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Loving to enjoy the little joys. Taking it a step at a time.

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I am Woman

I am soft, I am hard
I am kind, I am stern
I am shy, I am bold
I am naïve, I am shrewd
I am modest, I am sexy

What really am I?
I am Woman.
Multi faceted,
Can’t put a label on me.

I am the reaction to every of your action.
You give...

by Abby Kesington

added by Abbykesington
15 days ago

Love, what are thou?

Love, what are thou?

 Abby Kesington.

Is it a flutter in the pits of your stomach?
Or a blush on your plump cheeks
Perhaps, it’s that sparkle of light in your eyes?
This thing called love!

Does it make you shiver with cold on a hot summer...

by Abby Kesington

added by Abbykesington
1 month ago

Reckless Amigo

How do I stay calm
Without praying a psalm?
When you gave a frantic call
Grasping and couldn’t breath at all

You hold your chest in distress
And say it’s nothing when I fret
Fully aware it’s triggered by stress
From extreme thrills that’s...

by Abby Kesington

added by Abbykesington
1 month ago


Stung by folks with hidden plots
Wary I am to label one a friend
Like sea cucumbers, they spill their guts
And secrets become the trend
They lie in wait, and wish you’d rot
But grovel back to make amend

Trust earned you this great spot

by Abby Kesington

added by Abbykesington
2 months ago

The Sun in the Fog

The fog falls heavy and low today
Alas! I am the sudden burst of sunshine.

 I am bold, bright and beautiful
The foggy mist can’t dull my shine.

Like the sun, I dare shine bright
Bold, yellow and in all gold
Emitting light to all who cross...

by Abby Kesington

added by Abbykesington
2 months ago

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I absolutely agree with you. Light always overcomes darkness. No matter how long it takes, light will shine through. Thanks for your comments. I hope you will enjoy reading my other poems.

1 month ago

It reads like a lullaby, especially the 2nd&3rd stanzas. Very good rhme pattern. I love most the lines " Trust the moon to gently rock the daylight from her eyes". Keep writing.

2 months ago

Thanks. Good friends are very hard to come by. Particularly these days.

2 months ago

Easy, fun, light. Good read. Great work

2 months ago

Thank you. It's an honor to have you comment on my poem.

4 months ago

Grief was very palpable. Beautiful written

4 months ago

Beautiful written. A lot of courage to pen those questions down. " If I created the chains, can't I break myself free?" That's my best line.

4 months ago

Thanks for your comments. It encourages me to write more. The struggle is real.

4 months ago


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