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Mobsters making money from
Factories selling off death,
Killing off all the innocents
Until nothing worthwhile is left.

Racketeers are profiting
From bringing death and pain,
Till the good are dead or dying
Or else have all gone insane.


by Phil Roberts

added by philip0157
3 days ago


Profiteers making profits from
Fields of death and of misery,
Watching good men kill and die
Counting dark largess with glee.

Death Bringers are rejoicing
To them "Might means right",
And killing innocents means zero
And in mayhem they all...

by Phil Roberts

added by philip0157
3 days ago


The time-traveller journeys
Back and forth in time,
To the best and worst years
In such faraway climes.

Travelling throughout history
He changes whatever he will,
Bringing the dead back to life
Then just as easily he kills.

He changes...

by Phil Roberts

added by philip0157
3 days ago


High in the crystal manor
Within the land of death,
Residents of all persuasions
Breathe their final breath.

Vast reptilian creatures
Lumber around great rooms,
Loathsome veil-like beings
Are lurking in the gloom.

Concealed as dust...

by Phil Roberts

added by philip0157
3 days ago


High in the crystal manor
Evil residents reside,
Along with all that's evil
The good stay safe outside.

Lurid grey-white phantoms
Too horrid to ever tell,
Slink around the corridors
Creatures from Dante's Hell.

Indescribably loathsome

by Phil Roberts

added by philip0157
3 days ago


When the world seems lost I seem to be turning circles I don't know which way to go. I get told to take the meds to keep me calm but the meds just don't work and the voices are screaming let me out and let's play it is a losing battle and why I...

by Brandon Thrasher

added by countryboy081284
3 days ago

With This Living Faith

With This Living Faith
Author: Mark V. Markov

Throughout the time
A living faith lives on
It lasts forever
This living faith
We want
We need it in our heart

As we do
What it takes
Being true
With a living faith
Believing we will try...

by Mark V. Markov

added by MarkVMarkov
3 days ago

Time Flies With No Wings

Time flies with no wings
In space with no boundaries
Paired, though never...

by Karl Constantine FOLKES

added by karlcfolkes
3 days ago

If and then

What if we never have the nerve to try?
What if we allow this moment to pass by?

What if it’s perfect and the world stops turning?
What if a missile fires and it leaves us burning?

What if we are afraid to hurt and afraid to feel.
But then...

by Melissa Almen

added by zyiawithmelissa
3 days ago


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by JbbwOdoneedor

added by 4gg3erftgrwgail
3 days ago

Your story, is a blessing to someone

The dark, the heavier the fear we hold back, just may be the biggest blessing to someone else. The very thing we are afraid to tell, to talk about may be one of the best thing's someone could hear, we want to know were not alone, we want other's to...

by Brittany Hurlbert

added by Tangomango144
3 days ago

we grew like wildflowers under the rising sun

look up and see stars on my ceiling

laying here i feel the weight of my feelings
outer space says that this is letting go

✧ ✧ ✧
i know that if destiny allows it to be, you will find me under a tree breathing in...

by sienna patterson

added by siennapatt432
3 days ago

Shadows of Love

Shadows play upon my mind
While I sit and wait
Memories touch my soul

Anticipation found

Your gentle face
Your scent
Your skin

Kisses with such longing
Touches tantalising

A tenderness you shared with me
Like I...

by D.S. Elliott

added by queenbeesecrets
3 days ago

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