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For shorter poems I'm experimenting with the ballad and In Memoriam stanza.

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Sackcloth and Cowl

Have I wronged you, my former friends,
Or murdered a dear wife or child,
That bitter hatred goes so wild
Against the wretch it reprehends.
Your opened jaws are like a cowl
That fastens on my skull and gnaws.
You injure me more than cruel...

by David Plantinga

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added 8 months ago
Total Depravity

A wretched soul, unclean in thought
And act, I could never dare
Demand forgiveness as what’s fair
Or mercy as a favor bought.
All of my filthy spirit poured
In smaller vessels must distill
Into a still more potent will,
One more...

by David Plantinga

added 10 months ago
Innocence Wronged

Not everyone who suffers sins,
Yet blessed with a long life, I’ve strayed
An ingrate and a renegade,
And condign punishment begins.
Roots rotted in the earth can bud,
And from uncleanness a fresh shoot
Can sprout, and after winter, fruit...

by David Plantinga

added 11 months ago
A Feigned Remorse

You’re crying out against your sin
Because you’re standing on the shore
Aware your guilt is so much more
Than your acknowledged ramekin.
An ocean of iniquity
Extends to the horizon’s edge,
Farther than shamming can allege,
Deeper than...

by David Plantinga

added 11 months ago

Although that shadow’s tread was light
And its cold presence absence massed,
A darker darkness to contrast,
A hole in the black cloak of night,
Its stealthy passing did disturb
And woke a sleeper from his dreams.
Such plunging darkness...

by David Plantinga

added 1 year ago

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