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Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was an American poet.

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Hope is the thing with feathers
 747 ViewsRate it
Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church
 740 ViewsRate it
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
 734 ViewsRate it
Had I presumed to hope
 606 ViewsRate it
I Died For Beauty 592 ViewsRate it
Each life converges to some centre
 574 ViewsRate it
Success is Counted Sweetest
 553 ViewsRate it
Had I not This, or This, I said
 539 ViewsRate it
This Consciousness that is aware
 531 ViewsRate it
We talked as Girls do 528 ViewsRate it
I died for beauty but was scarce 518 ViewsRate it
Ah, Moon—and Star! 516 ViewsRate it
Good Morning—Midnight
 515 ViewsRate it
The Railway Train 515 ViewsRate it
He was weak, and I was strong—then 512 ViewsRate it
I read my sentence—steadily
 504 ViewsRate it
The Daisy follows soft the Sun
 503 ViewsRate it
Much Madness is divinest Sense 502 ViewsRate it
Adrift! A little boat adrift! 501 ViewsRate it
I gave myself to Him
 493 ViewsRate it
He put the Belt around my life
 475 ViewsRate it
The Bible is an antique Volume
 474 ViewsRate it
Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night
 472 ViewsRate it
The Skies can't keep their secret!
 469 ViewsRate it
Wait till the Majesty of Death
 465 ViewsRate it
A Solemn thing within the Soul
 464 ViewsRate it
They Shut Me Up in Prose 463 ViewsRate it
Besides the Autumn poets sing
 460 ViewsRate it
After great pain, a formal feeling comes -- (341)
 460 ViewsRate it
I felt my life with both my hands
 460 ViewsRate it
She sweeps with many-colored brooms,
 456 ViewsRate it
He fumbles at your spirit
 455 ViewsRate it
We dream—it is good we are dreaming
 455 ViewsRate it
If I should die
 450 ViewsRate it
I had not minded—Walls 444 ViewsRate it
The only ghost I ever saw
 444 ViewsRate it
It would have starved a Gnat
 443 ViewsRate it
Safe in their alabaster chambers,
 443 ViewsRate it
I like to see it lap the miles, 442 ViewsRate it
All overgrown by cunning moss 442 ViewsRate it
One Crucifixion is recorded—only 439 ViewsRate it
Like eyes that looked on Wastes 439 ViewsRate it
He gave away his Life
 437 ViewsRate it
Of Brussels—it was not
 436 ViewsRate it
Trust in the Unexpected 433 ViewsRate it
On this long storm the Rainbow rose
 432 ViewsRate it
Many a phrase has the English language 431 ViewsRate it
She lay as if at play
 428 ViewsRate it
That after Horror—that 'twas us 427 ViewsRate it
Renunciation 427 ViewsRate it
Do People moulder equally
 427 ViewsRate it
If I'm lost—now 427 ViewsRate it
The Brain—is wider than the Sky
 426 ViewsRate it
An awful Tempest mashed the air
 426 ViewsRate it
Some, too fragile for winter winds
 425 ViewsRate it
The Sun—just touched the Morning
 424 ViewsRate it
A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink
 424 ViewsRate it
The Robin's my Criterion for Tune
 424 ViewsRate it
A Lady red—amid the Hill
 423 ViewsRate it
Of all the souls that stand create
 422 ViewsRate it
I cannot buy it—'tis not sold 421 ViewsRate it
I taste a liquor never brewed
 421 ViewsRate it
Good night! which put the candle out? 420 ViewsRate it
God gave a loaf to every bird, 420 ViewsRate it
In falling Timbers buried
 420 ViewsRate it
We—Bee and I—live by the quaffing 420 ViewsRate it
Her final summer was it, 419 ViewsRate it
My Worthiness is all my Doubt
 417 ViewsRate it
Of Bronze—and Blaze
 416 ViewsRate it
Twas Crisis—All the length had passed
 416 ViewsRate it
The Soul's Superior instants
 416 ViewsRate it
A little East of Jordan 414 ViewsRate it
If He dissolve—then—there is nothing 414 ViewsRate it
Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
 414 ViewsRate it
The nearest dream recedes, unrealized.
 413 ViewsRate it
How sick—to wait—in any place—but thine 412 ViewsRate it
You taught me Waiting with Myself
 411 ViewsRate it
Pigmy seraphs—gone astray 411 ViewsRate it
Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat? 411 ViewsRate it
They called me to the Window, for 410 ViewsRate it
As the Starved Maelstrom laps the Navies 410 ViewsRate it
Publication—is the Auction
 410 ViewsRate it
To learn the Transport by the Pain 410 ViewsRate it
You see I cannot see—your lifetime
 410 ViewsRate it
Except to Heaven, she is nought
 408 ViewsRate it
Life—is what we make of it 408 ViewsRate it
The Brain—is wider than the Sky
 408 ViewsRate it
We like march, his shoes are purple,
 408 ViewsRate it
The Black Berry—wears a Thorn in his side
 407 ViewsRate it
Like Flowers, that heard the news of Dews
 406 ViewsRate it
Me prove it now—Whoever doubt
 406 ViewsRate it
The Way I read a Letter's—this 406 ViewsRate it
There is a Languor of the Life
 406 ViewsRate it
Four Trees—upon a solitary Acre
 405 ViewsRate it
There came a Wind like a Bugle
 405 ViewsRate it
It was given to me by the Gods 404 ViewsRate it
The Gentian weaves her fringes
 404 ViewsRate it
This is a Blossom of the Brain
 403 ViewsRate it
We see—Comparatively 403 ViewsRate it
Why do I love You, Sir?
 403 ViewsRate it
Will there really be a "Morning"?
