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"Blowin' In the Wind" ( Poem No. 506)
Ging Alburo D.
Haiku 5-7-5 "Blowin' In the Wind" Is written in Haiku form Lovely song to sing. By Ms. Ging 02-24-13Rate it

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"in Kaylas rehearsal dance of the tree in the wind"
Steven Louis Chapman
I read uneasy to befriend, undo with the love into bland, undo to reach the riches in you, undo under which I believe to do, all the riches of the ...Rate it

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'The whirl wind'
George Ewulum
The Rustling Leaves and dirt fly The young and old both seek cover Swift particles of fire wood hover No one has a place to rely The dogs bray wit...Rate it

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A Bottled Wind
Ian Sawicki
There is a sketch of the sea that floats by a cool dream's delicious composition, it captures sighs which swirl within the eye, and delivers an imm...Rate it

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A Cold Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
In fear of your abandon, afraid of letting go Alone and feeling stranded, bereft—no kindness shown (Dreamsleep: November, 2020)Rate it

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A Gentle Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
Never shout into the void —when you can whisper to the heart (Richmond Virginia: April, 2019)Rate it

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A Prayer To The Wind
Thomas Carew
Go thou gentle whispering wind, Bear this sigh; and if thou find Where my cruel fair doth rest, Cast it in her snowy breast, So, enflam'd by my des...Rate it

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A Song In The Wind
Kiki Stamatiou
Just as we walk through The sands of time, Children of the moon Dance in the milky sky. They tap their feet Against the angry wind, And a hush come...Rate it

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A South Wind—has a pathos
Emily Dickinson
A South Wind—has a pathos Of individual Voice— As One detect on Landings An Emigrant's address. A Hint of Ports and Peoples— And much not understo...Rate it

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A Tree Tilts Crooked In The Wind
David Raymond Payne
a tree tilts crooked in the wind and a robin chirps cheerfully bliss. how many have come before I to sit and wonder this? a universe immensely gra...Rate it

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A Voice On The Wind
Madison Julius Cawein
I She walks with the wind on the windy height When the rocks are loud and the waves are white, And all night long she calls through the night, 'O ...Rate it

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Adrift In the Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
There is too much ancestry coursing my soul to do me any real good To live in a cave on a deserted island my destiny best understood Success...Rate it

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Against The Wind
Kurt Philip Behm
Embracing indecision, abandonment confronts you My branches sharp and pointed, my roots all buried deep I pity your reluctance, as the forest cas...Rate it

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Against the Wind
Jim Richardson
I have walked against the wind From the time I was a child Forward steps were hard to take The wind was never mild The wind blew hard against my ...Rate it

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Against Wind
Farag Afify (Ben Azouz}
Make it easy. Do it simple Just pray for God to bless Love colleagues & friends Surely gain a higher success Do it now, don't delay it Do it a...Rate it

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Alone in the Wind, on the Prairie
Vachel Lindsay
I know a seraph who has golden eyes, And hair of gold, and body like the snow. Here in the wind I dream her unbound hair Is blowing round me, that ...Rate it

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Another One Bites The Dust In The Wind Beneath My Wings
John Jessup Kennan
Jodie grins through a missing tooth Her friends say it's a badass look Leaves your heart a puddle at her feet A fortune laid to waste, forsook The ...Rate it

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Another's Wind To Blow
Kurt Philip Behm
Walking around a Mythical town That doesn’t exist, And looking for what I would never find, I trod those same streets That I had been down In my ...Rate it

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Another's Wind To Blow
Kurt Philip Behm
Walking around a Mythical town That doesn’t exist Looking for what I would never find I trod those same streets That I had been down In my dreams...Rate it

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Apathetic wind
Hakikur Rahman
Floating in the air, the windy breeze All the tears and smiles were gone. Like the mist Floating my memories The torn wire of the harp Speech of c...Rate it

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Artist Of The Wind
A breeze blew through The ocean waves moved A chant was heard in the wind Grasping for thoughts To encompass ones brain A rain dance is born A cor...Rate it

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As The Wind Blew
Nikhil Parekh
Granules of silver sands drifted into my eye; tormenting them to the threshold of irritation, Wild draughts of wind blew across my face; almost an...Rate it

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as the wind blows
Joe fritz
As the wind blows As the wind blows through a valley of dandelions It creates a flow much like the ocean, Waves crashing upon one another I...Rate it

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Between The Wind And Rain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
'The storm is in the air,' she said, and held Her soft palm to the breeze; and looking up, Swift sunbeams brush'd the crystal of her eyes, As swall...Rate it

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Beyond wind and water
Jawahar Gupta
BEYOND WIND AND WATER ======================= And the pilot's wife wanted Change in Altitude Looking for the second wind Containing a different bea...Rate it

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