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With every word,
I try to capture
The essence of you.
But in the act of description,
I lose something
Of your substance,
As if trying to hold the wind
In the palm
Of my outstretched hand.

You are a mystery
With depths...

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
8 hours ago
To Whoever Reads These Words

To whoever reads these words,
I want you to know this truth.
No matter where you are,
Or what challenges you face,
You are enough.

It's easy to lose sight of this fact,
To feel like you're always falling short.
But I am here to tell you,

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
8 hours ago
Eleven Dollars

She approached the red light
Thoughts swirling in her mind
She had made it a good day for them
She felt happy
And as she slowly rolled forward
A dirty man momentarily caught her eye
Standing on a shady median
He was holding a sign

by Semper Solus

added by Sommersoul
8 hours ago
Haiku LVI

said: I'm a rose
then she handed me a thorn
I said: you're a...

by Corneigh Hoff

added by CorneighHoff
9 hours ago
The Wind It Carries

The wind carries a smile,
A whisper from a distant friend,
A gentle touch that erases the gloom
And fills me with a sense of belonging.

The sun's warm embrace,
A kiss on my cheek,
Dispels the memories of past pain
Leaving only hope and...

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
9 hours ago
My Heart's pain


I missed those times when you’re with me,
My tears that you alone can see,
I want to feel your touch of love,
Showing the faith that I must have.

Sharing is one of your habit,
You’re generous, so be with it.

by Mell Rhose Ardales

added by mellrhoseardales
10 hours ago

And left mentally limited.
Behind fast advancing,
Forward moving times.

No longer is it sad to see,
A decadent society...
By fiction.
And pretense,
Of wholesome purity.

No longer is it sad to see

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
10 hours ago
God Isreak to Jeas

George Diggs to George I & II MalcolmX Devils Warriors
Greek to
God & Goddess

We will rock U Baby it's YOU

 Let's Go Krogering together

Get up of down

Do the What what what Elephant "ivory Teeth"

Bubba the Elephant is carrying two...

by Buy ah coat

added by raginagray1
12 hours ago

In life's vast journey, hardships reside,
A path strewn with challenges, by our side.
Through trials and tribulations, we must tread,
For it's in those struggles, strength is bred.

Like a tempest's rage, they descend,
Testing our spirits,...

by Thomas A Neddo

added by Tommyneddo2186
13 hours ago

You all make a practice of sin,
For sin is transgression from Law;
Transgressions will corrupt within,
That will cause a cancerous flaw.

You know Christ was manifested,
In order to take away sin;
That the Father had invested,

by Richard Newton Sherrer

added by richardnsherrer
13 hours ago
Loud Heard Are The Voices

Loud maybe the voices.
Heard collectively in crowds to protest.
Of the many who stay proud of their heritage,
Sexuality and ancestry,
To protect kept pretensions...
Of their heterosexual wholesomeness.
Gone to no longer value,
As an...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
16 hours ago

Nai gidn'yu

Kab akran

Aybshita Mita

Bdimtsi Abonata-

Uhfirwa gibra
tekebeset qola!


Kuda Mda

uf... uf...eda

z'Ebittbitt nEyo...

by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
16 hours ago
The Only Show in Town

It’s been a tumultuous year
of blood sweat and tears
But don’t you have no fear
because grannies hand is near

She’ll pick you up when your
She’ll turn your life around
She’ll put your feet back on the ground
She’s the only show in...

by Paul Marauder

added by pauljoe77
18 hours ago

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