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I’m an all American white girl born of the human race in the USA. I live in Northern California where we keep the boys warm at night. I am lover of Jesus and a follower of Christ. I like to write because it just seems right to write. Over the hill and through the woods is where you will find me Hiking along the creek or hugging a tree Where beauty and nature become a part of me And bring me back to reality

  August 2023     9 days ago

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It’s not all about me

When I feel like everything around me is falling apart
I reach inside, deep in my heart.

Remind myself it’s not as bad as it seems
someone else has it worse than me.

Then I bring myself to be humble
I practice this for many years.
If I...

by Lori A. Powell

added 1 month ago
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need anything

Often times, ok, maybe once a day
there will be someone who will say
“I don’t care.”

Well I’ve done I don’t care
and it doesn’t get you anywhere.
It leaves you just sitting there with nothing.
Then they say,
“I’m ok, I don’t need...

by Lori A. Powell

added 1 month ago
Why is it odd to talk about God?

Why is it odd
To talk about God?
Yet people insist
To sit at their desk
In front of them stands
A statue of a fat man
To look at all day
But that’s not the way

That’s why Jesus came
So man will proclaim
A savior to help them
To be...

by Lori A. Powell

added 2 months ago
When the road comes to a “Y”

Driving straight for hours on I-5.
When suddenly the road comes to a “Y”
Cars in front and cars behind you
No meridian to pull over onto
No time to stop and think
Missed the sign must have blinked.

Home is less than an hour away
and that...

by Lori A. Powell

added 2 months ago
Why do we have Superheroes?

Everyone knows that superheroes do not exist
Young or old, man cannot resist
A fantasy of power not forsook
In cartoons and in books
in movies and in our minds
For decades we’ve kept them alive
Superheroes are a timeless trend
So if they...

by Lori A. Powell

added 4 months ago

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Thank you.

1 month ago

thanks. Now if I can say that to their face it would be even better!

1 month ago

thank you. So many people are like that. Letting go applies to everything in life. So my new saying or reply to others is, “Let it go”

1 month ago

This is who I see

4 months ago

This is who I see. A beautiful person looking back at me

4 months ago

Your poems make you beautiful.
What is most important is that you are willing to write about yourself and what you are going through. Those people who don’t call or come to see you, they don’t have the valuable talent that you do. You can be honest and you can write poetry. That’s what makes you so beautiful. It’s who you are in the inside that matters . Thank you for sharing your poems with us. 

4 months ago

This one and devotion are my most favorite ones . May the Lord bless you, for
Your poems well written.

4 months ago

Thank you for sharing the Word of God with me. Please write more. I want to get as much of God that I can possibly get while I am here in this world. It’s medicine … manna for my spirit soul and body. 

4 months ago

I really like this one. It s how we as Christians see life. I believe it’s the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Ghost that is inside of us that showing us what life is really about. That’s the feeling I get too. Thank you for reminding me . 

5 months ago

For the love of poetry we shall unite embracing diversity with all our might. Poetry is the language of the heart. I like how you started out as one poet in this world and as I continued to read I saw how you brought all poets together as one . No matter how different our writings are, we as poets speak from the heart. Thank you 

5 months ago

How do I vote on others poems?

5 months ago

So many times I began a conversation with someone and as I’m talking to them I notice they are not listening to me at all. I feel like I’m talking to my self. I test to see if they hear me by not finishing a sentence. I stop talking . They act as if they have too much going on in ther head. Perhaps a frog in each ear. They didn’t hear a word that I said yet they would nod their head. 

8 months ago

I do understand . Writing just seems right

9 months ago

He sees his angel and falls in love with her but he has to remind himself that she doesn’t have a body so it cannot be. Perhaps she is in him or she is in the air. But she is not there in the flesh and the feelings of despair overwhelm him . He realizes the truth until he sees her again. 

10 months ago


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