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Poetic Garden
Marlo Irene Hill
The gardener is like a painter, But instead of brushes and paint, Her tools are shears, a shovel, Sun and rain. Of loam and peat She creates a mas...Rate it

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Rock Garden
Hawley Laine Proctor
Barely dressed at Two hours till dawn In the front yard With garden gloves on Spatula hand Conducting the song "Rocket Gardener Propelling Along"Rate it

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Secret Garden
Dawn's gray lights chase me around this dulcet garden my footsteps pressing softly into the damp earth, soon hidden beneath fallen leaves and a pai...Rate it

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Secret garden.
Maria Shaw
This garden is my solitude a magical, mystical place, where spiders spin webs of lace and butterflies flutter with grace. Crystal streams shimmer ...Rate it

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Sheltered Garden
Hilda Doolittle
I have had enough. I gasp for breath. Every way ends, every road, every foot-path leads at last to the hill-crest -- then you retrace your st...Rate it

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Sister's Garden
Georg Trakl
It's already cool, it's already late, It's already autumn In sister's garden, silent and still; Her step has turned white. A blackbird call los...Rate it

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Some Starlit Garden Grey With Dew
William Ernest Henley
Some starlit garden grey with dew, Some chamber flushed with wine and fire, What matters where, so I and you Are worthy our desire? Behind, a past...Rate it

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Sonnet LXXXIX: The Trees of the Garden
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Ye who have passed Death's haggard hills; and ye Whom trees that knew your sires shall cease to know And still stand silent:—is it all a show,— A w...Rate it

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Sonnet 82: Nymph Of The Garden
Sir Philip Sidney
Nymph of the garden where all beauties be, Beauties which do in excellency pass His who till death look'd in a wat'ry glass, Or hers, whom naked...Rate it

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Sonnets 06: No Rose That In A Garden Ever Grew
Edna St. Vincent Millay
No rose that in a garden ever grew, In Homer's or in Omar's or in mine, Though buried under centuries of fine Dead dust of roses, shut from sun and...Rate it

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Spring Garden Street
Shuaib Rawles
Finding myself strangely attracted to the back of this girl's head Walking along Spring Garden Street A kit of pigeons hop a round my feet Edgar Al...Rate it

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Strawberry Garden
Riven Rose
Hello, Strawberry Garden. Shuffling slowly through the bushes, Sound of laughter and talking and stomping feet and rustling leaves and wind and c...Rate it

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Tea garden
Paramita Medhi
The moon was swimming Over section ten While shade trees shattered And you started to dance To the tune of White wine Mulched like soft blanket Y...Rate it

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The Convent Garden
Katharine Tynan
The Convent garden lies so near The road the people go, If it was quiet you might hear The nuns' talk, merry and low. Black London trees have made...Rate it

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The Deserted Garden
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I mind me in the days departed, How often underneath the sun With childish bounds I used to run To a garden long deserted. The beds and walks...Rate it

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The Deserted Garden
Alan Seeger
I know a village in a far-off land Where from a sunny, mountain-girdled plain With tinted walls a space on either hand And fed by many an olive-dar...Rate it

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The Enchanted Garden
Edith Nesbit
OH, what a garden it was, living gold, living green, Full of enchantments like spices embalming the air, There, where you fled and I followed--you ...Rate it

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The Flower In The Garden
Ahmad Al_khatat
In the garden is full of lovely flowers there Each one of them have different smells and feelings to us And must of them are depressed of being t...Rate it

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The Fragrant Garden
Charles Smale
Let bloom your fragrant garden Velvet petals unfurling rose bud to explore All my senses o'er whelm'd by scent'd treasure As I knock with a sweet k...Rate it

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The Fruit Garden Path
Amy Lowell
The path runs straight between the flowering rows, A moonlit path, hemmed in by beds of bloom, Where phlox and marigolds dispute for room With t...Rate it

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The Garden
Harriet Monroe
Hiding under the hill, Heavy with trailing robes and tangled veils of green, Till only its little haggard face was visible, The garden lay shy and ...Rate it

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The Garden
Lola Ridge
Bountiful Givers, I look along the years And see the flowers you threw… Anemones And sprigs of gray Sparse heather of the rocks, Or a wild violet O...Rate it

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The Garden
Andrew Marvell
How vainly men themselves amaze To win the Palm, the Oke, or Bayes; And their uncessant Labours see Crown'd from some single Herb or Tree, Whose sh...Rate it

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The Garden
Victoria Mary Sackville-West
We owned a garden on a hill, We planted rose and daffodil, Flowers that English poets sing, And hoped for glory in the Spri...Rate it

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The Garden
Thomas Campion
There is a garden in her face, Where roses and white lilies grow; A heavenly paradise is that place, Wherein all pleasant fruits do flow. These che...Rate it

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