 403 ViewsRate it
There's a certain Slant of light (258)
 401 ViewsRate it
I live with Him—I see His face
 400 ViewsRate it
I'm the little "Heart's Ease"
 400 ViewsRate it
I could not prove the Years had feet 399 ViewsRate it
 398 ViewsRate it
The Sun and Moon must make their haste
 398 ViewsRate it
Tho' my destiny be Fustian
 398 ViewsRate it
One dignity delays for all 396 ViewsRate it
A little bread—a crust—a crumb
 395 ViewsRate it
A solemn thing—it was—I said 395 ViewsRate it
The Admirations—and Contempts—of time 395 ViewsRate it
Summer Shower
 394 ViewsRate it
After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes
 394 ViewsRate it
No Rack can torture me
 394 ViewsRate it
She bore it till the simple veins 393 ViewsRate it
The Sunrise runs for Both 393 ViewsRate it
Forget! The lady with the Amulet
 392 ViewsRate it
Further in Summer than the Birds
 392 ViewsRate it
He told a homely tale
 391 ViewsRate it
I never felt at Home—Below
 391 ViewsRate it
There is another sky
 391 ViewsRate it
A Clock Stopped -- Not The Mantel's 390 ViewsRate it
We should not mind so small a flower 389 ViewsRate it
 389 ViewsRate it
Crisis is a Hair
 389 ViewsRate it
The Child's faith is new 388 ViewsRate it
You love me—you are sure
 387 ViewsRate it
Her— 386 ViewsRate it
Why make it doubt—it hurts it so
 385 ViewsRate it
All forgot for recollecting
 384 ViewsRate it
I'm the little
 384 ViewsRate it
Sweet Mountains—Ye tell Me no lie
 384 ViewsRate it
There's something quieter than sleep
 384 ViewsRate it
My wheel is in the dark 383 ViewsRate it
Two Travellers perishing in Snow
 382 ViewsRate it
Before the ice is in the pools
 381 ViewsRate it
I ment to find her when I came; 381 ViewsRate it
I had some things that I called mine 380 ViewsRate it
I reckon—when I count it all
 380 ViewsRate it
I’ll tell you how the sun rose 380 ViewsRate it
For every Bird a Nest
 379 ViewsRate it
Love—is that Later Thing than Death
 379 ViewsRate it
A House upon the Height 377 ViewsRate it
The Luxury to apprehend
 377 ViewsRate it
Train 377 ViewsRate it
The Rose did caper on her cheek 376 ViewsRate it
A Wife—at daybreak I shall be
 376 ViewsRate it
These—saw Visions 376 ViewsRate it
I know a place where summer strives
 374 ViewsRate it
Of Tribulation, these are They 374 ViewsRate it
A Wounded Deer—leaps highest
 373 ViewsRate it
A thought went up my mind to-day
 373 ViewsRate it
I could bring You Jewels—had I a mind to 373 ViewsRate it
Read—Sweet—how others—strove
 373 ViewsRate it
What shall I do—it whimpers so 373 ViewsRate it
Dust is the only Secret 372 ViewsRate it
Glee—The great storm is over
 372 ViewsRate it
I could suffice for Him, I knew
 372 ViewsRate it
I haven't told my garden yet
 372 ViewsRate it
Sleep is supposed to be 372 ViewsRate it
The Fingers of the Light 372 ViewsRate it
The Morning after Woe
 372 ViewsRate it
Tho' I get home how late—how late 371 ViewsRate it
Love—thou art high
 370 ViewsRate it
The face I carry with me—last 370 ViewsRate it
It did not surprise me
 370 ViewsRate it
What did They do since I saw Them? 369 ViewsRate it
Savior! I've no one else to tell 369 ViewsRate it
Conscious am I in my Chamber
 368 ViewsRate it
Dying! Dying in the night!
 368 ViewsRate it
He fumbles at your Soul
 368 ViewsRate it
My Faith is larger than the Hills
 368 ViewsRate it
'Tis One by One — the Father counts
 368 ViewsRate it
I know that He exists
 367 ViewsRate it
The Sun kept setting—setting—still
 367 ViewsRate it
Could I but ride indefinite 366 ViewsRate it
He fought like those Who've nought to lose
 366 ViewsRate it
The Loneliness One dare not sound
 366 ViewsRate it
 364 ViewsRate it
The Winters are so short
 364 ViewsRate it
You know that Portrait in the Moon
 364 ViewsRate it
We Grow Accustomed to the Dark
 363 ViewsRate it
I think the longest Hour of all
 362 ViewsRate it
You said that I 362 ViewsRate it
Taking up the fair Ideal 361 ViewsRate it
For this—accepted Breath
 360 ViewsRate it
The Heaven vests for Each
 360 ViewsRate it
He strained my faith
 359 ViewsRate it
'Twas a long Parting—but the time
 359 ViewsRate it
I was the slightest in the House 358 ViewsRate it
It knew no Medicine 357 ViewsRate it
'Tis not that Dying hurts us so
 357 ViewsRate it
Flowers—Well—if anybody
 357 ViewsRate it
It might be lonelier
 357 ViewsRate it
The Outer—from the Inner
 356 ViewsRate it
Forever at His side to walk
 356 ViewsRate it
The Malay—took the Pearl 356 ViewsRate it
Where bells no more affright the morn
 356 ViewsRate it
Where Thou art—that—is Home
 356 ViewsRate it
Bereaved of all, I went abroad 355 ViewsRate it
One Anguish—in a Crowd 355 ViewsRate it
Through lane it lay—through bramble 355 ViewsRate it
You're right—
 355 ViewsRate it
A drop fell on the apple tree
 354 ViewsRate it
This was a Poet—It is That 354 ViewsRate it
One Life of so much Consequence!
 353 ViewsRate it
To die—takes just a little while
 352 ViewsRate it
A poor—torn heart—a tattered heart
 351 ViewsRate it
As imperceptibly as Grief
 351 ViewsRate it
I've known a Heaven, like a Tent 351 ViewsRate it
'Twas warm—at first—like Us 350 ViewsRate it
 350 ViewsRate it
To put this World down, like a Bundle
 350 ViewsRate it
The lonesome for they know not What
 349 ViewsRate it
The Spider holds a Silver Ball 349 ViewsRate it
The World—stands—solemner—to me
 349 ViewsRate it
The World—stands—solemner—to me
 348 ViewsRate it
Because the Bee may blameless hum
 346 ViewsRate it
Under the Light, yet under
 346 ViewsRate it
I see thee better—in the Dark 345 ViewsRate it
Unit, like Death, for Whom?
 345 ViewsRate it
It struck me every day
 344 ViewsRate it
I Came to buy a smile—today 343 ViewsRate it
She rose to His Requirement 342 ViewsRate it
What if I say I shall not wait! 342 ViewsRate it
The cricket sang,
 340 ViewsRate it
The Day undressed—Herself
 340 ViewsRate it
I showed her Heights she never saw 339 ViewsRate it
The first Day that I was a Life 339 ViewsRate it
Before you thought of spring,
 338 ViewsRate it
Did you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth 338 ViewsRate it
It troubled me as once I was
 338 ViewsRate it
Victory comes late
 338 ViewsRate it
'Tis true—They shut me in the Cold 337 ViewsRate it
To die
 337 ViewsRate it
'Tis Sunrise—Little Maid—Hast Thou 335 ViewsRate it
If He were living—dare I ask
 334 ViewsRate it
I often passed the village
 333 ViewsRate it
Who never lost, are unprepared 333 ViewsRate it
Her—"last Poems" 331 ViewsRate it
I've none to tell me to but Thee 331 ViewsRate it
The Beggar Lad—dies early
 331 ViewsRate it
As Watchers hang upon the East
 330 ViewsRate it
It ceased to hurt me, though so slow 328 ViewsRate it
I could die—to know 326 ViewsRate it
Like trains of cars on tracks of plush
 326 ViewsRate it
Their Height in Heaven comforts not
 326 ViewsRate it
To interrupt His Yellow Plan
 322 ViewsRate it
Not in this world to see his face
 320 ViewsRate it
Precious to Me—She still shall be 320 ViewsRate it
How many times these low feet staggered 318 ViewsRate it
I think the Hemlock likes to stand
 317 ViewsRate it
The Sun kept stooping—stooping 316 ViewsRate it
There is a word
 315 ViewsRate it
What shall I do when the Summer troubles 315 ViewsRate it
You'll know it—as you know 'tis Noon
 315 ViewsRate it
Love—thou art high
 314 ViewsRate it
Robbed by Death—but that was easy 314 ViewsRate it
Distrustful of the Gentian 308 ViewsRate it
The Day that I was crowned 308 ViewsRate it
Bereavement in their death to feel
 306 ViewsRate it
Unto my Books—so good to turn 306 ViewsRate it
Drama's Vitallest Expression is the Common Day 300 ViewsRate it
Bee! I'm expecting you! 298 ViewsRate it
There is a June when Corn is cut
 294 ViewsRate it
I'm nobody! Who are you? 293 ViewsRate it
Make me a picture of the sun
 290 ViewsRate it
The Mountain sat upon the Plain
 272 ViewsRate it
T was just this time last year I died.
