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Girl you are my first
You are my everything
I give you things that you never dreamed
Express my feelings just with this very ring
And get on one knee to ask you…. Will you marry...

by Jermaine Biggs

added by mainebiggs24
1 day ago



 Coffee in the morning.

 Heeding the warning.


  The kids next door.

  Wiping out an old Score.


  Children when they Laugh.

  Looking at your better Half.



by Debbie Middaugh AKA TURBO1904

added by Turbo1904
1 day ago

Goodbye To You

I’m at a total loss for words, I just don't know what to say,
That will even come close to explaining what all I lost that tragic day.
From the moment I saw you it was love at first sight,
In a world so wrong, you made everything feel right.

by Rachel Maddox

added by Remram13
1 day ago


rolling stone
stepping down from an uphill
time, a pause, a mere...

by Quaid- Uz-Zaman

added by quaidzaman7
1 day ago

So you want to be a writer

you want to be a writer

Do you want to exchange conversations for writing
voice by lyrics
Turning Pain and Happiness into Poems
Create characters in heartbreaking romance stories,
To bore the heart and shed tears when asking "Why?"

by Leuclides Santo

added by Leuclidessanto5
1 day ago

All My Life

Where have you been, all my life,

 I've been waiting for you oh so long;
Looking up into the stary night sky,

 With tears flowing down from my eyes;
Even though it was a long time ago,

 It was still hard to see you go;
Every night, I gaze into...

by Patrick B Ramsey

added by utahnavy2007
1 day ago

Tribulation of Richard

The truth of Abel is a lidocaine
But you can’t even numb the pain
The truth is I can’t stop my brain
The pain is making me insane

I want to scream and thrash about
But I can’t even let it out
My tears now rolling like a stream
I only want...

by Richard Groff

added by dawg4jesus
1 day ago

Its expected

Ive been big and ive been small ive tried this hair cut ive tried that clothes ive done everything i couldve ever done to myself and still im not enough for anyone. I must be all of these new things but there really isnt anything special about me...

by Luz Gavira

added by gavirakua
1 day ago

Come Up Here

The tribulation doesn’t stop
Until the end has come
Chaos and confusion reign
For those under the sun

The heat will surely scorch their skin
And sear them as with irons
And just because of foolish pride
They won’t avoid the fire


by Richard Groff

added by dawg4jesus
1 day ago

Everyone is Called

Everyone is called.
At beckoning of Spirit.
But only few hear.
Only few like Samuel.
Will listen and will...

by Karl Constantine FOLKES

added by karlcfolkes
1 day ago

Sun drops

The earth in tears,
Lightening everywhere with thundering sounds
Deeping through the soil deafening pierce.
Its happy day!
I love the smell of mother...

by Kushi Achi

added by Kushi90
1 day ago


letters, numbers, and symbols

by AMP

added by anonymous
1 day ago

Still Unclaimed

Ten siblings
though an only child
Divorced fraternal

 bastardis wild

Ten reminders
of what I’m not

 dropped not caught

Ten siblings
that share my name
Whose backs have turned
with eyes that blame

Regret incessant
to live...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
1 day ago

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