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A lover of mountains, gardening, and simple living. Social worker & mental health professional by day, a novice poet by night. I have been writing poetry sporadically over the last 30 years inspired by nature and the writings of Rousseau, Thoreau, and Emerson. My favorite poets are Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman, and William Cullen Bryant.

  December 2023     13 days ago

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Long Country Roads

Driving long country roads at the start of Spring
the dirt doesn’t billow and hover
coating everything and everyone like in heat of Summer,

Winter’s blanket removed – the fields are
greening – the earth is breathing;
the palpitating earth...

by GCThomas

added 1 month ago
Sweet Cacophony

The sweet cacophony of Wrens and Robins

betraying their April return, staking

clamorous claims in yet barren branches,

squirrels dig holes retrieving their stores, while

bushes are budding, grass returns green.


Walking down this...

by GCThomas

added 1 month ago
Portends of Spring

Gnarled bark
brownish-red and glossy,
in cool morning sun buds wait to burst,
impatient to flaunt flowering beauty.

Branches sway
dancing to music unheard,
in late winter’s breeze grass begins to green,
birds return,
their songs...

by GCThomas

added 2 months ago
The Trailhead

Sentinels stand o’er the path
Through forests deep and green;
Tall and straight they reach the sky
Majestic and serene.

Watchmen of the way ahead
Jealous guard secrets kept;
Those who pass must reverent be
They whisper in hushed tones.


by GCThomas

added 3 months ago
Beauty Expressed

Seeking the gift of poets
I prayed to see beauty.

So I combed the wharf and the lane,
Searched the fields and the rivers,
I waded the teeming masses,

But in frustration and spite
I cried out to God that
a muse I could not discover.


by GCThomas

added 3 months ago

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Ludy, thank you for this poem. I find it inspiring. I love the subject of life and aging - even more so now that it is happening to me lol.

20 days ago

Descriptive and evocative

21 days ago

thank you for your kind words. Being humbled is always my number one reaction when I am spending time in nature.

1 month ago

Ammie, I love your writing! This is beautiful but makes me want to have a stiff drink (if I drank). Thank you for the accompanying context. I love how poetry is an especially safe place for catharsis. Your ability to use the creative part of the brain to express and process is SO wonderful. You are awesome! 

1 month ago

John. Great poem and imagry. I appreciate when Poets can produce works in a form that is not my favorite and yet I like it anyway. ( I am more a free verse or syllabic kind of guy) but I loved it. Especially the envoi! 

1 month ago

Kaytee, I like the poem. I especially endorse the method to arrive at it. A wonderful exercise that sharpens skills and helps produce ideas. Thank you for sharing.

1 month ago

Love the imagery. The harshness of life juxtaposed with the beauty of new life. I especially like the image of keeping the ice hole open. Great work.

1 month ago

Jamal, very evocative. An enjoyable read. I do note though it accidentally is categorized as free verse though. But great poem.

1 month ago

Beautiful poem Ludy. It raises questions about his we interact or perceive our interaction with our existence. I love the thought that despite it all, we can have hope that a "new future may arise."

1 month ago

After wading through all 150 poems with 140 filled with trite and overdone structure and strained rhyming schemes, a few refreshing works give me hope for poetry. Your work shared a beautiful cadence and flow of ideas. The judicious use of internal rhyme drove the poem forward. The punctuation was exactly how it should be read. The words evocative and sensual without being indulgent or too personal or confessional. Bottom line I loved it. 

1 month ago

William, I love the imagery and word choice. It also flows as read. Great poem. (I do question it being categorized as a lyric poem though as I don't see author/person as a subject in the work itself , rather the author is an observer. Does not diminish the poem one bit though!) 

1 month ago

Ammie-Marie, this is a beautiful didactic poem. Thank you so much. I have felt this message of yours here especially as I manage my feelings about getting older. I have learned Benevolence is a great elixir. 

1 month ago

Love the poem. The flow and imagery are beautiful. I will admit my density though as I cannot make out the acrostic feature it is labeled as.

1 month ago

Great poem. I feel the change of mood from the first to second stanza. It moves you along to a kind of resolution. A few instances of alliteration whether designed or not gives a rhythm along with the works great cadence. Thanks so much. 

1 month ago

It is evocative and personal without being self indulgent. It is beautifully structured, and the refrain in each stanza drives the poem and the reader on. Good poetry transports the reader, but must also be personal AND universal at the same time - This poem strikes the right balance (Not too self-indulgent and sapily confessional, but yet personal and yet the subjects could at the same time be me or any reader). 

2 months ago


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