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Special little one

A love like yours is hard to find
It’s most definitely one of a kind
I wouldn’t have to go very far
For you to hold a place in your heart

People light up when they see you
You find a way to change their hearts
They know that when they come...

by Cynthia novotny

added by cynthianovotny6
2 days ago
cheque revolution




by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
2 days ago

The man who, unexpectedly and suddenly, is left to himself - though he is shaken, shuddered - but still he goes to meet the hangman's, bitter-smelling Fate. No friends, no eternal immortal loves, No mischievous, childish rainbow clinging To the...

by Norbert Tasev

added by oasev
2 days ago
Legends In Lines: What Is Poetry?

Poetry, more than mere words on the page's scroll,
Resounds within, where human depths are found.
A primal cry for change, for lasting peace,
In verse, these longings find their sweet release.

The poet's quill, a blade both sharp and keen,

by Christen Kuikoua

added by christenkuikoua.official
2 days ago
We All Once Enjoyed It

We all once enjoyed it.
Those times we spent together reminisced.
Without comparing our accomplishments.
And that to begin to do,
By a few who assumed themselves to be...
Born with silver spoons in their mouths.

To then show...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
2 days ago
aynet azerarba

nlebam....lebamka dile.

kem asha

by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
2 days ago
Poetic Movement

Read my poem to crying babe to feel better
Instead of a lullaby
Soiled diaper was getting wetter
Baby criticizing my poetry was no lie

After changing diaper baby yelled whoa
Said bowel movement my poem was responsible
If I had read some Poe


added by anonymous
2 days ago
Apologize Now

It is wise to inquire about

correctness to save

yourself from a senseless death

Instead of only being known

by words that impress

Each other's flesh

Like dust that covers

The motionless that stands still

frozen in place


by Treasia M Black

added by treasia_b
2 days ago
Winter Poetry Blossoms

Didn't think winter blooms occur was a mistake
Until I discovered snowdrops and the winterberry
They consume moisture from every snowflake
Irrigation outdoors isn't necessary

Winter gardens that produce a sturdy flower
Are like poets that...


added by anonymous
3 days ago
Flawless timing

From The moment Of our birth
arriving As if on queue

Our consciousness Began to coalesce
Fed by the love Of those we knew

by whose presence We had been chosen
By more than just by chance

To have been blessed to receive
to be taught...

by Charles Fields II

added by Charles2
3 days ago
Tomorrow’s pain

My pain is now as the thorn pricks,
such a cut is merely small to me later.
Shall I remember the pain of now?
No, the pain is not for tomorrow's...

by Elle.00034

added by Elle.00034
3 days ago

On that fateful morning,
I saw the flames so high.
They were so strong,
They seem to reach the sky.

All i could do was hope,
That everyone was safe.
When i saw it on the news,
I knew it wasn't the case.

One womans life was lost

by Dianna Duplessie

added by chihuahuamom219
3 days ago
What's a Little More Fear?

What's a little more fear?
When people already fear you
What's a little more isolation?
When they already avoid you

I finally found my power
And I am no longer your slave
I may always been a monster
But some times I do behave

My greatest...

by Adam Roy Carrigan

added by adamroycarrigan
3 days ago

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