 270 ViewsRate it
One need not be a chamber to be haunted, 258 ViewsRate it
Each Second is the last 249 ViewsRate it
 248 ViewsRate it
Each Scar I'll keep for Him 245 ViewsRate it
Because I could not stop for Death (712)
 234 ViewsRate it
On a Columnar Self 228 ViewsRate it
The wind begun to rock the grass
 225 ViewsRate it
I Never Saw a Moor 219 ViewsRate it
Of Course—I prayed 213 ViewsRate it
Nature is what we see—
 205 ViewsRate it
The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
 202 ViewsRate it
The Soul Selects Her Own Society 202 ViewsRate it
I cannot dance upon my Toes
 201 ViewsRate it
On this wondrous sea 199 ViewsRate it
By The Sea 198 ViewsRate it
A Day! Help! Help! Another Day! 196 ViewsRate it
The Mystery of Pain
 196 ViewsRate it
Going to Heaven!
 194 ViewsRate it
A Death blow is a Life blow to Some
 193 ViewsRate it
Summer for thee, grant I may be
 192 ViewsRate it
Wild Nights! Wild Nights!
 190 ViewsRate it
Never for Society 189 ViewsRate it
I am alive—I guess 188 ViewsRate it
I measure every Grief I meet (561)
 188 ViewsRate it
Again—his voice is at the door
 187 ViewsRate it
'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!
 187 ViewsRate it
Angels, in the early morning
 186 ViewsRate it
I am ashamed—I hide
 184 ViewsRate it
The feet of people walking home
 184 ViewsRate it
A loss of something ever felt I 183 ViewsRate it
Abraham to Kill Him 182 ViewsRate it
There is no frigate like a book
 182 ViewsRate it
Why—do they shut Me out of Heaven? 182 ViewsRate it
I like a look of Agony
 181 ViewsRate it
I never lost as much but twice 179 ViewsRate it
Unable are the Loved to die
 177 ViewsRate it
Triumph—may be of several kinds 177 ViewsRate it
These are the days when Birds come back
 176 ViewsRate it
'Tis good—the looking back on Grief
 175 ViewsRate it
Nature, the gentlest mother,
 174 ViewsRate it
The last Night that She lived
 174 ViewsRate it
The Brain, within its Groove 173 ViewsRate it
A narrow fellow in the grass
 172 ViewsRate it
Afraid! Of whom am I afraid? 172 ViewsRate it
I reason, Earth is short
 172 ViewsRate it
On such a night, or such a night 171 ViewsRate it
Our journey had advanced; 171 ViewsRate it
 170 ViewsRate it
I asked no other thing 170 ViewsRate it
Heart! We will forget him! 169 ViewsRate it
The Robin is the One 169 ViewsRate it
The Wind begun to knead the Grass
 169 ViewsRate it
Away from Home are some and I— 168 ViewsRate it
It dropped so low in my regard 168 ViewsRate it
Despair's advantage is achieved
 167 ViewsRate it
Nature the gentlest mother is
 167 ViewsRate it
Better—than Music! For I—who heard it
 167 ViewsRate it
I hide myself within my flower 167 ViewsRate it
So has a Daisy vanished
 167 ViewsRate it
The Soul has Bandaged moments
 167 ViewsRate it
That I did always love
 165 ViewsRate it
The Chariot
 165 ViewsRate it
'Twould ease—a Butterfly
 165 ViewsRate it
Wild Nights—Wild Nights!
 165 ViewsRate it
From Us She wandered now a Year 164 ViewsRate it
Two butterflies went out at noon
 164 ViewsRate it
Crumbling is not an instant's Act 163 ViewsRate it
It sifts from Leaden Sieves
 163 ViewsRate it
When Bells stop ringing—Church—begins 163 ViewsRate it
All but Death, can be Adjusted 162 ViewsRate it
One and One—are One
 161 ViewsRate it
The Grass so little has to do
 161 ViewsRate it
Forever—it composed of Nows 160 ViewsRate it
Should you but fail at—Sea
 160 ViewsRate it
The Battle fought between the Soul
 158 ViewsRate it
A doubt if it be Us 157 ViewsRate it
If any sink, assure that this, now standing 157 ViewsRate it
The Soul unto itself (683) 157 ViewsRate it
Nature rarer uses yellow 156 ViewsRate it
Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine
 156 ViewsRate it
Bound—a trouble 156 ViewsRate it
Tell All The Truth 156 ViewsRate it
Unto Me? I do not know you—
 156 ViewsRate it
Where Ships of Purple—gently toss 156 ViewsRate it
Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple 155 ViewsRate it
By my Window have I for Scenery
 155 ViewsRate it
Of Silken Speech and Specious Shoe 155 ViewsRate it
When Katie walks, this simple pair accompany her side 155 ViewsRate it
A Bird Came Down
 154 ViewsRate it
I prayed, at first, a little Girl
 154 ViewsRate it
One Sister have I in our house
 154 ViewsRate it
We play at paste, 154 ViewsRate it
Essential Oils—are wrung
 153 ViewsRate it
Delight is as the flight
 153 ViewsRate it
Gratitude—is not the mention 153 ViewsRate it
A science—so the Savants say
 152 ViewsRate it
He touched me, so I live to know
 152 ViewsRate it
Come slowly—Eden! 151 ViewsRate it
I sing to use the Waiting 151 ViewsRate it
The Birds begun at Four o'clock
 151 ViewsRate it
We learned the Whole of Love
 151 ViewsRate it
A Prison gets to be a friend
 150 ViewsRate it
Alone, I cannot be 150 ViewsRate it
A Book
 149 ViewsRate it
A Moth the hue of this 149 ViewsRate it
Autumn—overlooked my Knitting 149 ViewsRate it
Fame is a fickle food (1659)
 149 ViewsRate it
Have you got a Brook in your little heart
 149 ViewsRate it
How happy I was if I could forget
 149 ViewsRate it
The Definition of Beauty is 149 ViewsRate it
A sepal, petal, and a thorn
 148 ViewsRate it
A something in a summer's Day
 148 ViewsRate it
Ample make this bed. 148 ViewsRate it
God is a distant—stately Lover 148 ViewsRate it
God permit industrious angels
 148 ViewsRate it
Talk with prudence to a Beggar 148 ViewsRate it
To my quick ear the leaves conferred;
 148 ViewsRate it
A nearness to Tremendousness 147 ViewsRate it
The power to be true to You 147 ViewsRate it
An English Breeze
 147 ViewsRate it
Our little Kinsmen—after Rain
 147 ViewsRate it
Poor little Heart!
 147 ViewsRate it
Absence disembodies—so does Death
 146 ViewsRate it
Expectation—is Contentment 146 ViewsRate it
Heaven is what I cannot reach!
