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The broken glass of days gone by blooms on the branches of my pale ivy face; A mournful sadness combined with the ringing of bells settled on my heart like a feeling of spleen, and in some places it is squeezed by a condition close to a heart...

by Norbert Tasev

added by oasev
16 hours ago
The Boy on the Broken road

In a town where shadows linger long,
Where whispers weave through the air like a song,
There walked a boy on a broken road,
With dreams like feathers, heavy with load.

His shoes were worn, soles frayed and thin,
Each step a battle,...

by Joshua H

added by Sallys.Jack
16 hours ago
Broken mind , shattered heart

In the quiet corners of a restless night,
Where shadows dance with whispers of despair,
A heart once whole, now fractured, takes flight,
On wings of sorrow, through the heavy air.

Love, a tempest, fierce and unconfined,
With tender...

by Joshua H

added by Sallys.Jack
16 hours ago
Ya’ll May Believe What You Will (Bussokusekika)

Ya’ll May Believe What You Will. (Bussokusekika)

Were I a poet
And if I sought attention
I’d publish my works
But I’m not egocentric
I don’t seek fortune or fame
Ya’ll may believe what you will


by Edwin Tanguma

added by EdwinRayTanguma
17 hours ago
Vibrational Love, (Christiana Frank 2024)

In fields unseen, where heartbeats hum,
Electric whispers softly drum,
A silent song in every chest,
A symphony of lifes behest.
Our hearts, like stars, emit their glow,
Magnetic pulses ebb and flow,
In vibrant waves that intertwine,

by Christiana Frank

added by Christiana_1
17 hours ago
The carousel horse sits on his pole.

The carousel horse sits on his pole. 

The carousel horse sits on his pole, waiting for his story to be told. He sits and stares and smiles and grins. Then he tells me, Where have you been? I take the kids for rides every day. Some laugh,...

by A J C

added by alanswansea18
18 hours ago
Sin Is Like A Storm

Count the dangers of sin like a storm.
Sin and a storm can come upon you being unaware,
Sometimes with a ripple effect it can ensnare.

“The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield...

by Ronald Bunch

added by RonaldBunch
20 hours ago

I question the validity the sincerity the accuracy of the words we use expressing strong emotions.
That's so interesting.
I'm so angry.
I love my partner.
I hate my job.
I'm deeply depressed
,if so would i be able to express it.

by robert loughran

added by robertl.92681
20 hours ago
Silence Chains Of A Woman

She walks through life in silent grace,
Judged by the world, her gender’s face.
A man, they say, must not be wrong,
But she’s been judged her whole life long.She adjusts her world to fit the mold,
A bond of love, yet harshly told.
When patience...

by Rubi Silwal

added by rubisilwal07
22 hours ago
Withdrawl of moonsoon.

Withdrawl of moonsoon.

When It reaches to its limit,
it withdraws its prolific intensities
and goes back over same villages & cities.

Now it is no more powerful like before.
So it is the cause of sporadic rain fall
and hears death call.


by Swarup Bhattacharya

added by swarupbhattacharya263
23 hours ago


In hovel.

But happy,
in a way.

I think back to years ago -
when I was your age…

I ran away.

I set my own stage.

The curtains burned,
and the wings fell over,
but it was my own.

My own space.


by Hemlock.

added by Vencejo
23 hours ago
My mind

I look outside and see the sun is shining but it that how I should feel or should I look at bight when the sun is down
But then realize no one would care on how much things I write or say
But on my mind I think how people would react then think...

by geleenac

added by Cardona.geleena
1 day ago
Barding Time

Can you put the past
behind you
is there nothing left
to learn
Can you look toward
the future
your dreams no longer
Can you ask that
final question
that unanswered
sets you free
Can you step inside
the moment
to be or not
— to...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by KurtPhilipBehm
1 day ago

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