List of poems by Kumar Kamal 233 total

Maan(Mind) 4 ViewsRate it
Rain 3 ViewsRate it
Sitting Alone 3 ViewsRate it
100582 2 ViewsRate it
21 Winter/21 Spring 2 ViewsRate it
Alas! I won`t be there!!!!! 2 ViewsRate it
Alive She Cried 2 ViewsRate it
Arti Have You Ever Seen The Tears 2 ViewsRate it
Imagine 2 ViewsRate it
Katie 2 ViewsRate it
Love You 2 ViewsRate it
Sa Re Ga Ma 2 ViewsRate it
A Big Yellow Tree Glee In Green 1 ViewRate it
Alak 1 ViewRate it
Alaknanda`S Tears 1 ViewRate it
Birds And Bees 1 ViewRate it
Danger Zone 1 ViewRate it
Don`T Go Skating On The Thin Sheet Of Ice 1 ViewRate it
Eyes Wide Shut 1 ViewRate it
Humpty Dumpty 1 ViewRate it
I Don`T Know Why Your Big,Black Eyes 1 ViewRate it
Little Miss Muffet 1 ViewRate it
Love Fanatic 1 ViewRate it
Love,Love,Love 1 ViewRate it
May Be I Will Go 1 ViewRate it
Pain of Parsippany 1 ViewRate it
Rain,Rain,Rain,Rain 1 ViewRate it
Set Me Free 1 ViewRate it
Stigma/Stigmata 1 ViewRate it
Sylvan Spring 1 ViewRate it
Time 1 ViewRate it
100504 0 ViewsRate it
189 Littleton Road,Apt Upstairs,Numbers Conceived 0 ViewsRate it
2784 0 ViewsRate it
4 Am Poem 0 ViewsRate it
A Madrigal 0 ViewsRate it
A Street Car Named Desire 0 ViewsRate it
Aarti 0 ViewsRate it
Adharay,Adharay Andhoker 0 ViewsRate it
Alaknanda 0 ViewsRate it
Alaknanda Night 0 ViewsRate it
Alaknanda Patel Arti(Apa) 0 ViewsRate it
Alaknanda Stream 0 ViewsRate it
Another Day Is Gone 0 ViewsRate it
Apa Clash In The Flesh 0 ViewsRate it
April Shower 0 ViewsRate it
Arti 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Aeykhon Aweneck Rath 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Cries Love Cries 0 ViewsRate it
Arti cries moonlit night! 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Din Rath 0 ViewsRate it
Arti It`S Rain 0 ViewsRate it
Arti I`Ve Seen You All 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Patel 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Says--I Am Insane!!!!!!!!! 0 ViewsRate it
Arti Screams Inch By Inch 0 ViewsRate it
Arti,Please Don`T Hurt Me Anymore 0 ViewsRate it
As If In A Dream 0 ViewsRate it
Avanti 0 ViewsRate it
Avanti Go And Ask Arti 0 ViewsRate it
Avanti Hides In The Flesh 0 ViewsRate it
Aweneck Rath! 0 ViewsRate it
Beeshayeer Bashee Love Flute 0 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Veil Of Pain Arti Complain 0 ViewsRate it
Bird on a tree whisper and sing 0 ViewsRate it
Breezy Breeze 0 ViewsRate it
Bulbullee Neerob 0 ViewsRate it
Burial In The Womb 0 ViewsRate it
Butterfly 0 ViewsRate it
Cambridge Village In Parsippany 0 ViewsRate it
Canonization Of Love 0 ViewsRate it
Catherine 0 ViewsRate it
Cherish You 0 ViewsRate it
Chiaroscuro 0 ViewsRate it
Children We Are All 0 ViewsRate it
Clouds on canvas 0 ViewsRate it
Come Away W/ Me 0 ViewsRate it
Come Feel Me 0 ViewsRate it
Come Stay With Me,Be My Love 0 ViewsRate it
Comming And Going 0 ViewsRate it
Dandiya 0 ViewsRate it
Days die to Darkness 0 ViewsRate it
Dear Dhokhena Hawoa 0 ViewsRate it
Dearsome,Darling Death 0 ViewsRate it
Deep,Deep Depression In My Brain 0 ViewsRate it
Despair/Dismal 0 ViewsRate it
Dil Hai Tum Harah 0 ViewsRate it
Ding,dong 0 ViewsRate it
Dormant dreams 0 ViewsRate it
Downpour 0 ViewsRate it
Dreams ,Dreams Go Away 0 ViewsRate it
Drifters! 0 ViewsRate it
Elegy Written On Cambridge Village 0 ViewsRate it
Envying The Clouds 0 ViewsRate it
Especially in the October Wind 0 ViewsRate it
Eve`S Bayou 0 ViewsRate it
Fair Face,Foul Face 0 ViewsRate it
Fall 2003 0 ViewsRate it
Fireflies Fly in the Night 0 ViewsRate it
Four Legs 0 ViewsRate it
Fragmentation Of Dreams 0 ViewsRate it
From Parsippany With Love 0 ViewsRate it
Give Me Back My Tears 0 ViewsRate it
Halloween Night 0 ViewsRate it
Harbinger of Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Haven`t seen you for a while 0 ViewsRate it
Here I am 0 ViewsRate it
Highway Stretches 0 ViewsRate it
I am a Wine Glass 0 ViewsRate it
I can fly 0 ViewsRate it
I love you arti 0 ViewsRate it
If You Be 0 ViewsRate it
In My Beginning Is My End 0 ViewsRate it
In The Flesh 0 ViewsRate it