 146 ViewsRate it
Teach Him—When He makes the names 146 ViewsRate it
Empty my Heart, of Thee
 145 ViewsRate it
A Route of Evanescence 145 ViewsRate it
As if some little Arctic flower
 145 ViewsRate it
Bring me the sunset in a cup
 145 ViewsRate it
I had no time to hate, because
 145 ViewsRate it
It don't sound so terrible—quite—as it did
 145 ViewsRate it
Sic transit gloria mundi
 145 ViewsRate it
The Lady feeds Her little Bird 145 ViewsRate it
We can but follow to the Sun 145 ViewsRate it
When I count the seeds
 145 ViewsRate it
When I was small, a Woman died 145 ViewsRate it
A Shade upon the mind there passes
 144 ViewsRate it
Dying (I heard a fly buzz when I died) 144 ViewsRate it
Given in Marriage unto Thee
 144 ViewsRate it
Her breast is fit for pearls
 144 ViewsRate it
No Man can compass a Despair
 144 ViewsRate it
The difference between Despair
 144 ViewsRate it
The thought beneath so slight a film 143 ViewsRate it
A fuzzy fellow, without feet
 143 ViewsRate it
Ambition cannot find him 143 ViewsRate it
Musicians wrestle everywhere
 143 ViewsRate it
Over the fence 143 ViewsRate it
I had a guinea golden
 142 ViewsRate it
A Burdock—clawed my Gown 142 ViewsRate it
Dying! To be afraid of thee
 142 ViewsRate it
Except the Heaven had come so near 142 ViewsRate it
He outstripped Time with but a Bout
 142 ViewsRate it
I play at Riches—to appease
 142 ViewsRate it
In Ebon Box, when years have flown
 142 ViewsRate it
No Romance sold unto 142 ViewsRate it
Split the Lark—and you'll find the Music
 142 ViewsRate it
The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
 142 ViewsRate it
Within my Garden, rides a Bird
 142 ViewsRate it
A Visitor in Marl
 141 ViewsRate it
No Prisoner be 141 ViewsRate it
When One has given up One's life 141 ViewsRate it
It feels a shame to be Alive
 140 ViewsRate it
The bustle in a house
 140 ViewsRate it
The Court is far away 140 ViewsRate it
While Asters— 140 ViewsRate it
Within my reach! 140 ViewsRate it
His Bill an Auger is 139 ViewsRate it
How many Flowers fail in Wood
 139 ViewsRate it
I never hear the word 'escape'
 139 ViewsRate it
I'll send the feather from my Hat! 139 ViewsRate it
It will be Summer—eventually
 139 ViewsRate it
Midsummer, was it, when They died
 139 ViewsRate it
 139 ViewsRate it
They put Us far apart
 139 ViewsRate it
'Twas Love—not me
 139 ViewsRate it
All I may, if small 138 ViewsRate it
His Feet are shod with Gauze 138 ViewsRate it
So glad we are—a Stranger'd deem 138 ViewsRate it
Some such Butterfly be seen
 138 ViewsRate it
Doubt Me! My Dim Companion!
 137 ViewsRate it
Faith—is the Pierless Bridge 137 ViewsRate it
Like Mighty Foot Lights—burned the Red
 137 ViewsRate it
This is my letter to the world,
 137 ViewsRate it
What Soft—Cherubic Creatures 137 ViewsRate it
You'll find—it when you try to die
 137 ViewsRate it
Answer July 136 ViewsRate it
And this of all my Hopes 136 ViewsRate it
 136 ViewsRate it
I send Two Sunsets 136 ViewsRate it
If I shouldn't be alive 136 ViewsRate it
Pain—expands the Time 136 ViewsRate it
Rest at Night
 136 ViewsRate it
Surgeons must be very careful 136 ViewsRate it
She dealt her pretty words like Blades 135 ViewsRate it
Before I got my eye put out
 135 ViewsRate it
For each ecstatic instant
 135 ViewsRate it
Great Caesar! Condescend 135 ViewsRate it
How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
 135 ViewsRate it
I can't tell you—but you feel it
 135 ViewsRate it
I know where Wells grow—Droughtless Wells
 135 ViewsRate it
In lands I never saw—they say 135 ViewsRate it
Morns like these—we parted 135 ViewsRate it
My life had stood
 135 ViewsRate it
New feet within my garden go
 135 ViewsRate it
The Trees like Tassels—hit—and swung
 135 ViewsRate it
We lose—because we win 135 ViewsRate it
A Secret told 134 ViewsRate it
I tie my Hat—I crease my Shawl
 134 ViewsRate it
My period had come for Prayer
 134 ViewsRate it
My Soul—accused me—And I quailed
 134 ViewsRate it
So proud she was to die
 134 ViewsRate it
To make One's Toilette—after Death 134 ViewsRate it
Apparently with no Surprise 133 ViewsRate it
For largest Woman's Hearth I knew 133 ViewsRate it
I should not dare to leave my friend 133 ViewsRate it
I'm saying every day 133 ViewsRate it
My friend must be a Bird 133 ViewsRate it
The Hollows round His eager Eyes 133 ViewsRate it
To offer brave assistance 133 ViewsRate it
He found my Being—set it up
 132 ViewsRate it
Take your Heaven further on 132 ViewsRate it
As plan for Noon and plan for Night
 132 ViewsRate it
Did Our Best Moment last
 132 ViewsRate it
Nature—sometimes sears a Sapling
 132 ViewsRate it
'Speech'—is a prank of Parliament 132 ViewsRate it
Three times—we parted—Breath—and I
 132 ViewsRate it
To hang our head—ostensibly 132 ViewsRate it
To my small Hearth His fire came
 132 ViewsRate it
Upon Concluded Lives
 132 ViewsRate it
We thirst at first—'tis Nature's Act 132 ViewsRate it
A Mien to move a Queen 131 ViewsRate it
A darting fear—a pomp—a tear 131 ViewsRate it
If recollecting were forgetting
 131 ViewsRate it
It's easy to invent a Life
 131 ViewsRate it
Myself was formed—a Carpenter
 131 ViewsRate it
Not 131 ViewsRate it
We do not play on Graves 131 ViewsRate it
A Tooth upon Our Peace
 130 ViewsRate it
Experience is the Angled Road 130 ViewsRate it
If What we could—were what we would 130 ViewsRate it
My nosegays are for captives; 130 ViewsRate it
The Bee is not afraid of me
 130 ViewsRate it
The morns are meeker than they were 130 ViewsRate it
They dropped like flakes
 130 ViewsRate it
A throe upon the features 129 ViewsRate it
Denial—is the only fact
 129 ViewsRate it
Did we disobey Him? 129 ViewsRate it
From Cocoon forth a Butterfly
 129 ViewsRate it
This that would greet—an hour ago 129 ViewsRate it
Without this—there is nought
 129 ViewsRate it
As Sleigh Bells seem in summer 128 ViewsRate it
Cocoon above! Cocoon below!
 128 ViewsRate it
 128 ViewsRate it
My Portion is Defeat—today
 128 ViewsRate it
Of Being is a Bird
 128 ViewsRate it
The Martyr Poets—did not tell 128 ViewsRate it
To hear an Oriole sing
 128 ViewsRate it
To make a prairie (1755) 128 ViewsRate it
A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
 127 ViewsRate it
A happy lip—breaks sudden 127 ViewsRate it
All Circumstances are the Frame 127 ViewsRate it
Always Mine! 127 ViewsRate it
Finite—to fail, but infinite to Venture 127 ViewsRate it
Fitter to see Him, I may be
 127 ViewsRate it
Me, change! Me, alter! 127 ViewsRate it
Death Leaves Us homesick, Who Behind 126 ViewsRate it
I stepped from plank to plank
 126 ViewsRate it
Put up my lute! 126 ViewsRate it
Severer Service of myself
 126 ViewsRate it
She sped as Petals of a Rose
 126 ViewsRate it
Unfulfilled to Observation 126 ViewsRate it
I found the phrase to every thought 125 ViewsRate it
I years had been from home,
 125 ViewsRate it
Joy to have merited the Pain
 125 ViewsRate it
Not "Revelation"—'tis—that waits 125 ViewsRate it
She went as quiet as the Dew 125 ViewsRate it
What care the Dead, for Chanticleer
 125 ViewsRate it
What would I give to see his face?
