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When the wind blows
philip lacey
Not one word was spoken as we stood face to face Two hearts have been broken a friendship laid to waste At one time we were lovers sharing our hop...Rate it

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When The Wind Blows
Cassandra R Jordan
When the wind blows, It ruffles the trees Whistles as it flows, Effortlessly through the leaves. When the wind blows, Kites soar high, Infants' fac...Rate it

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When The Wind Storms By With A Shout
William Ernest Henley
When the wind storms by with a shout, and the stern sea-caves Rejoice in the tramp and the roar of onsetting waves, Then, then, it comes home to th...Rate it

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When Will the Wind Blow Strong?
Flowers die From no cool breeze. The hot sun, Too hot to handle, Beats us down. We melt into concrete cracks As we say "When Will the Wind Blow Str...Rate it

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When You Catch The Wind
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi
-when you catch the wind -the feelings keep roaming around -you like a helpless ghost bound -while shooting -the mindless guns -at the roaring furr...Rate it

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Wherever the Wind Shall Wander
Karen L. Ruskoski
Wherever the wind shall wander the great conductor of the skies all nature stands at attention only to bow as it passes by What beauty to behold...Rate it

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Whispering Wind
Patrick Read
Whispering Wind.. by Patrick Daniel Read on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 7:07pm · PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCusto...Rate it

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Whispers In The Wind
Bobby Ferguson
I hear your whispers in the wind pray see you in my dreams Thoughts they seem to comfort me does love mean what it seems. A tragedy may occur to m...Rate it

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whispers of the wind
Jennifer Ann
As the winds whisper poetry to the stars footprints are left upon the earthRate it

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Who Has Seen the Wind?
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you. But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I...Rate it

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Who Has Seen the Wind?
Christina Rossetti
Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you. But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I...Rate it

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Why Moan, Why Wail You, Wind Of Night
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
Why moan, why wail you, wind of night, With such despair, such frenzied madness? Why is your voice now full of might, Now piteous and tinged with s...Rate it

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Wind And Bell
John Jessup Kennan
I was twelve years old When the fall came down Whispered through hollow An' leaves got up an' danced A solitary church chime sound A lonely harmon...Rate it

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Wind Dancer
Sara Marie Griffin
Sitting in the grass Studying away Waiting for the wind to speed up On that warm summer day Dancing slowly and soft Then quicker with the winds spe...Rate it

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Wind in the Beechwood
Siegfried Sassoon
The glorying forest shakes and swings with glancing Of boughs that dip and strain; young, slanting sprays Beckon and shift like lissom creatures ...Rate it

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Wind in Your Wings
Kaushik Ghosh
You’ve got fire in your wings but you ain’t a mere firefly, I see a phoenix in you, scaling hostile sky. With souvenirs in backpack – of bruises an...Rate it

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Wind Is Song
Velimir Khlebnikov
Wind is song Of whom and of what? Of the sword's longing To be the word. People cherish the day of death Like a favorite daisy. Believe that the st...Rate it

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Wind of Destiny (Part IV)
Luke A, Fink
I am frail Young and blue Light unto nothing My world all a lie The demons Made me cry I hurt like Nothing before Shattered like glass Upon the flo...Rate it

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Wind On The Lyre
George Meredith
That was the chirp of Ariel You heard, as overhead it flew, The farther going more to dwell, And wing our green to wed our blue; But whether note o...Rate it

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Wind Rising in The Alleys
Lola Ridge
Wind rising in the alleys My spirit lifts in you like a banner streaming free of hot walls. You are full of unspent dreams…. You are laden wi...Rate it

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Wind Swept Hill
Donald Loudon
Life goes on and on, In seasons gone and gone and gone; The freedom that we had today, Is swept and blown and spread away, To make for us a lofty p...Rate it

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Wind Up Your Body
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Coffee winds up your body Caffeines give energy Drink up and see Action winds up your body Workouts give energy Keep fit and see Travel winds up ...Rate it

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Wind whisper
Darleen Wilson
As I walk out my front door, I feel the breeze. Caressing the falling leaves. Floating to the ground, Sprialing round and round. I Lay apon the au...Rate it

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With every gust of wind
Matsuo Basho
With every gust of wind, the butterfly changes its place on the willow. Rate it

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With The Wind
Madison Julius Cawein
'Twas when the wind was blowing from the billow-breaking sea, The grey and stormy sea, I heard her calling me, And in the woods and on the ways whe...Rate it

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