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The wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew.

In the shadowy woods, I stood alone, old, and silent.
He, the hidden source, murmured bitterly, mysterious prophecies.
Where do you run crying little Jew? Inside the thicket, you maybe have hidden for fear
Do you think that...

by Peter Hubscher

added by horseephebus196_2021
14 hours ago
All It Takes

All it takes,
Is knowing what respect means.
To understand when appropriate to give it.
That's all it takes.

No one needs to associate or assume,
An ethnic appearance to pride a heritage...
Done quickly to profile,
Unknown religious...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
15 hours ago
Leave me alone

Teenage trauma

Said it's just drama

Me being dramatic

No, mom, it isn't

I want to die because you won't ever leave me alone

Telling me to grow up, the world, but my mother wanting to me to remain a child eternally

The push and...

by Kelley Davies

added by kbdallas2020
16 hours ago
It's over

Time is ending

The future is gone

I may live or die all in a day

I no longer wish to be here

I am watching this world evaporate and lose

The darkness takes over the light

Eats it like a sandwich

I'm spinning in nothingness...

by Kelley Davies

added by kbdallas2020
16 hours ago
Since the Beginning

Running an existence marathon pace
Everyday, since the beginning
Along with the rest of the human race
All the way, to the ending

What is the ultimate destination
All of us haven't left planet Earth
" One small step for Man", on the Moon was...


added by anonymous
17 hours ago
Spiritual Signs of the Times

I am born again of the spirit. Hooray!
I believe Jesus is real and I accepted
Him as my lord and my savior, then
I received the Holy Spirit.

As on a stained glass window, love
Shined through as light. Purple, orange,
Red, green and blue.


by Ronald Bunch

added by RonaldBunch
17 hours ago
Love is Enough

I see you in a chair by the window
holding the flowers
from a kind visitor.
Did they remind you of your once busy life,
dear Mother and friend?
We often sit outside together,
Your eyes closed
Never talking now.
But are you listening
To me...

by Vera Heide Eberhardt

added by veraheide
17 hours ago
Cherishing Happiness

Happiness, a feeling pure and bright,
A warmth that fills the soul with light,
A joy that shines through darkest night,
And makes the world seem just right.

It comes in moments big and small,
A smile, a laugh, a gentle call,
A hug, a kiss, a...

by Emmanuel umoren

added by anonymous
18 hours ago
Dos Infiernos

Trapped between two hells …
we manufacture one
as we flee from the other

(Dreamsleep: May,...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
18 hours ago

I will gather them to the place I have chosen.

From all corners of the earth my people will come.

Their lamps burning bright,
Reflecting the son.

All of your servant's that fear your name,
Your heart
Your Spirit
No more vain.


by Valiantstar

added by myway6119
19 hours ago
Greatest poet

Who is the greatest poet?
Who can construct a prose
Who can deliver a message
Who knows where it goes?

Am I not the one.
You will never do.

All is given,
If your mission,

by Valiantstar

added by myway6119
20 hours ago





Nmen kef'o
Kemta ztewlda zelodo

Bka derfee bderfoo entezeywiled?
Bka zemaderfee bzemoo entezeywiled?
Bka chomazihladerfee bzihiloo entezeywiled?


by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
21 hours ago
The Mighty Thought

The power of thought is like a flame,
Burning bright within our brain,
It starts with a seed in the mind's eye,
And grows into a vision that can touch the sky.

Thoughts shapes our world and guides our way,
Through every moment, every day,

by Aloo Denish

added by aloo.denish3
21 hours ago

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