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Will you?Will you accept My invitation To a slow dance To Phil Collins's "One More Night?" Or Groovy Kind of Love? Slow dance. You know... Boy in...
(4.69 / 239 votes)
DeturgescenceIf you have a goal to be seventy eight percent But you don’t know what to do Tell your cornea to maintain deturgescence And dehydration will keep y...
(2.12 / 481 votes)
My Uncorrected VisionWhen I set my gaze to afar, I can't see an oncoming car. When I crash into a deer, it suddenly becomes clear. When I'm visiting the South, I can...
(5.00 / 201 votes)
DeturgescenceA haiku: Electroluminescence Rejuvenescence Finally, deturgescence
(4.81 / 170 votes)
Death's LifeLife have range of sense,  But also have range of tense,  Immortal role in life of pens,  If see real life you need lens,  Death is form of an othe...
(4.79 / 143 votes)
The Road Not TakenTwo roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To w...
(3.20 / 184 votes)
SatisfactionThe person who understands or experiences by himself/herself that the real inner satisfaction is to think, to work for the WELFARE OF ALL LIVING BE...
(4.69 / 77 votes)
MeditationA beautiful melody composed by your breath, entirely in harmony with everything that knocks on your door. No judgment, no expectations, no longing ...
(4.50 / 64 votes)
The time has come to say goodbyeYour absence, Chris, consumes me high and low Beautiful soul, your image is burned into my mind, but even so The time has come to say goodbye and ...
(5.00 / 53 votes)
the naughty boyThere was a naughty boy, A naughty boy was he, He would not stop at home, He could not quiet be– He took In his knapsack A book Full of vowels And ...
(5.00 / 51 votes)
Seize the DayIf with chalices of fine wine you are drunk, be delightful! If lounged with a glamorous moonfaced, be delightful! Since the end, the intention of t...
(4.98 / 51 votes)
The Hill We ClimbWhen day comes, we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a sea we must wade. We braved the belly of ...
(4.30 / 55 votes)
Retinoscopy was...Like taking candy from a highly deturgescent baby
(5.00 / 40 votes)
Ramas bun!Ramai cu bine, iubire... Brigid, fata dulce, Dulce fata, Neimplinita Iubire Sfanta!
(4.22 / 46 votes)
The mugThe mug On thy ears iron irony words may fall No control upon the tongue is so cruel At the tip or still on mind in production Keep the thoughts ti...
(4.85 / 40 votes)
Baci SempliciA kiss on your neck, A kiss on your belly, A kiss everywhere else... Just not on your lips I wouldn't want my peasant breath To spoil your saintly,...
(4.51 / 40 votes)
DeturgescenceThe ins of my eyes be way too hydrated, I can't see that clearly, it's too complicated, The doc she say I need corneal detumescence, This proper...
(3.42 / 51 votes)
Mending WallSomething there is that doesn't love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it, And spills the upper boulders in the sun; And makes ga...
(2.18 / 74 votes)
Nothing Gold Can StayNature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf, So Eden sank to ...
(4.15 / 37 votes)
AndHappy Easter, Baby Biddie! Christ has risen! He has risen, indeed! Hristos voskrese! Iistina Voskrese! Hristos A Inviat! Adevarat A Inviat!
(4.87 / 31 votes)
Who do you go to?When being one of strongest, whose shoulder is strong enough to support you? Spending your time going through life being loving and considerate, bu...
(4.61 / 28 votes)
Kishore Karunakaran = bigKishore is big, so very scary Burly and strong, but still like a teddy. Off from his feet, and took to the sky Lifted our hearts, Oh what a guy! ...
(4.66 / 27 votes)
Words, Words, WordsLike an albatross, the word hangs around my neck seeking symbolic self-expression sometimes pensive, more often blithe texts, constantly pursuing a...
(4.94 / 25 votes)
WhatsAppSince it is free Can You call me? On WhatsApp I am today Sad and alone If You don't It will be cruelty And You loathe that, don't You?
(5.00 / 24 votes)
Aunty MaryI have an aunt called Mary, She loves her meat & dairy. Her lips are baggy, Her tits are saggy & Her vagina is extra hairy
(4.40 / 27 votes)

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