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Self published poet. 38 titles, 13 in ebook format. Political science and satire Consistent with his identity as a “warrior,” Rick does not simply rail against generalities. From top social media and tech companies (and their CEOs), to orange-haired Presidents of the United States, to politicians from his native Canada, and even to his homeland’s most famous coffee and donuts purveyor, he names names. Yet, as a “poet warrior,” he wields words—albeit razor-sharp as sword. His vocabulary is sometimes salty, and always colorful. The copyright page of each volume finishes with the kindly greeting, “Peace be with you.” Perhaps an unlikely greeting for a warrior—though RickthePoetWarrior is after all a poet, a thus an ultimately peaceful warrior. (And lest one be tempted to classify him as simply a wild-eyed political radical, recall his other works, including his collection of poems about flatulence). “Despite my sarcastic and cynical attitude, I love people, and that is my motivation for writing, “ says the poet. “That, and the thought that I might actually make them think about something besides themselves.” RickthePoetWarrior doesn’t reserve all his barbs for the soft bellies of others—he’s prone to frequently turn the sword inward with self-deprecating humor. Of his audience he says, “they should be able to laugh at themselves, because that’s who I’m making fun of most of the time—us.”

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Without Refrain

Without Refrain

Past due Ukraine
Vlad called campaign
Rush in red reign
Put in scorched plain

Wiled West's refrain
Seizure arraign
V-lad bombs a gain
Refuse remain

Dictatorial disdain
Endgame ego stain
Hereafter ingrain
Rush in...

by RickthePoetWarrior

added by RickthePoetWarrior
3 months ago

Oh Romano, Romano, Wherefore Art Thou Romano

Asiago midst crumbled ruins;

Whence eyed that ancient Emmental:

Castle Roquefort; Nay Neufchatel,

Nor Colby Cottage thatched:

But aged Brick, Marbled amber,

Cloaked in veined Gorgonzola;

Nigh whose mould Blue walls,

Nay flower...

by RickthePoetWarrior

added by RickthePoetWarrior
6 months ago

Personality: Complex

Gone be “Cheers ol' bloke”
Yuppies yield broke yolk
Redneck ruffled yoke
Right lee named revoke

Become, a more, a Woke
My natural nature revoke
Cultural bee in evoke
Why whole of me is poke

What a joke
Limp oak

by RickthePoetWarrior

added by RickthePoetWarrior
6 months ago

Unexpressed Feelings Of

Ancient Alien Theorists
Re-solved puzzle mysterious
Being found in Bible
Out-theres cloaked
Intent's revival
Why even now – spacecraft fly
On us Humans – ET espy
For lucky some
A star exhilarance
Raysed to feel
An 'Us'...

by RickthePoetWarrior

added by RickthePoetWarrior
6 months ago

Stark Bucks

Cappuccino curl
Capricious swirl
What does it mean
This coffee being
Especially prepared for you
Specific status symbol brew
Each curl performs cotillion dances
While you awaiting envy prances
Elitist-class you mimic so
Care not a drop how...

by RickthePoetWarrior

added by RickthePoetWarrior
6 months ago

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When I add a poem the picture and part of information that is auto-filled by the system is not the same as display on author profile. How do I correct

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