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I've been writing for over 25 years. Rah.

  January 2022     16 hours ago

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I Shall Not Be Small (5 syllable meter)

When he was a boy,
Life was dramatic --
He learned to be small
Safe in the attic.

Invisible child,
As slight as his word,
Made to be silent,
A shadow unheard.

Talk was restricted,
Speaking forbidden --
He dared not a peep,

by Steven Dupere

added 1 month ago

Redemption comes and goes for the broken,
A life we lived of wounds unspoken.
We’ve spilled our blood for another man’s glory.
Now we live to tell our story.

In the end what was it for?
We gave ourselves for another man’s war.
The walls we...

by Steve Dupere

added 1 year ago
Mortally Wounded: A Soldier's Tale

Imagine the glory of a love so mighty as
to inspire the hopeless to suffer the agony
of one more breath.

Mortally Wounded; A Soldier's Tale

He is bloody, fading and shattered,
Disabled, alone by himself --
His body's...

by Steven Dupere

added 4 months ago
PTSD - The Soldier and the Bottle

Sands of time have brought us down
For blood we’ve spilled upon the ground
Promises were given and lies were told
Was the bill of goods that we were sold

They pin their medals and offer us pride
But the ones who lived are the ones who...

by Steven Dupere

added 1 year ago
War Torn

There’s a sprawling field rife with crosses
Peppered black with fading names
In memory of those who paid the price
Of war's barbaric games

In an overrun creek desolate and dry
Neath a sea of blood-red sheen
Is an outskirt of a wind-blown...

by Steven Dupere

added 6 months ago

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How ya gonna get repsect if'n ain't respect? How ya gonna forgive if'n ya ain't forgive? I say this as a generality as it pertains to everyone and not just you and I. I SO need to heed my own advice. LoL 

23 hours ago

Anything you glean from my words has been provided by way of yours. Turns out wisdom is pretty circular in nature, eh? Group hug. ;-)

23 hours ago

Wisdom is simply a culmination of ourselves and our mistakes. Wisdom isn't about knowing. Wisdom is about doing. I'm as wise as the regrets I harbor and how I've opted to correct the course of my vessel through turbulent seas. Truth be told - every one of us is wisdom in the making. Each of us has simply progressed to whatever degree of honesty and courage we afford ourselves when we look into the mirror. We can never be more real outside ourselves than we afford ourselves inside. Be the ball. 

1 day ago

I actually liked this piece and thought/hoped it would do better in the contest, but alas it was not to be. It probably offends religious folks, but that's not why I wrote it. They are entitled to their beliefs and I've no judgement toward them at all. I respect everyone's beliefs so long as no one gets hurt. 

1 day ago

To take it a step further - imagine that your writing, your thoughts, your mistakes, your pain, your journey, etc have the power to heal others as well. We walk around wondering what our purpose is when, all the while, our very lives stand before us screaming "I AM THE PURPOSE!!!" Never underestimate the value of your life, Deb. Every step forward and backward is a lesson for everyone who's stammered through this life broken. Just these exchanges alone are helping to heal broken bits of me as we speak. This is purpose right here. 

1 day ago

We just have to learn not to expect upon others lest we land dead center in the middle of disappointment. We also have to learn that if we cast expectations onto others, that we, as fallible humans, cannot even live up to our own expectations. We have to be as flexible for others as we allow ourselves...a lesson I am forever failing, but still learning from. 

1 day ago

You are worthy, Deb. We tend to berate ourselves and beat the hell out of ourselves for being exactly what God creates us as. God knows everything in advance and so knew full well what he was creating us as and for. To think that we aren't worthy is to tell God he got us wrong. Think about how ludicrous that is. I do it WAY too often. I am forever beating myself up. We're worthy because God said so - end of story. I can't wait to feel that degree of love. Mom and Dad and others I love are there now. It will be grand. 

1 day ago

Wow! Really??? You died? Yikes! Well, I'm glad you're back and okay. There are lessons to be learned both here and there, I suppose.

1 day ago

We're all the chosen ones. God created all of us and God doesn't create junk. I don't like religion, but I love God. I wrote a poem about it this last contest. I wanted to put the message out about how I feel about it. It's entitled - God is not religion. Check it out if you get bored. 

1 day ago

Hey, at least your neighbors only heard laughter. Imagine what hellish groans and grunts my neighbors heard as I was reading this. "Honey, he's at it again!"

1 day ago

Imagine that we're blessed with an outlet like this, Deb. What I'd be without writing and poetry I can't say. What I can say is that poetry is so damn medicinal that it keeps me humble, rounded and grounded in who I was, who I am and who I aspire to be. It also reminds me of who I wasn't, who I'm not and who I refuse to be based on the aforementioned. 

1 day ago

Oh, I believe you. I'm just being honest from my own personal perspective. Everyone likes what they like and we are all entitled to it. I judge no one for their own tastes. I am, if anything, my own worst critic. I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's all that matters to me. 

1 day ago

I find this piece to be adequate for the bottom line which are the duckie$$$. It suffices even though it's only average for my taste. If it gets me in the "Dollar" column, I'm all about it. ;-) 

1 day ago

There's the poet. So, it's Deborah? Sweet. Now we have a name for the beautiful face, I say respectfully. Philly is a TOUGH town, girlfriend, but I've no fear because I see inside who you really are. You're one not to be messed with who, if treated like the woman she knows she is, would give her life for those she trusts and loves. What a great piece of writing this was, Deb. I do NOT miss the days of cocaine, speed, alcohol and being a rough boy. Oh no not I. Give me peace and sobriety ;-) 

1 day ago

From the Near Death Experience videos I've been watching as of late it seems that God doesn't judge us like religion leads us to believe but rather loves us unconditionally. We do have to recall our lives but are not judged according to most who have passed and come back. I left religion years ago but have always known God is real. I believe that in my heart, soul and being - God IS real. I love this piece. 

1 day ago


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