STANDS4 Web Services:

Poetry API

The Poetry API from STANDS4 enables you to get instant data from our vast poetry collection.

Request URL:

Request parameters:

Parameter Value Required Default Description
uid string Y  

Your API user id

tokenid string Y  

Your valid developer token id

term string Y  

The word you would like to get poetry results for

format string N xml

The format in which you want the result return (xml or json)

Sample request URL:

Response elements:

Element Description

Contains all of the query responses


Contains each individual response


The poem title this result is referring to


The writer of this work


The poem lines

Sample response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <title>At Dieppe</title>
        <poet>Arthur Symons</poet>
        <poem>The grey-green stretch of sandy grass</poem>
	"results": {
		"result": {
			"title": "At Dieppe",
			"poet": "Arthur Symons",
			"poem": "The grey-green stretch of sandy grass"

Want to use this service?

The Poetry API service is free to use for up to 100 queries per day.

For a premium commercial license, please contact us.

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Are you a poetry master?

Repeated use of words for effect and emphasis is called ________.
  • A. repetition
  • B. assonance
  • C. rhythm
  • D. rhyme