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Living to enjoy the little joys. Taking it a step at a time.

  February 2022     4 mins ago

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Decades On A Treadmill

Decades spent on a treadmill's grind,
Miles on the track, yet progress I can't find.
Energy spent, effort so grand,
Yet, slipping down on the same old strand.

Decades on a treadmill…
Aging in circles, no progress in sight,
Chasing the...

by Abby Kesington

added 1 day ago
Dancing King

The king dances naked in the city center
Prancing at the ka-ka -ka-ka, pap-pap and boom sounds

 of rifles and missiles!
Joined in a massacre jig by allies…
Hopping unceremoniously to the tune of war!

Tone deaf to the cries and shouts for ...

by Abby Kesington

added 12 days ago
The Cost of a Head

Heads sprawled everywhere...
Small heads, big heads,
Women’s heads, children’s heads,
Forming a pyramid of sorrow.
Eyes barely shut,
Tears of blood streaking down
Ruddy cheeks of infants
Who will never see tomorrow.

 “Off with their...

by Abby Kesington

added 20 days ago
Prayer Answered

In this fleeting moment, a prayer finds its way,
Learn to love, learn to live, learn to give each day.
See, it’s not so tough, this journey’s gentle sway.

Embrace grace, inhale favor, and in joy, stay.
Let love’s tender whispers light the...

by Abby Kesington

added 22 days ago
Walking Your Path

Until I wore your over sized scrawny shoes…

 Scuttling through harrowing dark tunnels,

 Dodging bullets and bombs,
I never knew where it pinched.

 Until my roof was scalped...
Like a bald vulture in rain, drenched,
Flapping its wet wings,...

by Abby Kesington

added 28 days ago

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Great poem to help focus on NOW, TODAY! Thanks for sharing...

2 mins ago

It takes honesty and courage to be this vulnerable and admit your fault!! Great poem!

43 mins ago

This is so inspiring....For whatever reason, me inclusive, women be dating people who don't see their worth in diamonds, and such treated as stones...

2 hours ago

Do i have permission to post this on my Instagram?

6 hours ago

you get 5

6 hours ago

I'm very honored, you'll dedicate me a poem. I'm definitely going to raise my glass for days gone by and to a beautiful future

7 hours ago

A beautiful love poem. Keep that heart warm with love.

10 hours ago

Going backwards is definitely not an option. Keep progressing!

21 hours ago

I like the paradoxes of giving off your shirt and a heart attack at the same time.... Nice work!

21 hours ago

absolutely correct! Thank you for seeing the message behind the poem.

1 day ago

I like that you understand it. We sometimes just keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome...
A wasted journey, wasted years on someone or something that doesn't lead to progress.

1 day ago

You have a unique style.

1 day ago

You make me hear the leaves rustle...
Great piece as usual.

1 day ago

You brought the game to life! Aren't we all being played tho?

1 day ago

It can be frustrating. All movements and no progress. Good thing you have your hills!

1 day ago


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