Ink`S On Strike 0 ViewsRate it
Kamenee 0 ViewsRate it
Katie and Arti 0 ViewsRate it
La Belle Dame Sans Merci 0 ViewsRate it
Labonee 0 ViewsRate it
Late Night Moon Allures Me No More 0 ViewsRate it
Life 0 ViewsRate it
Loneliness 0 ViewsRate it
Love Alaknanda 0 ViewsRate it
Love Boat 0 ViewsRate it
Love Call 0 ViewsRate it
Love Capitalization 0 ViewsRate it
Love Effigy 0 ViewsRate it
Love In Cambridge Village 0 ViewsRate it
Love In The Fast Lane
 0 ViewsRate it
Love In The Sun 0 ViewsRate it
Love Leap 0 ViewsRate it
Love Lie 0 ViewsRate it
Love Line 0 ViewsRate it
Love Outside 0 ViewsRate it
Love Padre 0 ViewsRate it
Love Resurrection 0 ViewsRate it
Love Rupture 0 ViewsRate it
Love Spurred 0 ViewsRate it
Love Untame 0 ViewsRate it
Love-Triangle 0 ViewsRate it
Lovenanda 0 ViewsRate it
Lyrical Ballads 0 ViewsRate it
Mayloenee 0 ViewsRate it
Meer Durriya 0 ViewsRate it
Miss Patel Did You Ever Feel 0 ViewsRate it
Missing Link 0 ViewsRate it
Mississippi Rises 0 ViewsRate it
My Dear Miss Alaknanda 0 ViewsRate it
My Love Dew Drops Fall,Fall,Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Nanda 0 ViewsRate it
Neelam 0 ViewsRate it
Neelam 71 INCH 0 ViewsRate it
Nela 0 ViewsRate it
Nelam 0 ViewsRate it
Nelam cries moonlit night 0 ViewsRate it
Nelam Go And Tell Arti 0 ViewsRate it
Nelam reads numbers 0 ViewsRate it
Night A-Neighing Arti,Day-A-Dying 0 ViewsRate it
Nightingales 0 ViewsRate it
Nocturnal Nite 0 ViewsRate it
O nelam 0 ViewsRate it
Ode To Lamentations 0 ViewsRate it
Pain Has Gone Away 0 ViewsRate it
Painted Sky 0 ViewsRate it
Parsippany 0 ViewsRate it
Passion Of The Century 0 ViewsRate it
Patel Girls Turn And Giggle 0 ViewsRate it
Pleasure Preached Shrine 0 ViewsRate it
Prayers Beneath Veil 0 ViewsRate it
Prayers Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Progression Of My Lovelorn Soul 0 ViewsRate it
Quantum leap 0 ViewsRate it
Raga Of Love 0 ViewsRate it
Rain Drops Tip,Tip 0 ViewsRate it
Reminiscence 0 ViewsRate it
Rhymes of wisdom 0 ViewsRate it
Ring 0 ViewsRate it
Romantique Death 0 ViewsRate it
Roses and Lilies 0 ViewsRate it
Rt 0 ViewsRate it
Rubbing My Pain With Your Finger 0 ViewsRate it
Sanfrancisco Bridge 0 ViewsRate it
Sea Of Tranquility 0 ViewsRate it
Seasons Of Fall 0 ViewsRate it
Second Coming 0 ViewsRate it
Secrets Of Sahara 0 ViewsRate it
Shadows Weep 0 ViewsRate it
She ascends,she descends 0 ViewsRate it
She Bites Me,Yet I Do Not Retreat 0 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it
Silicon Sky 0 ViewsRate it
Siren Eyes 0 ViewsRate it
Sky of tennesse 0 ViewsRate it
Sleepless In Seattle 0 ViewsRate it
So you thought 0 ViewsRate it
Sojurn By The Lost Ark 0 ViewsRate it
Sole Seditive 0 ViewsRate it
Sonar Toree(Golden Boat) 0 ViewsRate it
South Dakota 0 ViewsRate it
Spring Queen 0 ViewsRate it
Summer`s A Gone 0 ViewsRate it
Sun Shines on My Vineyard, Moon Shines on My Wine 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet Surrender 0 ViewsRate it
Tempestuous Tide/Timorous Time 0 ViewsRate it
The night falls,the curtains are drawn 0 ViewsRate it
The Snake And Eve 0 ViewsRate it
Tickle By Her Teeth 0 ViewsRate it
Time Tyrant 0 ViewsRate it
To One Kutegal 0 ViewsRate it
Tomb To Temple,Temple To Tomb 0 ViewsRate it
Tripti 0 ViewsRate it
Tripti,Deepti,Jatri,Ratri,Arti 0 ViewsRate it
Tulip-Lips/Helen-Hip 0 ViewsRate it
Ulaknanda 0 ViewsRate it
Unknown Being 0 ViewsRate it
Unpublished 0 ViewsRate it
Ur----------------------------T 0 ViewsRate it
Waiting For The Summer Song 0 ViewsRate it
Water Ripples 0 ViewsRate it
Wavelets Crestsless Restless 0 ViewsRate it
Weathering Heights 0 ViewsRate it
What`S The Color Of Birth!!!!!!!! 0 ViewsRate it
Why Man Go To War Mama 0 ViewsRate it
Widow 0 ViewsRate it
Wife 0 ViewsRate it
Without 0 ViewsRate it
Witnessing All 0 ViewsRate it
Wonderful Winter 0 ViewsRate it
Won`t you stop Here 0 ViewsRate it
You And I 0 ViewsRate it
You,Me,Butterfly 0 ViewsRate it
Young Adam-Old Eve 0 ViewsRate it
Zoosawnalootaw 0 ViewsRate it

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