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To go on living thru the night,
Knowing your life will be alright.
Doing the things you used to do,
During the day that you once knew.
Funny how things fall in place,
Doing your thing at a steady pace.
Knowing your life and all other things,

by Colopoet

added by Colopoet
1 day ago
Why church schism?

Can we just leave out

Denominations ?

What you do

What you don’t

With the Lord?

In the Elect, assuredly

Or a job to stay holy.

Speaking tongues

Or some prophetic word?

All these things

Making much for schism.


by Wayne Blair

added by dougb.19255
1 day ago
A sampling of John Masefield (brilliant long narrative poems)

Slow up the hill the plough team plod,
Old Callow at the task of God,
Helped by man's wit, helped by the brute,
Turning a stubborn clay to fruit,
His eyes forever on some sign
To help him plough a perfect line.
At top of rise the plough team...

by Wayne Blair

added by dougb.19255
1 day ago
In the Hope of Our Love

In the Hope of Our Love
By Nancy Rodriquez

While you are unsure of anything,
trying to find who you are,
My heart has begun to sing,
and I could touch the stars,
in the hope of our love,
things will be renewed,
Destiny is a blind trust,

by Nancy Rodriquez

added by txpoet65
1 day ago
Senor Wences.

He came on stage
All courtesy, smiles
And dapper outfit.
Ed* would give him
The enthused intro.

The man threw
His voice into puppets
Or a strange
Talking box…”sawright.”
Humour was always
Clean and current.
Seemed like voices

by Wayne Blair

added by dougb.19255
1 day ago

You remember the day
Two clueless decided to start a life.
A life full of hopes and togetherness.
You took my hands on yours
Promised to never leave them.
To walk a lifetime holding on.
Through thick...

by Mayuri

added by cusatians5
1 day ago
Boy crippled, but not at all stopped…at age six.

I remember him
Very clearly
The bum legs
And magical trike.
The smile ever
Showing in challenge.
The sidewalk he liked.

I would be on
My way to the
Court House.
Some case full of
Ennui and pain.
But there was that kid

by Wayne Blair

added by dougb.19255
1 day ago


Innocence is a free Sovereign. It reigns with an iron fist. It is the Crown worn by Heaven, and is the thin in Elysian Sound.
Yay, the Virgin Virgin Mary smites
Where Sin is blessed to Grow

 ad circulates in Aphrodites.
May Mother...

by Shelina Chapman

added by anonymous
1 day ago
Haiku LI

we hide
no gods come to the rescue
death will come...

by Corneigh Hoff

added by CorneighHoff
1 day ago
" Creatures of the Night"

You shouldn't go to bed right after watching horror movies
Cause if you do, youll get the heebee jeebees!

And when you try to sleep your mind is filled with Monsters instead of counting sheep!
You just lay there in bed you can't get any...

by Robert G.Szymanski

added by Wobbit
1 day ago
Leaving You

We all do our best with most that we do, hoping that the ones we love will do the same things too.
So why is it that the ones who give more seem to be the ones left without much to show for?
Love isn't easy and it never will be, but loving and not...

by Nancy Jeanmard

added by jeanmardn
1 day ago
My Throughts

Every morning I wake up in a place I call home.
Wondering what the day holds for me. Either I die or live this life.

I wish to do what makes me happy.
I wish I could fly with the other bird, my other half.
Listen to him sing, this would...

by Carla Francis

added by anonymous
1 day ago

Self salvation calls
A task for every man's grasp.
Find strength within self.
Enlightenment, a rebirth.
Breaking free from all burdens.

Ever evolving,
Nature's law of change endures,
Nothing stays the same,
The impermanence of life,

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
1 day ago

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