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I like to write poetry, as also am recovering from a decade of schizophrenia. I am intent on writing more Shakespearean sonnets, but I have a few works that are not confined to that meter.

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I Heard It On the Wing

Upon the cusp of daybreak I awoke
My heart leaped for my darling damsel fair
A joyous trump which angels did invoke
Rang out the news as by a gentle prayer

My love for her didst also satisfy
To soothe the aching of forlorn romance
And by her...

by Benjamin Brantley

added 4 days ago
Sonnet IX

My love and I sang madrigals for fun
As we exchanged our hearts, one evening’s tryst.
She masqueraded as a coyish one
And bade me steal no kisses from her lips.

Her hidden beauty kept behind a veil
Did only serve to stir up passion’s plea

by Benjamin Brantley

added 20 days ago
A Husband to His Loving Wife

I hadst hope that we two wouldest unite
Wherefore, I sent thee roses in the spring
In summer, I sang songs by firelight
And mused upon our love, whilst still doting.

Within the autumn, signs of ecstasy
Began to yield to wintry hermitage

by Benjamin Brantley

added 1 month ago
Sonnet VIII

To love the lady for whom my heart longs
Is easier to do than to have her.
Love does endure through the rights and the wrongs
And makes brighter the prospect, as it were.

‘Twas easy when juvenile days were here,
When love was so innocently...

by Benjamin Brantley

added 2 months ago
The Bedouin’s Many Wives

I kissed my sweetheart by the caravan
The camels all did wink their roving eyes
Out on the dunes of the hot desert sands
We both confessed our hopes for Paradise.

Another came presenting spice and dates
And yet another, with gold from the...

by Benjamin Brantley

added 3 months ago

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Gosh, sir. I suppose you have a golden heart as well. Be blessed.

20 days ago

thanks bro. I have been practicing them for a while, and they get easier with time and experience, though, I'm still nowhere near Shakespeare's 154 quota!

2 months ago


3 months ago

Cheers! Keep going my lady. You have gotten off to a great start.

3 months ago

I'm sorry I didn't give you the kind of thing you may have desired Sir Logie. I made an attempt to analyze the heart of your poem rather than the aesthetic content. We all know you can write proficiently, and I suspect you are aware of this also...but I'm interested more in what your work is actually saying on a deeper level. The protagonist in your story is subject to disillusionment because her imagination was getting the best of her, as she wasted her dedication on a man who didn't care to understand her feelings. Yet, that doesn't mean we should cast the baby out with the bathwater. In essence, the dedication may have been wasted on unsuspecting stranger, but the core of the book has profound implications. I know the feeling because I have also dedicated writings to women whom I held in high esteem, only to find that they too were less than enthusiastic about the prospect of the sentiment. 

3 months ago

Thanks for voting high on my poem. I have yet to write something as prolific as I would, but I suppose little victories along the way make a lot of achievement in the end. I just hope that you've enjoyed it. 

3 months ago

At least STANDS4 sends a copy of your poem to your email when you post it. In that way, just in case anything happens to the network, we have our poems backed up.

4 months ago

I'd really like to get some feedback for this piece.

4 months ago

i don't like this poem at all because it is difficult to understand. what on earth was he really talking about?

4 months ago

thanks. I felt it was necessary for me to write to someone without whom my love is unrequited. I had desired to capture more melancholy but God won't let me get too bent out of shape or sorrowful about not being with this person. 

4 months ago

i believe the phrase, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it...applies for sovereign part. of course, i can see the seriousness in your tone, and i think this expression of concern is definitely worth the medal that you have earned by it.

5 months ago

Here I was thinking I was going to be reading some cheeky backwater tell-tale about a spell or a curse or something, but no! you completely rocked the house with this piece of art. The only thing is...well, the broomstick line kind of throws me for a loop. How could she not have been mistaken for a witch if she were gliding around on a broomstick by night? good try though... 

5 months ago

perhaps, the connotation of one's unofficial love story is not the epitome of one's love-life. romantic fantasy is relegated as inferior to true fulfillment, as it is subject to be known as fallacy, rather than reality. I wonder by what mysterious underlying cause we begin to visualize others as superior by affectionate terms, and even place them on a pedestal of which they are likely not deserving. Perhaps it is an example of placing the cart before the horse, like we give them the gold medal and shower them with accolades without them even having even competed. We begin to try to live our love-lives based on what we believe we perceive about them, whether that is just a figment of our imagination, rather than what is factual. Why are the two things so hard to differentiate from one another? 

5 months ago

this is of a different parent company than the former, although they share similar names. as a general rule of thumb, you could search the archives for your former work, however, although i wish you luck in that endeavor, I'd say the odds are pretty slim that you will find anything 

5 months ago

This nuance seems a touch different than your usual style. Forgive me if I'm making a pale comparison. I think it is nicely worded.

5 months ago


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