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Benediction Instructions

May the God of peace sanctify,
Completely in body and soul;
Your spirit never to deny,
Allowing Jesus to console.

Faithful is He that is calling,
He shall also surely do it;
As He will keep you from falling,
With aid of the Holy Spirit.


by Richard Newton Sherrer

added by richards.77936
2 days ago

Say No and Go

My critics say I don’t produce.
But in my view
I am dedicated to poetry production.
For all his prowess
Bruce Springsteen wrote only one good love song,
Spare Parts and Broken...

by Rick Wojtala

added by anonymous
2 days ago

Garbage In! Garbage Out!

What it is people put in their mouths,
To nibble, munch and or feed upon...
In the end comes out.
Without a doubt to hear it heard.
As if the act of it is deserved.

Those who disrespect and backstab.
With no remorse nor regret to show.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
2 days ago

Miracles Can Happen

Miracles Can Happen if you Only Believe

Miracles are Events that we are able to See

Something Amazing, Something to Share

Miracles can Happen Everywhere.

Miracles Can Happen Don’t You Know

I’ve experienced Miracles Everywhere I go...

by Belinda Richmond

added by belindar.65825
2 days ago

My unhappy soul

My unhappy soul is trying
To vanish the wall
Between you and mine
Which separating us
From each other up to miles
Making me crave in dark night
My unhappy soul, My unhappy soul
Once Rejoiced, the bonding
Between you and mine, then

by Shristi tiwari

added by @shristi
2 days ago

Just Listen

“Don’t Speak!” “Just Listen!”
Listen to the Sounds that are Around You,
Listen to the Wind that Blows through the Trees,
Listen to the Buzzing of the Bees,
Listen to the Chirping of the Birds,
Listen to the Speaking of these Words.

Did you...

by Belinda Richmond

added by belindar.65825
2 days ago

I Try

I Try to become a Good Example,
I Try to Live my Life as Simple,
I Try to be a very Dear Friend,
I Try to Succeed but I barely Win.

I Try to Deal with the Ups and Downs,
I Try to have more Smiles then Frowns,
I Try to not be Angry and Mad,

by Belinda Richmond

added by belindar.65825
2 days ago

Time Reclaimed

Reaching for the universe

 fate extends a hand
Shortcut to Andromeda

  route at its command

The speed of light exceeded
all flashes turn inside
To burn and bend eternal
where life no longer dies

Each star laid out before me


by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
2 days ago

Treasure of My Forthcoming Years

It was pouring heavily.
I was standing under the shade of a bus stop.
A girl of my age
was standing at other end stiffly.

There was no sound except pattering,
off and on whizzing of cars,
very oft chill gust let us know
the reality which...

by Swarup Bhattacharya

added by swarup
2 days ago


Never you doubt this love of mine..
Until the soul in you flies.
While the sun in the sky shines..
And the moon in the night lights
Indeed, the truth I say last.
Real shall remain this love of mine..
As long as the end of...

by Murtala Muhammad Jibril

added by mmjibril09
2 days ago

Your Love

Sleepless nights you've made me spend..
Full of suspense and thoughts of your love.
Crazy and starved you've made me for long..
in prayers and hope for the fruit of your love.
Your face and smile is all that I see..
and deep in my heart my need...

by Muhammad Jibril Murtala

added by mmjibril09
2 days ago

perfect, pretty

She's a perfect pretty princess is what they say
A perfect pretty princess is all they see
but behind her mask it all starts to crack
her mind starts to retract to how she used to act,
her mask starts to crack,
as her mind takes an impact.

by Kaitlin Lowrey

added by kaitykait2005
2 days ago

A Token For The Master

Boiling away the edges
letting the core expand
Limitations drifting free
clarity at hand

Horizon coming at me
sky and earth as one
Sunsets in my memory
answers on the run

A token for the master
a pittance bye and bye
Value placed in...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
2 days ago

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