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It’s been hard

It’s been hard to hold all this hurt deep inside
I try and stop the tears from coming down my eyes
I love a man that doesn’t love me enough to even change for me
It’s been hard to stop my heart from loving him so hard
I drive myself crazy...

by Brittany Schultz

added by RocsiHenderson
21 days ago
The Future

Eventually name -
calling and labeling went
Out of Vogue on Christ -

tian forums, And was
Forgotten in time. With true
Knowledge came wisdom

and Grace stayed all Day.
Many had prayed and God
sent the Truth and though

Still they...

by prayersfor

added by prayersfor
21 days ago
Unqualified; Unfit

And recognizably unfit,
To be near or considered one elected to sit...
In a position of leadership.
We are, for some reason,
Here to witness...
A normalizing condoning of craze.
Yet pretending the...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
21 days ago
Mr. Bender's Speedo

Mr. Bender in a speedo at the rapids,
All the kids scream in terror, feeling ill,
As they watch him splash and laugh, so sagged,
Mr. Bender in a speedo at the rapids,
The horror of the sight, but he still bragged,
Kids constantly feeling the...

by MPelegrini

added by MPelegrini
21 days ago
Stella the Dead

Stella, my dear dear friend,
To whose funeral I have to attend,
Your passing so sudden, and so unfair,
Taken you away, and turned to air,
You lived a cute and preppy life,
Now you've gone to the afterlife,
Rest in peace Stella, my dear...

by MPelegrini

added by MPelegrini
21 days ago

Tests, Tests, they’re all around
State requirements, I can’t ignore,
My mind’s a blur, my head’s a pound,
I wish I could avoid this chore,

State requirements, I can’t ignore,
I’ve studied hard, but still unsure,
I wish I could avoid this...

by MPelegrini

added by MPelegrini
21 days ago
Magical Thumb

Her thumb, round and dull,
Curved like the crescent moon,
Fit perfectly in the ideal standard,
As if it was meant to be inspected,

With each movement, it dances,
Gracefully and peacefully,
Her thumb smiles at me,
Just as I smile at it,


by MPelegrini

added by MPelegrini
21 days ago

Saving some gelato in summer sun,
Soaking up the sweet italian fun,
Savoring some ice cream in the summer fun,

Drinking soda by the sea,
Draining the sights to free,
Drinking soda so carefree,

Walking streets so long and winding,

by MPelegrini

added by MPelegrini
21 days ago
The Lost Firefighter

The Lost Firefighter

Feel the tug, reach for a rung.
Hold on tight for another night.

Isolated and desolate yet busy and chaotic.

Scenes like these shouldn’t be seen, can’t stop hearing that frightful scream.

“Off duty” they say. But...

by Jason Corthell

added by jacorthell
21 days ago
Moon Mania

Moon had seen it all, it was time to make amends
spread her gentle moonlight before darkness...

by Glory Sasikala

added by glorysasikala
21 days ago

The hour was now
The time was day
Your thoughts eternity
And Death -
Just a moment
Leaving no time for

 The players move on...

For them
The hour is still now
The time is still day
Their thoughts...

by Glory Sasikala

added by glorysasikala
21 days ago
The Deception

Dreading in my own thoughts

Drowning in my own tears
feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin,
hearing a lovely melody emanating from the birds.

Perhaps it’s a sign from the Almighty.

Will I be free?

Am I doomed to live in misery...

by Nadjina Camille

added by Nadjina
21 days ago
Me and My Thoughts

Me and my thoughts aren’t close
Me and my thoughts aren’t friends
Me and my thoughts both know
Me and my thoughts won’t...

by Kasey Chancelor

added by kasey_lc13
21 days ago

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