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Edna St. Vincent Millay was an American poet and playwright. She received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1923, the third woman to win the award for poetry, and was also known for her feminist activism

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List of poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay 165 total

Counting-Out Rhyme 700 ViewsRate it
The Snow Storm
 483 ViewsRate it
City Trees
 435 ViewsRate it
 432 ViewsRate it
 431 ViewsRate it
 422 ViewsRate it
 410 ViewsRate it
 408 ViewsRate it
Tavern 406 ViewsRate it
The Shroud
 385 ViewsRate it
Souvenir 383 ViewsRate it
Indifference 377 ViewsRate it
Assault 373 ViewsRate it
Kin To Sorrow
 366 ViewsRate it
Lines for a Grave-Stone
 360 ViewsRate it
To The Not Impossible Him
 356 ViewsRate it
 347 ViewsRate it
Doubt No More That Oberon
 344 ViewsRate it
 335 ViewsRate it
 332 ViewsRate it
The Philosopher 325 ViewsRate it
Rosemary 312 ViewsRate it
Wild Swans 312 ViewsRate it
The Fledgling 300 ViewsRate it
Passer Mortuus Est
 289 ViewsRate it
The Goose-Girl
 286 ViewsRate it
An Ancient Gesture 233 ViewsRate it
Not In A Silver Casket Cool With Pearls
 204 ViewsRate it
Ashes Of Life 193 ViewsRate it
Only until this cigarette is ended
 174 ViewsRate it
Afternoon on a Hill
 169 ViewsRate it
Justice Denied In Massachusetts
 168 ViewsRate it
When We Are Old And These Rejoicing Veins
 166 ViewsRate it
Oh, Oh, You Will Be Sorry
 165 ViewsRate it
 164 ViewsRate it
Love Is Not All
 159 ViewsRate it
The Fawn
 149 ViewsRate it
Modern Declaration
 147 ViewsRate it
 147 ViewsRate it
 146 ViewsRate it
Sonnets (1923)
 145 ViewsRate it
Conscientious Objector
 143 ViewsRate it
To a Young Poet
 142 ViewsRate it
The Spring And The Fall
 140 ViewsRate it
Mist In The Valley
 139 ViewsRate it
 139 ViewsRate it
Daphne 138 ViewsRate it
Not Even My Pride Shall Suffer Much
 135 ViewsRate it
Ode To Silence
 133 ViewsRate it
 133 ViewsRate it
[Four Sonnets (1922)]
 132 ViewsRate it
We Talk of Taxes...
 132 ViewsRate it
Elegy Before Death
 131 ViewsRate it
 129 ViewsRate it
 129 ViewsRate it
 127 ViewsRate it
Sonnets From An Ungrafted Tree
 127 ViewsRate it
When I Too Long Have Looked Upon Your Face
 126 ViewsRate it
Oh, my belovèd, have you thought of this
 125 ViewsRate it
To Kathleen
 125 ViewsRate it
Euclid Alone
 124 ViewsRate it
Second Fig 122 ViewsRate it
Pity Me Not Because The Light Of Day
 121 ViewsRate it
I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart
 121 ViewsRate it
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, And Where, And Why (Sonnet XLIII)
 120 ViewsRate it
Apostrophe To Man
 119 ViewsRate it
Sonnet (Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now)
 119 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 06: Bluebeard 119 ViewsRate it
Sonnet I: Thou art not lovelier than lilacs 119 ViewsRate it
Sweet Love, Sweet Thorn, When Lightly To My Heart
 118 ViewsRate it
I Shall Go Back 117 ViewsRate it
Prayer To Persephone 117 ViewsRate it
 116 ViewsRate it
I Dreamed I Moved Among The Elysian Fields
 116 ViewsRate it
Bluebeard 116 ViewsRate it
 116 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 02: Time Does Not Bring Relief; You All Have Lied
 115 ViewsRate it
Fontaine, Je Ne Boirai Pas De Ton Eau!
 115 ViewsRate it
Memorial To D.C. 115 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 12: Cherish You Then The Hope I Shall Forget
 114 ViewsRate it
Feast 110 ViewsRate it
First Fig 107 ViewsRate it
Song Of A Second April
 106 ViewsRate it
If I Should Learn, In Some Quite Casual Way 104 ViewsRate it
A Visit To The Asylum 103 ViewsRate it
Grown-up 103 ViewsRate it
Whereas At Morning In A Jeweled Crown 103 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 06: No Rose That In A Garden Ever Grew
 102 ViewsRate it
The Ballad Of The Harp-Weaver
