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The tortured mind

Is my mind going insane.
Or is my reality to blame.

Yes I'm destruction.
Where's my instructions.
You want me to function.
But offer nothing constructive.

Do I sedate my mind.
Become numb to the pain that has caused my decline.
Open up...

by PrettyShiffy

added by PrettyShiffy
15 hours ago
My Love, My Life, My Heart

The way you make my heart race when I see your smile. It's like a dream to know I have you in my life.

The moments we share have me falling for you with each passing glance. Every gentle fingertip tracing my skin and each gentle kiss we share.


by Rebeca Parker

added by rebeca_p
15 hours ago
Detective Steven Rush (2) The Beat Assasin

*Detective Steven Rush (2) San Francisco P. D.*

  (The Beat Assisign)

  Junior Detective, Mallone and I approach the front of the Beat generation hang out. The two-story building has a karge bar downstairs and upstairs is a reading...

by Leonard Wilson

added by lenadrwilson
16 hours ago

Kulu hasab kemzitechereseley. Dihiri degim minim zhazkuwo gitimi kemzeyele tebesire...qSENU....zesekif yeblkumn...tebegise...

by Yukunno Ghirmay

added by Yuknno.ghirmay
16 hours ago
Afraid, motionless

Terrified, petrified, paralyzed

Laying in pools of bloody refuse

Will the tank clear?

Why is everyone so empty? So afflicted with terror and anger?

Why is this world coming apart?

Why do the people want it to die? Everything we've...

by Kelley Davies

added by kbdallas2020
16 hours ago
Sad Confinement. Years long and weary.

My hair is grey, but not with years,
Nor grew it white
In a single night,
As men's have grown from sudden fears:
My limbs are bow'd, though not with toil,
But rusted with a vile repose,
For they have been a dungeon's spoil,
And mine...

by Wayne Blair

added by dougb.19255
16 hours ago
About us

You know Jesus died on Calvary cross so that we may live. To give up our sins and not be lost then he may forgive. Living our lives in prayer and supplication all of the day long. Trying to get strong in God's affiliation singing a spiritual song....

by William brooks

added by Wbrooks431
16 hours ago
For Fltom (insp. By Oldsaint/ Carm Forums)

Every thing is there
- di vine - truth -

Try ing - to See

Every thing is there
- di vine - truth -

Try ing - to See

Every thing is there
- di vine - truth -

Try ing - to See

Every thing is there
- di vine - truth -

Try ing -...

by anonymous3142

added by anonymous3142
17 hours ago
War cries

I see nothing
My eyes are closed
I don't want to see
Though closing my eyes can't hide me
Still, I hear the cries of battle.
I cover my ears
Though I can still hear gun shots.
They replay in my head.
My heart jolts with every press of the...

by Arianna Duffy

added by H3arts4lilpeep
17 hours ago
It's not her fault

It's not her fault.
You made her this way.
All key elements to this disaster.
Nobody takes her seriously.
Who knew words could hurt.
Who knew words could lead someone to this.
Someone so young.

by Arianna Duffy

added by H3arts4lilpeep
17 hours ago
My Poet's Dream

I have cerebral palsy; there I said it, that's me.
For a long time I prayed to be free.
A beautiful mind trapped in a body of disease.
For a long time this is what I believed.
This physical battle had me feeling defeat.
Am I up against a war...

by Jennifer Dziema

added by jenniferdziema
18 hours ago

That feels like a failure
That sees each shortcoming
And broken piece
And feels regret

You were not born into a life of splendour
There was no gilded vessel waiting to carry you through the storms

You were tossed...

by Semper Solus

added by Sommersoul
18 hours ago

Lost in despair, smoldering ashes of once what was there.
Scratching and clawing, a swirling abyss, drowning in sorrow of deception so clear.
Promises broken and all vows revoked, darkness falls quickly upon fragile souls.
Restlessness lingers...

by Elisa Kuri

added by anonymous
20 hours ago

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