List of poems by Stuart A. Chasmar 92 total

D Day Sixth of June 30 ViewsRate it
Summer Theater 12 ViewsRate it
Zack stops Fishing 3 ViewsRate it
Brevity's Child 2 ViewsRate it
Do You Love Me, Becky Martin? 1 ViewRate it
In the Shadow of the Duke 1 ViewRate it
Judith, Put your needles down. 1 ViewRate it
Kerri Says Goodbye 1 ViewRate it
Lemon Lemming Blues 1 ViewRate it
Walk With Me 1 ViewRate it
A Song for Nine-Eleven 0 ViewsRate it
Apolune 0 ViewsRate it
At The Mandarin Orange 0 ViewsRate it
Broken Spanish 0 ViewsRate it
Cassidy on Claude 0 ViewsRate it
Cinematic Fans 0 ViewsRate it
Consume 0 ViewsRate it
Dark Thoughts 0 ViewsRate it
Double Feature 0 ViewsRate it
Eileen 0 ViewsRate it
Erin , Loose the Kite String 0 ViewsRate it
Excavating 0 ViewsRate it
Fifty Caliber Memories 0 ViewsRate it
Flannery Falling 0 ViewsRate it
From Time to Time, It's Time 0 ViewsRate it
Give Me Camelhair This Christmas 0 ViewsRate it
Glorious Fourth 0 ViewsRate it
Gulliver Desires 0 ViewsRate it
In a Blanket Pink 0 ViewsRate it
In Micayla's Kingdom 0 ViewsRate it
In Monsoon-Lightning Season 0 ViewsRate it
Iwo isn't Io 0 ViewsRate it
Just Between Us Girls 0 ViewsRate it
Knowing Chopsticks How 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Play Hangman 0 ViewsRate it
Lie, Lay, Lain 0 ViewsRate it
Love Before Breakfast 0 ViewsRate it
Meechell's Lament 0 ViewsRate it
Michela No More 0 ViewsRate it
Michela Walks By 0 ViewsRate it
Miguel's Morning at the Window 0 ViewsRate it
Mrs Whalen's Place 0 ViewsRate it
Muffin 0 ViewsRate it
Night time Napalm Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Ninety Feet from Glory 0 ViewsRate it
No More Cacao Cups 0 ViewsRate it
O'Neill Sits In Weeds 0 ViewsRate it
Old Vets Are The Worst 0 ViewsRate it
Phyllis Waits for Rain 0 ViewsRate it
Pictograph 0 ViewsRate it
Poetry Dot Con Job. 0 ViewsRate it
Postexilic 0 ViewsRate it
Questions, Nova Rhodes 0 ViewsRate it
Rediscovery Season 0 ViewsRate it
Rutledge Falls in Love 0 ViewsRate it
Sasha's Starving Artist. 0 ViewsRate it
Scott Sees Her 0 ViewsRate it
Shedding Scales 0 ViewsRate it
Single-Handed 0 ViewsRate it
Sounds good 0 ViewsRate it
Stoop Labor 0 ViewsRate it
Strawberry Sunday 0 ViewsRate it
Summer Gifts 0 ViewsRate it
Summer Night 0 ViewsRate it
Summer Song 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Talken Peewee And Da Bums 0 ViewsRate it
Tattoo for Timothy 0 ViewsRate it
Terry's Buses 0 ViewsRate it
The Apples In His Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
The Curve of Rhonda's Moon 0 ViewsRate it
The Garbled Walkway 0 ViewsRate it
The Mercury Wash 0 ViewsRate it
The Monsoon Sonata 0 ViewsRate it
The Poetry Thesaurus 0 ViewsRate it
The Price Of Fame. 0 ViewsRate it
The Roof Garden Waits On Rain 0 ViewsRate it
The Santa Rita Pool 0 ViewsRate it
The VA Interview 0 ViewsRate it
There Stands The Crane 0 ViewsRate it
Things Align 0 ViewsRate it
Thursday Jane 0 ViewsRate it
Waking to Geckos on the Ceiling 0 ViewsRate it
Walter's Love 0 ViewsRate it
We Buried Crazy Nellie 0 ViewsRate it
When Leaves Lay Waiting 0 ViewsRate it
While in Church Mischief Making 0 ViewsRate it
Winter Frees the Butterfly 0 ViewsRate it
Winter Kitchen 0 ViewsRate it
Winterquest Begins 0 ViewsRate it
Wired For Sound 0 ViewsRate it
Young Mickey McGoon 0 ViewsRate it

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