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Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
William Shakespeare
Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind As man's ingratitude; Thy tooth is not so keen, Because thou art not seen, Although thy br...Rate it

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Blow, Northern Wind
Anonymous Americas
Blow, northerne wynd, Send thou me my suetyng! Blow, northerne wynd, Blou, blou, blou! Ichot a burde in bour{.e} bryht, That...Rate it

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Blowing Wind
Norman Wilson
Blowing Wind A wind blows through my heart as it did once before It has taken away my love with treasures Unexplored In a field of green our...Rate it

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Blowing wind, Pouring Rain
Norman Wilson
Blowing Winds, Pouring Rain A wind blows through my heart as it did once before It has taken away my love as the air swirls and the rain pours I...Rate it

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blown with the wind
Curtis Allison
sometimes i like to be free as abird the wind in my face as i soar high in the sky. careless like a leaf that has broken off from a vine. to throw ...Rate it

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Bring Her Again, O Western Wind
William Ernest Henley
Bring her again, O western wind, Over the western sea! Gentle and good and fair and kind, Bring her again to me! Not that her fancy holds me dear,...Rate it

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Brother Wind
Alice Guerin Crist
“I thank my god for brother wind,” So prayed St. Francis long ago In words of simple, joyous praise, That fill my heart with sudden glow As-braced ...Rate it

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Candle In The Wind
Poetic Judy Emery
It seems to me you lived your life Like a candle in the wind without a fight, For God's sake hold up your head, You are not dead, Hold your words,...Rate it

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Catch the wind
Naushaba Perveen Khan
I want to catch the wind And wish to touch the sky I want to hold the moon And wish to reach the sun But I know I can't do that For wind is made to...Rate it

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Chase the wind
Conrad Trudelle
Chase the Wind The experience of H.A.L.O. Different each time But, When done Seven Miles High At the break of dawn There is nothing t...Rate it

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collapsing in the wind
Anna Laurencio
collapsing in the wind utterances of the riddles of not sleeping bloated inside the burning woods it was late in the morning of spring tim...Rate it

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Come, come thou bleak December wind (fragment)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Come, come thou bleak December wind, And blow the dry leaves from the tree! Flash, like a Love-thought, thro' me, Death And take a Life t...Rate it

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Confetti In The Wind
Robert William Service
He wrote a letter in his mind To answer one a maid had sent; He sought the fitting word to find, As on by hill and rill he went...Rate it

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Dawn Wind
Lola Ridge
Wind, just arisen - (Off what cool mattress of marsh-moss In tented boughs leaf-drawn before the stars, Or niche of cliff under the eagles?) You o...Rate it

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Desert Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
Identity is derivative of distance endowed Space the Grand Sultan, its winds to uncloud (Dreamsleep: February, 2021)Rate it

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Did you ever listen to the sound of the wind while I was in your mind?
Ismet Ozce
Did you ever listen to the sound of the wind while I was in your mind? Did you ever sing a song while the river flowed strong? Did you follow the m...Rate it

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During Wind and Rain
Thomas Hardy
THEY sing their dearest songs-- He, she, all of them--yea, Treble and tenor and bass. And one to play; With the candles mooning each face...Rate it

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EARTH WIND AND FIRE The earth stood dry and craved the rain As the fire jumpers lost an edge once gained The cinders meander through the tinder br...Rate it

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Earth,Wind,and Fire
Cocoa Shawnee
Elements connect, making beautiful music, Earth,Wind,and Fire. Founding member passed, away but your voice lives on, death could never take. It w...Rate it

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Echo in the Wind!
Suzanne C. Goudreau
HER sweet melody, plundges into the echo of the WIND; SINGING softly, from inside, far WITHIN: THAT voice, so clear and thus so WILD; SHE carries t...Rate it

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Elevate The Wind
Angela Lorine Smith
Words of inspiration won't come quickly Music playing it's just another delay No rhymes, no signs, just time. The wind begins to blow softly and Ma...Rate it

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Especially in the October Wind
Kumar Kamal
Especially in the October Wind When I see your innocent,gentle,meek face in the mist playing butterflies and bees;lullabies, seasaws,inundated in s...Rate it

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Evening wind
Yosa Buson
Evening wind: water laps the heron's legs. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it

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Feels Like The Wind
Barbara DiLorenzo-McCormick
It feels like, The wind sounds, Its just sorrow, Making it's rounds, Worthless breath, Waisted time, Arranged in words Spoken in rhyme, Feels like...Rate it

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Flower-De-Luce: The Wind Over The Chimney
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
See, the fire is sinking low, Dusky red the embers glow, While above them still I cower, While a moment more I linger, Though the clock, with l...Rate it

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