 125 ViewsRate it
When Roses cease to bloom, Sir
 125 ViewsRate it
I watched the Moon around the House (629)
 124 ViewsRate it
Pain has an element of blank;
 124 ViewsRate it
The Spirit is the Conscious Ear 124 ViewsRate it
Wert Thou but ill—that I might show thee
 124 ViewsRate it
The bustle in a house
 123 ViewsRate it
Conjecturing a Climate
 123 ViewsRate it
Dreams—are well—but Waking's better
 123 ViewsRate it
Purple—is fashionable twice 123 ViewsRate it
Some—Work for Immortality 123 ViewsRate it
The Murmur of a Bee 123 ViewsRate it
Absent Place—an April Day 122 ViewsRate it
I felt a cleaving in my mind 122 ViewsRate it
I shall keep singing!
 122 ViewsRate it
It can't be "Summer"!
 122 ViewsRate it
It would never be Common—more—I said
 122 ViewsRate it
Love—is anterior to Life
 122 ViewsRate it
Smiling back from Coronation
 122 ViewsRate it
The Angle of a Landscape
 122 ViewsRate it
To know just how He suffered—would be dear
 122 ViewsRate it
Whether my bark went down at sea 122 ViewsRate it
Although I put away his life
 121 ViewsRate it
He who in Himself believes 121 ViewsRate it
Houses—so the Wise Men tell me—
 121 ViewsRate it
How happy is the little Stone
 121 ViewsRate it
It makes no difference abroad
 121 ViewsRate it
Peace is a fiction of our Faith 121 ViewsRate it
She hideth Her the last 121 ViewsRate it
Struck, was I, not yet by Lightning
 121 ViewsRate it
The Dust behind I strove to join 121 ViewsRate it
The Mountains—grow unnoticed 121 ViewsRate it
The Robin for the Crumb 121 ViewsRate it
Heart, We Will Forget Him 120 ViewsRate it
I think just how my shape will rise 120 ViewsRate it
If Blame be my side—forfeit Me 120 ViewsRate it
The One who could repeat the Summer day
 120 ViewsRate it
To this World she returned 120 ViewsRate it
But little Carmine hath her face
 119 ViewsRate it
Shells from the Coast mistaking 119 ViewsRate it
The first Day's Night had come 119 ViewsRate it
The Leaves like Women interchange 119 ViewsRate it
This Merit hath the worst 119 ViewsRate it
As Children bid the Guest "Good Night" 118 ViewsRate it
Elysium is as far as to 118 ViewsRate it
Exclusion (The soul selects her own society) 118 ViewsRate it
I'm ceded—I've stopped being Theirs
 118 ViewsRate it
It knew no lapse, nor Diminuation 118 ViewsRate it
No Notice gave She, but a Change
 118 ViewsRate it
Over and over, like a Tune 118 ViewsRate it
She's happy, with a new Content 118 ViewsRate it
Some—Work for Immortality 118 ViewsRate it
This heart that broke so long
 118 ViewsRate it
'Tis Anguish grander than Delight 118 ViewsRate it
'Tis little I—could care for Pearls 118 ViewsRate it
To One denied the drink 118 ViewsRate it
Frequently the wood are pink
 117 ViewsRate it
I know some lonely Houses off the Road
 117 ViewsRate it
I meant to find Her when I came
 117 ViewsRate it
I've heard an Organ talk, sometimes 117 ViewsRate it
Our share of night to bear 117 ViewsRate it
Who occupies this House? 117 ViewsRate it
Nature—sometimes sears a Sapling
 116 ViewsRate it
The Tint I cannot take—is best
 116 ViewsRate it
Tie the strings to my life, my Lord,
 116 ViewsRate it
Water, is taught by thirst
 116 ViewsRate it
Impossibility, like Wine 115 ViewsRate it
At last, to be identified!
 115 ViewsRate it
Banish Air from Air— 115 ViewsRate it
Be Mine the Doom— 115 ViewsRate it
I have never seen "Volcanoes"
 115 ViewsRate it
I think to Live—may be a Bliss
 115 ViewsRate it
Low at my problem bending 115 ViewsRate it
Pain Has An Element
 115 ViewsRate it
The World—feels Dusty
 115 ViewsRate it
This Bauble was preferred of Bees
 115 ViewsRate it
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain (280)
 114 ViewsRate it
I would not paint—a picture 114 ViewsRate it
Of Tolling Bell I ask the cause?
 114 ViewsRate it
Too little way the House must lie
 114 ViewsRate it
A long, long sleep, a famous sleep 113 ViewsRate it
A Weight with Needles on the pounds 113 ViewsRate it
As if the Sea should part
 113 ViewsRate it
By Chivalries as tiny 113 ViewsRate it
Death is potential to that Man 113 ViewsRate it
I went to heaven,-- 113 ViewsRate it
Least Bee that brew 113 ViewsRate it
She slept beneath a tree 113 ViewsRate it
Some Rainbow—coming from the Fair!
 113 ViewsRate it
The Sun is gay or stark 113 ViewsRate it
Fame is a bee 112 ViewsRate it
The name—of it—is "Autumn"
 112 ViewsRate it
Beauty—be not caused—It Is 112 ViewsRate it
Civilization—spurns—the Leopard! 112 ViewsRate it
I can wade Grief
 112 ViewsRate it
I heard a fly buzz when I died; 112 ViewsRate it
If it had no pencil 112 ViewsRate it
In Winter in my Room
 112 ViewsRate it
Mute thy Coronation 112 ViewsRate it
Not that We did, shall be the test 112 ViewsRate it
Patience—has a quiet Outer 112 ViewsRate it
The Love a Life can show Below
 112 ViewsRate it
What is— 112 ViewsRate it
Between My Country—and the Others
 111 ViewsRate it
Escaping backward to perceive 111 ViewsRate it
How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand 111 ViewsRate it
I tend my flowers for thee
 111 ViewsRate it
If pain for peace prepares
 111 ViewsRate it
One Blessing had I than the rest
 111 ViewsRate it
So bashful when I spied her! 111 ViewsRate it
The Color of a Queen, is this
 111 ViewsRate it
Uncertain lease—develops lustre 111 ViewsRate it
The Heart has narrow Banks 110 ViewsRate it
'Tis so appalling—it exhilarates
 110 ViewsRate it
After a hundred years
 110 ViewsRate it
An Hour is a Sea 110 ViewsRate it
At least—to pray—is left—is left
 110 ViewsRate it
I sometimes drop it, for a Quick 110 ViewsRate it
Only God—detect the Sorrow 110 ViewsRate it
The Juggler's Hat her Country is 110 ViewsRate it
To venerate the simple days 110 ViewsRate it
I would distil a cup 109 ViewsRate it
It was a Grave, yet bore no Stone
 109 ViewsRate it
The Judge is like the Owl 109 ViewsRate it
The wind trapped like a tired man,
 109 ViewsRate it
Before He comes we weigh the Time! 107 ViewsRate it
God made a little Gentian
 107 ViewsRate it
I could not drink it, Sweet 107 ViewsRate it
I have never seen
 107 ViewsRate it
I took my Power in my Hand 107 ViewsRate it
Is it true, dear Sue? 107 ViewsRate it
She staked her Feathers—Gained an Arc 107 ViewsRate it
The Day Came Slow
 107 ViewsRate it
'They Have Not Chosen Me,' He Said 107 ViewsRate it
A Man may make a Remark 106 ViewsRate it
As One does Sickness over 106 ViewsRate it
The Service without Hope 106 ViewsRate it
This World is not Conclusion
 106 ViewsRate it
Doom is the House without the Door 105 ViewsRate it
How well I knew Her not 105 ViewsRate it
I cannot live with You (No. 640)
 105 ViewsRate it
I dwell in Possibility 105 ViewsRate it
I fear a Man of frugal Speech 105 ViewsRate it
It Dropped So Low -- In My Regard -- 105 ViewsRate it
My friend attacks my friend!