 102 ViewsRate it
Autumn Daybreak
 100 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 01: We Talk Of Taxes, And I Call You Friend
 99 ViewsRate it
To A Poet That Died Young
 99 ViewsRate it
Make Bright The Arrows
 97 ViewsRate it
Think Not, Not For A Moment Let Your Mind
 96 ViewsRate it
Three Songs Of Shattering
 96 ViewsRate it
The Wood Road
 95 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 04: Only Until This Cigarette Is Ended
 94 ViewsRate it
The Curse
 92 ViewsRate it
The Dream
 92 ViewsRate it
Sonnet II: Time does not bring relief
 91 ViewsRate it
 90 ViewsRate it
To Those Without Pity 89 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 05: Once More Into My Arid Days Like Dew
 88 ViewsRate it
I do but ask that you be always fair
 87 ViewsRate it
The Bean-Stalk
 87 ViewsRate it
I Know The Face Of Falsehood And Her Tongue 85 ViewsRate it
 85 ViewsRate it
The Plaid Dress 84 ViewsRate it
If Still Your Orchards Bear
 83 ViewsRate it
 83 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 03: Not With Libations, But With Shouts And Laughter
 83 ViewsRate it
When the Year grows Old
 83 ViewsRate it
God's World
 82 ViewsRate it
My Most Distinguished Guest And Learned Friend
 82 ViewsRate it
I, Being Born a Woman and Distressed
 80 ViewsRate it
The Poet And His Book
 79 ViewsRate it
Being Young And Green
 79 ViewsRate it
Dirge Without Music
 79 ViewsRate it
 78 ViewsRate it
The Little Hill
 78 ViewsRate it
The Penitent
 78 ViewsRate it
And do you think that love itself
 76 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VI: This door you might not open 75 ViewsRate it
The True Encounter 74 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 05: If I Should Learn, In Some Quite Casual Way 73 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 10: Oh, My Beloved, Have You Thought Of This
 73 ViewsRate it
The Leaf And The Tree
 72 ViewsRate it
Epitaph 71 ViewsRate it
Chorus 70 ViewsRate it
Midnight Oil
 66 ViewsRate it
Sonnet III: Mindful of you the sodden earth
 66 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 09: Let You Not Say Of Me When I Am Old
 66 ViewsRate it
The Betrothal 66 ViewsRate it
The Return From Town 65 ViewsRate it
 64 ViewsRate it
The Unexplorer 60 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 02: Into The Golden Vessel Of Great Song
 59 ViewsRate it
 57 ViewsRate it
 56 ViewsRate it
Here Is A Wound That Never Will Heal, I Know
 55 ViewsRate it
The Blue-Flag In The Bog
 55 ViewsRate it
The Death Of Autumn
 55 ViewsRate it
Night Is My Sister, And How Deep In Love
 54 ViewsRate it
No rose that in a garden ever grew
 54 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 11: As To Some Lovely Temple, Tenantless
 54 ViewsRate it
The Suicide
 54 ViewsRate it
Sonnet IV: Not in this chamber
 53 ViewsRate it
The Little Ghost
 53 ViewsRate it
Invocation To The Muses
 52 ViewsRate it
Sonnet V: If I should learn 52 ViewsRate it
Underground System
 52 ViewsRate it
 51 ViewsRate it
And you as well must die, belovèd dust
 50 ViewsRate it
 49 ViewsRate it
Lines Written In Recapitulation
 48 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 01: Thou Art Not Lovelier Than Lilacs,—No 48 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 03: Mindful Of You The Sodden Earth In Spring
 47 ViewsRate it
Two Sonnets In Memory
 45 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 04: Not In This Chamber Only At My Birth
 43 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 08: And You As Well Must Die, Beloved Dust
 41 ViewsRate it
Intention To Escape From Him
 41 ViewsRate it
Sonnets 07: When I Too Long Have Looked Upon Your Face
 41 ViewsRate it
Portrait By A Neighbour
 36 ViewsRate it
The Concert
 34 ViewsRate it
The Singing-Woman From The Wood's Edge
 34 ViewsRate it

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