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The Watch

Elegant and periodic,
Extensive and hypnotic.
Standing at the feet of this masterpiece,
A young boy with a heavy heart,
In a bedroom closet, hidden in the dark.
He can see its patterns in stark, detail.
Lines that flicker in and out,

by James S. Gurak

added by jamesg.42685
20 days ago

The Wall

Trumpity Dumpity built up a wall
Trumpity Dumpity had a great fall
And all the horses and all the men;
wouldn't vote for him

by Max Ketterlinus

added by maxketterlinus
20 days ago

The town clown

Clean i can the filth on the urban street But my broom cannot the filthy mind treat.

  Nature has her limits you see.
So,came the invisible corona may...

by Latha Mini Rajamohanan

added by Lathamini1972
20 days ago

The Thief

You stole half of my life
And all it took from you was a few moments in time.

That replay in my head
And I have to remind myself
That this body
Is mine.

I wonder what was going through your mind,
How you could just walk into my room

by Gaia

added by Ja.meek
20 days ago

The ten amendments by Wayne Morrison

As we sign this petition
For our attrition
We prepare for the fights
To gain our rights
With this blood on our hands
We make anew these lands

They tried to take our religions
They tried to make our decisions
In these new lands
We toil...

by Wanye Morrison

added by bwmorrison2005
20 days ago

The sweet lie

I know not of happiness
That lights up the sky;
And brings laughter
The joyful hearts that spring
On the summer field

The never ending smiles
That seem to bring envy
That stretches for miles
For I know not of happiness
That lights up...

by Live Ndlebe

added by Livendlebe86
20 days ago

The strongest one

Her brother yelled
as he didn't get the best bat
for the cricket was important
while she read from his handed down books
with delight

So it was her final professional viva
she came out weeping
'oh how weak' people exclaimed
the examiner...

by Ajita Kapur

added by ajitamunish
20 days ago

The Star

We follow the star.
We can’t make use of its hydrogen and helium
The mix of gases that comes together to form it
But we follow the star.

We follow the star.
It’s nuclear beauty is enchanting
Lulls us into a photonic trance
So that we...

by Hanaan Adenaike

added by nanadenaike
20 days ago

The Slant Bridge

Once an early morn I saw a slant bridge,
the whispers of rivulets that echo
and narrow at the top, like a lone ridge

in some far distance of silent meadows;
merely waiting for the foghorn to sound,
hops a rabbit that lives in a mucky burrow;

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
20 days ago

The Shallows

I’m the infant seamaster.

I like fishing in the shallows,
Especially for coelacanths.
I like praying to rocks,
Especially headstones.
I like to sail,
Especially when the tides turn heavenward.

I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes
In a...

by Blake Knutzen

added by btknutzen2
20 days ago

The Seaside

Glittering and gleaming, blue water
Marine creatures everywhere
Strong waves next to gentle sand
The warmth of the sunshine
Kids building castles
Smell of sunscreen
The seaside

by Keira DeRogatis

added by keiraderogatis
20 days ago

The Rocking Chair

She gathers her thoughts as she rocks in the chair
And stares out the window into the thin air
Alone with the memories that dance in her mind
The old clock is ticking, devouring her...

by Betsy Wokersien Stephens

added by BetsyStephens
20 days ago

The Promise

Your gallant gallop framed with silent stars.
Back and forth you shape your graceful dance.
It's like the lion's stroll,
Amid the screeching primates.

The moon casts a spotlight,
Prancing, gently trotting,
To the cricket's serenade.

by Mary Slimmer

added by mslimmer
20 days ago

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