 105 ViewsRate it
The rainbow never tells me
 105 ViewsRate it
The Test of Love—is Death
 105 ViewsRate it
Time feels so vast that were it not 105 ViewsRate it
Who Giants know, with lesser Men 105 ViewsRate it
Baffled for just a day or two 104 ViewsRate it
Her Sweet turn to leave the Homestead
 104 ViewsRate it
Papa above! 104 ViewsRate it
Ribbons of the Year 104 ViewsRate it
Soto! Explore thyself! 104 ViewsRate it
Truth—is as old as God
 104 ViewsRate it
A light exists in spring
 103 ViewsRate it
All these my banners be 103 ViewsRate it
Best Things dwell out of Sight 103 ViewsRate it
I dreaded that first Robin, so
 103 ViewsRate it
I lost a World - the other day! 103 ViewsRate it
I saw no Way—The Heavens were stitched
 103 ViewsRate it
There's been a death in the opposite house 103 ViewsRate it
Twice had Summer her fair Verdure
 103 ViewsRate it
Wolfe demanded during dying
 103 ViewsRate it
Apology for Her 102 ViewsRate it
Me! Come! My dazzled face 102 ViewsRate it
The Himmaleh was known to stoop
 102 ViewsRate it
To fill a Gap 102 ViewsRate it
We pray—to Heaven
 102 ViewsRate it
By such and such an offering 101 ViewsRate it
I cried at Pity—not at Pain
 101 ViewsRate it
I lived on Dread
 101 ViewsRate it
I robbed the Woods
 101 ViewsRate it
By a flower—By a letter 100 ViewsRate it
Don't put up my Thread and Needle 100 ViewsRate it
Faith 100 ViewsRate it
Funny—to be a Century 100 ViewsRate it
 100 ViewsRate it
I keep my pledge 100 ViewsRate it
If those I loved were lost 100 ViewsRate it
If your Nerve, deny you 100 ViewsRate it
I'm "wife"—I've finished that
 100 ViewsRate it
Inconceivably solemn! 100 ViewsRate it
One Year ago—jots what?
 100 ViewsRate it
Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower 100 ViewsRate it
Portraits are to daily faces 100 ViewsRate it
Snow flakes 100 ViewsRate it
Spring is the Period 100 ViewsRate it
'Twas like a Maelstrom, with a notch
 100 ViewsRate it
Woodpecker, The 100 ViewsRate it
Of all the Sounds despatched abroad
 99 ViewsRate it
The sweetest Heresy received
 99 ViewsRate it
This was in the White of the Year 99 ViewsRate it
While it is alive
 99 ViewsRate it
As Frost is best conceived 98 ViewsRate it
I stole them from a Bee 98 ViewsRate it
Mine—by the Right of the White Election! 98 ViewsRate it
The Future—never spoke 98 ViewsRate it
When I hoped, I recollect
 98 ViewsRate it
You left me—Sire—two Legacies
 98 ViewsRate it
A transport one cannot contain
 97 ViewsRate it
Grief is a Mouse
 97 ViewsRate it
The Body grows without
 97 ViewsRate it
The Soul's distinct connection 97 ViewsRate it
The White Heat 97 ViewsRate it
We met as Sparks—Diverging Flints 97 ViewsRate it
Exultation is the going
 96 ViewsRate it
Her smile was shaped like other smiles
 96 ViewsRate it
I had been hungry all the years-
 96 ViewsRate it
I pay—in Satin Cash 96 ViewsRate it
My Reward for Being, was This 96 ViewsRate it
The Color of the Grave is Green
 96 ViewsRate it
The heart asks pleasure first
 96 ViewsRate it
The Veins of other Flowers
 96 ViewsRate it
We Cover Thee—Sweet Face
 96 ViewsRate it
When the Astronomer stops seeking 96 ViewsRate it
Out of sight? What of that?
 95 ViewsRate it
A first Mute Coming 95 ViewsRate it
For Death—or rather
 95 ViewsRate it
I made slow Riches but my Gain 95 ViewsRate it
I think I was enchanted
 95 ViewsRate it
My Eye is fuller than my vase 95 ViewsRate it
Of Consciousness, her awful Mate
 95 ViewsRate it
Of nearness to her sundered Things
 95 ViewsRate it
Prayer is the little implement
 95 ViewsRate it
Size circumscribes—it has no room 95 ViewsRate it
'Twas the old—road—through pain 95 ViewsRate it
Who Court obtain within Himself 95 ViewsRate it
Soil of Flint, if steady tilled 94 ViewsRate it
How far is it to Heaven?
