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I enjoy writing poetry when a fun idea occurs to me. I struggle to stick to the rules of the various styles, but I tend to enjoy the ones that rhyme. My favorites have long been Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and John Masefield's "Sea Fever", and Robert Service’s “Cremation of Sam McGee”. However, lately, I’ve read several that I’ve been quite impressed with!

  April 2023     7 days ago

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Artist Unknown

Such masterpiece images so often I see,
But locked in my head; no one sees them but me.
So many the memorable, fun anecdote!
Too bad these aren’t stories I actually wrote.

Can my unique, new vision somehow be drawn out?
The artist inside me...

by Laurel M. Lee

added 1 year ago
Dear Mom

You’ve been out long and wandered far.
Now there’s no where left to roam.
The ones you miss are calling you.
It’s time to hurry home.

Now, I ask, do you feel ready, Mom?
Made peace with self and God?
You said that once you’d hurt someone;

by Laurel M. Lee

added 6 months ago
A Poet’s Ponderance

How to clip the inclination
To share my every scribble,
While they sit in trepidation,
Listening to my dribble?

How to trip up my temptation
To gush to them with gusto?
While they wait with toleration,
(Not commenting very much though.)

by Laurel M. Lee

added 10 months ago
Comebacks Come Too Late

Comebacks come too late sometimes,
Like when I’m in the shower.
Pinging in my head like chimes,
Though raining down, they’ve lost their power.

For in the moment when I needed
This queue of comebacks, they receded.
So, I relive them- each...

by Laurel Lee

added 10 months ago
Considering Conciseness

Could I convey this tale to you
But manage saying less?
Would you absorb its full context,
Or hear laconic mess?
This fear of mine,
Though asinine,
Breeds my tedious address.

If I could share brief thoughts with you
Without causing you...

by Laurel M. Lee

added 11 months ago

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This is just…just, (don’t like to reuse the word, but again,) lovely. It makes the reader just sigh. It’s so sweet. Even its bittersweet undertones are forgiven by the resigned, yet peaceful delivery of the precious sentiments expressed. Yes, I too, have had thoughts like this on several occasions! Very nice, as usual. 

9 days ago

Lovely. As always. Dick Van Dyke? Really? No way.

9 days ago

Thank you! (Again!) I’m so glad you are liking some of my own personal favorites. Some of mine are pretty generic.

9 days ago

Isn’t that the truth? We’ll done!

6 months ago

Thanks, Janet! So glad I’m not the only one! Sad but true, isn’t it?

9 months ago

Yeah, but it happens to a lot of us regardless. I must have been stewing on something myself, because I can’t even remember what I was doing when the idea for this poem occurred to me!

9 months ago

Thanks! I think a lot of us are inspired in the shower, the car, or our beds right before falling asleep, with much of our best stuff, right?

9 months ago


9 months ago

Thanks. I did too. Didn’t generate a lot of interest, but I had to try it. How could I not, right? And I also liked the way it turned out. I tried to follow Poe’s poem as much as possible, while still staying true to our own story. Annabel didn’t care for it though- thought it was too negative. She’s my “Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary”!  

9 months ago

Hi Josephine! I had pinned your poem this month, because it so intrigued me. The words are as simple as can be, but I felt another underlying meaning. You said it was about scars, but I wonder if the idea was physical or emotional.

I thought of people picking at others who’ve made mistakes, thus never letting them learn and move on- scarring them by forever altering their self-esteem.

My husband read it as picking at yourself - reliving your own mistakes over and over till your psyche is too scarred to ever try again for fear of losing.

Even if you had no intended underlying meaning, your verbiage was successful enough to spark further thought. Loved it- well done!

9 months ago

Wow- that’s an interesting take! I didn’t read it that way at all, since it’s set in a graveyard. But, that’s such an intriguing thought. Now, I’d like to see how it could be subtly altered to incorporate this concept. Very creative thinking there! 

9 months ago

This is a fantastic poem! I love the intrigue, the story, the way the detail colors the scene and sets the mood, the way the author changes the verbiage enough to change the mood again when going from character to character, and the way the word selection seems so natural. On top of this fun story with the perfect and beautiful way it’s told, it has all I could want in a poem- an easy rhythm and well-done rhymes! I’ll be disappointed if this one isn’t our first place winner for July. Wish I could write like this! Loved it! 

9 months ago

Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

10 months ago

Thank you so much! I will absolutely go back and read that one. I only got through 96 of them this time. My mom passed yesterday evening and I’d been spending a lot of time with her. I just ran out of time. Can’t wait to read it! And thanks again! 

10 months ago

Wow! Thanks for all this praise! I liked it too, but was like of bummed about getting only one vote. I’m so thrilled you liked it! Thanks for this!!

10 months ago


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