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What Vibrates And Throbs

Whatever vibrates.
And leaves a throbbing sensation.
Is an expression,
Of an entitled freedom to receive.
Whether that freedom is achieved,
Riding a motorcycle.
Or a rifle held to feel,
The power from it to pull the trigger.
Without stopping...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
2 days ago

Death Wish.

I could make a ground glass sandwich, just add a little Mustard,
put the World out of it’s misery, and top this gloomy bastard.

I could tie a millstone round my neck and dive into a gully,
or drop a piano on my head, with a clever system of...

by Mark Broughton.

added by thelonehighway
2 days ago

An Ode To White Ace.

As I sit here today in a state of confusion,
in need of a drip, and a blood transfusion.
A headache the size of a Grizzly Bear,
a Brain made of jelly and a vacant stare.
The evening's events are lost in the mist
of another night spent...

by Mark Broughton.

added by thelonehighway
2 days ago


Waiting for sleep, so sick of these nights.
These hours spent alone, in quiet and death.
Nothing to do, except think of the waste,
the passing of time, and the draining of breath.
There's no longer strength left to fight this disease,

by Mark Broughton.

added by thelonehighway
2 days ago

Nothing There.

I can imagine the resignation in your eyes,
as you finally see what lies inside.
There's nothing there, there never was.
Nothing to miss, no sense of loss.
Just turn the page and close the book,
I'm never worth another look.
Projections of...

by Mark Broughton.

added by thelonehighway
2 days ago

First they came

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak...

by Martin Niemöller

added by awalawol
2 days ago

Seeing Things.

Seeing things that aren't real.
Or maybe now they are.
Maybe it's me that isn't
completely here or there.
A chicken leg short of a picnic.
The man without his brain.
A pig without it's lipstick.
The cake caught in the rain.


by Mark Broughton.

added by thelonehighway
2 days ago

sad story

I walk like everything’s fine,
But no one knows how i’m dying inside,
I hate the people i'm suppose to love,
Love the people i’m suppose to hate,
But who can I blame?

Some nights I cry myself to sleep,
But I try not to let people see me...

by sad story

added by ''unknown''14,36
2 days ago

Three Marys

Three Marys on the road going to a tomb
One old one younger one in bloom
Hurrying thru a world changing as they sped
The dark of the first new day

‘The sun is coming’ the oldest said
She carried frankincense to anoint the dead
The shadows...


added by thelastminstre
2 days ago

What if we're not alone?

What if we're not alone? What if their watching and seeing how badly we treat each other. We are children that kill and murder and rape. What if we're not not alone and they see it? Cats that walk upright or dogs that know we smell? We behave...

by Larry Lowry

added by Lowlarr
2 days ago

Too Bad It's Me

Too bad it's me, who's deeply in love with you
I'm far less handsome than you can do
Too bad it's me, who desires to be at your side
I'm a whole lot fatter than anyone cane hide

Too bad it's me, who with you would die to be seen
I'm far too...

by Jason Groomes

added by jasongroomes
2 days ago


Turds are greasy, sometimes stink
You grab for support on the sink
Come out easy or constipate
Maybe runny, stomach percolate

Brown, yellow, black or green
Doesn't matter, leaves butt unclean
Large ones make your 'hole feel torn

by Jason Groomes

added by jasongroomes
2 days ago

Benediction Instructions

May the God of peace sanctify,
Completely in body and soul;
Your spirit never to deny,
Allowing Jesus to console.

Faithful is He that is calling,
He shall also surely do it;
As He will keep you from falling,
With aid of the Holy Spirit.


by Richard Newton Sherrer

added by richards.77936
2 days ago

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