 94 ViewsRate it
Most she touched me by her muteness
 94 ViewsRate it
Speech—is a prank of Parliament— 94 ViewsRate it
That Distance was between Us 94 ViewsRate it
The Guest is gold and crimson 94 ViewsRate it
The pedigree of honey 94 ViewsRate it
The show is not the show, 94 ViewsRate it
There came a Day at Summer's full
 94 ViewsRate it
They have a little Odor—that to me 94 ViewsRate it
Twas such a little—little boat 94 ViewsRate it
An everywhere of silver 93 ViewsRate it
Death sets a thing of signigicant 93 ViewsRate it
Fairer through Fading—as the Day
 93 ViewsRate it
I met a King this afternoon! 93 ViewsRate it
If you were coming in the fall,
 93 ViewsRate it
It was not death, for I stood up,
 93 ViewsRate it
Our Lives Are Swiss 93 ViewsRate it
That first Day, when you praised Me, Sweet 93 ViewsRate it
The Soul that hath a Guest 93 ViewsRate it
They say that 'time assuages,
 93 ViewsRate it
Unto like Story—Trouble has enticed me
 93 ViewsRate it
You cannot put a Fire out 93 ViewsRate it
As Everywhere of Silver 92 ViewsRate it
Endow the Living—with the Tears
 92 ViewsRate it
I lived on dread; to those who know
 92 ViewsRate it
Sown in dishonor 92 ViewsRate it
Such is the Force of Happiness 92 ViewsRate it
We don't cry—Tim and I
 92 ViewsRate it
 91 ViewsRate it
A single Screw of Flesh
 91 ViewsRate it
Death is a Dialogue between 91 ViewsRate it
Drab Habitation of Whom? 91 ViewsRate it
It always felt to me—a wrong 91 ViewsRate it
My River runs to thee
 91 ViewsRate it
Nature and God—I neither knew 91 ViewsRate it
Superfluous were the Sun
 91 ViewsRate it
The Bird must sing to earn the Crumb
 91 ViewsRate it
Behind Me—dips Eternity
 90 ViewsRate it
braind within its groove, The 90 ViewsRate it
Delight becomes pictorial 90 ViewsRate it
Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him-- 90 ViewsRate it
Is it dead—Find it 90 ViewsRate it
It is an honorable thought, 90 ViewsRate it
More Life—went out—when He went
 90 ViewsRate it
No Crowd that has occurred
 90 ViewsRate it
Till Death—is narrow Loving
 90 ViewsRate it
A Murmur in the Trees—to note
 89 ViewsRate it
A slash of Blue
 89 ViewsRate it
I shall know why—when Time is over 89 ViewsRate it
Only a Shrine, but Mine 89 ViewsRate it
So well that I can live without
 89 ViewsRate it
'Tis customary as we part 89 ViewsRate it
You love the Lord—you cannot see
 89 ViewsRate it
All the letters I can write 88 ViewsRate it
An ignorance a Sunset 88 ViewsRate it
Fame is the tine that Scholars leave 88 ViewsRate it
I breathed enough to learn the trick,
 88 ViewsRate it
So from the mould 88 ViewsRate it
Sweet—You forgot—but I remembered
 88 ViewsRate it
The Grace—Myself—might not obtain 88 ViewsRate it
There is a Shame of Nobleness 88 ViewsRate it
Besides this May 87 ViewsRate it
I got so I could take his name
 87 ViewsRate it
I never told the buried gold
 87 ViewsRate it
Nobody knows this little Rose
 87 ViewsRate it
The Province of the Saved
 87 ViewsRate it
The Wind didn't come from the Orchard—today
 87 ViewsRate it
I make His Crescent fill or lack
 86 ViewsRate it
Bless God, he went as soldiers
 86 ViewsRate it
The Only News I know 86 ViewsRate it
With thee, in the Desert 86 ViewsRate it
A Charm invests a face 85 ViewsRate it
A door just opened on a street 85 ViewsRate it
I want—it pleaded—All its life— 85 ViewsRate it
Snow beneath whose chilly softness
 85 ViewsRate it
The Missing All—prevented Me 85 ViewsRate it
When we stand on the tops of Things
 85 ViewsRate it
How fortunate the Grave 84 ViewsRate it
If I could bribe them by a Rose
 84 ViewsRate it
I'm sorry for the Dead—Today
 84 ViewsRate it
It is easy to work when the soul is at play 84 ViewsRate it
It tossed—and tossed 84 ViewsRate it
No Bobolink—reverse His Singing 84 ViewsRate it
Sexton! My Master's sleeping here
 84 ViewsRate it
A Tongue—to tell Him I am true!
 83 ViewsRate it
A South Wind—has a pathos 83 ViewsRate it
 83 ViewsRate it
Chartless 83 ViewsRate it
Defrauded I a Butterfly 83 ViewsRate it
He forgot—and I—remembered
 83 ViewsRate it
I cross till I am weary
 83 ViewsRate it
In rags mysterious as these 83 ViewsRate it
It's thoughts—and just One Heart
 83 ViewsRate it
Me from Myself—to banish
 83 ViewsRate it
My best Acquaintances are those 83 ViewsRate it
Not all die early, dying young
 83 ViewsRate it
Sweet, to have had them lost 83 ViewsRate it
This Chasm, Sweet, upon my life
 83 ViewsRate it
What I see not, I better see
 83 ViewsRate it
Come Slowly 82 ViewsRate it
From Blank to Blank 82 ViewsRate it
Heaven is so far of the Mind
 82 ViewsRate it
I have a King, who does not speak
 82 ViewsRate it
Pain—has an Element of Blank
 82 ViewsRate it
She died—this was the way she died
 82 ViewsRate it
Those fair—fictitious People
 82 ViewsRate it
To love thee Year by Year
 82 ViewsRate it
'Twas just this time, last year, I died
 82 ViewsRate it
She dwelleth in the Ground 81 ViewsRate it
The good Will of a Flower 81 ViewsRate it
To fight aloud, is very brave 81 ViewsRate it
The Truth—is stirless
 80 ViewsRate it
A toad can die of light!
 80 ViewsRate it
He parts Himself—like Leaves 80 ViewsRate it
I many times thought Peace had come
 80 ViewsRate it
Knows how to forget! 80 ViewsRate it
Must be a Woe 80 ViewsRate it
The Red—Blaze—is the Morning 80 ViewsRate it
They leave us with the Infinite 80 ViewsRate it
Whose are the little beds, I asked 80 ViewsRate it
A precious—mouldering pleasure
 79 ViewsRate it
Give little Anguish 79 ViewsRate it
I have a Bird in spring
 79 ViewsRate it
It's like the light, --
 79 ViewsRate it
I've nothing else—to bring, You know
 79 ViewsRate it
Light is sufficient to itself 79 ViewsRate it
The Drop, that wrestles in the Sea
 79 ViewsRate it
Two—were immortal twice 79 ViewsRate it
Undue Significance a starving man attaches 79 ViewsRate it
We miss Her, not because We see 79 ViewsRate it
Heart, not so heavy as mine
 78 ViewsRate it
I tried to think a lonelier Thing
 78 ViewsRate it
Not probable—The barest Chance
 78 ViewsRate it
Strong Draughts of Their Refreshing Minds 78 ViewsRate it
The Birds reported from the South
 77 ViewsRate it
Whose cheek is this? 77 ViewsRate it
How the Waters closed above Him
 76 ViewsRate it
My Garden—like the Beach
 76 ViewsRate it
On that dear Frame the Years had worn 76 ViewsRate it
The hallowing of Pain 76 ViewsRate it
The Zeroes—taught us—Phosphorous 76 ViewsRate it
A Coffin—is a Small Domain
 75 ViewsRate it
If this is "fading"
 75 ViewsRate it
My life closed twice
 75 ViewsRate it
The Lamp burns sure—within 75 ViewsRate it
We outgrow love, like other things 75 ViewsRate it
Where I have lost, I softer tread 75 ViewsRate it
Could live—did live 74 ViewsRate it
I envy Seas, whereon He rides
 74 ViewsRate it
I know lives, I could miss 74 ViewsRate it
It's such a little thing to weep 74 ViewsRate it
My first well Day—since many ill
 74 ViewsRate it
Through the Dark Sod—as Education
 74 ViewsRate it
Finding is the first Act 73 ViewsRate it
Garland for Queens, may be 73 ViewsRate it
I had no time to Hate
 73 ViewsRate it
I should have been too glad, I see
 73 ViewsRate it
Perhaps you think me stooping
 73 ViewsRate it
Went up a year this evening!
 73 ViewsRate it
You constituted Time 73 ViewsRate it
I held a Jewel in my fingers 72 ViewsRate it
Just lost, when I was saved!
