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Street Kids

Before when I saw street kids I felt pity.
I surmised it was my moral duty to end child poverty.
Now when I see a begging kid, I see a choice.
God and the Government elected the poverty voice.
God gives free will to two to have offspring. ...

by Theodore Pinnock

added by dr_pinnock
23 hours ago

The Story Of The Very Epic Pool Party

The Story of the Very Epic Pool throbbing

Jimmy's Mom, Sandy was a fucking whore, and a dumb cunt. On a Sunday night, his mother was fucking the butlers dog, in the pool, when a large robber entered their pool. The dog screamed. Then, a cyborg...

by Garry Jones

added by Garry1905
1 day ago

you said that you loved me

you said that you loved me
and my heart filled with joy
you said that you loved me
I thought for just a minute
maybe you were being coy
you said that you loved me
but i was just a toy
you said that you loved me
and so many beautiful things

by Audrey Valentic Richards

added by anonymous
1 day ago

Good time

In a windless winter
crystal snowflakes were
falling from the sky-

They were falling,
falling all around me,
my neck, my head,
on my wet eyes-

With the stalled wind, there was
no illusion in the mind
as I could feel all my...

by Hakikur Rahman

added by hakikur
1 day ago

Respect (2)

I supported you
for not that I loved you
that much,
but, because I did not want
to be alone-

I do not pretend
to be fair by myself
due to many factors,
but, the foremost was
the respect between two...

by Hakikur Rahman

added by hakikur
1 day ago

More Rewarding Than Truth

The warning signs of anguishing times,
Have not been laying around us hidden.
As if brightly colored Easter eggs.
Excitedly for them to be found to find.

Has a privilege to fiction,
Our own depiction of reality...
Done this,
To our absent...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added by lpahtillah
1 day ago

Dear Younger Self

Dear younger self,

I wish I could've told you that it doesn't matter what other people think.

Crazy right?!

But it's true. It really doesn't matter what people think of you.

You will find "Your" group and hopefully you will stay friends...

by Syd Goforth

added by anonymous
1 day ago

An Ode to Harry Styles

Oh, Harry Styles!

My one true love

You’re handsome, artsy and respectful,

You make me so happy,

When I see you my face turns red,

When I hear you I get butterflies,

You smell like chamomile,

You’re my whole world and I wouldn’t...

by Sydney Goforth

added by anonymous
1 day ago


Fresh scent of a breeze on a spring day of bloom, Characteristics of butterflies fluttering as elegant as perfume,
Beauty as rare as an ocean glowing with natural neon glowing light, so does the love that I have for you tonight.

As time pass...

by Oliver Freeman III

added by Aznlife9
1 day ago


Poe and Frost had it with "The Raven" and "Fire and Ice."
The farmer's wife had it when she cut of the tails of the mice.
Some people have it and some people do not.
You don't have to be famous to present your own thought.
Open your mind and let...

by Mandi Renee Powell

added by azyra.alize
1 day ago

is time is queer/and memory is trans/and my hands hurt in the cold/then

are ways to hold pain like night follows day
not knowing how tomorrow went down.

it hurts like never when the always is now,
the now that time won't allow.

there is no manner of tomorrow, nor shape of today
only like always having to...

by Raquel Salas Rivera

added by Drone232
1 day ago

Mother May I

Sometimes I Wanna See,
And, Sometimes I Don't Wanna See.
I Believe That If I Seek What I See,
I Have A Feeling It Won't Be Seen!
So, Mother May I?
I Wanna Seek What It...

by Chineka Arnold

added by AgnesMae
1 day ago

Blissed Pen

Blissed Pen

Oh blissed pen…

How I miss the way you felt in my hand.  
I left you for some time, I didn’t want to retreat into the darkness of my mind and be consumed by the infinite rhyme …. 

I’ve hid you away for so long in a place I...

by Janice Passos

added by Eternaljoy
1 day ago

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