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My name is Luis A. Estable and I can speak three languages: Spanish, my native tongue, English: my poetic tongue, and some French: my university tongue. In addition, I have been a poet for more than twenty years, and I write poems in several forms: sonnets, songs, haikus, children's verse, free style poetry and more. I have published three books of poetry: "Eighty-Three Sonnets, Book One," "Religious, Thirty Sonnets," 'My Mind Simply Saying." All of them available on Amazon books. To me poetry represents the most compact and most beautiful expression known to man and my advice to young poets is to try to see when the pen the difference between poetry and prose. Good poetry is never prose writing. If one keeps that in mind, he or she has a good chance of being or becoming an excellent poet or one of some good or great statue.

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Sonnet # 20

I look at man, with him I want to live.
I women eye, my love so proved is shown.
I kiss the child, no color's negative.
At times I feel I have to heaven flown.
Yes, in my mind the world's dissent is sweet.
Not that it rosy lives deep in my...

by Luis A Estable

added 3 days ago
Song # 13

Give me a kiss, flowery Mary,
And you will light this face of mine.
Yes, call me for a moment honey,
And, then, my heart will beat so glad.

Give me a hug with real affection,
And all my cold will go away.
Talk to my ears with good intention,...

by Luis A Estable

added 6 days ago
Sonnet # 4

It's love that keeps my heart and mind so rich.
It's love that puts tears down my mature face.
And I don't have my thoughts troubled with itch
For love puts in my heart joy no to erase.
A bird, his beautiful, clear singing voice.
A flower in...

by Luis A Estable

added 11 days ago
Sonnet # 16

For many reasons I the world do call
To come as one; turn pain and tears to mirth.
And like a seed in blessing huge though small,
Step by step let us fill with smiles the earth.
We know we flowers with good eyes caress.
And there are those...

by Luis A. Estable

added 16 days ago
Song # 25

Yes, let us go under that tree
And sing some songs of summer.
You see, the birds are now with joy.
Please, be my loving brother!

Let us sit on that fresh grass,
Enjoy the summer weather.
And when, my boy, this time does pass,
We'll have...

by Luis A. Estable

added 19 days ago

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This looks like childhood fun and the giver of that fun was a nature thing.
One has to admire the rhyme-scheme and how easy the verses flow.
Nothing complicated with the language.

3 days ago

This seems to be a fishing poem. One has to like the accessible language and all right to the point.
Good read

4 days ago

This poem, one might say, describes in poetic lines what happened regarding that pair. Anyone who knows the story may see it here told in a poem.
The use of language here is very efficient. No word is wasted. 

4 days ago

Well, this presents a biblical problem, " Do not ever desire another man's woman." Why to love that which is taken. One could say as a defense: We cannot help who we fall in love with. Love chooses us, we do not choose love. And when it comes it comes and there is nothing we can do stop or kill that powerful feeling, but the Bible is clear on that, "We should not desire another man's possession."
This poems opens a huge discussion as to what is sinful or proper to carry out when it comes to love.
Good Read!

4 days ago

This poem is well-written and your notes were helpful in understanding this poem for what it really is, " a call to action."
One finds the language deep in significance.
Good read!

4 days ago

This shows a land that is great but has its flaws and the voice of the poem urges the land to rise above and reach the betterment she has might to reach. We can do much better if we put our heads to it this poem seems to be saying.
A picture of what is bad about this land but of what is good, too. 

4 days ago

This poem has some deep thoughts and one possible reading is that the tears are not for the pain but for what did not take place or went unrealized.
Good read for the lines have poetic merit.

4 days ago

What do you mean by "My Throughts"? Should it be " My Thoughts"?
Another thing, There is a mix-up of past and present tense in some places that need adjustment to make clearer the thought. One can get the general idea but the writing is not so smooth giving not so clean a reading. 

5 days ago

This is a poem where the reading of it should not be rushed. Each lines needs its care to get and savor all the verses have to offer.
The situation may be not so obvious as to what is really going on here. But read this poem two or three times if need be to get it all or have a good idea of what's going one in these poetic lines.
Good read! 

11 days ago

This is lovely!
How fantastic it is among so many creatures to find that true love. The man who has this luck is very blesses indeed.
What a poem of love this is!
Good read1

11 days ago

This is quite poetic and makes me think of what William Blake once said, "For some a tree is a thing of beauty, but there are many who see it as a thing that stands in the way."
Sometimes we have to slow down life to see the beauty that surrounds us.
Good read! 

11 days ago

This is a good poem, and the wished answered was worse than the situation from which release was asked. But the result was taken well.
Good read!

11 days ago

Though this poem could add a bit more, there are many with one or more of the characteristics that these lines number..
Nothing complicated in this. The language is clear, and it is what it is.

11 days ago

This poem is about attitude towards life. You can look at it with a frown or with a smile. Happiness works from the inside out and depends on how we see things or the world.
Great Poem!

11 days ago

This seems to be saying: These are where the poet is found. This is what my reading tells me.
Some uniqueness in the lines is seen.
Good poem!

14 days ago


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