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May Wind
Sara Teasdale
I said, "I have shut my heart As one shuts an open door, That Love may starve therein And trouble me no more." But over the roofs there came Th...Rate it

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Modern Love XLIII: Mark Where the Pressing Wind
George Meredith
Mark where the pressing wind shoots javelin-like, Its skeleton shadow on the broad-backed wave! Here is a fitting spot to dig Love's grave; Here...Rate it

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My Girl in Every Mourning Wind
Silivester Kiik
At that time, on a quiet night, waves roll softly. My girl! In every mourning wind, the storm seemed calm in my soul. In a bright star, am I stan...Rate it

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New Wind
Meg Darby Muir
the winds of change blow hard and fast against the walls of hate and power and as I watch in rapt attention, smiling, the gale speeds and dances an...Rate it

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Night and Wind
Arthur Symons
The night is light and chill, Stars are awake in the sky, There's a cloud over the moon; Round the house on the hill The wind creeps with its cry B...Rate it

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Night Wind
John Clare
Darkness like midnight from the sobbing woods Clamours with dismal tidings of the rain Roaring as rivers breaking loose in floods To spread and foa...Rate it

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No Wind Today
Michael William Ryan
There I was, standing on my back porch, a little nipper around seven or eight years old. The stage was set. I could feel it in my bones. This was...Rate it

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North Blows The Cold Wind
Arvind Naik
North blows the cold wind cutting through to the bones there is smell in the air of the distant war zones No one knows why they are fighting No on...Rate it

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North Wind
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
LOUD wind, strong wind, sweeping o'er the mountains, Fresh wind, free wind, blowing from the sea, Pour forth thy vials like streams from airy fou...Rate it

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North Wind
Lola Ridge
I love you, malcontent Male wind - Shaking the pollen from a flower Or hurling the sea backward from the grinning sand. Blow on and over my dream...Rate it

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North Wind in October
Robert Seymour Bridges
In the golden glade the chestnuts are fallen all; From the sered boughs of the oak the acorns fall: The beech scatters her ruddy fire; The lime hat...Rate it

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O White Wind, Numbing the World
Christopher John Brennan
O WHITE wind, numbing the world to a mask of suffering hate! and thy goblin pipes have skirl’d all night, at my broken gate. O heart, be ...Rate it

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O Wind, Why Do You Never Rest
Christina Georgina Rossetti
O wind, why do you never rest Wandering, whistling to and fro, Bringing rain out of the west, From the dim north bringing snow? Rate it

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Ode to the Northeast Wind
Charles Kingsley
Welcome, wild Northeaster! Shame it is to see Odes to every zephyr; Ne'er a verse to thee. Welcome, black Northeaster! O'er the German foam; ...Rate it

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Ode to the West Wind
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being, Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter flee...Rate it

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Paper In The Wind
A Radday
'Mr tambourine man' beneath the crinkly corner of the torn curtain I mourn, tactless emotion driven by the blind change, for certain 'Mr tambour...Rate it

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Pessimistic wind
Hakikur Rahman
The harp's tale sounds what a tune That tune deepens inside the heart Where did the thoughts go? Whirling the mind Here blows the hint of apatheti...Rate it

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Playful wind
Jet Rood
Trees are waving boisterousness they bend over to the right some of the branches have no strength and under pressure they break down the many leav...Rate it

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Raging winter wind
Lesbia Harford
'Raging winter wind Let loose in springtime What is the message your cold touch brings?' Spite of days and dreams, Warm and easy and sublime, ...Rate it

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Rain & Wind
Gracey Sanders
Drip, drip, drop Drip, drip, drop when will it stop? now the wind is blowing harder as it starts to pour it feels like a hurricane gotta close all ...Rate it

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Ride Like The Wind
Mario William Vitale
Ride Like The Wind breath deep look at the sky can you see the images passing you by we are living on the edge its going to my head sitting u...Rate it

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Riding the wind
Christopher Azakor Nwakwesi
We are riding the wind Ocean and air on the radius of wings Embodied into incarnation To pursue knowledge through maturity Are brushed into darknes...Rate it

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Said the West Wind
Isabella Valancy Crawford
1 I love old earth! Why should I lift my wings, 2 My misty wings, so high above her breast 3 That flowers would shake no perfumes...Rate it

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Said The Wind
Isabella Valancy Crawford
'Come with me,' said the Wind To the ship within the dock 'Or dost thou fear the shock Of the ocean-hidden rock, When tempests strike thee full and...Rate it

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Sheoaks That Sigh When The Wind Is Still
Henry Lawson
Why are the sheoaks forever sighing? (Sheoaks that sigh when the wind is still)— Why are the dead hopes forever dying? (Dead hopes that died and ar...Rate it

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