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I sit back and imagine, just reacting
To this life cause damn it just happens
The shit I been thru has me collapsing,
On my knees praying I keep from tapping
Asking Lord please don’t leave my side
Cause the darkness engulfs me, and my demons...

by Esperanza Martinez

added by espiemrtz05
1 day ago
My Path

Lord tell me where to go from here,

I don’t wanna go back, I’ve already been there.

Tell me Lord it’s your voice I need to hear.

Please Lord I don’t want to live in fear.

Guide me Lord down my path.

Free me from the chains of my past....

by Esperanza Martinez

added by espiemrtz05
1 day ago

I look up toward the sky and see these barbed wire fences,

Thinking about my life, remembering small glimpses.

Glimpses of good times and how things used to be,

Wondering how could this happen to me?

Dreaming about home, so I could...

by Esperanza Martinez

added by espiemrtz05
1 day ago
dingatse (lidat) quanqua/ dingaxe quanqua lidat




qolo semai
qolo sigem
qolo ful
qolo ater




eza jimirti zembil
eza jimiEti

timal kindea lom
lom kindea...

by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by yukunno.ghirmay_1
1 day ago
The small ant.

The small ant.

The small creature was crawling,
struck to every hair
and looked up to see
if it could cross the barrier.

It made me uncomfortable
as it was crawling on my belly fat.
It tickled me
and I wanted to make it flat.

As soon...

by Swarup Bhattacharya

added by swarupbhattacharya263
1 day ago


I wanted to talk today
So much junk got in the way
Run blindly into the fray
There's no time to pray
Oh Lord, what can I say…

 I meant to seek You face
But I got lost in the race
Taking for granted Your Grace
As I...

by Barry Green Jr

added by crucifiedinhim2
1 day ago

Upset. Ever Upset.
Wet Eyed, She (Deema Quiet) Still Thinks Of The Mama She Lost During A Carjacking.
Blacking Out, Unknowingly, Turns HER Into Threatt.
Bet, On This Gorgeous Vigilante, & Win Often.
Open 2 Killing & Beating...

by jerryl.01657

added by jerryl.01657
1 day ago
Imagine you fall asleep

Truly diving deep into the abyss
Without the ability to surface above
Pulled below even though you resist
Imagine you fall asleep while you're in love...


added by anonymous
1 day ago
"Miss you,my friend"

I miss you,
miss your beautiful face
miss your smile, your laugh, and how much you cared.

I remember when you help me recover from the trauma.

Oh, how much I sure miss you, my friend.

Friend im trying to mend my life feels like it's...

by Lenamarie Clark

added by PoetFeather
1 day ago
Living my best life

I’m out here living, my best life, just bought a house, and a brand new ride,
Taking my ride on the, back roads, music blasting, out the windows,
Where I’m going, nobody knows,

I’m a traveling man, I’m a rambling man,
I said, I’m a traveling...

by Shawn Pursley

added by shawnepursley
1 day ago
No Name

For you the trumpet does not sound
Through you the lost are not found
Into you destruction consumes
Result of you the Earth transforms
No more fear of the abyss
Hell cannot be any worse then this


by Amanda K lessig (Sunshine)

added by amandak
1 day ago

As a seeming memory, I imagine the full spell of our Loves of the Universe that can be experienced on romantic beaches. I look at the sea from a distance, where together we forgot our lively, talkative footprints. It's as if I'm stumbling into...

by Norbert Tasev

added by oasev
1 day ago
Meeting you

There is a world I can show you that’s hidden inside me
Where you can’t deny to feel warmly invited

There is a place for your sorrows to get washed away
Where seagull scream flies with first light of the day

There is a road through the...

by Ivan Zassavitski

added by ivan.zassavitski
1 day ago

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