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Modern Love XXXVII: Along the Garden Terrace
George Meredith
Along the garden terrace, under which A purple valley (lighted at its edge By smoky torch-flame on the long cloud-ledge Whereunder dropped the c...Rate it

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Monet's Garden
Gary Bégin
His canvas & oil impressions … lie Across the ages locked at night Away from those with dirty fingernails. But when the sun rises and it does whet...Rate it

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Monet's Japanese Garden
Anna Nadgrodkiewicz
Let me be a footbridge in your garden bend my spine over the hazel waters fraught with blinking eyes of lilies and coated by the scruffy beards of ...Rate it

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My beautiful Garden
Areeba Azim
I was sitting in my beautiful Garden Digging sand and pouring water There I saw a bizarre scene That garden creature began to Sing When the ador...Rate it

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My Garden
Thomas Edward Brown
A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! Rose plot, Fringed pool, Ferned grot-- The veriest school Of peace; and ...Rate it

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My Garden
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If I could put my woods in song And tell what's there enjoyed, All men would to my gardens throng, And leave the cities void. In my plot no tu...Rate it

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My Garden
Kurt Philip Behm
I made myself a wastrel an orphan of my choice And severed all my family ties in search of my own voice I left without once looking back th...Rate it

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My Garden
Robert William Service
The world is sadly sick, they say, And plagued by woe and pain. But look! How looms my garden gay, With blooms in golden reign! With lyric music in...Rate it

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My Garden
Eugene Field
My garden aboundeth in pleasant nooks And fragrance is over it all; For sweet is the smell of my old, old books In their places against the wall. ...Rate it

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My Garden Gnomes
tj hatton
My Garden gnomes Are Very sly They have a twinkle In Their eye They are cute and Quaint And Full of surprise But That colouful paint Is just A disg...Rate it

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My Garden—like the Beach
Emily Dickinson
My Garden—like the Beach— Denotes there be—a Sea— That's Summer— Such as These—the Pearls She fetches—such as Me Rate it

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My heart shall be thy garden
Alice Meynell
My heart shall be thy garden. Come, my own, Into thy garden; thine be happy hours Among my fairest thoughts, my tallest flowers, From root to crown...Rate it

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My rose garden
Taleshia G MCcray
My love is like a rose garden grows in beautiful nature they are beautful and rare to find let it be red,pink or white but i take care all of them ...Rate it

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My Secret Garden
Cindy Rossetti
I want a Secret Garden of my very own. A place of beautiful flowers, fountains, butterflies, birds and many things A peaceful place that I can be a...Rate it

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New feet within my garden go
Emily Dickinson
New feet within my garden go— New fingers stir the sod— A Troubadour upon the Elm Betrays the solitude. New children play upon the green— New Wear...Rate it

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Night Coming Into A Garden
Lord Alfred Douglas
Roses red and white, Every rose is hanging her head, Silently comes the lady Night, Only the flowers can hear her tread. All day long the birds ha...Rate it

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Night Coming Out Of A Garden
Lord Alfred Douglas
Through the still air of night Suddenly comes, alone and shrill, Like the far-off voice of the distant light, The single piping trill Of a bird tha...Rate it

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No Garden Filled My Pains
Jessie Ní Leacaí
If windows opened wider to greener gardens, And shutters not stormed in repeated regressions, If kindness called in more pleasant passings, Would I...Rate it

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No rose that in a garden ever grew
Edna St. Vincent Millay
No rose that in a garden ever grew, In Homer's or in Omar's or in mine, Though buried under centuries of fine Dead dust of roses, shut from sun ...Rate it

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O little plum tree in the garden, you're
Lesbia Harford
O little plum tree in the garden, you're Aflower again, With memories of a million springs and my Brief years of pain. O little tree, you have ...Rate it

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On A Plant Of Virgin's-Bower, Designed To Cover A Garden-seat
William Cowper
Thrive, gentle plant! and weave a bower For Mary and for me, And deck with many a splendid flower Thy foliage large and free. Thou camest from Ear...Rate it

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On the Garden Wall
Vachel Lindsay
Oh, once I walked a garden In dreams. 'Twas yellow grass. And many orange-trees grew there In sand as white as glass. The curving, wide wall-bo...Rate it

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Our Lives Are a Garden (Bloom Where You Are Planted)
Joy Krumdiack
Our lives are but a garden, plant them well; Each seed we plant has a story to tell. From tilling, watering and then sowing, We reap the rewards wh...Rate it

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Out in the Garden
Katherine Mansfield
Out in the garden, Out in the windy, swinging dark, Under the trees and over the flower-beds, Over the grass and under the hedge border, Someone is...Rate it

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Parisian Garden
Lena Smith Carter
Circles, squares, rectangles, All present in the plan, Purples, oranges, whites and pinks, Blooming without a ban! When we come in our eyes are dr...Rate it

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