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They are getting further and further away, the once familiar faces are moving away, the light on the retinas is changing, and it is not known whether the shell-loneliness will suck the person in for good?! What will become of the true friendships of...

by Norbert Tasev

added by oasev
2 days ago

The rising moon
Oceans afar
As I uncover a boon
Daddy is coming home soon
To see his little girl,write on the moon
In a beautiful new...

by Seema Ali

added by anonymous
2 days ago
The Intent

The Intent

  By Nancy Rodriquez

The Intent you had when you left ,
I believe was not done on your own ,
They were placed upon you a new mindset ,
By who you thought was your new home ,
The woman tried to make you belong...


added by txpoet65
2 days ago

A great big world of diversity, billions strong,
Still can't find a place I belong.
School is not safe or welcoming but a war zone.
Still can't find a place I belong.

Wanted to go to the movies but was scared I might get shot.
Can't find any...

by Cyreita Drummond

added by Cyreita
2 days ago
As I lay by your side.

As I lay by your side.

As I lay here, they shut my eyes. But I can see you; I'm right by your side. I do not sleep; I'm awake. For heaven's sake, you whisper in my ears the things I want to hear. I'm still in love with you, my dear. I can't cry;...

by A J C

added by alanswansea18
2 days ago
Different Sayings

“A career is a series of comebacks”. Ricky Nelson.
“Long on hair short on brains” Grandpa Stephen Szymanowski.
“Life is a happy accident” Sara Gilbert.
“A lot of politics in the system” Tim Kukla.
“More forgiveness for the sinners” Martin...

by Rick Wojtala

added by anonymous
2 days ago
Political Bash Balling

Pledge of Grievance:
I hedge my grievance to the gag of the divided fates of Scamerica; And to the blind public for whom it disbands, done invasion, undergone, divisible, with liability injustice for all.

Watching Congress bicker is like...

by Steve Dupere

added by Symmetry60
2 days ago

Sometimes it pains me to speak. The sound of my voice to my years sounding accidental irrelevant and insincere.
At least with writing i can get somewhat near, to what i originally intended.
Its there for all to see.
Agree or disagree.
Very few...

by Robert loughran

added by robertl.92681
2 days ago
A Quiet Place Inside The Storm

quiet place inside the storm
with God’s embrace
i shall say to all
that keeps me warm
all along the way home
thus he shelters me
and it makes me hold
he turns my spirit into gold
faith dwells inside me
while it takes control
when i...

by Jamal Upshaw

added by gregory_g
2 days ago
paint brush and the hammer

The paint brush swirls,
the hammer twirls.
The hammer crashes
the paint brush...

by Kairi Lewis

added by klewis30
2 days ago
The grave site on the hill.

The grave site on the hill.

My dreams are like a field of golden wheat that sways back and forth through the cool summer breeze. As I walk, I can see a shack with one candle glowing on the window pane. It's sparks a flame, and I see shadows from...

by A J C

added by alanswansea18
2 days ago
Back to the Hill

Back to the hill, I walk up again
The once-blooming pink wisteria tree now lies dead
This once wooded thriving place of joy and love
Only brings guilt for words too many said

My spring king is gone, he turned and fled

Dead rotting leaves...

by Brian Z. Jackson

added by BrianZ.Jackson
2 days ago
Definition of insanity

Out of my mind?

 maybe that's true...
Wish I was out of my feelings..
a vacation is long overdue.
Not sure how much longer I can get through.
Are you ready?
cuz my crazy about to come unglued.
Really feeling like I got nothing left to...

by Laci D Lycan

added by laci_l
2 days ago

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