 72 ViewsRate it
Many cross the Rhine 72 ViewsRate it
The Flower must not blame the Bee 72 ViewsRate it
Those who have been in the Grave the longest
 72 ViewsRate it
To own the Art within the Soul 72 ViewsRate it
Is Bliss then, such Abyss 71 ViewsRate it
A still—Volcano—Life 71 ViewsRate it
Love reckons by itself—alone 71 ViewsRate it
They won't frown always—some sweet Day
 71 ViewsRate it
This Quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies
 71 ViewsRate it
Alter! When the Hills do 70 ViewsRate it
It's all I have to bring today 70 ViewsRate it
Just as He spoke it from his Hands 70 ViewsRate it
Suspense—is Hostiler than Death
 70 ViewsRate it
That is solemn we have ended 70 ViewsRate it
There are two Ripenings—one—of sight 70 ViewsRate it
This Dust, and its Feature 70 ViewsRate it
Bloom upon the Mountain—stated 69 ViewsRate it
If she had been the Mistletoe 69 ViewsRate it
Love—is anterior to Life
 69 ViewsRate it
Good night, because we must 68 ViewsRate it
Morning—is the place for Dew
 68 ViewsRate it
Ourselves were wed one summer—dear
 68 ViewsRate it
Did the Harebell loose her girdle 67 ViewsRate it
I started Early - Took my Dog 67 ViewsRate it
Ideals are the Fairly Oil 67 ViewsRate it
If I may have it, when it's dead
 67 ViewsRate it
It was too late for Man
 67 ViewsRate it
I've seen a Dying Eye 67 ViewsRate it
This is the land the sunset washes, 67 ViewsRate it
Good to hide, and hear 'em hunt! 66 ViewsRate it
I cannot be ashamed 66 ViewsRate it
It's coming—the postponeless Creature 66 ViewsRate it
The dying need but little, dear,--
 66 ViewsRate it
A Planted Life—diversified 65 ViewsRate it
Once more, my now bewildered Dove 65 ViewsRate it
Sunset at Night—is natural
 65 ViewsRate it
There is a pain—so utter 65 ViewsRate it
I went to thank Her 64 ViewsRate it
Fame of Myself, to justify 64 ViewsRate it
I'll clutch—and clutch
 64 ViewsRate it
Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn
 64 ViewsRate it
So the Eyes accost—and sunder 64 ViewsRate it
These tested Our Horizon 64 ViewsRate it
A feather from the Whippoorwill 63 ViewsRate it
I gained it so 63 ViewsRate it
If I should cease to bring a Rose 63 ViewsRate it
When Night is almost done 63 ViewsRate it
I bring an unaccustomed wine 62 ViewsRate it
To wait an Hour—is long 61 ViewsRate it
As far from pity, as complaint
 61 ViewsRate it
Exhilaration—is within 61 ViewsRate it
Glowing is her Bonnet 61 ViewsRate it
The Doomed—regard the Sunrise 61 ViewsRate it
Herein a Blossom lies 60 ViewsRate it
I cautious, scanned my little life
 60 ViewsRate it
She died at play 60 ViewsRate it
The Sunset stopped on Cottages 60 ViewsRate it
There is a flower that Bees prefer
 60 ViewsRate it
'Tis Opposites—entice 60 ViewsRate it
An altered look about the hills 59 ViewsRate it
I had no Cause to be awake 59 ViewsRate it
What Inn is this 59 ViewsRate it
Your Riches—taught me—Poverty
 59 ViewsRate it
If anybody's friend be dead
 58 ViewsRate it
If the foolish, call them "flowers"
 58 ViewsRate it
No matter—now—Sweet
 58 ViewsRate it
South Winds jostle them 58 ViewsRate it
Mama never forgets her birds
 57 ViewsRate it
Artists wrestled here! 57 ViewsRate it
Could I—then—shut the door 57 ViewsRate it
It bloomed and dropt, a Single Noon
 57 ViewsRate it
Least Rivers—docile to some sea
 57 ViewsRate it
Partake as doth the Bee 57 ViewsRate it
Sweet—You forgot—but I remembered
 57 ViewsRate it
When I have seen the Sun emerge
 57 ViewsRate it
Heaven has different Signs—to me
 56 ViewsRate it
So much Summer 55 ViewsRate it
The Woodpecker 55 ViewsRate it
Have any like Myself
 54 ViewsRate it
Noon—is the Hinge of Day 54 ViewsRate it
Reverse cannot befall 54 ViewsRate it
The Manner of its Death
 54 ViewsRate it
To lose one's faith—surpass
 54 ViewsRate it
I rose—because He sank
 53 ViewsRate it
The Chemical conviction 53 ViewsRate it
They ask but our Delight 53 ViewsRate it
Would you like summer? Taste of ours
 53 ViewsRate it
Her Grace is all she has— 52 ViewsRate it
Removed from Accident of Loss 52 ViewsRate it
Some things that fly there be 52 ViewsRate it
The Poets light but Lamps 52 ViewsRate it
A little road not made man
 51 ViewsRate it
As if I asked a common Alms 51 ViewsRate it
Best Gains—must have the Losses' Test 51 ViewsRate it
Deprived of other Banquet 51 ViewsRate it
I learned—at least—what Home could be
 51 ViewsRate it
Promise This—When You be Dying
 51 ViewsRate it
Rehearsal to Ourselves
 51 ViewsRate it
To be alive—is Power
 51 ViewsRate it
Could—I do more—for Thee 50 ViewsRate it
No Other can reduce 50 ViewsRate it
You'll know Her—by Her Foot
 50 ViewsRate it
When Diamonds are a Legend
 49 ViewsRate it
A shady friend for torrid days 48 ViewsRate it
As by the dead we love to sit
 48 ViewsRate it
Kill your Balm—and its Odors bless you
 48 ViewsRate it
The Night was wide, and furnished scant
 48 ViewsRate it
The Whole of it came not at once
 48 ViewsRate it
It is a lonesome Glee
 47 ViewsRate it
Jesus! thy Crucifix 47 ViewsRate it
Perhaps I Asked Too Large 47 ViewsRate it
Departed to the judgment,
 46 ViewsRate it
I meant to have but modest needs
 46 ViewsRate it
Let Us play Yesterday
 46 ViewsRate it
A Night—there lay the Days between 45 ViewsRate it
Delayed till she had ceased to know
 45 ViewsRate it
Dropped into the Ether Acre 45 ViewsRate it
First Robin
 45 ViewsRate it
The Months have ends—the Years—a knot 45 ViewsRate it
None can experience sting 44 ViewsRate it
Ah, Teneriffe! 43 ViewsRate it
Soul, Wilt thou toss again? 43 ViewsRate it
There is a morn by men unseen
 42 ViewsRate it
Embarrassment of one another 41 ViewsRate it
Two swimmers wrestled on the spar
 41 ViewsRate it
There is a finished feeling
 39 ViewsRate it
I had the Glory—that will do 38 ViewsRate it
Like her the Saints retire 38 ViewsRate it
This—is the land—the Sunset washes 38 ViewsRate it
Through the strait pass of suffering
 38 ViewsRate it
So set its Sun in Thee 35 ViewsRate it
There is an arid Pleasure
 35 ViewsRate it
Tell all the truth but tell it slant
 9 ViewsRate it
My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun
 6 ViewsRate it

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