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From all of this…

From all of these mountains,
To the roads that I ride.
From all of this… I must confide

Drink from the Fountains
Cool as you knew, I’m alive
From all of this… I do abide

Walking to the waters
I can see you in the sky
From all of this…

by Patrick Egan a2

added by Gangstalkedstill24
18 hours ago
shadows deep there is light

In shadows deep, the gloom does linger near,
A sorrowed heart, consumed by endless night,
The weight of darkness whispers in my ear,
And steals away the warmth of morning light.

A sadness grips my soul with icy hand,
And clouds of sorrow fill...

by missy sissy shauntell

added by missy_sissy
18 hours ago
A Remorseful Fate

A field so endless in life, yet all so dull nonetheless
greys and greens and blues, it all mashes together,
creating a dark twisted reality where beauty is lifeless.
Within these corrupted meadows, darkness lays dominant,
decrepit as can be,...

by -AnonA

added by -AnonA
18 hours ago
The Lotus

A bud of lotus crept
like a serpent thru the depths

Reaching towards the sun for warmth
As i perhaps In search of

that, more perfect

of life in perfect harmony
With the heart and passions flow

Seeking the light of...

by Charles Fields II

added by Charles2
19 hours ago
Blues Poem #18

ain’t good enough
When bad
— is better

(The Uptown Theater 1967: Philadelphia...

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by KurtPhilipBehm
19 hours ago
For you, I felt everything

For you I felt each passing word
For you the time i waited wasn't absurd
For you each gift was my ever loving heart
So much I changed so we'd never part
For you my touch was deeper than my mind
For you were the one I needed to find

Now you...

by Heather Lydia Thornhill

added by heathert.34240
19 hours ago
Rhythms Of A Healing Soul

The field of sunflowers.
Today I realized I have power.
Let us look at the stars as our last orchestra plays.
As death , the stars are inevitable.
As our rise, the shooting stars are inevitable.
How far would I go for you?
I remember you...

by Unknown AE

added by UNKNOWNAE
20 hours ago
S.H.I.I.S.I.S. (Shi-Isis)


by Jerry Wayne Lawrence, Jr.

added by jerrywlawrence2666
20 hours ago
Inspire of one's good intentions

Inspite of one's good intentions

In the barrel of time panic rises to the top.

So much bouncing around in one's head as they try to make sense of their entire life.

As they try and stay calm a passion rolls around like to...

by Richard J Edwards

added by rjenavy
20 hours ago
Note to Self

Note to self: Read this before messaging.
This is me, talking to me.
I know and understand why you’re here.
Believe me, I do.
But you can’t keep coming back here.
There’s nothing for you here.
I know you’re ready.
I know you have so much to...

by Jen Shaffer

added by Authorjen2022
20 hours ago
Of yeah it's there

Getting back to that feeling - of yeah it's there
Cool of the morning
Sun breaking the clouds
Yeah it's there

She talks to me
Something special about her
The smile thats infectious
Make my heart feel
Back to that feeling

Getting back to...

by Greg M Scholler

added by gregorys.62737
21 hours ago
I am man

I am man do you see
I feel, do you see

  do you feel

Cast judgement on me not
What was is past me
Better for having lived through it

I've taken the chains off
Will someone live with me
Free form new world

I am man do you see

by I am man

added by gregorys.62737
21 hours ago
Switch Off

July 14th at 1324.
i said no more.

 no tic toc, tube ,or rumble,
no internet, no more regret,
when over a dull horror i stumble.

The lies, the violence ,
the self abasement,
the nonsense sold as wisdom,
the quick fix ,the media tricks,

by Robert loughran

added by robertl.92681
21 hours ago

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