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The Unknown Comes

A master teacher of human frailty
Comes calling, even the sheltered deaf
Hear and heed the call; helter skelter
Answering with disbelief, laughter, doubt,
Hope, optimism, skepticism, pessimism, -
Ahh, whatever disguises your fear: works.


by Kennet Benoit-Hutchins

added by Kennet
14 days ago

Stones Roll

Rocks do so fall
Upon nature’s mall
To be seen by all
Spring, until our fall.

But in the winter’s cold
They’re not so very bold
Resting upon earth’s fold
For my eyes to truly...

by Kennet Benoît-Hutchins

added by Kennet
4 months ago


Grasping for all that can be taken
Reveling in the angst of the powerless
Evermore, Evermore, Poe's Raven extant
Eternally romancing the gilded throne
Damned are those who paid your...

by Kennet Benoit-Hutchins

added by Kennet
8 months ago

I am not Tolstoy

Would I dare speak of war
and cause my spirit to mar
the purity of ideas and hope
so to peace we could elope.


by Kennet Benoit-Hutchins

added by Kennet
9 months ago

Forgiveness Totem

Tree give me shade to rest tired memories,
a bench to watch the world lap up my past
a shaded pathway to reawaken, to colour,
a child’s desire to escape foul memories.

Eagle, tell me to recover, to hunt anew
in the majesty of the sky, to soar...

by Kennet Benoît-Hutchins

added by Kennet
11 months ago

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thank you. I am glad that it drew you in to re-read it. That is coup for anyone who creates. Thank you once again.

13 days ago

Joyce Kilmer was ever chastised for this poem, as being over simplified and old fashioned. I think, that sometimes, people try to over complicate art and forget that simple entertainment based on one's realty is oft the most appreciated - there being not much hidden within the shadows of the art viewed, read or heard. 

10 months ago

The ignored, but not readily apparent

10 months ago

I lived near British Columbia's Fraser River and drove it's length to go to work in Richmond (Vancouver). So during these trips these animals at various times were observed. Experiencing such eases the muse's travail. 

11 months ago

Thank you. Wrote this many years ago, still relevant in my view.

1 year ago

I did not list myself as a fan: seems rather egotistical. But then, perhaps we should be a fan of our own ego.

1 year ago


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