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My World

My world it is coloured blue It teaches me a thing or two About parks and roses People and places My lifelong crazes About the world and world famous People.. Men who worked hard to attain their dreams Men who loved the wide open Railroads Men who...

by Seems Ali

added by aliseema10
1 day ago

Rest and Recovery

Christ Jesus rescues one from waters deep. He consoles when we weep, grants sleep. As snow blankets earth in a clean sweep, Faith transforms! No quantum leap! Morning over the eastern sky shall creep. Fresh sprouts through rich soil peep. When...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
1 day ago

Colors of hair

Where are you going? Months pass as your hair changes Going somewhere to be someone To be yourself, free spirited and without shackles Your choices will always be yours Your happiness will come to you, as colors change you remain the same Living...

by Sky Moon

added by hellobye0228
1 day ago

Through a Half Open Door

A hairbrush lies on the middle of a bare dresser As dust cascades beside a sunlit window pane A telephone rings out in an empty apartment As the rain glows underneath a streetlight outside A balloon is caught and disappears in the wind As a fiel...

by Jamie Richardson

added by beano24
1 day ago


Elegant movements with deadly precision My eyes rapidly scramble for an opportunity to strike Only to find you have left my vision I hear you behind me, rapier ready and ladylike I move to the right and manage to prevent our collision But due to a...

by A.A

added by A.A.
1 day ago


It was like a large buffet Our lovely picnic in may Our sweet love amongst the flowers I stared at you for hours Oh what a lovely day

by A.A

added by A.A.
1 day ago


I keep seeing you out with her, it hurts All interactions with you have soured It was so preventable, is what's worse If i hadn't had been such a coward It isn't fair for me to feel this way After all it is her right to love you Its not your...

by A.A

added by A.A.
1 day ago

Dear Diary....

Dear diary, You are my best friend, All my stories and secrets you comprehend, You know when I'm happy, you know when I'm sad, Everything about me, you're the only one to understand. It's only you who knows my sorrows and my joy, You're the firs...

by JiyaP

added by JiyaP
1 day ago

Behind the door

Waiting in the hall, the hall is long and tiring like the cold air i fell as i get colder, i find myself in front of a door, the door i fell as i stand in front of the door i can fell how cold it is just standing here, i look at the door knob and ...

by TheClearGlass

added by TheClearGlass
1 day ago

Her Cries

A bride who should be with a pride Is murdered by her children; she cried They not know; can't have the cold breeze Where it is free of trees Her tears, the long flowing rivers She cries with sorrow, pain and shiver Her attempts, the tall mountain...

by Methmi Mandara

added by Methmi
1 day ago


The pure innocence The undying love Crystal blue eyes you can't deny Fingertips that match A soul that you understand One heart becomes two What once was broken never again A new life that isn't your own A life that is shared I'll be there toda...

by Weedall

added by anonymous
1 day ago


Oh, haven't we all made a mistake One choice, one error young man's life they take One path to glory a path none will make They are against you way too dumb to fight No childhood left, but why stay up at night? Scared to lose, scared of shame Wh...

by Patatomic

added by hallnat000
1 day ago

The chase

The thrill is all in the chase Once the mouse was caught the game was no fun There was no point in playing and everything was done The excitements from the initial stage Were dropped and now there’s only rage What are you to do when the object i...

by Skylar Bishop

added by s28073344
1 day ago

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