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Song # 12

My tears are falling to the ground.
My body shivers, and it is sunny.
And then, I take a look around,
And summertime is far from pretty.

  Oh, darling, dear; please, come to me!

  I cannot stand this reality.

My face looks sad,...

by Luis A. Estable

added by luisestable1
1 day ago
Death of Marilyn Monroe

+The Death of Marilyn Monroe+

  (Norma Jeane Baker)

A star of the greatest magnitude
A fantasy made real
Deep inside, where no-one saw
Norma's pain was hers to feel

In the spring of nineteen-sixty-four

 her loves were widely known...

by Leonard Wilson

added by lenadrwilson
1 day ago
Haiku LVII

breathing, heaving breast
keeping me awake all night

by Corneigh Hoff

added by CorneighHoff
1 day ago
We will still conquer

Really we are poor!
With our battered face
With our tattered cheeks
And our sunken eyes
We will still conquer.

Even, as we toil
With weary stomach
In a thirsty sun
As we till and plough
With our wounded arms
On defiant desert;
As we...

by Rafiu Ibrahim

added by rafiu_i
1 day ago
Soul spaces

From my eyes there flowed only the coagulated eyeballs of honest incredulity; chains of true pearls were lined up under my baggy eyes like clumps of onion-clumps! In feverish, timeless grayness, my rebellious finger-tips grope ever after...

by Norbert Tasev

added by oasev
1 day ago
No Return Policy

Evil beasts enjoying the feast of deceiving.
And telling lies told to sell well.
Bought to buy as told them sold.
Has created divisions splitting into decisions,
Between those and many not to know...
The power of liars to rule and control,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
1 day ago

Tiny fingers wrap
Around my heart and soul
Welcoming my world
A new life born into mine
A daughter for eternity
Pacific blue...

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
1 day ago
I Tried

I waited it out
Like I promised I would
Maybe I didn’t wait long enough
But I can’t stay here
And listen to you talk about your love
For her
And the details of your passion
It hurts too much
I think you're trying to push me out

by Semper Solus

added by Sommersoul
1 day ago
Hope Renewed

Sitting looking out the window
Watching time pass by
I start looking back
Looking back at all the memories
The memories of my life
Some of them are good
While others are bad
But the memories
That really stand out
In my head are the ones of...

by Shari McMahon

added by shari_m
1 day ago

He is a big liar and Prince of it all welcome to his domain. Came hurling out of heaven with a great fall earth now is his claim. He searches the earth and goes back and forth seeing whom he may devour. His time is not long he knows it of course...

by William brooks

added by Wbrooks431
1 day ago

I first heard of Einstein at Cabrini in 2nd grade.
It’s all relative.
But he failed at the one formula of the universe.
That planted a seed in my...

by Rick Wojtala

added by anonymous
1 day ago
Tattered Shoes

Fields, where I so carefully played
Disappear as I make my way
In between, they're lost to sight
And with each step, I bid adieu.

My shoes, now worn and tattered
Tell the tale of paths I've been through
But the fields, they aren't just mine...

by Joe Strickland

added by JoeStrickland
1 day ago
As Is To self Discover

Truth told to tell to believe,
And defend...
Kept beliefs as they are as told to accept.
May not be correct at all.
As is for oneself to discover something else.
Only to remain not less but more curious.

Many who journey alone on their own...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
1 day ago

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