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Harvest From Us

blood from us
willing as life is fragile
donor's loving...

by Regina Elliott

added by unc4gina
2 days ago
My Angel Love Baby

Terrified, I was inside a bubble of pain
And as I took another gasp of air, calm remains
Breathless and anxious were feelings within
The sound of my silent roar echoes in spaces between

And on the 12th hour, you made a whisper
Your whisper...

by SparkandHaze

added by SparkandHaze
2 days ago
Vietnam War

I was told in college
oil companies were behind the war.
And 55,000 American soldiers died.
Look out for...

by Rick Wojtala

added by anonymous
2 days ago
Mea Culpa

Living within the madness
the echoes come and go
Channeling everything left unsaid
in phrases yet to know

Time suspended, barriers down
the walls come crashing in
Each voice a memory which haunts sublime
—that unforgiven sin


by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
2 days ago
I'm not

I'm not here to tell anyone what to do.
I have enough problems with my own life,
To judge and bitch and spew.

We all have a mission if the truth be told,
I'm here for a season,
Writing what I'm told.

I have high expectations,

by Valiantstar

added by myway6119
2 days ago

Ful:- boqbaq::





Kitihibr derbeya::

Mlmlam keynerkibelu
Fajoli Fajoli
Degim zihilu midri::

Kef belu kib belu
Bhade kurnae

by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
2 days ago
When you are your own arch enemy


Of all the beauty in the ladies, appears as painted, sculpted with glazing edges,

She seems like an enamored being, of soft touch and feels, like a plumpy face, and deep-seated beauty,

Hairs have flown, blown, and grown in ways...

by Kallol Mazumdar

added by kallolpoetry
2 days ago
Dream Ca seelled: Love

No no
Dream called Love

How can we call this life as being it all—cut up and out of shape— not colourful, quirky like an abstract expressionist painting— more dreary as dusk Sundays can be—when it comes through the minimal light somehow...

by Mimi Bordeaux

added by mimi_b
2 days ago

Ye Asatamiwin


Bemin enja

Bearown titew

''uchisen nmtta!''....::

Ka'uhoonu² ymeles

Bilew Yhone


by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
2 days ago
Big boys

Big wave riders get all the fame.
Boogie board riders stake their claim.

Ocean swimmers keep the pace,
Slow and steady wins their race.

Nippers run out from the shore,
Youthful vigour, hungry for more.

Old clubbies on the beach,

by Valiantstar

added by myway6119
2 days ago
Understanding our Vibrations

Understanding our Vibrations
In light of our understanding willingness
shall appear untouched by man, source unfolding
throughout our Universal plane.

We can no longer live on emotions made of
delusional perceptions, we move in motion
to our...

by Harriet A Shea

added by harrietshea
2 days ago
Who Am I

Who am I?

I'm artistic
But not an artist.

I'm poetic
But not a poet

I'm rythmic
But hold no rhyme

I'm inclined
But not musically

I can write
But I'm not a writer.

I quit
But I'm not a quiter

I'm a son
A brother

by Aaron DiTonno

added by aaronpd84
2 days ago
Stasis turns into panic

When nothing moves it makes a vacuum

No rotation means stasis

And no movement brings pain and panic....

by Kelley Davies

added by kbdallas2020
2 days ago

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