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Fragrance in the wind
Jawahar Gupta
FRAGRANCE IN THE WIND ======================= Think about that something left behind Honour'd, beloved; and she was kind Played the part of moth...Rate it

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Friendship wind
Danny E. Mayon
The day is long, cold, and still A familiar wind gave me chill I've known this breeze from the past What do I do, how long will it last? It's power...Rate it

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Gone With the Wind
Ben Keran
He sulks back into his house, Puts his back pack on the ground, Sits down on his couch, Grabs a remote and isolates Himself from the rest of the wo...Rate it

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Hark To The Shouting Wind
Henry Timrod
Hark to the shouting Wind! Hark to the flying Rain! And I care not though I never see A bright blue sky again. There are thoughts in my breast to-...Rate it

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Hooligan Wind
Robert Haigh
I watched the wind having wicked fun today Stripping leaves from trees and hurling them like confetti Forcing flowers to frantically dance to any o...Rate it

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Horses In The Wind
Laurie A. Lanza
Riding horses is my greatest passion It is simply the best thing to do It is fun, challenging, and exciting It totally inspires you! Horses are al...Rate it

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How His Planet Behaved As The Wind Blew
Nikhil Parekh
Newborn leaves shivered in anticipation of unbridled romance; fantasizing beyond realms of the extraordinary- in perfect symbiosis with the fathoml...Rate it

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Howling Wind
Norman Wilson
Howling Wind The wind howled and the dust blew it traveled through the air seamless in the blue from hell's kitchen to the devils den it came onto ...Rate it

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I Am The Wind Vane (Tuanortsa)
Leslie Alexis
I am the wind vane. I depend on the wind To turn. It is my energy. I need what wind gives To be me. I am the wind vane. I am the wind vane. To be ...Rate it

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I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you
Kevin Clark
I’ve heard the news and I can’t believe how It could have occurred and that it weighs on my brow It’s got me troubled in a frozen state But it’s...Rate it

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In the Barking Wind
eliseo guerrero cervantes
For bullishly standing by your "son" who's In fact, older than you, you are, why you are-- Number one...why you are-- The strongest...and why you a...Rate it

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In The Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
God created distance, so the wounded could go home The searchers and the dreamers, the ones born bound to roam He then laid down the open plain, ...Rate it

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Into The Northern Wind
With each rise, Without reprise, The day grows yet again. Within love's grip, I make the trip, Into a Northern wind. With the day anew, In it's g...Rate it

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Journey Through a Desert Wind
Marguerite Clair Massé
Headlights Somewhere Close Down Away Towards Nowhere... getting middle distance sunshining silky stars somewhere only the road leading nowhere.Rate it

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Letters In The Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
Changing the future—changing the past, a north south reprimand Each word rewritten—time bespoke, the present close at hand (Dreamsleep: November,...Rate it

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Life is like a wind
Shobha Raman
Life is like a wind It might seem light or stormy If there is change in direction of life We have to balance and maintain the speedRate it

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Light And Wind
Madison Julius Cawein
Where, through the myriad leaves of forest trees, The daylight falls, beryl and chrysoprase, The glamour and the glimmer of its rays Seem visible m...Rate it

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Like a Wind Of a Blissful Country
Svetlana Rakhimova
Like a wind of a blissful country, Flying moans of the lovers are Like spikes in the heavy ripe grain, Bowing heads of the unbending are. An Arab...Rate it

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Like a Wind Of a Happy Country
Svetlana Rakhimova
Like a wind of a happy country, Flying moans of the lovers are Like spikes in the heavy ripe grain, Bowing heads of the unbending are. An Arab is...Rate it

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Like Leaves in Autumn Wind
Some days, alas, feel like they'll never end. Some nights seem like the dawn will never show. It feels that time's a foe and night a friend; but th...Rate it

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Lines Written During A Gale Of Wind.
Susanna Moodie
Oh nature! though the blast is yelling, Loud roaring through the bending tree, There's sorrow in man's darksome dwelling, There's rapture still wit...Rate it

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Listen To The Wind
Yvonne Sensing
This stream I am sitting next to, listening to it trickle, and not have to explain where I was today, but I have to, or he'll be mean Seeming trapp...Rate it

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Loud Without the Wind Was Roaring
Emily Jane Brontë
Loud without the wind was roaring Through th' autumnal sky; Drenching wet, the cold rain pouring, Spoke of winter nigh. All too like that d...Rate it

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Love And The Wind
Madison Julius Cawein
All were in league to capture Love The rock, the stream, the tree; The very Month was leader of The whole conspiracy. It led Love where wild water...Rate it

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Love is like a wind and life is too short for living
Ravi Kant
When it breeze It brings along pleasant odors of the meadow When it blows It takes away everything along No one know when it shows it's might Shal...Rate it

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