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Lesbia Harford was an Australian poet, novelist and political activist.

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A Bad Snap 213 ViewsRate it
Each morning I pass on my way to work
 171 ViewsRate it
A bunch of lilac and a storm of hail
 142 ViewsRate it
Tall trees along the road,
 136 ViewsRate it
The Invisible People
 134 ViewsRate it
Raging winter wind
 133 ViewsRate it
I went down to post a letter
 132 ViewsRate it
 130 ViewsRate it
A Strike Rhyme 129 ViewsRate it
Machinist Talking
 128 ViewsRate it
O great golden head lie in my lap'
 128 ViewsRate it
Up in my room on my unmade bed
 128 ViewsRate it
The Contest
 127 ViewsRate it
Somebody brought in lilac
 126 ViewsRate it
Florence kneels down to say her prayers
 125 ViewsRate it
Pat wasn't Pat last night at all
 125 ViewsRate it
 125 ViewsRate it
I count the days until I see you
 124 ViewsRate it
 124 ViewsRate it
Day's End 124 ViewsRate it
A Deity
 123 ViewsRate it
Most people have a way of making friends
 123 ViewsRate it
Buddha In The Workroom 122 ViewsRate it
I had a lover who betrayed me 122 ViewsRate it
To Leslie 122 ViewsRate it
Work-Girls' Holiday
 122 ViewsRate it
You, whom the grave cannot bind
 122 ViewsRate it
Beauty And Terror
 120 ViewsRate it
My window pane is broken
 120 ViewsRate it
Whenever I think of you, you are alone 120 ViewsRate it
An Improver
 119 ViewsRate it
He has picked grapes in the sun.
 119 ViewsRate it
Girl's Love
 118 ViewsRate it
The Silent Dead 116 ViewsRate it
All Knowledge . . . 115 ViewsRate it
Closing Time: Public Library 115 ViewsRate it
Now all the lovely days are past
 115 ViewsRate it
The Wife
 114 ViewsRate it
And is love very strong where honour rules?
 113 ViewsRate it
Inventory 113 ViewsRate it
If you have loved a brave story 112 ViewsRate it
When I get up to light the fire,
 111 ViewsRate it
Every night I hurry home to see 108 ViewsRate it
Pink eucalyptus flowers 108 ViewsRate it
They say — priests say
 108 ViewsRate it
After Rain
 107 ViewsRate it
I can't feel the sunshine
 107 ViewsRate it
I have two wings 107 ViewsRate it
Deliverance Through Art
 106 ViewsRate it
My lovely pixie, my good companion,
 106 ViewsRate it
Street Scene—Little Lonsdale St. 102 ViewsRate it
Mortal Poems
 100 ViewsRate it
All Through The Day At My Machine
 99 ViewsRate it
Pruning Flowering Gums
 99 ViewsRate it
You want a lily
 98 ViewsRate it
Fatherless 97 ViewsRate it
Sometimes I think the happiest of love's moments
 97 ViewsRate it
What were the good of stars if none looked on them
 97 ViewsRate it
Birthday 95 ViewsRate it
I thought I heard something move in the house
 95 ViewsRate it
I'd love to have you on a rainy day
 95 ViewsRate it
I dare not leave the splendid town
 94 ViewsRate it
O man, O woman, grievest so?
