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Boris Pasternak
I am no more but you live on, And the wind, whining and complaining, Is shaking house and forest, straining Not single fir trees one by one But the...Rate it

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Kristie Elizabeth Elliott
I suppose you think of raindrops, When I shed tears upon your shoulder Or drip, drip upon the floor after A shower of washing away the sin. I imagi...Rate it

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Jeannine kahzarian
wind blows around quietly just the rustle.Rate it

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Amy Lowell
He shouts in the sails of the ships at sea, He steals the down from the honeybee, He makes the forest trees rustle and sing, He twirls my kite till...Rate it

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
Oh the wold, the wold, Oh the wold, the wold! Oh the winter stark, Oh the level dark, On the wold, the wold, the wold! Oh the wold, the wold, Oh t...Rate it

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Listen to the Wind
Sonia Walker
Listen to the wind when its hush transforms into twirls of laughter, dancing with the ghostly gods till the break of dawn, suddenly, pushed aside ...Rate it

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The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky
Vachel Lindsay
The Moon's the North Wind's cooky. He bites it, day by day, Until there's but a rim of scraps That crumble all away. The South Wind is a baker. He...Rate it

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Wedding Wind
Philip Larkin
The wind blew all my wedding-day, And my wedding-night was the night of the high wind; And a stable door was banging, again and again, That he must...Rate it

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Saša Milivojev
Thunder rumbles The poles melting Waves crashing Towns sinking I prayed to heaven The wind has extinguished you I will go barefoot on ice Freeze my...Rate it

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The Wind
Robert Louis Stevenson
I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sky; And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies' skirts across the grass-- O wi...Rate it

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Wind O' The Autumn
William Henry Ogilvie
I love you, wind o' the Autumn, that came from I know not where, To lead me out of the toiling world to a ballroom fresh and fair, Where the poplar...Rate it

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Wind on the Hill
Alan Alexander Milne
No one can tell me, Nobody knows, Where the wind comes from, Where the wind goes. It's flying from somewhere As fast as it can, I couldn't keep up...Rate it

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Cassie Laguerre
Today, the wind rules the sky And everything below it It tugs at the hair of pedestrians And watches them struggle to gain back control To insert...Rate it

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Caprice of the wind
Hem Raj Bastola
Kindle a lamp, Looking for the: Immortal flavour of, A wavering flame; To indulge. An alcove, In a wall special. Secret chamber! Faint light : ...Rate it

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O Wind, Where Have You Been
Christina Georgina Rossetti
O wind, where have you been, That you blow so sweet? Among the violets Which blossom at your feet. The honeysuckle waits For Summer and for he...Rate it

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The Wind That Left My Eye
Sage Wrobel
I fell in love with the most amazing guy I was dumb enough to tell him goodbye He made me smile Even though my clothes were out of style He made m...Rate it

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The Wind, One Brilliant Day
Antonio Machado
The wind, one brilliant day, called to my soul with an odor of jasmine. 'In return for the odor of my jasmine, I'd like all the odor of your roses...Rate it

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There Is a Solemn Wind Tonight
Katherine Mansfield
There is a solemn wind to-night That sings of solemn rain; The trees that have been quiet so long Flutter and start again. The slender trees, the ...Rate it

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To A Child Dancing In The Wind
William Butler Yeats
DANCE there upon the shore; What need have you to care For wind or water's roar? And tumble out your hair That the salt drops have wet; Being young...Rate it

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The Wind
James Stephens
The wind stood up and gave a shout. He whistled on his fingers and Kicked the withered leaves about And thumped the branches with his hand And ...Rate it

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The Wind's Royalty
William Wilfred Campbell
This summer day is all one palace rare, Builded by architects of life unseen, In elfin hours the sun and moon between, Up out of quarries of the se...Rate it

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Wind And Window Flower
Robert Frost
Lovers, forget your love, And list to the love of these, She a window flower, And he a winter breeze. When the frosty window veil Was melted d...Rate it

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The night wind
Eugene Field
Have you ever heard the wind go "Yooooo"? 'T is a pitiful sound to hear! It seems to chill you through and through With a strange and speechless fe...Rate it

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"Blowin' In the Wind" ( Poem No. 506)
Ging Alburo D.
Haiku 5-7-5 "Blowin' In the Wind" Is written in Haiku form Lovely song to sing. By Ms. Ging 02-24-13Rate it

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"in Kaylas rehearsal dance of the tree in the wind"
Steven Louis Chapman
I read uneasy to befriend, undo with the love into bland, undo to reach the riches in you, undo under which I believe to do, all the riches of the ...Rate it

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