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Blissed Pen

Blissed Pen

Oh blissed pen…

How I miss the way you felt in my hand.  
I left you for some time, I didn’t want to retreat into the darkness of my mind and be consumed by the infinite rhyme …. 

I’ve hid you away for so long in a place I...

by Janice Passos

added by Eternaljoy
1 day ago

The death of war

Time is flying, As we are dying
We are made to watch, As our friends are dying
Trying to sleep, All we hear is the blurring of guns
We are made to charge at them, And James got shot
We are still hoping to live but we probably won't
We have...

by Haruki0senpai

added by liossatosalannah
1 day ago

The right to bear arms

The right to bear arms! The right to defend yourself from unjust rule. We live in times when politicians try to take out rights under lies and misdirection. We live we breathe at our own way. But any dictator would tell you. You have no rights and...

by Larry Lowry

added by Lowlarr
1 day ago

Texas Tragedy.

Children attend school on a daily basis to learn,
There is no excuse for a senseless murder and to watch them burn.
Parents and Teachers are suffering the loss of so many,
That there is no excuse to buy weapons and waste the taxpayer's money.

by Roberta J. Magee

added by robertamagee9
1 day ago

Worry not whilst you're away

Don't worry about us
Enjoy your time away; Remember
life is not a...

by Nicholas Smith

added by Nic_Knack819
1 day ago

Requiem of a fallen embryo

What time is left amongst the Dead?
His house is separated by the tree of Yggridril, the tree Sephiroth of Life.
It came to her a silly serpent tail, and laughed amongst the trees of yesteryear, to the trees of the Aries zodiac sign.
I have...

by Shelina Chapman

added by shelina_s
1 day ago

Christian Life Struggles

You have followed my teaching,
My conduct and aim in life;
My faith and love in reaching,
Through all the toils and strife.

Patience through persecutions,
Steadfastness through suffering;
For all my contributions,
Christ is there for...

by Richard Newton Sherrer

added by richards.77936
1 day ago

Family Ties

Why do I keep doing the same shit over an over again,
I’m never going to come out on top, I’m never going to win.
I’ve got to learn to move forward and leave my past behind,
How many times do I have to learn that love has made me blind.

by Rachel Maddox

added by Remram13
1 day ago

Hidden Here

Here is where I hide.
Here is a place of comfort,
but here is not...

by Plaid

added by clara_l
1 day ago


Will you be disappointed in me.
When you find a body in the backseat
of the red mirage
with blacked out windows.
The one I park in the garage
of blank two faced shadows.
But that’s too much information
about this two-car car park.

by Kaleb Barkman

added by osomstudios
1 day ago

I’m not afraid of dying

I am not afraid
Of dying
I am afraid
Of living without you
I’m not afraid of my heart stop beating
It already skips form 5 to 10 beets
Whenever I see you
It’s always been so
Since god gave me heart
I have always know that
It can...

by Anny

added by anastasia_b
1 day ago

Human Irony #5 Bizarre

Human Irony #5 Bizarre


when 'another' mounts
balance bar

we lean in
with crooked finger
on chin


no less by far--

a miss;

in all our



by Lucretia McCloud

added by Hospitalityprovided4u
1 day ago

Prepared Deception

It has become impossible to teach anyone,
The significance and truth to live...
As the center and core,
Of their lives to prioritize.
When many from birth and for generations,
Have been taught to delude reality to fiction.

And now in these...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
1 day ago

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