 94 ViewsRate it
A Parlourmaid
 92 ViewsRate it
Machinist's Song 92 ViewsRate it
Street Music 91 ViewsRate it
Those must be masts of ships the gazer sees
 91 ViewsRate it
Why does she put me to many indignities
 91 ViewsRate it
You may have other loves,
 91 ViewsRate it
Dearest, dearest
 88 ViewsRate it
In The Public Library
 88 ViewsRate it
Lawstudent And Coach
 88 ViewsRate it
The Immigrant
 87 ViewsRate it
Summer Lightning
 86 ViewsRate it
The Electric Tram To Kew
 86 ViewsRate it
Into old rhyme 85 ViewsRate it
I hate work so
 84 ViewsRate it
I saw a flight of sparrows through the air
 84 ViewsRate it
I used to be afraid to meet 82 ViewsRate it
Once I thought my love was worth the name 81 ViewsRate it
The Nuns And The Lilies
 81 ViewsRate it
The Two Swans
 81 ViewsRate it
Weekend At Mt. Dandenong
 81 ViewsRate it
I must be dreaming through the days
 80 ViewsRate it
Noli Me Tangere
 80 ViewsRate it
He has a fairy wife
 79 ViewsRate it
Summer Lightning
 79 ViewsRate it
The love I look for
 79 ViewsRate it
Do you remember still the little song
 77 ViewsRate it
O little year, cram full of duty
 77 ViewsRate it
O sweet and fair! These words are mine to use 76 ViewsRate it
Sometimes I am too tired 76 ViewsRate it
Today when you went up the hill 76 ViewsRate it
I love to see 74 ViewsRate it
If I had six white horses 74 ViewsRate it
O little plum tree in the garden, you're
 74 ViewsRate it
I'm like all lovers, wanting love to be
 73 ViewsRate it
When day is over
 73 ViewsRate it
They are so glad of a young companion,
 72 ViewsRate it
Today I saw 72 ViewsRate it
She has all Ireland in her blood
 71 ViewsRate it
Now I've been three days 70 ViewsRate it
O you, dear trees, you have learned so much of beauty
 70 ViewsRate it
 70 ViewsRate it
Sometimes I watch you, mark your brooding eyes
 70 ViewsRate it
Ours was a friendship in secret
 69 ViewsRate it
To look across at Moira gives me pleasure 69 ViewsRate it
I have three loves who are all most dear
 68 ViewsRate it
The Tyrant 68 ViewsRate it
To Plato's dictum 68 ViewsRate it
Today is rebels' day. And yet we work 68 ViewsRate it
I am no mystic
 67 ViewsRate it
I read a statement in a newspaper
 66 ViewsRate it
Skirt Machinist 65 ViewsRate it
A Bronte Legend
 63 ViewsRate it
Lovers Parted
 63 ViewsRate it
A lady and I were walking
 62 ViewsRate it
Today, in class, 62 ViewsRate it
My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies
 61 ViewsRate it
The Psychological Craze
 60 ViewsRate it
I dreamt last night
 59 ViewsRate it
I have to make a soul for one
 59 ViewsRate it
Little Ships
 59 ViewsRate it
 57 ViewsRate it
Today they made a bonfire
 57 ViewsRate it
I used to have dozens of handkerchiefs 56 ViewsRate it
God Speaks
 55 ViewsRate it
I'd like to spend long hours at home
 55 ViewsRate it
A Blouse Machinist 54 ViewsRate it
I was sad
 54 ViewsRate it
My mission in the world 54 ViewsRate it
How funny it would be if dreamy I
 51 ViewsRate it
When I am articled 50 ViewsRate it
I found an orchid in the valley fair, 49 ViewsRate it
In this little school
 49 ViewsRate it
Miss Mary Fairfax 49 ViewsRate it
Suburban Dames
 49 ViewsRate it
He had served eighty masters. They'd have said 48 ViewsRate it
Learning Geography
 48 ViewsRate it
A Meaning Learnt 47 ViewsRate it
Body And Soul
 47 ViewsRate it
Flowers And Light
 47 ViewsRate it
 47 ViewsRate it
 47 ViewsRate it
The people have drunk the wine of peace
 47 ViewsRate it
Cherry plum blossom in an old tin jug
 46 ViewsRate it
He looks in my heart and the image there
 45 ViewsRate it
 45 ViewsRate it
Green and blue
 44 ViewsRate it
I bought a red hat
 44 ViewsRate it
I have golden shoes
 44 ViewsRate it
This evening I'm alone. 43 ViewsRate it
When my lover put the sea between us
 43 ViewsRate it
White Sunshine
 42 ViewsRate it
Appearances 40 ViewsRate it
Emmie, Emmie Adams 40 ViewsRate it
This year I have seen autumn with new eyes
 40 ViewsRate it
We climbed that hill,
 40 ViewsRate it
Hecate's Due
 36 ViewsRate it
Sometimes I wish that I were Helen-fair
 36 ViewsRate it
Oh, oh Rosalie
 34 ViewsRate it
The Melbourne Cup
 34 ViewsRate it
When I was still a child
 34 ViewsRate it
Ay, ay, ay, the lilies of the garden
 33 ViewsRate it
A Sophistical Argument
 32 ViewsRate it
I came to live in Sophia Street 32 ViewsRate it
I dreamt last night of happy home-comings
 32 ViewsRate it
Though I had lost my love
 32 ViewsRate it
The Folk I Love 31 ViewsRate it
The Sisters
 31 ViewsRate it
When I go up to work the young blue sea
 31 ViewsRate it
Last night, in a dream
 30 ViewsRate it
A Prayer To Saint Rosa
 28 ViewsRate it
Three Teachers
 27 ViewsRate it
Child Sun
 25 ViewsRate it
The Moonlit Room
 23 ViewsRate it

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