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The Wind(Four fragments concerning Blok)
Boris Pasternak
Who’ll be honoured and praised, who’ll be dead, and abused, that’s only known these days to power’s sycophantic crew. To honour Pushkin or not: pe...Rate it

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The Wind, Shafts and Grains (Haiku)
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi
The wind blows Sieves shafts from the grains The wise makes a choice By: Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi (C) September, 2013.Rate it

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The Wind-Child
Enid Derham
MY FOLK’S the wind-folk, it’s there I belong, I tread the earth below them, and the earth does me wrong, Before my spirit knew itself, before this ...Rate it

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The Wind-Flower
Jones Very
Thou lookest up with meek confiding eye Upon the clouded smile of April's face, Unharmed though Winter stands uncertain by Eyeing with jealous glan...Rate it

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The Wind-Struck Music
Robinson Jeffers
Ed Stiles and old Tom Birnam went up to their cattle on the bare hills Above Mai Paso; they'd ridden under the stars' white death, when they reache...Rate it

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The Wind.
Theodore Harding Rand
The lithe wind races and sings Over the grasses and wheat - See the emerald floor as it springs To the touch of invisible feet! Ah, later, the ...Rate it

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The Wind’s Tidings In August 1870
Augusta Davies Webster
'OH voice of summer winds among the trees, What soft news art thou bringing to us here? Dost thou come whispering of hushed scenes like these, Lang...Rate it

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There came a Wind like a Bugle
Emily Dickinson
There cam a Wind like a Bugle - It quivered through the Grass And a Green Chill upon the Heat So ominous did pass We barred the Windows and the Doo...Rate it

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There is a kingdom in the wind with no king
Shane Tasus
The mightiest oaks do not grow strong. They give into the wind, like the smallest blade of grass. The shattering, and violent pruning of its ess...Rate it

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Till The Wind Gets Right
Paul Laurence Dunbar
OH the breeze is blowin' balmy And the sun is in a haze; There's a cloud jest givin' coolness, To the laziest of days. There are crowds upon the la...Rate it

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To Harness The Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
I rode the emotion like a horse until the shoes fell off one by one Leaving me silent and alone A horseless prophet on the raging sands —desper...Rate it

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To The Autumn Wind
Alfred Austin
O envious Autumn wind, to blow From covert vale and woodland crest The mellow leaves, just as they glow Brightest and loveliest; To strip the maple...Rate it

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To The Lady Wind, And Her Guests
Rianna Mayer
While gently the wind blows, And all through the courtyard The many handsome guests bow, All dressed in gay Autumn colours, To pay the gentle lady,...Rate it

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To The Thawing Wind
Robert Frost
Come with rain. O loud Southwester! Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream; make the settled snowbank steam; Find the b...Rate it

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To the Western Wind
Robert Herrick
SWEET western wind, whose luck it is, Made rival with the air, To give Perenna's lip a kiss, And fan her wanton hair: Bring me but one, ...Rate it

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To The Wind, At Midnight
Henry Kirke White
Not unfamiliar to mine ear, Blasts of the night! ye howl as now My shuddering casement loud With fitful force ye beat. Mine ear has dwelt in silen...Rate it

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Toss Your Cautions To The Wind
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Toss your cautions to the wind. Find your love perchance. Let your spirit soar once more. Find your true romance. Toss your cautions to the wind. F...Rate it

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Touching the lovely wind
Jawahar Gupta
TOUCHING THE LOVELY WIND ========================== Good and bad are the universal sweet twain Graceful accepts disgrace being calm remain But why ...Rate it

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Twist Me A Crown Of Wind-Flowers
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Twist me a crown of wind-flowers; That I may fly away To hear the singers at their song, And players at their play. Put on your crown of wind-f...Rate it

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West Wind - haiku
Sumit Datta
O wild west wind, Has thou vanquished with Shelley's sedated soul?Rate it

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West Wind, The
William Cullen Bryant
Beneath the forest's skirts I rest, Whose branching pines rise dark and high, And hear the breezes of the West Among the threaded foliage sigh. Sw...Rate it

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Westron Wind, When Wilt Thou Blow?
Anonymous Americas
Westron wind, when wilt thou blow That small rain down can rain? Christ, that my love were in my arms, And I in my bed again! Rate it

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What Needeth These Threnning Words and Wasted Wind?
David McKee Wright
What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind? All this cannot make me restore my prey. To rob your good, iwis, is not my mind, Nor causeless ...Rate it

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What The Wind Said
James Whitcomb Riley
'I muse to-day, in a listless way, In the gleam of a summer land; I close my eyes as a lover may At the touch of his sweetheart's hand, And I hear ...Rate it

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When a wind blows
When a wind blows I won't someone to beside me On a seaside walk those force's on a wall And that's breezes,, When a wind blows I won't someone to ...Rate it

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