 0 ViewsRate it
Written all over your face! 0 ViewsRate it
You and Me 0 ViewsRate it
You are a Gift to me from God and I love you! 0 ViewsRate it
You are an angel to me 0 ViewsRate it
You are my one and only! 0 ViewsRate it
You are only man I falling in love with 0 ViewsRate it
You are only man I want in my life 0 ViewsRate it
You are the one man 0 ViewsRate it
You are the world to me 0 ViewsRate it
You bring out the best in me! 0 ViewsRate it
You changed my world 0 ViewsRate it
You fill my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
You have my heart 0 ViewsRate it
You hold a special place in my heart! 0 ViewsRate it
You light up my life Jesus! 0 ViewsRate it
You light up my life! 0 ViewsRate it
You make my heart flutter! 0 ViewsRate it
You me 0 ViewsRate it
You melt my heart 0 ViewsRate it
You pass me up 0 ViewsRate it
You rock my world 0 ViewsRate it
You save my life 0 ViewsRate it
You understand me when no one else does 0 ViewsRate it
You're an Angel 0 ViewsRate it
You're my God! 0 ViewsRate it
You're my perfect rose! 0 ViewsRate it
Your friend Taleshia 0 ViewsRate it
Your love is always in bloom! 0 ViewsRate it
Your love is precious 0 ViewsRate it
Your love keep me strong 0 ViewsRate it
Your wind of love 0 ViewsRate it

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    What's the oldest written poem exist?
    • A. Iliad
    • B. Epic of Gilgamesh
    • C. Ramayana
    • D. Odyssey