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Living Alone in a Miserable Place

Living alone in a miserable place - Such a waste! People taking their own drugs on Their own sliding scale incomes, Asking for advie and at times taking it; Keeping their saved religions. Having an Associates degree may have meant a lot to my ...

by Lisa Ann Wilson Heath

added by anonymous
4 hours ago


Living after love departs —life after death (Dreamsleep: April, 2021)

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
5 hours ago


"The Wholeness of Diversity Is Ever Held In The Singularity Of Love Delicately Hearts Like Flowers Bloom All Varying In Type With Splended Hue Sharing Their Sense of Love Together In Differing Ways As Each Is Imbued A Sweet Plethera Of Indiv...

by Frank R Sanchez

added by anonymous
5 hours ago


To hate for no reason. I cannot see it. For i cannot hate it is beyond me.i dont understand someone hating and killing. Hate someone just because they think different or a different color.i cannot hate its a puzzle. Larry Lowry

by Larry Lowry

added by anonymous
6 hours ago

A Knight

Darling of the family, Darling of all social gatherings. A wonder of a girl, A truly prepped wife. When her cupid bloomed like a flower of the universe, so Saintly, she encountered a brother, a probable dream friendship; But a master teacher o...

by Antonio Lima

added by anonymous
6 hours ago

Confused and Left with Tears

You can't see as it's raining and misty, Rain droplets colder than snow, Soggy landscape much paler than one, Lashes glistening in dew, And its summer;you're in a downfall, With frosting guilt, added to A swamp of drizzles and puzzles.

by Avonlea Crab Waters

added by anonymous
8 hours ago

The Game

When morning breaks on heathers bed And gasping dogs the grouse have fled The hunter's guns have played their beat And warm and silent death is laid" at masters feet" When autumns leaf's alight on pools We leave the fishing to the fool...

by Will Mc Creadie

added by anonymous
10 hours ago

The Art of Disloyalty of the Heart

Disloyalty of the Heart is a two edged dagger, stabbing, bleeding, protruding spirits through deep wounds, Pain of rejection through the black hole of infiniteness, festering boils of lies and deceit where no man's land can reach for water, the ai...

by Sapphire Kyoto

added by anonymous
10 hours ago

That Feeling

That feeling That feeling of feeling your not good enough.Your not dope enough for someone to show interest in you. That deep hurt, chest pain type of hurt, your heart feels like it's squeezing, tight and tighter. Like someone is using both of t...

by Poetic ER

added by PoeticER
12 hours ago

Fill In The Blank

The issue… only fate to know —and only time to heal (Dreamsleep: April, 2021)

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
14 hours ago


I would have given you the shirt off my back..... But you still would have found something wrong with that.... There were times when all I could do was cry.... You made me feel like I was losing my mind.... No matter how much I showed you that my ...

by Annisa Cannon

added by Cannon1981
14 hours ago

Last Spark

The fuse was lit on the ending of my trauma Awaiting combustion —joy in the wind (Dreamsleep: April, 2021)

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
14 hours ago

The Cloning Of America

It’s the same form of difference, each place that I go Hotel chains and Walmart, McDonalds that grow The downtown’s breed stepfords, banks, dollar stores throng Identities corporate —our history bygone (The New Room: April, 2021)

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
15 hours ago

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