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Distant Wind

I knew it long before the end
my affairs to order fast
The days once promised now recalled
my future is my past

Each day times ten the countdown on
as memory wanders back
Tomorrow once was like the stars

 that time would not attack


by Kurt Philip Behm

added by Kurt Philip Behm
1 day ago

As the Bombs Go Off

Why am I here?
I love my other--I love my children,
As the bombs go off,
As the bombs go off

My brothers fall,
My sisters howl,
As the bombs go off,
As the bombs go off

Children who used to run in the streets
Now lying in the gutter,

by James E. Thomas Jr

added by KingJT
1 day ago

My computer

Hello my dear loyal friend
I write you from lonely end

I really thank you for being here
Shining all bright and so sincere

When I have answers I need to make
I google them at your only stake

When I am bored or in dire need
You find...

by Mikhail Nepomnyashchiy

added by Mishanya05
1 day ago


I know tonight on her bed she'll lay
Feeling down and upset
Knowing I haven't seen her throughout the day
Hoping sleep can make her forget
Tears soaking her pillow
Wishing to me, she could fly
In her room stuck like hay in a silo

by Richard Ochieng

added by Optimistic
1 day ago

The birth of a strong self

Within the castles terrible of dreams
That from the shadows haunt our waking world
A tailor grim and fell fashions the seams
Of mantles motley covering the fold

A bright and luminous white specter brings
Fond tidings from beyond the golden...

by David Rosales

added by d_l
1 day ago


Tucked into my bed
I stare up at the ceiling
Five minutes til...

by William W

added by WilliamW
1 day ago

Conquer the Bitterness by Sweets.

Bitterness can be conquered only by Sweets,
There is so much bitterness in this world,
That bitterness has affiliated us badly,
That's why we face danger by speaking harshly,
After these bitter words come down to abuses,
They even put their...

by brijmohansajal

added by brijmohanpoply01
1 day ago


who was so good at
swallowing feelings
facing life with stoic acceptance
how easily I laugh nowadays!
how easily I cry!
I break even
not knowing how to live
not knowing how to...

by Glory Sasikala

added by glorysasikala
1 day ago

Damnable Moderation

I'll just sit right here
in this sleepy three pm noonblaze
this is the searing crucible of July
when steam rises from rainwashed streets
barometric haghands around your neck
squeezing the breath from the me.

I want that nursery rhyme...

by Brady Bowen

added by BradyB999
1 day ago


This man who a lot of people knew
believe me his candor told the real truth.

He loved trees, with no branches or leaves ,
gets down on his knees, sucks it into his tunnel with ease.

Ooh! Why he do that?
Attempted to walk over me like a...

by Verlene Y Tyree

added by Vytlocks1
2 days ago


Seasons change and life seems an endless journey
And though we sometimes wish otherwise,
Life ceases but time ticks by unceasing.
And oh, the rain pours down unexpectedly
When just a wink ago, the sun was blazing,
And who knows what might...

by Yoona Moreno

added by YoonaMoreno
2 days ago


But I ne'er said thy handsomeness hath smitten me
I must say 'tis thy storm, thy scars, and complex rarity;
For, a lovely gaze shalt not fall merely on beauty
But what the heart can feel, not the eyes can see.

'Tis, not thy gallant posture nor...

by Yoona Moreno

added by YoonaMoreno
2 days ago

Jack Kerouac's Grave

I wanted to see
Jack Kerouac's grave
Because I feel
So close to him.
I read his books in the fifties
And I followed his path in the sixties.
But look again
In Google maps
At the photo taken
flying over his grave
Considering, perhaps

by Jim McDonald

added by anonymous
2 days ago

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